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Girlfriend Confessions

Read the best #girlfriend confession stories

When I was 15 everyone had been fucking they're girlfriend's... In the summer brake I tried to get myself one and there was a 13 years old girl which I really liked for like 2 years.
When i finally got in my bed I couldn't hold back.
And now here I am with a child in my arms

#sex   #girlfriend   #summer  

Im a 21 yr old male in a relationship. I love my girlfriend. But i sometimes fantasize about my ex while my current girlfriend and i have sex. She was beautiful and i cant get over her.

#exgirlfriend   #sex  

I don't love my girlfriend but I don't break up with her either. I guess I'll break up with her in the next time but I feel guilty about it. I always try to talk to her when something annoys me but she always reacts kind of angry and offended. When I break up with her I am going to tell her all the things that bothers me; no matter what she's saying.

#breakup   #girlfriend   #angry   #annoying   #confession  

(13) me and my gf have been dating for 2 months an we both want to become more intimate like kissing, but not sex. but the main problem is me. i haven't kissed anyone and i don't want to tell her cause i'm too embarrassed

#lesbian   #girlfriend   #kiss   #confession  

I am finally free!!!!!

I am 22 years old and I cheating on my girlfriend who is 27 years old. And I do not regret anything. The only thing I regret is that I did not break up with her sooner.
We were together for three years and in the last year things turned sour. There was no affection, we did not sleep together, we did not hug or cuddle or kiss properly (only the "mandatory" hello/goodbye kiss). We only fought. Fought fought fought fought fought. About everthing and anything. I dearly missed being held or loved and that was why I was really sad and unhappy.

Then, I met a young woman in a chat room (she is 21). She experienced the same issue with her boyfriend. So, we decided to meet up and give each other the things we missed about our respective partners. We slept together (and it was the best sex I had IN YEARS) and we cuddled and I stayed the night.
We had breakfast in bed the next day, showered together and had sex again. It was glorious.

We both really needed that and we will defintiely see each other again.

I broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago and I just feel so relieved! It was the right choice. I am finally free again to enjoy my life to the fullest.

#free   #cheating   #relationship   #girlfriend   #boyfriend   #sex  

My girlfriend is at most 18 hours away from where I live and I (Female, 17) fantasize about her (19) pinning me down and having her way with me. Where I live its legal for us to date and I will see her soon but I'm nervous to tell her that I want her to have her way with me forcefully since she's such a sweet and kind girl!

#lust   #girlfriend   #teens   #embarrassment  

My girlfriend went to the hairdresser's and got this awful hairstyle like really short. They are at shoulder length now and she had those beautiful long long hair before that and I liked to pull them while we had sex. Now I cant do that anymore.
And she looks so different and I am not so sure that I find her attractive right now. We are invited to a birthday party tonight and I really do not want to bring her. Is that rude? It's the first time that she's meeting some of my friends and I wanted her to make a good first impression. Maybe I am overreacting but I dont know what to do. She cut it and what's done is done. But I guess I have to get drunk tonight to get through it...

#hair   #girlfriend   #short   #dontlike   #birthday   #confess  

I am a 18yo girl and i get so horny thinking about my brother's girlfriend. When she comes round i find any excuse to watch her especially when she is wearing tight clothes. Once I saw her naked with my brother in his room and she was sucking his cock. I watched for as long as I dared. I want to touch her and I keep masturbating thinking about her.


I want to know how feels if someone love you .. I'm tired of getting rejected by every single person that I told I liked them...I tried dating app ...some of them are fake ..I wish I could find someone...

#lesbian   #needlove   #girlfriend   #anyone  

I want my girlfriend to cuckold me so badly. I get Instantly aroused by thoughts of her sucking other guys cocks of seeing them inside her.

It’s got to the stage now where I’m looking at Reddit for guys with big cocks and imaging them fucking her.

But I know she will never be open to it

#cuckold   #hotwife   #girlfriend   #bull   #cock   #bbc  

i have a bit of a fetish for creampies, it really seems to get me off thinking about letting a load go into someone, especially "on accident". About a week or two ago, my girlfriend and me were doing it, and i knew she was fertile, so while i was fucking her doggystyle, I pulled out and started fingering her with one hand while with the other I tore the tip of the condom. best orgasm I've ever had.

#stealthing   #creampie   #fetish   #sex   #girlfriend   #doggystyle   #orgasm   #cum   #dirty  

I (m/22) confess that I persuade my girlfriend to do anal even though I know she will shit blood (literally) and be in pain for the rest of the week afterwards. But she's actually the dumb one if you ask me, why does she not go to the doctors about it??? And she could say no, so.......
I confess that my pleasure is more important to me than her wellbeing.

#boyfriend   #anal   #girlfriend   #blood   #pain   #ohwell  

Today caught my girlfriend feedin my favorite yogurt to the cat. I just put cat food in her dinner and I don't regret anything. But I have to ease my conscience to fall asleep at night.

#yogurt   #revenge   #girlfriend   #cat   #conscience   #food  

Sometimes I want to beat my girlfriend. It only happens when she cries or when she talks back. I don't feel bad for it though, she just makes me so angry I want to retaliate with violence.

#anger   #abuse   #girlfriend  

i just found out the guy i (19f) was crushing on is a lot younger than i thought he was (hes 15). now i feel kinda gross. bluh.

#anonymous   #accidentalunderagecrush   #crushes   #bluhifeelhorrible   #healreadyhadagirlfriendtoo  

I go to reunion party. In this place i met my ex. She broke my heart long time ago. I couldn't forget her since then.
I play a part in party as amateur bartender. She sitting in front of me. She wear a mid thigh skirt that ride up to the front of her vagina. I suddenly pretend t drop thing on a floor and peek her lace panties without her knowing.
Again the situation is we don't talk to each other. I breaking the silence by volunteer to give her a drinks. She says okay. This is my opportunity for revenge about the past that she leave me pretend that i'm a stranger. With the chaos in the party. I grab a mix glass to a toilet. Download memory about her white lace panties and masturbate until a huge load full the glass. It’s so much cum because I’ve reserve for 1 month. I go out of toilet mix it to make a white russian. I give it to her. Because she’s a bit drunk and a smell of alcohol is strong, she gulps down my thick cum. I can hear the sound of her gulping my kids. All million of my mighty sperms go down her throat with obstacle and swim happily in her stomach. She doesn't know the she has me inside her already. It's my sweet revenge.


Lately I've be jacking off thinking about the stories my girlfriend told me about how she was molested when she was a kid, it honestly makes me cum the most I ever had.

#molested   #girlfriend   #masturbation  

My girlfriend sleeps with her mouth open. So, when I go to bed later than her and she's already asleep, I put some food in her mouth. It's hilarious. She's always totally confused the next day. I always tell her that she ate while sleeping.
Sorry babe, I'll tell you the truth when we get married.

#food   #hilarious   #joke   #secret   #girlfriend   #funny   #confession  

I am coaching a girl on how to give a good blowjob because she wants to learn how to pleasure my son.

#confess   #bj   #sonsgirlfriend  

Yesterday, I played Monopoly with my girlfriend. I cheated and took more money than I gave her.
Nonetheless, she won. :(

#monopoly   #girlfriend   #cheat   #money   #confession   #game  

Pray and roll the dice for #girlfriend

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