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Sex Confessions

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Reading your site, I am a slut. Boyfriend and I broke up. I cried. Mom is out of town. Step dad comforted me. Sex was good. A year later, I am uncomfortable when the 3 of us are together, even though mom has no idea. I feel like a slut. Worse is a part of me likes the slut feeling. I am not a prostitute just because he gets my juices going.

#stetfather   #sex   #slut   #cry   #mom  

I love reading people's confessions and masturbating.

#sex   #kink  

I’m 24 and I look fairly young. I’m about 6’1 but I have a baby face. Especially when I shave. I never had a great highschool experience. I never dated hot chicks. But now at 24 I’m in great shape and I actually look like a good looking person. Me and my friend josh who’s 25 but looks young like me will shave and throw on a good outfit and go to high school football games and flirt with girls. We’ve gotten so many numbers. We tell them we are from the other high school and we are 16. It’s like we get to live the highschool life we never had. We are mature and know how to talk to women and look young enough to fool them. I’ve kissed some hot freshman all the way up to seniors. Gone on dates with them. Madeout with them in the parking lot after games. Some of the sexiest girls are in highschool and we get to have fun with them every game. I won’t sleep with them because I wouldn’t want to get in trouble but I’ll tongue kiss them all day long. The asses on some of them are incredible. We will probably keep doing this until we don’t pass for highschoolers anymore. Josh goes further than me with the girls but we never force them to do anything.

#sex   #hot   #young   #trick   #fun  

I might be a scumbag. Im 24 with a love for older women, fucked my friends moms since i graduated high school. Had 2 gfs ended up fucking their moms as well. Ive had many affairs with a lot of cougars and milfs. Was caught by my best friend with his mom at a party he hates me my guts since then but i still fuck his mom without hesitation.

#sex   #scumbag  

When I was 22 and my cousin 21 she came to visit her west coast family she was from the east. We only seen each other a few time when we were kids. But this time I saw a beautiful women and she like hanging around with me. We went to a night club one night and we did some drinking and went to my house after the club closed around 2am. My cousin ask me if I would rub her back and of course I did and from there we made love and we made love almost everyday till she lift back home two weeks later and we love it, maybe cuz it a taboo thing, we were never ashamed about it we just had a great time. I have not seen or heard from her for years cuz we live so far apart from each other. One Day I was on facebook and looked her up and the first thing we talked about was the time we had sex and the great time we had when she was hear 25 years ago. It was a great time were never ashamed and never thought it was disgusting. Like I said the taboo thing was the turn on, and it was not a big deal to us just fun. .

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I had sex with my friend's girlfriend. My friend and her once had sex in my room, so she knew where I stayed. I invited her over on Valentine's day after school, my friend was out of the country at that time, and we just went for it. Great sex, she is very gorgeous and we have kept this secret for a long time now. After some months, my friend got another girl and I also had sex with her also after they had dated for 2 weeks. He knows about this one though, and he has been chasing my girlfriend and exes but failing. I feel bad.

#friend   #cheating   #sex  

I get turned on imaging my girlfriend fucking other guys. She has only been with me and I’m her first. But just the stories of her kissing other guys would make me hard. I want to give away her panties so creepy guys can smell her and rub her pussy juice on there cocks. She’s thick and has a big ass. If I could watch guys cream inside her and make her cum on top of them I would cum soooo much. But at the same time I’d get jealous. So I guess I’ll have to keep imaging it.

#hot   #sexy   #cuck   #cuckhold  

I'm M16 and bi I cant stop fantasizing about my friends!
I keep having these dreams where me and 5 friends are playing some extreme spin the bottle and it lands on me and friend A (M16). Friend A has blonde curly hair and the sexiest face you've ever seen. His lips look so soft. We move towards each other, trying to act like we don't want to touch each other. He moves his hand to the back of my neck and pulls me in before planting those lips on mine. we go at it, massaging our tongues and rolling our hands over each others bodies. I reach a hand into his jeans and touch his throbbing cock through his underwear. He bites my bottom lip (by now the others in the dream have disappeared for the time being and we are alone). We undress, stealing kisses as we go. Friend A leans down towards my 7 inch and gives me a bj. as he moves down my shaft, his lips are curled inwards so i feel the gentle bristles of his light stubble. his body is amzing. in perfect balance. he isn't extremely chizzled but defined by soft grooves of his abs, chest and arms and accented by his happy trail and underarm hair. i cum in his mouth and he swallows it all before I kiss him.

