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Straight Confessions

Read the best #straight confession stories

I’m a straight woman who married a lesbian. I love her, she’s a great stepmom to my daughter, and it feels so amazing to be desired again, but I still feel conflicted.

My husband died suddenly several years ago. I was devastated, my daughter cried every day for a month. It took so much work between my and the rest of my family just to keep me stable so I could continue to work to provide for her (and I’m so grateful that I was able to do that). I’ve always been on the heavy side, and I gained even more weight over the next few years. It felt like nobody would or even could want me as a person ever again, and I even came to terms with that after a couple of truly awful dates and short-lived relationships.

Then I met my wife.

She was on an assignment in the same building I work in. Our building has a small lounge where I like to eat lunch every now and then just to get away from my desk; and one day she walked up to my table and asked if she could join me. She’s younger than me—a lot younger, about 13 years younger—but she was very fun to talk to and we had a lot shared interests, so I didn’t mind. We had lunch together again the next day, and the day after that, and then every other day until her assignment in the building was over. I got the sense that she was interested in me, and then on her last day on-site she asked me on a date and my heart just about skipped a beat.

Someone had asked me out. A *lesbian* had asked me out. And I didn’t want to say no.

I said yes and set up a sitter and then I went on my first date in four years and made out with her in my car after.

I know there’s a stereotype about lesbians showing up to their second date with a U-Haul, and we didn’t quite move that fast, but we did move pretty fast. I introduced her to my daughter (as “mommy’s friend from work”) on the second date. We had sex on our third date. She was helping my daughter with her math homework the next morning. She didn’t officially move in until we’d been together for six months, but she spent more weekends at my house than at her apartment. She proposed to me at exactly the one-year mark, but my daughter was already calling her “mom” before then.

Like I said, I love my wife. I love that she loves me, I love that she desires me, I love that she has stepped into the stepmom role without a moment’s hesitation, I love spending time with her and everything we do together, and she is the best and most generous lover I have ever had.

But I still consider myself a straight woman. I still have moments when I look at her and it takes me an embarrassingly long time to remember that I married this woman. When we’re having sex, sometimes I have to close my eyes when I kiss her to get over my initial “but this is a woman” instincts, and going down on her has always been hard (and I don’t think I’ll ever be really good at it). I also still have some shame about my weight, and even though it’s clear my wife views my weight as a PLUS, sometimes I can’t help but feel fetishized, especially when she wants me on top of her and I get worried I’ll crush her.

My parents have never been fully on board with my wife, either. They stopped saying mean things about her, and she stopped griping to me about them, but especially with all of the “groomer” talk going around lately it feels so very tense every time we see them.

Overall, I suppose we’re pretty happy together. Looking at my wedding ring, I guess I can’t say I’m still with her “for the novelty” like I used to. I don’t fully know what to call myself and don’t feel comfortable calling myself “queer” because that was an insult other kids my age called each other growing up, but my wife openly embraces the label and would for-sure say we’re in a “queer marriage.”

So that’s where I’m at, I guess.

#marriage   #lesbian   #stepmother   #straight   #bbw  

I am a straight young virgin girl learning the art of masturbation. I like to experiment and try different methods I read about. My newest thing is spreading in front of a mirror and seeing how big I can get my clit. I saw some really big ones and want to compare mine. I think I am becoming an addict to masturbation. The process usually starts as being curious and wanting to learn. So I search and read. This is how I found this site. Then the next thing I end up watching different porn. I went to lesbian with the intent of learning my own body better. I try most categories, but I find the lesbian style gets me going the strongest. Women's sex parts are the same but they can look so different in shape, size, color, etc. It opens my imagination and I wonder how my body will change. My boobs are just starting, but I hear they will end up being like my mother's. Now I have even been eating better because I don't want to get fat like her. I am straight, but confused why I get aroused looking at other girls. I confess I have even been looking at my friend differently and wanting to see her nude. We are the same age, but she is more developed and looks a couple of years older than me. I want to touch her and have her touch me. But I do not want to be a lesbian. Am I weird because thoughts of touching get me wet and horny?

#curious   #confession   #straight   #lesbian   #learning   #masturbation   #wet   #nude   #reading   #porn   #horny   #weird   #experimenting   #mirror   #clit  

I'm a 33 yo straight female married faithfuly for 1o years. I confess and share my story and fantasies to you. I love sex and cannot get enough. My husband is good but I masturbate every chance I get. I have never interested or touched another girl. I don't understand why but the past few years my go to masturbation secret fantasy is sex with another girl, preferably much younger with a hard body. And now that I have a new smoking hot 21 yo neighbor that I cannot take my mind off of getting intimate with her. So I am chatting with her when her husband calmly approaches, introduces himself as he strokes her firm ass and winks at me. All at the same time. I wet my pants and felt a quiver run through my body. So hot and I wanted so much to let it be known. I need a threesome with my neighbors; now. I am past being curious. My hormones and brain are out of control and I don't know what's happening. Wet and horny.

