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Confession Stories

I have to confess ... Please forgive me for I have sinned. Read confession stories online.

I sneak around and suck others guys cock. After I added up my list, I realized that I’ve sucked 47 guys total. With multiple events with each guy. I’ve been sucking one friend for 22 years. I even sucked my nieghbors cock regulary for 4 years, 215 times total with him. I actually just let him cum in my mouth. I’m so gay, right?

#gay   #confess  

I don’t think you love me at all. I’m starting my life over and getting rid of selfish toxic people. With whom I seem to attract. We met at the wrong time. Maybe years from now you’ll be a different person and think back to me. This is goodbye

#no   #more  

I want to cheat on my fiance so bad with another women, or my best friend of 16 years but I'm scared to tell either of them. I don't know if he would like a 3 some, he's pretty insecure even though his dick is huge. And my best friend is sexy and beautiful and having a hard time so I don't think she would but I've always wanted too. We use to fool around when we were little. I even fingered her when we were both just kids and we'd play house where I was the dad and she was the mom. I think I low key love her but I'm also madly in love with my fiance.

#lesbian   #cheating  

I am 6'2", and I'm 210 lbs, but I can only bench press 100 lbs. I found out a week ago my girlfriend, who is 5'6", can bench press 120 lbs. I lied and told her I can bench like 200, but in secret I've been masturbating to the thought of her muscles.

#shame   #muscles   #girlfriend  

i sniff and taste my mother's panties. i wear and cum in her used and clean panties. i like to cum in a pair that she would wear. i love the thought of her walking around withmy cum rubbing up against her

#panties   #mother  

It turns me on like crazy to imagine my man banging other women.


I'm addicted to exhibitionism. Before my boyfriend I was never compelled to show my body off to strangers outside of a tight dress at the club to attract attention. Soon after dating he asked if I wouldn't wear a bra with my dress as we got ready to go out to dinner. I was hesitant but aim to please. I was shy at first, being sure to have my long hair or sweater cover my unrestrained breasts. After a drink or two and some support from him I loosened up and started to enjoy it. The feeling of my naked breasts being covered ever so subtly with thin fabric in a busy public place was not only freeing but started turning me on.
As time went on I would always go braless with him it was out fun little thing. I began pushing the limits wearing tighter tops that were impossible to hide my protruding nipples. I began to enjoy the looks, and the hit rush it gave me. One time walking home in a short, low cut summer dress, my boyfriend started touching and kissing me on the sidewalk. Right in the open he pulled down my panties and I stepped out of them. I almost came it was so exciting. We decided to take a long route home and with him arm around me would flash a tit or ass or my pussy to passing cars and people behind us. My adrenaline was pumping so hard it made me super wet.
Since then I started to really enjoy for myself, not just for him. Running errands or answering the door wearing practically nothing became a regular source of pleasure. I've gotten rid of most of my underwear.
Just recently I took it to the next level. I work in a shared office and one day wearing only heels and a dress I pulled it up. I started to rub by naked clit. I pulled out my tits so essentially naked except my waist. My office has a glass wall and the thought of anyone passing by in this state made me cum so hard. Now I only masturbate in public. Sometimes on the train, or in a coffee shop, often with people watching. I love finding new ways to expose myself and new places to cum. I even took off my shorts and walked pussy out for a city block, what a rush!

#exhibitionist   #masturbate  

I never wash my hands after visiting the toilet.

#wash   #hands   #toilet   #disgusting   #confession  

I have made some cookies for the birthday of a friend. But my dad and I ate them all.
So now, she only gets a birthday card because I'm too lazy to make some new cookies.

#lazy   #birthday   #cookies   #hungry  

I took attention seeking to the next level I pertended to have a stalker for 3 years to get guys attention and I'd make fake accounts to show them messges of what happened and stuff and they would fight with the fakes accounts which were me

#lies   #attention   #fake   #stalker  

Because my father is very normal and conventional I like to wear short skirts and tops when I visit him just to annoy him.

#father   #normal   #clothes   #conventional   #short   #skirt   #top  

I recently started babysitting again and I watch this one family’s new born and three kids, the newborn wouldn’t take milk from the bottle and would keep tugging on my bra so I gave my nipple and she started my milk flow. All the kids now come to me when their thirsty and now I leak constantly. But I love it because now their dependent on me and my milk. Lowkey always had a breastfeeding fetish

#teen   #breastfeeding   #babysitting  

I try and find couples to send pictures of my cock to. or older men to watch me fuck their wifes

I'm in my bathroom right now wearing women's clothing in pantyhose and I'm telling my mom I'm wearing them tomorrow.


