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Lie Confessions

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i stole seven dollars from my mom in change and i lied about it to her and now im vomiting my insides out, but i can't stop lying

i think god gave me a sickness

#lies   #stealing   #sickness  

I bought a gift card to change into tokens on StripChat

The confirmation email got sent to my mother. She questioned and I lied and said it was for a pair of headphones that I liked.

What happens when those headphones never show up!!!

#help   #lie   #sex   #advice  

Female, 21.
I have a lot of good friends who I love and appreciate. They also want to do a lot with me and get in touch almost each day - that's really nice of them. But slowly I feel like they are kind of my responsability, something I have to handle so everyone is satisfied. Wednesday is usual my only free evening in the week and this is known by everyone. That's why I have several calls and messages on my phone before I even wake up in the morning.
I confess that I mostly lie to my friends and find excuses why I don't have time for them. The only reason I do that is because I just want some time for myself.
Sorry guys but you just don't notice that I need some time for myself as well.

#friends   #lie   #excuses   #wednesday   #confession  

My mother is a terrible cook. No matter what she cooks, it's a disaster and tastes horrible.
Neither my little brother nor I want to offend her, so we tell her that it tastes good.
In reality, we throw the food away and buy fast food.

#lie   #cook   #food   #mother   #taste   #disgusting  

I have been dating this boy for a month now. I don't like him romantically but he's my first boyfriend and vice versa. He's a good person and I love him as a person but today he confessed he loved me. I don't love him back. I feel awful but I don't want to hurt him.

#lies   #dating  

As long as I can remember I piss in the shower. Many years ago, in late 1995, I went to Rome with my class, we were around 14 or 15 years old.
The problem was, there were only shared showers, I can't remember why. We all decided to leave our underwear on, I guess because we felt ashamed or something, I can't remember.
As soon as I am in the shower, I start pissing. The same happened back then in Rome. Of course, everyone noticed. I told them it was just dirt but I don't know if they believed me.

#lie   #embarrassing   #shower   #pee   #piss   #rome   #class  

I got a raise a few months ago and I bought a very (and I mean VERY) expensive bottle of wine. Because I can, why not?
Anyway that is not the issue.. I am married and we are very good friends with this other couple. We meet like every other week to go on double dates or meet for game nights. We invited the other couple a few weeks ago and we played board games. As the husband is a wine lover, he noticed the expensive bottle standing in our wine rack. While playing he Monopoly, he suddenly had the briliant idea that the winner would get the wine.
HELL NO! That was so fucking expensive, you dipshit!!
I disagreed, but told them that I would bring the bottle to our next game night.
Game night was yesterday and before we met up, the husband called to make sure that I'd bring the wine.
I would like to confess that I (of course) did not bring MY VERY EXPENSIVE bottle of wine to a stupid game night. I opened the bottle, decanted the wine and poured some really cheap wine into the bottle of the expensive one.
I was so curious to see what'd happen when the self-proclaimed "wine connoisseur" tasted the cheapp booze. Well, as you can guess, he thought it was THE BEST THING HE EVER DRANK. HaHaHaHaHaHa
No one noticed a difference, not even my wife and I am not going to tell her because she was gushing about how generous I was to share this expensive wine with her and our friends. If only she knew...

#wine   #cheap   #expensive   #bottle   #sharing   #notsharing   #couple   #lie  

I have these desires with my girlfriend, like watching her with other men, swinging, threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, bondage, MFM bi sex, but i'm scared she'll think i'm weird and leave me.

