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Girlfriend Confessions

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Ok let's start. I really wanna hurt my ex-girlfriend, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I want her to be sent into an asylum for being crazy and stuff.
She destroyed my life and now I wanna destroy hers... I hope she is going to read this and knows what's going to happen. I am not going to write it down because it would definitely be illegal.

#revenge   #illegal   #asylum   #crazy   #girlfriend   #confession  

i gave extacy to girlfriend's sister and make her horny.

#drug   #extacy  

I went to a mental hospital 10 days ago and today i just got discharged. There was a guy there that i kinda had a relationship with and i feel like dick because i have a girlfriend and I’ve been dating her for 4 months. I think i might break up with her tho

#cheating   #relationship   #girlfriend  

My college girlfriend and I had broken up. She wanted to get married and I was not ready. She met another guy and they set their date. He went golfing for a week with his buddies in South Carolina for his bachelor party. She was upset that he left her for that long.She gave me a call to see their new house. I went over and we fucked all night. We broke their bed. Our last fuck together.

#exgirlfriend   #fuck  

I know my girl is being very dishonest with me because nothing adds up and there is so many far feched excuse but I don't know exactly what she is covering. I don't want lies to make our relationship Fall apart from the extended time of lies I don't know if I can forgive her. how do I get the truth out? I have tried having the most serious and adult understanding conversation with her because we both said we really want to grow old together we have 4 kids together but I have this trust issue only because I really love her and want to be sure we are not wasting time by living lies. I have some proof of her guilt but no confession so it's complicated. What should I do?

#desperate   #girlfriend   #guilt   #jealous   #relationship  

My girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me. I was stunned when I found out, I always treated her like she was the most special girl in the world. I'm a decent looking guy, have a nice size tool and never had trouble getting dates, but now I know I wasted 2 years of my life on someone who wasn't worth it. Her sister had always flirted with me when she was alone with me, and I had resisted, but now I was angry, and ended up fucking not only her sister, but her mom too when she was having compassion for me after her daughter cheated on me, we were just talking and one thing lead to another and I pounded her puddin' as hard as I've every pounded any girl, loaded her up with cum and she loved it.

Now my girlfriend regrets cheating on me and has dumped the other guy she was seeing and is begging to get back together.
I told her only if I could keep fucking her sister and her mom too. She just looked at me kind of stunned. I just smiled and walked away.
It was revenge, it was extreme justice :)

#trust   #betrayal   #cheating   #sister   #mom   #girlfriend  

I confess that I am only in a relationship with my girlfriend because I am too cheap to spend money on prostitutes.
My girlfriend is rather attractive and we have lots of sex but other than that... I do not have any feelings for her really. That probably would not be that bad if I'd be honest with her and tell her how I feel but I am afraid that she would stop sleeping with me if I would.

I play the happy boyfriend instead and tell her I love her so often. I play the attentive and caring boyfriend and when she starts talking about our future I pretend I am excited. I actually do not plan to stay with this woman forever and I do not care for her hobbies, feelings or anything related to her life. I do, however, care very much about her lovely body.
If I am not interested in spending time with her, I lie and tell her some plausible excuses why we cannot meet up (like I have to work late or something).

In those cases I hang with my guys, we go to bars, strip clubs or I go for a drive on my bike.
When I am home alone and start thinking about it, I might feel a bit bad about the situation... But I simply do not have the money to buy for sex. So that's that.

#relationship   #fake   #girlfriend   #sex   #money   #cheap   #body  

i have a bit of a fetish for creampies, it really seems to get me off thinking about letting a load go into someone, especially "on accident". About a week or two ago, my girlfriend and me were doing it, and i knew she was fertile, so while i was fucking her doggystyle, I pulled out and started fingering her with one hand while with the other I tore the tip of the condom. best orgasm I've ever had.

#stealthing   #creampie   #fetish   #sex   #girlfriend   #doggystyle   #orgasm   #cum   #dirty  

My girlfriend broke up with me. I am 25 years old and I was in love. I just cannot fathom why she left me.
She left me without a real explanation, just said that she wasn't into me any more and that we doesn't want to see or talk to me any longer.

I tried calling her, but she blocked my phone and blocked me on all social media. Her friends also did that.

I know that she likes this one coffee place near her work that she visits frequently.
I confess that I've gone to this place every day in hopes of seeing her and talking to her to find out why she left me.