#lesbian   #threesome   #masturbate   #sex   #wink   #wet   #horny   #straight   #curious  

I am a straight female 17 with a boyfriend. And I love sex. I just came as I imagined licking my girlfriend. A read confession drove me to the quiver. Now I confess to doing the unthinkable.

#quiver   #masturbation   #straight   #curious   #exploring   #unthinkable  

When I was little, my mom's best friend would bring her kids over to play. I was 8 yr old girl and the other girl was about 6. We fingered each other and ate each other out. It's really gross to me now, knowing that I was young and stupid ...but now that we're older and more mature I wish we'd meet up again and start where left off. I'm bi

#lesbian   #straight  

i love him so much but he's straight and no one knows i'm gay i don't know what to do i'm so stressed out i don't know what to do i can't tell anyone. what am i supposed to do?

#sad   #straightfriend  

I am a happily married man. I never thought my self as gay or bisexual. However, one night while attending a party with friends, a male friend asked if I could give him a ride home. It is well known he is gay. I told him I would. It was obvious he had a little too much to drink. On the way to his place, he said that he would "show me his if I showed him mine." I laughed it off.

We we arrived at his place, I had to piss really bad. I asked him if I could use his bathroom. We went into his place. I quickly went to the bathroom. I almost pissed myself. I was so rushed that I didn't close the bathroom door.

When I was finishing up I heard my friend say, "Don't put it away. I want to see it." For some reason I didn't. He complicated me on my cock. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Not sure why but I instantly reached out and grabbed it. It felt so good in my hand. I started to stroke it. I was instantly rock hard. He took my rock hard cock in his hand and slowly started stroking. He leaned forward and gave me a long deep passionate kiss.

We got hot and heavy quickly. Before I knew it, we were both naked. Hands exploring each other. I wanted to suck his big beautiful cock. I did. It felt so good to feel the head slide over my tongue. I softly fondled his balls in my one hand and tickled his anus with the other.

He reached down a brought me to my feet. He led me to his bedroom. We laid down on his bed and sucked each other in a 69 position. It was so exciting. I came first and he swallowed all of my cum. I stopped sucking his cock. I leaned up and whispered in his ear, "I want you inside me."

He positioned me face down on the bed and got lube from his bedside table. He lubed my willing hole gently. I felt one finger go in. Then after a while, I felt a second. He then pulled me back on the bed so my legs were hanging off the bed.

I felt his hard cock rub against my butt cheeks and gently spread them apart until he was right against my welcoming anus. He slowly slid his cock inside me. I felt wonderful. I wanted him deep inside me. I backed up to him. His cock filled my ass. I asked him to go faster. He obliged. It felt soooooo good.

He said I was a naughty boy. I nodded. He said he spanks naughty boys. I nodded again. Then SMACK! His hand landed hard on my butt cheek. Then he thrusted hard inside me. I moaned with delight. He did it again.

I could tell he was getting close as he repeated thrusting and spanking me. With a grunt, he pushed deep inside me and held my hips tight to mine. I felt him cumming in my virgin ass. It felt awesome.

He laid down on top of me with his cock still deep in my ass and let out a sigh of relief.

He suggested we take a shower to clean up. We washed each other. Dried each other and laid on his bed naked. We caressed each other all over for a while until I left.

I still see him and yearn to do it again. Maybe one day.

#gay   #straight  

I'm 19m and just recently I've been trying to fight the urge that I like dick. I know I'm not gay bc looking at men is not my thing and I would never kiss a guy ever. I only get these urges when I'm horny. Also I do not want a dick in my ass or my dick in someone else's ass. However, I want to suck a nice big cock so bad. I want to worship a cock, stroke it, lick it, and gag on it. Then I want to a huge load in my mouth and swallow it as I keep sucking the dick. I'm getting so horny typing this and am jacking off

#horny   #gay   #straight   #cock   #cum  

I am 22 yo married lady who likes reading stories. I have never done a woman but these stories make me want to experiment. I masturbate and confess. Just don't tell my husband, please.