#lust   #sex   #desires   #lies   #cheating   #threesome  

From about age 2 I had very advanced ideas about space. Ideas that science is just now catching up to. Most that no one else has even come up with yet.
I would tell people I was sent here to help. That I wasn’t from here. I was just in this body.
No one would listen. So I shut up. I feel like a very advanced being living among people who want to hurt each other and me.
Does everyone secretly feel that way?
I grew tired of trying to interact. I’m just waiting to die.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Weird people my whole life have walked up and told me I glow. My eyes glow. That I’m a star child. Crazy stuff. I’ve started looking into it. I don’t believe it. I just wander why so many people see something in me I don’t see.
People around me are convinced I have done impossible things. Again. They didn’t seem impossible to me. I think people want to believe in stuff.
I don’t see it that way. I feel like a freak and failure. I just want to stick around till my very normal kids who aren’t like me get older. Then I want to go back home. I don’t like it here. People are too mean.
It’s a pandemic. I’m poor and sick. One of my kids is very sick. Now the government chooses this moment tontell me aliens are real.
Mother truckers. I saw a dang Tic Tac. They claimed there were no UFOs. So I assumed it was a secret craft. So are they now lying just to fake us out again? Is it really just a secret craft or not?
Sorry. But I’d like to know if I really talked to dang aliens. Because if I did I should have wrote a book about it before I had aneurisms.
So did I dream that stuff like I convinced myself I did. Or did greys walk thru my walls & talk to me?
Why were they so fascinated with me if they are real?
Am I really from somewhere else? Will I really go back there when this body dies?
It’s all so weird. See I remember an entire life. Choosing to come here to try to help humans. Being hurt. Getting very frustrated and annoyed. For over 20 yrs I’ve just been on auto pilot. I gave up on this world. Humans are just too violent and mean. I’m just trying to raise good kids to make this world a little better. Then I’m going back home.
I’ve always wondered do we all secretly feel that way. Do all of you remember a life in another world too? Do you remember wanting to go back there when you were one and two years old like I did? Do you also understand space and other dimensions? Do you also feel like your trapped in a world you wish you hadn’t came to?
See. I could never figure it out. If I’m crazy how did I know about advanced science and the Bible at age two? How did I know about things in science they are just now preposing?
I need to go back to sleep. I wish the government would quit releasing all this UFO stuff. They told us they are fake. Made me think I just saw a secret craft instead of an alien one. Made me think I must have just dreamed that whole crazy aliens talking to me stuff.
Now during a pandemic they say guess what. Here’s some videos. We don’t know what the heck this is. What? Your supposed to know. You said it was fake.
So which is it? Did dang aliens want to talk to me. Or did I have weird dreams. Did I really touch a UFO. Or did I really touch one of your secret drones?
I’ll tell you this. I wish I’d never went outside. Never touched that thing.
You know I moved back there. One of those same adults from back then still lived there. They were all scared crapless back then. Only I was brace enough to study it and look inside.
That lady would walk around saying UFOs were real. So I told her I remember you. I was the kid that looked inside. She remembered me. She got so scared. She claimed they took her. She screamed and ran from me. Every time she saw me she’d run inside and lock the door.
If they are real why did they take her but only talk to me?
If they are real don’t be overly impressed by them. They are just beings with advanced toys. They don’t have all the answers either.
I do have the answers. But no one would listen to me.
You know this whole stuff was better when I thought it was just a secret UFO craft. Just weird dreams. And I was just a very smart kid with a wild imagination.
They just had to release those videos.
I sure am glad my kids are just kids. I tested them. They don’t know what I’m talking about either.
I’ll say this. If I’m right, all of you need to start being nicer, stop hurting the most innocent among you. You may think if you don’t get caught you get away with it. Everything is seen and remembered.
These special needs people can make it back a lot easier than you. They are more innocent. When you hurt them you are really hurting yourself. You will answer for it.
Don’t listen to preachers who spread hate. God doesn’t hate gay people. That preacher does. He spreads hate because deep inside he wonders if he’s gay. He can’t accept that he may be. So he hates those who admit they are.
If a preacher condemns others he’s really condemning himself. Only Jesus gets to judge.
These wicked people push sweet children to suicide with their own bull crap. Don’t listen to them. I’m not gay. But if you are, God made you that way.

I’m going back to sleep. I wish they’d quit sneaking all these UFO stories into the news.

#ufos   #ufo   #alien   #aliens   #grey   #greys  

I'm best friends with my ex boyfriend but my current boyfriend doesn't know about it and he shouldn't find out because he hates M. so much for hiting me while we were together. I can't like without M., so I will meet with him in secret and I won't tell anyone.

#ex   #secret   #best   #friends   #abusive   #lie   #confession  

I purposely freeze because I wanna lose weight. I keep my window open no matter if it's day or night. And when my mom asks my if I am cold I lie to her and say no.

