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I'm a straight acting Bikie/truckie looking 45 yo, goatee shaved head. Was married 4 kids, but I love having sex with other guys and I have ever since I remember. I was molested by my uncle and loved it at 6yo, I loved sucking him off, having him cum in my mouth or all over me and loved it when he would suck my cock and balls, especially loved having him rimmng and fingering my arse. At 8yo I met a boy at school and slept over his place 1 night, there was me, him, his 12yo brother and his father about 33yo. That night we watched movies for a while then went to bed, later on I got up to go to the toilet. The light was on in the fathers room, I peeked in and there was the father naked with his older son naked and sucking his cock. I stood there watching and felt my cock getting harder so I pulled it out and started wanking, so wanting to join them. All of a sudden my friend grabbed me, startling me., we both ended up in the doorway. My cock hanging out and hard. His father told us to join them, my friend took his clothes of and hopped on the bed, I stood there wanting to but not sure when his father came over and knelt down in front of me. He smiled and too k my cock in his hand and gently played with it, as my cock grew in his hand he asked if unwanted to take my pants off and join them, naturally I did. I spent the next night there as well, we sucked cock, Fucked and got Fucked. I ended up spending a lot of time over there, some nights I'd have sex with the father and others with the brother or him. I even got to have sex with the fathers brother and his 6yo daughter.

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