When i see Friend A im so physically drawn to him I just want to grab him and make out with him in the street. Ive never had a physical relationship with another guy
oh and friend A has a gf and isnt bi so thats a bummer

#lust   #friend   #bi   #sex   #gay   #oral  

I lost my virginity at 14 and pregnant at 16. Shortly after we married. My husband worked two jobs as I took care of our baby and home. The three of us got into quick-sand trying to survive with too many bills to pay. Luckily my husband's father opened his home to us resgiving us a dream of buying our own home. And he treated me like a Princess. Within a few months I was evil and committing adultry. My only other sex partner ever was my husbands father, but it's not my fault. Our sex is the best I've ever had. My husband was never home or was too tired. His single father and I were alone and together with sexual hunger so it was all natural and good for us until I got pregnant. Not positive who the father is because mostly sex with dad, but also my husband, and a few times with my uncle. My aunt would give me a baby break while insisting my uncle took me out. He's hot and had me wanting him. He took my pussy good. Very good and the biggest penis of all three.
So now my life is must be secret to a tight family. I am saddened that I let my hormones get me in this love circle.
How do I get out?

#baby   #virgin   #father   #horny   #nympho   #14yo   #pregnant   #sex   #uncle   #hubby  

Female 26
I had sex with my manager at office. Not because to save my job or for perks at job. He showed interest in me and I didn't see any reason to reject him either. I suggested him to get into a relationship with me. He nodded, but I was not sure if he wanted to get into a relationship.
We went out a few times and one weekend he invited me to his house. We drank and was chatting random things. That evening was very good and we were both in mood and yes, I had sex with him. It was magical, I never experienced this. He was so good in bed. I felt free to express myself with him in bed. After sex, we chatted for a while again, had dinner. He asked me to stay back. I couldn't deny.
We had more steamy sex that night, and finally slept naked in each others arms. We didn't bother to wash ourselves. His cum over my body and I let it be whole night and slept without any worries. That cheap thing I did by not washing his cum gave me a erotic feeling. I wanted that. I stayed back in his apartment for two more days. We didn't go for office on monday. Trust me, it was all sex those three days. It felt like we were releasing the suppresions in us from last few years. He couldn't thank me enough at the end of the third day for all I did in past three days.

#sex   #relatioship  

A few years ago I was living in a trailer park. Straight out of high school and desperate to be on my own. There was an older man a couple of trailers down. Seemed to be a cheerful, friendly guy. He offered me a beer a couple of times when I was still underage.

One night he asked me over to help him with a small do it yourself project in his trailer. We finished that up in a few minutes and he gave me a beer. We sat on his couch and talked. Soon he had his hands on me and kept asking if he was being too forward.

As I was still a virgin, I figured a gay cherry popping was better than none at all. He gave me my best (and first) blowjob followed almost immediately by a second blowjob. I figured it was my turn so I gave him my best amateur blowjob which he seemed to enjoy despite my fumbling.

We kept getting it on a couple times a month. He had a girlfriend as well and explained sex with men didn't exclude girls. Later that year I got a girlfriend and my gay adventures tapered off. But I was always thankful he gave me a push into sex.

#blowjobs   #bisexual  

My husband will not perform oral on me and will not let me give him oral. He says it's not natural. I've lived with this for years. In the last year on business trips I've let numerous guys give me oral and I've blow most of them. I feel so bad but it's so exciting and I can't stop. I look forward to the trips and having a guy between my legs or on my knees in front of him.


I grew up in the high desert california where the meth was by leaps and bounds better than any other i have ever had... So always around it always had it without ever spending one dollar on it, due to my mom being a crazy down ass bitch and cool help the cooks..and so lets fast forward almost 20 years 18 of those married three kids living in a different state and times are very hard right now in the oil industry.. O im doing what i know best by using the last of my money we had and bought a large amount of dope and brought to a town where its hard to get and have 1 guy get rid of it for me and double my money and have plenty to go around everyone is happy me and wife smokin the shit out of the point of me getting hooked on jackin off with people on omegle when ever i get the chance cause im laid off and might have a guy fuck my ass...

#drugs   #sex   #addiction   #unlawful  

I always steal my gf's best friends' panties and tights when they sleep over. The girls go out for lunch and I rummage through their bags for something silky to rub my cock with. The last pair of panties I used were worn the next day by her friend. It was so hot knowing my cock essence was so close to her pussy.

