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Teeth Confessions

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I worked as a lifeguard. Per se it's bad but today it got really bad. I got fired!! Because I fought with a stupid teenage boy who tought could annoy me the whole time and break all the rules.
Wouldn't be too bad if he hadn't lost 5 teeth and I just stood there and laughed. My hands were covered in blood.
Well, now I am jobless. Maybe I'll try to become a bouncer...

#lifeguard   #fire   #teeth   #fight   #boy   #jobless   #bouncer  

I confess I haven't brushed my teeth in 2 weeks.

#teeth   #brush   #laziness   #confession  

I'm a dentist and although I tell all my patients to avoid caries, I do have caries.

#caries   #lie   #secret   #dentist   #teeth   #confession   #avoid  

i have a teeth licking kink. I tried to lick my girlfriends teeth and she let me lick her beautiful sharp canines and i haven't stopped thinking about it even though that was 4 months ago. I know its weird i like licking sharp teeth but whatever.

#teeth   #licking   #odontophilia   #ilickedmygirlfriendsteethandilovedit  

I was 32 when I got a dental problem and they had to pull most of my teeth and I started with dentures. My husband at the time loved it because I could take them out at night and I could gum his cock while he fucked my mouth. He shot off quicker than ever, even quicker that that first I gave him a BJ when he was 15. We got divorced and I've had several lovers since and though I want implants and can afford them now, and I'm in my early 50's, men I date all want me to gum their cocks till they shoot off in my mouth. I want to look and feel better but I do like that men can still be excited by a chubby 50 year old with graying hair . . . everywhere!
I don't think of myself as a slut but after my divorce I've had another 24 guys sexually, and another 11 just orally. I like being sought after like this but do want to get implants. Currently; I see 5 men, 2 single, 3 married. I think some of the guys will not come around if I couldn't give them my gumjobs.


I am a dentist and I need to confess my frustration with my patients. When I opened my practice I was full of hope and tought I could help all my patients in keeping their teeth healthy.Oh boy, was I wrong. I can talk till I am blue in the face. There are many idiots who do not brush their teeths for months on end, who do not show up to their appointments and who complain about their teeth rotting or falling out. They expect me to do miracles when they show up 4 years later, they teeth full of cavities. But the worst of all are the parents who do not show their children how to brush their teeth. I had children in my practice, around 12 years old, mouth full with dental fillings. How can parents be so irresponsible? Those kids probably will have to start liking soup and smoothies, because they won't be able to eat solid food for much longer. I am disappointed in today's society......

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