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His fingers splayed out while my heart slammed against his hand. "How did i ever stay away from you ? I heard this calling out for me everyday." I could feel is breath across my face,his words so sad,filled with so much regret."Did you here mine?" "yes",I breathed out as my whole body began to shake under his."My heart only beat because I could still feel your love.It was the only thing i had.

A.L. Jackson

#desperate-love #heart #love #sad #love

Arik and Cadie always knew they wouldn't be one of those couples that let problems between them fester. They would immediately address any issues that arose, bring them out into the open, discuss them until they reached a mutually satisfactory conclusion. They felt bad for some of the Founders who they believed had unhappy marriages — couples who were not strong enough to be truthful and open with each other, and even worse, with themselves

Christian Cantrell

#marriage #relationship #marriage

Unfortunately, I fall too fast, crash too hard, care too much, forgive too easy, wait too long, miss people I shouldn't, worry over nothing, over-think everything, and I am too complicated to be loved. All of the above.


#couples #love #relatable #forgiveness

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