#sex   #masturbation  

At 14 or 15 I recall standing at my mom's door and listening. I knew but didn't want to believe. I stayed because I was aroused and wanted to hear it all. I wanted to learn. But I knew it was funk because dad was out of town and our neighbor's sexy daughter who was a few years older than I was with my mom. She was HOT TONED BUILT PRETTY so I had to watch but the door was closed. So I could only masturbate and dream.
Sorry to bore but needed to confesss this. I could not tell my father. And I wish I could see what they did to one another. My mom, it's hard to believe because she loves my dad. I heard moans and bursts of pleasure sounds. I like my neighbor but it's wierd to get excited to hear your mom's pleasure sounds.

#mom   #teen   #neighbor   #dad   #moans   #lesbian   #sexy  

I had been out of town for a month and getting desperate. I was in New Orleans, and walked past a tiny little bar and decided to go have a beer. As I sipped my beer I noticed a small, rather shy looking girl at a table all alone next to the dance floor. I kept watching her, she had a yellow sun dress on, and small boobs which I like, and very nice, shapely legs which I LOVE. I didn't see her butt, though all in all, she was looking pretty good. I saw some guys come out of a door at the back of the place, then a couple of what could only be crossdressers. Oh well, New Orleans, and live and let live. Then I noticed a butch patron and the bartender were a guy in drag, and a super butch lesbian. I figured it was a safe bet that the object of my immediate lust was a CD. I bought her a drink, sent it over, and then asked if I could join her and she said yes. She was definitely a He. Not being gay, but very desperate to have someone to have sex with other than my hand or a paid masseuse, and her being actually very pretty with a very feminine petite body, I started talking. She didn't want to talk much as her voice gave her away, but she was still pretty femmie sounding. After several hours, and a burger each for us, I made her stand up and start slow dancing. She was shorter than me, about 5ft. 8in, with a very thin body. I put both arms around her waist and as we danced, I went towards the corner and with her back to the corner and no one seeing, I pulled up her dress in the back and stuck my hands in her panties. She protested, and I wouldn't stop. Finally she said "Back Room" , I didn't know what that meant, but she advanced to that door at the back showing everyone my hands were on her bare ass. It was a totally dark room. "We can do whatever we want here" he/she said. So I pulled up the dress and pulled off the panties and started groping her ass. Kissing and licking, and rubbing, she asked if I wanted to do it there. I said no, I wanted her in my hotel room. Instead she said to go to her apartment which was only a block away. So I put the panties in my pocket and saw her moving what must be her cock between her legs, and we walked out, paid the tab and left, with the patrons wishing us a very sexy and good night.
At her place in subdued light I could imagine myself with a girl not a guy. I like buttfucking girls, so this should be no different. I got the dress off, kept her bra on, and with no panties saw her little cock a little bigger than my thumb, that was all. . . and it was fully hard. I pushed her down on her knees and she began sucking my cock, I told her to suck my cum so I could last longer when I fucked her. She was excellent and I was cumming in about 10 minutes. She the laid me down, got some oil and gave me a great massage for about 20 minutes ending up with her using the oil and getting my cock hard again. I pushed her on her back and got between her legs and kissing her, stuck my cock in her cumhole. It was very loose with all that oil, and I'm sure because she'd been fucked by a LOT of cocks in her time. I fucked her for about 30 minutes very rough and hard it felt like I was fucking a pussy, not at all like the girls butts I'd fucked. I rammed my cock up into this little cum bucket and flooded her with my cum. Adding to my 8inches I'm guessing I shot hard enough that it went over a foot up her poop chute. Exhausted I rolled off her and lain next to her. She moved my hand to her little cock which we called a clit and asked me to suck her. I told her I didn't suck, actually had never done it with a guy. She gave me the oil and told me to use my hand and help her out, and in her most feminine manner said "A good lover makes sure the girl cums too!". So I did. I actually gave a cock a hand job. When she was shooting I had moved my face close to watch, I did lick just a couple of drops off my hand. With that done I stuck around and fucked her ass one more time this time her on her belly and I left.
We met a few times in the next couple of weeks, and she finally got me sucking her little thumb sized clit, till she'd cum in my mouth. I don't mind so much. Last night we went out as two guys, and I fucked her all night at her place, stayed over and woke up to a smooth, girl in lingerie for my morning fuck. Then she rolled me over on my belly and got on top of me.
It's amazing what being desperate can do for what I used to think was the straightest guy on the planet.