While at my regular hospital appointment I went to the nurse for her to take my blood for tests. She said to me not you again and as usual we flirted. She said you will feel a little prick. I told her that if she was lucky she could feel more than a little prick. She opened my trousers and pulled my cock out and we fucked on the desk.

#hotnurse   #sex   #hospital  

I'm 13f and the other day I was lying in the park with my close friend who I haven't seen in like half a year. She told me she loved me and she wanted to kiss me, I don't know what happened but I kissed her very passionately it seemed like it lasted a life time. It was also my first kiss. We walked back to her house holding hands and stopping to kiss like 3 times. Later she asked me to be her girlfriend I said yea this is my first proper relationship and I just had to tell someone.

I'm at that age where if I tell any of my friends at school I'll get highkey judge and terrored so I'm telling the Internet.

#lesbian   #kisses  

I’m a straight woman who married a lesbian. I love her, she’s a great stepmom to my daughter, and it feels so amazing to be desired again, but I still feel conflicted.

My husband died suddenly several years ago. I was devastated, my daughter cried every day for a month. It took so much work between my and the rest of my family just to keep me stable so I could continue to work to provide for her (and I’m so grateful that I was able to do that). I’ve always been on the heavy side, and I gained even more weight over the next few years. It felt like nobody would or even could want me as a person ever again, and I even came to terms with that after a couple of truly awful dates and short-lived relationships.

Then I met my wife.

She was on an assignment in the same building I work in. Our building has a small lounge where I like to eat lunch every now and then just to get away from my desk; and one day she walked up to my table and asked if she could join me. She’s younger than me—a lot younger, about 13 years younger—but she was very fun to talk to and we had a lot shared interests, so I didn’t mind. We had lunch together again the next day, and the day after that, and then every other day until her assignment in the building was over. I got the sense that she was interested in me, and then on her last day on-site she asked me on a date and my heart just about skipped a beat.

Someone had asked me out. A *lesbian* had asked me out. And I didn’t want to say no.

I said yes and set up a sitter and then I went on my first date in four years and made out with her in my car after.

I know there’s a stereotype about lesbians showing up to their second date with a U-Haul, and we didn’t quite move that fast, but we did move pretty fast. I introduced her to my daughter (as “mommy’s friend from work”) on the second date. We had sex on our third date. She was helping my daughter with her math homework the next morning. She didn’t officially move in until we’d been together for six months, but she spent more weekends at my house than at her apartment. She proposed to me at exactly the one-year mark, but my daughter was already calling her “mom” before then.

Like I said, I love my wife. I love that she loves me, I love that she desires me, I love that she has stepped into the stepmom role without a moment’s hesitation, I love spending time with her and everything we do together, and she is the best and most generous lover I have ever had.

But I still consider myself a straight woman. I still have moments when I look at her and it takes me an embarrassingly long time to remember that I married this woman. When we’re having sex, sometimes I have to close my eyes when I kiss her to get over my initial “but this is a woman” instincts, and going down on her has always been hard (and I don’t think I’ll ever be really good at it). I also still have some shame about my weight, and even though it’s clear my wife views my weight as a PLUS, sometimes I can’t help but feel fetishized, especially when she wants me on top of her and I get worried I’ll crush her.

My parents have never been fully on board with my wife, either. They stopped saying mean things about her, and she stopped griping to me about them, but especially with all of the “groomer” talk going around lately it feels so very tense every time we see them.

Overall, I suppose we’re pretty happy together. Looking at my wedding ring, I guess I can’t say I’m still with her “for the novelty” like I used to. I don’t fully know what to call myself and don’t feel comfortable calling myself “queer” because that was an insult other kids my age called each other growing up, but my wife openly embraces the label and would for-sure say we’re in a “queer marriage.”

So that’s where I’m at, I guess.

#marriage   #lesbian   #stepmother   #straight   #bbw  

I've been wondering if these confessions are really true, or just some made up stories from people looking for some internet time.

#lust   #sex  

I punctured the tired of my boyfriend's car while he was at work, his car stood in front of his office. Because I didn't want him to be home that early while my favourite TV show was running.
Unfortunately, he called me to pick him up, so I missed the whole show. :-(

#boyfriend   #car   #work   #car   #tv   #show   #tire  

So I've been fucking my friends' boyfriend since Christmas and i'm not even ashamed. He loves me and my massive tits and i love how his long, fat cock fills my pussy each night. We have the most amazing sex ever, he makes me scream and cum more than anyone i have been with and he pumps me full of his seed every chance he gets. He's currently passed out on my bed after our all night fuckfest. My pussy is sore from the pounding i took. I can't wait for my man to wake up so we can continue.

#backstabber   #betrayal   #boyfriend   #sex  

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