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Desperate Confessions

Read the best #desperate confession stories

I haven't had sex in about 3 years and I am so desperate to have and I masturbate every night.

#sex   #masturbate   #desperate  

Still not sure what the best course of action is. I am kind of lost and I do not know anything.

#lost   #lonely   #decision   #hard   #bad   #desperate  

I usually sleep on my right side but last light for some reason i could only get comfortable laying on my belly, so i ended up falling asleep that way. I woke up this morning to severe discomfort and quickly realized my penis had twisted up and was pushed into my body and it was fully erect aswell. I tried to pull it out but i felt as if it was locked in two direct ways. It's still like that and it won't go flacid.i'm so embarrases to go to the hospital because i don't egen know what to make of this. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before. I am really freaked out.

#penis   #injury   #weird   #bizarre   #confused   #embarassed   #humiliated   #medical   #distress   #depression   #despair   #desperate  

I love the drama. I wish for something bad to happen to me to get the attention I so desperately need.

#desperate   #drama   #confession   #wishing  

I hate my life at the moment. I do not want to pursue a career. I do not want to do anything. I only want people to love me. Why can't they feel the way I do? I appreciate the people in my life so much and I get little back....

#despair   #desperate   #anger   #hate   #lonely  

My son is 15 and almost at the end of puberty. It's not an easy time, but my wife and I have a good relationship to him. At first I refused to believe it, but my wife drew attention to some of his mannerism and stuff. She said she believed him to be gay. I really couldn't and still can't believe it. I always thought he would bring home a cute young girl some day. I think I wanted to relive my youth through him.My wife doesn't think much about it, she's happy as long as he's happy. But I just can't take it. I can't tell my friends and colleagues that my boy likes boys. I always thought I am very liberal towards such stuff; I know many lesbians and gay men, but my own child?!I wish I could handle this situation better, but I can't.

#gay   #son   #desperate   #homosexual   #whatdo   #confession   #child   #unhappy   #disbelief  

Ok so I'm 14 and sadly have no boyfriend. I know it may be bad, but I am craving for sex so bad. I just want to feel a guy's tongue down my throat, his pulsing dick inside of me and his moans in my ear. I need it so bad but I don't know what to do.

#teen   #desperate  

My partner of many years has been watching porn.
I have seen it in his browser history many times and when I told him how hurt I was about it he didn't really discuss it and now I have noticed he has been deleting it from his history be cause the same thing keeps popping up that he hasn't search for ages so he is deleting it from his history.
I still feel so hurt and cheated it makes me feel so lonely he dosnt even make the effort with me 😢
if tried to spice things up told him to come to me when he needs a fix If tried everything I can think off and now I'm lost I don't know what to do please help?!

#partner   #porn   #sex   #relationship   #advice   #desperate  

I am still very devoted to my ex boyfriend.... We don't see each other anymore but I don't want to lose contact to him.... The last time I saw him was in March and he doesn't answer me in Facebook... If he only knew how I feel about him... He took a part of my heart with him....

#boyfriend   #ex   #love   #contact   #facebook   #heart   #desperate  

This year I turn 20 ..I feel like useless.. Before this I m so stupid n lazy to study but since 17 I decided to change. I want better life.. People keep treat me like asshole just because I m not like my brother.. He so clever as fuck but me.. I desperate want to change, want have better life and got many money. Sometimes when I watch youtube, I see a lot of people show off how rich their are.. I m so fucking jealous... This year I wish I can continue my study diploma but since my family got money problem, I have to forget my diploma... I have certificate in computer system.. I really want to create something that can make money... I want to have my own shop or my own brand... I really like to create earphone or headphone... If I can't get all of that, at least I can work at good company, at least IT company.. I know it's hard for me since many people out there clever than me but I can gibe the best I can. I swear....! I want work at Google company.... I wish I can!

I’m embarrassed and I guess I’ll admit it here. So I’m 19. Horny all the time. I’m that guy who messages the fat girl at 2am trying to get nudes, I’ll admit that. I’m not even a bad looking guy, but hot girls don’t want to fuck all the time like me. So I find myself hooking up with the lesser attractive. Anyways I messaged this girl on Instagram. She’s a little older, half black, attitude, thick thighs, just super sexy to me at midnight especially. I message her and she was up so I expected to just get nudes. But she wasn’t having it. I begged to meet up for sex, but she would lead me on flirt back, then laugh saying she’d never let me fuck. I stayed persistent. Finally at 3 am she said I could meet up but only to give her head. I drive 45 minutes at 3 am to lick this girls pussy in my car. I ate her out for a good 30 minutes before she came. I said can I fuck now and she just laughed. Then she said I’d have to pay her to fuck. Then she got out of my car and walked into her house. I drove home with the most blue balls ever. And I even told her through text I would pay for it. I feel so bitch. But if you saw her ass and thighs you’d know why I want to smash so bad. I’ll pay for it and get back to you. Hope it’s worth it.

#sex   #desperate   #fool   #head   #simp  

I know my girl is being very dishonest with me because nothing adds up and there is so many far feched excuse but I don't know exactly what she is covering. I don't want lies to make our relationship Fall apart from the extended time of lies I don't know if I can forgive her. how do I get the truth out? I have tried having the most serious and adult understanding conversation with her because we both said we really want to grow old together we have 4 kids together but I have this trust issue only because I really love her and want to be sure we are not wasting time by living lies. I have some proof of her guilt but no confession so it's complicated. What should I do?

#desperate   #girlfriend   #guilt   #jealous   #relationship  

I'm 25 and engaged to get married next year there's just one major problem, the sex is terrible and I mean terrible! We've been together 2 years, but he's never made me orgasm by fucking me. Its driving me absolutely crazy. It wouldn't be so bad but when we do have sex I'm lucky if it lasts 2 whole minutes, I don't even really see what the point in doing it is. I've always had a really good sex life with past partners so I'm really finding it difficult, to the point I had a 1 night stand with a bloke my partner knows really well a few weeks ago. I don't even feel guilty, I know I'm going to end up doing it again. It sounds bad but I'm not interested in someone trying to gently make love to me, whether they want me marry them or not. I wanna be fucked, hard. I've got to the point now that last night, when I was walking home on my own at 3.A.M, steaming drunk after being in a club I got into a Car with 2 men I've never met offering to give me a lift home. They dropped me off but as I got out the car I wanted to scream at them, ' Are you both stupid? You've got a girl in your car who can barely stand. FUCK ME.' The reason I had got in the car with them is because I was actually hoping they were going to rape me. I wish they had of, I should of started masturbating on the back seat and asked if they wanted to suck my tits. Better luck next time.

#slut   #desperate   #rape   #cheating  

I'm chronically ill and the nausea from it is unbearable. It's so much worse than anything else. I can't concentrate on anything with it, I can't do anything properly, and no one understands it. I would rather be dead than feel this way for the rest of my life

#pain   #despair   #desperate   #confession   #ill  

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