#lie   #confession   #freeze   #window   #mom  

When I was 9 I broke my dads guitar string well two of the and I blamed it on the cat but then I felt bad for the cat and gave him Doritos for some reason he ate it

#cat   #guitar   #broken   #lied  

When me and my boyfriend first started having raw sex, I gave herpes to him not knowing I had herpes and I still feel guilty about that because he always talk about it. He’s given me an STD TWICE ! And every time I bring up him cheating on me and giving me and STD , he throws it in my face. The difference between my situation and his situation is that I didn’t go CHEAT and brought it back to him and he literally went and got head from another dirty bitch and brought me back trichomoniasis . My situation is this, me and him we’re starting a relationship and he decided to take off the condom. I didn’t know I had herpes because before me and him met I was promiscuous so when me and him got together I stopped doing what I was doing . He literally went and cheated on me while we were together and gave me an STD. I FEEL mostly bad about my situation because I gave him something he can’t get rid of because of my PAST and who I was . We both did terrible in this relationship and in two weeks it’s gonna be three years since we’ve been together and these years have been STRESSFUL, HARD, depressing. He put me down like it’s sooo much stuff this man has put me through. I’m 21 and he’s 28 and he manipulates me and controls me and my money smh

#hurt   #cheated   #lies   #stds  

I lie. Daily, hourly, always. If I have a problem, I create a tall tale to solve the problem. In front of my colleagues I lie to sound interesting. I am a master in it, I can mix reality and story so well with each other that no one can tell I am lying.
The only problem that concerns me so far is that I am such a good liar that I sometimes cannot remember if the said is true or not.

#lie   #problem   #tall   #tale   #reality   #story  

I'm married and sometimes I hate my husband!!! We both used to be very abusive to each other. For years!!! He started the abuse. However, we have both changed drastically. I mean we went from fighting every day. (Fist fighting!) Due to his lies and cheating. He was very controlling and wouldn't allow me to break up with him. I would leave and he would find and stalk me. Begging me to come back and I would go back every time bc I loved him, still do. We've been together forever, I met him when I was 14, he's 5 years older than me. Anyway, we went from fighting every day to no actual fighting just heated arguments. Which is major for us, trust me. We used to fight like cats and dogs. Anyway, we don't anymore. But, I still feel the pain in my heart and mind mainly bc of the last time he cheated. What happened was he cheated for the last time I believe like 8 years ago and got his ex pregnant. They already had 2 kids. Since, they live in a different state and she hardly lets him see the kids he had no idea she was pregnant with the third kid. During the time she was pregnant he went to jail for a year, which had nothing to do with us fighting, by the way. While he was in jail he had enough money saved so he still paid all my bills, rent included. He paid for everything. He just asked me to wait for him. Well, I did. While he was in jail he got "saved or found God." When he out out he asked me to marry him. He said: God spoke to Him and said that I was supposed to be his wife and that God showed him all the messed up and evil things that he has done to me throughout the years with all the lies, deceit, betrayal, abuse, and cheating; etc. He said: God spoke to him and told him to change or he would spend the rest of his life in jail. He hates jail. Well, long story short he told me about all the dreams and/or visions God gave him about our lives and he wrote me a letter and drew me a picture everyday while he was in jail. I listened to him, but I didn't fully believe him. I wanted him to prove that he changed and he did/has repeatedly! He has did a whole 360!!! Anyway, we got married. I didn't know he had a third child with his ex and later when he found out he was too afraid to tell me. He found out when after he got out of jail. Which explains why he wanted to get married so quickly. Anyway, he did change, but I knew there was something still bothering him. I asked and asked. But nothing. Finally, one night he says God told him to tell me. I knew something was wrong bc he never slept. Just tossed and turned all the time. So, when he told me I flipped out!!! I asked for a divorce, but he declined. So, I sought out a few different advisors and they all pretty much gave me the same advice which was to try to make our marriage work especially since he had not cheated during the actual marriage. But I felt bamboozled and devastated!!! I cried for days. So, we went to marriage counseling. He confessed to everything. How many times he cheated on me before we got married, with how many women and most importantly why he did it. Everything!!! I sat there and took it like a CHAMP! I really tried to listen like a friend instead of a wife or woman who felt totally and completely broken. Then we had a sit down with his ex. She hates me, by the way. We got down to the nitty-gritty. I mean how many times did they cheat on me together. Why did she keep the other child a secret from us? When she finally told him, why did he keep it from me? Why did she agree to keep me from knowing there was a third child after the fact? Why did they both have their other two children acting as though they did not have an extra sibling? They were all lying! She did after a while she begged him to tell me. I believe her, but she is still so "in-love" with my husband, she would do anything he says. Not her words, mine. Anyway, now they don't communicate unless I know about it. My husband has sincerely changed, but I'm stuck with all this hurt and pain!!! I'm really trying, but it is so hard. I mean he gives me the majority of his money, tells me all of his whereabouts, I have all of his passwords, he shows me all of his bank statements, he doesn't go see his kids without me, and he doesn't make moves unless I know about it. Yet, and still I am not happy!!! I feel broken!!! I am trying. But I feel like getting revenge!!! Even though I could never see myself having sex with another man. That's the truth. I just want him to hurt the way he has hurt me! I'm struggling!!! I feel like all my innocence was stripped away from me. I genuinely loved someone who didn't know how to love me bk. Now that he is so focused and getting his/our lives together, i.e. about to buy a house, we both are working a good steady jobs, in college, going to church regularly, reading the Bible, and praying together.... Now, I'm the one ready to destroy our family just to give him a taste of his own medicine bc I can't get over the past. PS I'm not an ugly person. In fact, everyone tells me on a regular how beautiful I am and I was raised that my outward beauty should match my inward beauty. So, I have always been forgiving. But now I feel like I'm being overtaken with evil and hatred even though no one knows it. I feel so stupid and stressed out! And I'm always worried that he is going to hurt me again.