#girlfriend   #breakup   #love   #sad   #devastated   #coffee   #confession  

ok, so i confess. one day, i was on my girlfriends computer, and i found an old porn she made with her ex boyfriend. i watched it quite a bit on her computer, and it got me so turned on that i had to copy it to my usb drive. now i have it on my computer and have 24/7 access to it. i watch it almost every day to jerk off. i have lots of sex with my girlfriend, but i just love this video for some reason...

the film starts off with the camera out of place, then it turns quickly to my girl in between the legs of her ex on his bed; both fully naked; his cock in her hand. His dick is huge. i got a 6.5 - 7in cock, but his must be 8.5/9in. It's also thick as a rail.

her head goes down on his cock and she sucks it a little bit less good than she sucks mine. she doesnt go as crazy on it, but its also a lot for her to handle. shes basically gagging on it... until her arm gets too much in front of the camera, so this guy moves her into a better suited position; takes her head, moves her arm, grabs the bottom part of his cock and thrusts her head a bit. then he holds her there and continues to jerk off in her mouth, as if she couldnt do it. the size of his dick makes my mouth water, i wish i was sucking it with her. when i first started watching this video, i felt proud, cause i thot it was a porn i might have made with her. then i felt shame once i found out, but now that ive gotten over the fact that her ex man's dick is so big, i enjoy it way too often. watching her deep throat that cock, and come back up to smile at the camera with his dick in her cheek makes me bust a nut every time.

#exboyfriend   #girlfriend   #porn  

I'm so up for having a threesome with my girlfriend but I know she will never do it . I would also love to watch her get fucked by another guy or even an other female making her cum so much .

I spent a wonderful night with a woman from the Philippines who hoped I would take her in and that she could live with me. I also lied to her about my age, I said I'm 27 but I'm 38.
I also have a girlfriend who's on a business trip at the moment, we are also living together.

I feel very bad since that incident and I hope my girlfriend doesn't find out.

#philippines   #business   #trip   #regret   #girlfriend   #confession   #sin  

Yesterday, I played Monopoly with my girlfriend. I cheated and took more money than I gave her.
Nonetheless, she won. :(

#monopoly   #girlfriend   #cheat   #money   #confession   #game  

I'm in love with this guy for over a year now... but there are two problems. For one, he has a girlfriend and for two, he's the best friend of my boyfriend.

#love   #problem   #girlfriend   #best   #friend   #boyfriend   #secret  

My girlfriend is at most 18 hours away from where I live and I (Female, 17) fantasize about her (19) pinning me down and having her way with me. Where I live its legal for us to date and I will see her soon but I'm nervous to tell her that I want her to have her way with me forcefully since she's such a sweet and kind girl!

#lust   #girlfriend   #teens   #embarrassment  

I never had a girlfriend.. or a serious girlfriend more like. I am not bad looking, I have good grades in school and I try to behave like a gentleman. There are definitely girls in my school who would like to go out with me, but those are all underneath my standard. Most are just some sleazies looking for a quick number, but I am looking for something on a long-term basis...
I don't get why I cannot find a girlfriend???

#girlfriend   #single   #lonely   #gf   #sex  

I stalk my girlfriends ex boyfriend she talked so much about him I fell in love with him and began looking at his social medias I believe that's how you say it . And I masterbate to him and I see his name everywhere and think of him all the time his name is Mark

#love   #girlfriends  

Sometimes I want to beat my girlfriend. It only happens when she cries or when she talks back. I don't feel bad for it though, she just makes me so angry I want to retaliate with violence.

#anger   #abuse   #girlfriend  

I confess. I screwed my son's girlfriend. And it was oh soo good. It was one of those things, right time, right place, right moods. Not sure other than it just happened. Now should I feel bad that she is younger than my daughter? It's all good, unless he marries the girl. Then what?

#sex   #sonsgirlfriend   #confession   #wrong   #son   #daughter   #younger  

I lived with my girlfriend for 3 years. Her mother being a stay home women and divorced. She was a thicker women. Not very into her self . Kept hair nice . Nails and toes always painted. However their was something abou her. He laid back attitude and knowing she wasent getting any dick for the last few years. I used to think about making a move on her when we were left alone. While my gf was out or at work. Over the weekend the both went out for brunch. I stayed back to do some work . I was really horny. I snuck into her room . And in her hamper inside her jeans was her thong from the day before. It was a silk teal thong. Pretty sexy , more so that a 50 yr old lady was wearing that. I laid on her bed . Pulled my cock out and started to sniff her thong . It was amazing she had such a good smelling pussy. And her cum stain was what made me explode . I came on her jeans put the thong back neatly and waited till she came home. She has a thick ass and some big tits . She smokes a lot and isnt very organzed but she need a dick inside her

#girlfriend   #mother   #sex   #confession  

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