#lesbian   #pussy   #lick   #taste   #eat   #straight   #husband   #secret  

Currently in college I am in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend of two years. We are very happy with one another and even talk about Internet women sexually. One night while having sex, she looked at me dead in the eyes and asked if I would like it if it were our friend. Our friend is a lesbian girl who's super attractive and I've dreamed of fucking her. I obviously said yes in the heat of the moment and she made me call her by our friend'said name. This went on for about 5 months until we decided to fuck while at our friend'said house. Again, I would moan our friend's name and I would finish very quickly.

About 2 days after, my girlfriend was at her family's house helping when I got a text from our friend to meet her at the local super market and to come alone. I messaged my girlfriend and told her I'll be back later. Once there I picked up my friend and she told me to drive to the broken down mart a few blocks away. At this time it was winter and 6 pm was pitch black. I made my way over with her and parked asking why we came over her, she pulled memail into a kiss and smiled at me, pulling her shirt off showing no bra. I quickly tried to look away but she insisted I looked while she striped naked. Her short green hair all the hotter as she flipped it while undressing. I decided I'd touch myself as well and started stroking slowly. She smiled and commented on how thick I was as she told me she wanted me inside of her. I smiled and did what I wanted to do for the whole time we were friends, we made our way to the backseat and I slid into her.

Being a lesbian she was super tight, unable to take me fully until about half way through. We had to of been fucking for a long time because my girlfriend called mid way through. We stopped shocked and I tried slowing my breathing as I answered her. She didn't seem upset just worried as I told her I was fine and I'd only be a little longer. After hanging up, my friend confessed that she had caught my girlfriend and I while she was barely awake when we had sex at her house and heard me moan her name ad I finished. She continued saying she mulled it over for a day and decided she wanted to do it with me. I laughed and penetratedo her again as I kissed her passionately. I told her that we can do this anytime we wanted as long as my girlfriend never finds out. She agreed and I came inside of her in seconds.

To this day, I still fuck our friend under my girlfriend's nose. She'said on birth control to "control her flow" as she tells my girlfriend but me and her know why she's really on it. Even now as I type this, I'm laying next to a girl who's pussy I thought was impossible to get and it's all mine.

#lesbian   #girl   #guy   #straight   #gaytriesstraight  

I'm a straight guy, 21, never thought about other guys during my life. Recently I moved to the country side with my family and began feeling quite lost because I didn't have my old friends anymore, so I made friends with a next door neighbour, he's 19 and lives with his family as well. I saw him a few times from my window playing with his dog in the garden but only met him a week or so later when going on a walk through the country lanes.

I introduced myself and we got chatting and hit it off right away, we found we had a lot of things in common like favourite shows and video games, so we began hanging out most evenings, playing some video games or pool in his dad's game room. It helped me a lot to feel at ease in my new area as there wasn't much around to do in the evenings. We developed a good friendship.

After a few weeks, one night when playing some Ark, he opened up to me and revealed he was gay. I already had my suspicions because he was quite feminine and spoke softly. He asked if it was an issue for me but I said it's totally fine. We talked a bit that evening because he explained he never told anyone face to face before, and felt good to talk aloud about his sexuality.

Some months passed, we were close friends by now, enjoyed hanging out with each other and we opened up about struggles we have, things like mental health and insecurities. One night after a few drinks, he told me how he wished I was into guys as I'm a great match for him. It was a little awkward but I said he'll find someone someday. After that he became distant from me, didn't wanna hang out much anymore and I felt like he was avoiding me.

So I guess around 9 or so days later I went over to see him when I noticed he was in the garden and asked why he's been avoiding me, he said he had felt embarrassed about saying what he said to me and confessed he has a crush on me and feels down that I can't ever be his. I told him I'll always be his best friend and said I miss hanging out with him, that what he said is fine so we put it behind us and went back to how we were

But from then on, knowing he had a crush on me began playing on my mind and I couldn't help but start looking at him differently, he's a feminine guy and he does have a cute face. I don't ever see myself being in a relationship with a guy but I began thinking about him sexually when jerking off. Mainly imaging him blowing me, it turned me on in a way most other things didn't. I wanted to suggest something to him for a while but kept bottling it.

Until one night on the weekend, we had been having a few things again and were pretty drunk. I asked him when he realised he was gay, he told me he always knew because of how he admired guys at school. He told me a story of how one of his friends showed him his abs one day and it got him fired up that when he got home he skipped dinner to jerk off. I took my opportunity and lifted my shirt up to show him most of my torso and said "like this?" He got really flustered and looked away saying "oh my god" with a laugh. I found his reaction really alluring.