#cd   #crossdresser  

I got drunk and cheated on my husband with my husband. We live in the town where I went to college. My husband and I went to my 10th reunion last summer, and had a blast. About an hour before we were going to call it a day and go home, we ran into Bill, the guy I dated in college, who I hadn't seen since we broke up in junior year. He looked great, was lots of fun and hit it off with my husband. We had several drinks and I realized I was still very attracted to him, and he seemed to be hitting on me. When it was time to go home, he gave me a long and passionate good-bye kiss while my husband was getting the car. I got very aroused - and asked him where he was staying. Turns out he was actually flying out in a few hours, and our house was closer to the airport than the hotel he was staying at. When my husband pulled up I told him we needed to go by Bill's hotel so he could get his stuff and crash with us that night, and go to the airport from our place. My husband agreed, so that's what we did. When we got home, we had a few more drinks. Our house has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
Our master bedroom is on the main floor, and we have the other two bedrooms on the second floor, one to the left at the top of the stairs and one to the right. My husband said he'd prepare the room at the top of the stairs for Bill and then meet me back in our room after I got some soap, shampoo and towels to leave in Bill's bedroom. It was late, and we were all very tipsy and tired. When I got the soap and supplies I found all the lights were off in the upstairs bedroom to the left, but I could see someone was in the bed. I quietly dropped the soap and towel in the bathroom, and as I left I stopped to get a glimpse of Bill sleeping. He was under a sheet with his back to me, so I decided to give him something to remember. I stripped naked, and leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. A powerful arm immediately pulled me into the bed and I discovered he was naked and we just went at it like bunnies in the dark. It was just like I remembered in college - great and passionate foreplay, then he went down on me and was attentive until I orgasm, at which I pulled him up on top of me so he could slide in and finish inside me. His penis was rock hard and felt wonderfully familiar, and I had a vaginal orgasm like I had not had since my honeymoon. He rolled over and promptly fell sound asleep, so laid next to him figuring in a few minutes I'd go down to my bedroom. I hoped my husband was already asleep because it'd be hard to explain why it took so long to take a towel upstairs. Unfortunately I felt so happy I fell sound asleep. I bolted awake when the morning light through the window shined on my face. I let out a little scream because I was mortified at what my husband would do now I was caught sleeping in the guest bedroom - I heard steps running toward the room I was calling out to see if everything was o.k. I also felt that powerful arm pull me back so my head hit the pillow and I was looking up into my husband's face. By now Bill was in the doorway, and smiled. He asked, "did you two spend the whole night up here? I heard you two going at it. My husband responded "sorry, after I came up and got your room on the right ready, I was too tired and drunk to go downstairs, so I just crashed here in the room to the left." I realized that when I had brought up the towel and found someone asleep in the room the the left, I assumed it was Bill since I though my husband was going back downstairs to meet me in our room. So my naughty "good-bye" fling in the dark with Bill was actually with my husband. But it was SO good, I'm relieved. I drove Bill to the airport and when I got home, I told my husband I wanted to sleep with him in the upstairs bedrooms more often!

#reunion   #sex   #collegeboyfriend   #cheating   #oral   #orgasms   #foreplay  

Embarrassing story. When I was 19 I was hooking up with a girl at a house party in college. She was 18, chubby, and samoan so she was very thick. She was even taller than me. Her thighs and ass were thick but felt firm. Her lips were big and I just imagined them giving me head. We were in somebodies bedroom and we went on the floor instead of the bed for some reason. We started just making out. Felt amazing. I just felt up on her boobs and ass. She was grinding on me with cloths on and I just came. I couldn’t help it I tried but it was so hot I just finished in my pants. I didn’t want her to know so I begged her to let me eat her out. She wanted sex but I was able to convince her to let me give her head. For 10 minutes I just licked her and ate her out. Tasted her and finally she finished in my mouth. I was happy because she was apologizing saying she tried to hold off so we could fuck but I made her cum. Luckily we met up a few weeks later and had sex but even then I only lasted like 40 seconds before cumming inside her awkwardly. Haven’t seen her in years or spoken to her but she turned me into a bbw lover.

#sex   #embarrassing   #head   #throwback   #story   #funny   #sexy  

Im a teen girl and im bi. Im obsessed with boobs and vaginas and idk! Im just a horny teenage girl. Im not allowed to get sex toys and im starving for a dildo. I keep watching pornography shit and i masturbate to it. No one knows my dirty side.. i need someone to fill me up..

I was trying to flirt with this guy on a chatroom, and he did this action which made our characters have a sexy hug, and I thought that I'd try something like that, so I clicked on the one that said "KissButt", and I thought it sounded like it could work, so I clicked it... The characters then moved to a position where I bent over and pointed to my butt, and this guy was forced to kiss it, So embarrassing.

#embarrassing   #sexy   #chatroom  

Pray and roll the dice for #sex

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