#lies   #abuse  

About a month ago, I had a miscarage. I’ve only told my parents and husband about it and they’ve asked me if I was okay. I keep telling them I am and to not say anything to anyone else because it won’t change anything. But the truth is I was never okay to start with and i cry whenever I’m alone and no one can see it.

#depression   #miscarage   #lies  

During Covid I’ve used online as therapy. I mix in so much bull crap no one could ever pull out the truth. It also allows me to tell the truth. I really did see a Tic Tac. I may have talked to aliens and went to another dimension. How can you tell for certain? Beings that walk thru walls. Talk in your head. Annoy the shit out of you doing weird shit. Fucking light bending armor. You wonder if your sane. Animals that died in weird ways.
Even when other people around me heard or saw stuff, I’d act like I didn’t. Fuck them. I wasn’t going to a looney bend. You simply either don’t admit such things, or your a loon. Screw that.
I’ll admit the Tic Tac only because the Navy did. I am not talking about freaking grey’s walking thru my wall and talking to me.
Admit it. Even with the Navy videos you think I’m lying or crazy.
That’s why I love the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History channel. Real scientists seeing some of the same crap as me. I can watch them scratch their head. It boggles the mind.
You could say I’m full of shit. Sure. Maybe. But I was paid to design buildings in high school. I worked in the space industry. I’m not a fool. I know nano tech and stuff when I see it.

Back to jokes.

#alien   #ufo   #greys   #skinwalker   #ranch  

I hate myself sometimes. I'm Roman Catholic and I am taught that lying is a sin yet I still do so. It must be a part of me though, my biological dad is a pathological liar and I was influenced most by him since I was his mom's favorite and would gladly give him money if it had something to do with me. I guess as a child I developed a side of me, side I can't and never will be proud of, a liar. I lie, at one point I repented on it and prayed to the lord to forgive me. When I did I felt this lightness (I know it may sound weird but it's true) and promised to myself I'll stop lying. I lied to myself 'cause I still lie. I want to break out of it but it's so hard when all your life you lie for you to hide your pain and other things you don't want out. I hate myself for being a liar, I know no one is perfect but I would rather tell the truth than tell a lie.

Female, 18.
My biggest wish is to get a farm one day with cows and pigs and chicken and all the animals which belong on a farm. But when I am talking to my family about it they laugh at me and force me to go to university and study economics. I now go to university but I study agriculture but I don't tell them anything about it, they wouldn't understand.

#farm   #wish   #animals   #university   #economics   #agriculture   #study   #confession   #lie  

I told my friend i looked skinny but i was actually really fat when I told her this we later on had a fight so she decided she would tell everyone so I started making up some lies about her.

That's what you get.

#lies   #fat   #annoying   #ugly   #promise   #betrayal  

Pray and roll the dice for #lie

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