So I asked what else he likes, he was speechless, he didn't know what to say and couldn't stop laughing nervously. But I encouraged him by saying "you can tell me, I'm curious". He said "you know what else" but I teased more by saying "no I don't, I'm not gay remember". He was so shy I thought he was gonna burst, I was sure he wasn't brave enough to answer so I just moved down my bottoms a bit so he could see my underwear, I was semi-hard so there was quite a bulge.

The look on his face is still something that turns me on every time I think about it. He was frozen, mouth partly open and still so flustered. But the look in his eyes was lustful, I'd never seen his eyes that way before. "You can watch me if you want" I said before taking out my dick and began running my hand along it. He was watching me, still looking frozen and shy, most likely because he was a virgin and never as much as kissed someone before, but I could tell that he also loved it.

Soon enough he was fidgeting, readjusting himself, I said "you can touch yourself if you need to". He really didn't seem shy anymore with how he laid back and began jerking his cock too. He even look feminine doing that and he made little whimpering noises. I don't know if it was because he was so turned on or to turn me on more, but it was very sexy. Hearing a guy moan in such a submissive and soft way almost made me cum right away.

But I held it and when I couldn't hold it anymore, I came over his bedsheets and he came over his chest. I left pretty much right away because we were now both embarrassed at what happened, but I often wonder what he did with my cum once I left.

We jerked off together often from then and it eventually lead into him blowing me pretty much every day. And since then I've always wanted to make more gay friends, as I've found they make very good friends indeed

#sex   #gay   #straight  

I'm a married straight 26 female who has masturbated thinking of my girlfriend. After 13 years I acted on her. It was her bachelorette party and we had all been drinking and watching the male stripper tease my gf into getting naked. She announced that she was wet and horny. I was aroused. My gf was getting married so this was my last chance. I leaned into her lips and gave her a deep quick tounging. I quickly moved down to her bald pussy and barried my face between her legs. The smell and taste was sweet and drove me to want go at her pussy all the more. She gasped and squirmed as my tongue I kept going. When I slid my finger into her soaked pussy I felt a squeeze, so I slid another finger in. We hit a rythm and her moans got louder. She grabbed my head and holding to her pussy while yelling "don't stop". Her thighs clamped down on my head. She was having convulsions. Then she tells me "stop" and pulls me up to give me a kiss. We look around and see our friends were watching.
The next day I kept telling myself, "I cannot believe what I did last night". My First & My Last pussy

#straight   #lesbian   #friend   #crowd   #eat   #pussy   #orgasm  

I started dating this really skinny girl in a city I was working in for 6 months. She was skinny, with short black hair, a nice looking face, somewhat of a tomboy I thought. She was living in the city full time as opposed to me. After about 4 dates she finally admitted she wanted to have sex but had no boobs whatsoever, and knew most guys were really into big boobs. She also said that since she was young, and even before she ever had sex, she'd had guys and girls tease her constantly. Some guys wouldn't even go ahead and have sex with her because she had a totally flat chest. She also said she was a little kinky about sex and liked normal things, but only if she could have it lead to some other stuff she really liked. I told her I was very amenable to trying new things and simply would say if I didn't like it. She then asked me about her lack of chest and I told her that I didn't think it would be a problem. She told me to stop where we were going, to order in some pizza and go back to my apartment.
She made me order, then had me strip, and went to the bathroom and came out totally naked. She did indeed look like a boy. Small frame, no hips, very little take-in at her waist, nice roundish little butt though, and this big patch of very thick hair on her pussy. I didn't say anything, just pulled her over to the bed and she asked me not to mess with her nipples as it made her feel bad. So I kissed her, and she reluctantly kissed me back, I reached to feel her pussy and found a 2" clit that looked just like a small uncut penis. As I rubbed her it grew to three inches. I'd never encountered that before and I loved it. I finger fucked her and she had me roll over on my belly and got on top of me and ground her clit into my ass crack. She started kissing me in earnest, as I craned my neck to her lips while she was lying on top of my backside pumping for all she was worth. She was bucking back and forth and I told her to stop a second and reached back, spread my legs and my buttcheeks and told her to put it in my butt. She used her pussy juice as lube and got her clit about 2 inches up my hole. She fucked me like crazy and even came twice. The doorbell rang and she jumps up I thought to go to the bathroom and hide, but instead she put on one of my tee shirts and a pair of my underwear, my tennis shoes and answered the door. She looked just like a guy.
She came back, got pulled off the underwear and said "I guess you should have a turn before we eat" and let me fuck her pussy in missionary position, again her kisses were very shallow. We ate with her wearing the tee and my underwear and me wearing nothing. When we went back to the bedroom she kept on the underwear and shirt, and had me kneel on the floor while she stood up with her clit in my mouth, sticking out of that super thick black pussy hair. She came again, and then she did the same to me. I loved it she sucked really good. Then she bent over with her arms on the bed, standing next to it, pulled down the boys underwear just below her ass and inserted my cock into her ass. She and I both loved it. It was my first time fucking an ass.
So after a few weeks she now dresses 90% of the time as a boy, and we spend equal amounts of time getting buttfucked. She likes to keep on boy clothes and be a "gay guy" and get buttfucked. Even when I fuck her pussy it's mostly from behind. She fucks my ass too.
I started dating a girl, and ended up in a gay relationship with her. . . him.
But I still like it. It's not normal that's for sure. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to leave. I really like this situation

#anal   #gay   #straight  

I'm a 38yr old married guy, my wife and I have an OK sex life. I spend most of my time thinking about sucking cock. I love to see a man's cock erupt with a nice load of cum. I even had a friend let me suck his cock many times and always have him cum all over me.

#straight   #cum   #cock   #gay  

I love abusing my girlfriend so much.


i've been in love with my best friend for 3 1/2 years.
i'm female. shes female.
met her 5 years ago in college. apartently we went to the same school, same class. she transfered shortly after i went into homeschooling; we didn't get on for the first year.
second year, we became friends. it was 6 months in i think, i'd developed a crush. shortly after i realised it was love.
when college finished that year, i made sure to stay in contact. i'm terrible at holding realtionships, but for her i'd do my best. luckily she is simular in the way she doesn't need constant contact.
we meet up once a month. some skyping inbetween, since we live far apart.

reason i haven't told her? well apart from the fact i don't want to damage our friendship and make it awkward. she's a devote christian. she's very much straight and won't have sex until marriage. i'm also a virgin, not as self concious about it thanks to her.
so basicaly, i have no chance.
she doesn't even know i'm bisexual.

i wish i could get rid of this love i feel. i think about her some nights when masterbating. another thing she doesn't do. i want to get close to her and show her how nice it feels. give her her first orgasm. fondle and lick her breasts.
i want to hug and kiss her as a couple as we play video games and watch tv.
i want to marry her. i want to have kids with her. either inseminated or adopted.

*sigh* maybe i'll tell her one day, when we are in our 30's and married to different people .

#crush   #bisexual   #christian   #masterbation   #secret  

For months now I've had gay thoughts. So I made a fake Instagram account just to dm this one guy named Arthur because I know he's had sex & has gotten fucked in the ass plenty of times so over some time I slowly talked to him through this fake account so once I built up the courage I told him who I was & I told him the lie that I wanted to prove I didn't have a small dick so I said I would fuck him or have him suck my dick so I set it up for the next day he was going to be waiting in front of the school for me & when I came up he was so we walked to an alley way where I stared at his big ass the whole time he noticed them we went to the park where I slowly started to spank him and I got him to rub his ass against my dick so after some time I tried convincing him to suck my dick after about 10 minutes he finally gave in & he got on his knees to suck the life out of me even tho he was a guy he sucked better than some girls he was nervous so he didn't finish me off but other the next couple months I tried to get him alone with me again so we fuck actually fuck which sadly it never happened

I commonly have sexual thoughts involving a few of my female friends and yet am still able to be good friends with them and not feel particularly awkward about not being more than friends. Like, I'm not weirded out by it. I do know I would enjoy if something hot happened but I don't feel particularly sure they'd do great romantic partners either. Is this normal ?

#inappropriate   #friend   #straight  

We were getting out of the pool at the same time and I accidentally ran my hand cross my best friends ass and across her pussi. It was a freaky but legit accident. She said nothing so I think she didn't even realize. But me, I cannot stop thinking how it felt and what a turn on. I was instantly aroused and I have masturbated for a week now, just thinking how I want to do it again. I have never touched a girl before, even accidentally. For the past week, I think of her more than my boyfriend. Now I am curious, can accidents be good, I think I may want more touching on her. I am so horny. And the older I get, the more I want sex.

#girl   #brush   #wrong   #touch   #accident   #straight   #curious   #want   #liked   #imagination   #horny  

I don't know so I blame it on my husband. A few months after pregnancy my husband has lost his sexual drive and mine has drasticlaly increased. I am always so horny and wanting. Well, I ended up kissing my girlfriend. Now I am embarressed, but at the same time I want more. I am straight and so confused as to why I kissed her and why I am curious about having sex with her.

#blame   #husband   #girlfriend   #kiss   #want   #horny   #straight   #confused   #embarressed   #sex  

Pray and roll the dice for #straight

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