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Gay Confessions

Read the best #gay confession stories

I'm a married man. Love my wife. Also have a guy who is bisexual just like me. He loves me and i love him too. We have crazy sex when ever we meet. He considers me top but I'm more of bottom slave. I like to be roughed up. He makes me feel good. Lovely person.

#gay   #married   #bottom   #slave   #crossdress  

A few years ago I was living in a trailer park. Straight out of high school and desperate to be on my own. There was an older man a couple of trailers down. Seemed to be a cheerful, friendly guy. He offered me a beer a couple of times when I was still underage.

One night he asked me over to help him with a small do it yourself project in his trailer. We finished that up in a few minutes and he gave me a beer. We sat on his couch and talked. Soon he had his hands on me and kept asking if he was being too forward.

As I was still a virgin, I figured a gay cherry popping was better than none at all. He gave me my best (and first) blowjob followed almost immediately by a second blowjob. I figured it was my turn so I gave him my best amateur blowjob which he seemed to enjoy despite my fumbling.

We kept getting it on a couple times a month. He had a girlfriend as well and explained sex with men didn't exclude girls. Later that year I got a girlfriend and my gay adventures tapered off. But I was always thankful he gave me a push into sex.

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I’m 27 years old gay guy …
Never been in relationship …
I consider myself a bottom …
But only had sex 3 times …

#gay   #out   #man   #sex   #anal  

As a kid we used to travel alot for our sport. My dad and my brother. Sometimes my step mother would join us too. We usually stayed in cheap motels and there were always shady people around. I was maybe 12 or 13. I used to sneak out of our room and wander the motel corridors. Hoping that some man would convince me to come in his room to suck him off. No one ever did. But I fantasized about it alot. I wish I were more brave back then. I would have sucked off so many guys if they had just gave me a small hint that it was welcomed.

#young   #gay   #curious  

I want my roommate to catch me jerking off while wearing panties. Then use it to blackmail me into letting him rail my ass. Omg too thirty and shy ugh.

#gay   #sex   #horny   #panties   #cutefemboy  

When I was in around 2nd grade, my friend, who always spent every day at my house, and I started learning about what "gay" was. Obviously at first we thought it was funny, but as time went on, we started making more and more jokes acting like we wanted to be gay until it finally came out that we were serious. We started sucking each other off. All the time. Essentially any moment we found ourselves alone, we'd do it.

We stopped for some reason, totally unspoken. Out of nowhere, when we were about 14, we brought up the fact that we used to do that stuff, and decided that we wanted to try again. Now that we were older, it worked more. I turned out to be more of a bottom type and I loved having my friend fill my mouth with his cum and fuck me in the ass. We fuck essentially every time we hang out. He completely tears into me and I love it. I'm 26 now. This has been going on for damn near 20 years and absolutely no one knows that we have gay sex. Everyone assumes we're totally straight.

#gay   #homosexual   #friend   #sex  

After being used by all the female relationships in my life I started having gay relationships with anyone to feel better about myself. I now have found one true love. I keep being told this is wrong but I don't understand why loving someone is so bad even if it same sex

#gay   #relationship  

I'm really really gay
And I need to come out to my friends


I'm a straight guy, 21, never thought about other guys during my life. Recently I moved to the country side with my family and began feeling quite lost because I didn't have my old friends anymore, so I made friends with a next door neighbour, he's 19 and lives with his family as well. I saw him a few times from my window playing with his dog in the garden but only met him a week or so later when going on a walk through the country lanes.

I introduced myself and we got chatting and hit it off right away, we found we had a lot of things in common like favourite shows and video games, so we began hanging out most evenings, playing some video games or pool in his dad's game room. It helped me a lot to feel at ease in my new area as there wasn't much around to do in the evenings. We developed a good friendship.

After a few weeks, one night when playing some Ark, he opened up to me and revealed he was gay. I already had my suspicions because he was quite feminine and spoke softly. He asked if it was an issue for me but I said it's totally fine. We talked a bit that evening because he explained he never told anyone face to face before, and felt good to talk aloud about his sexuality.

Some months passed, we were close friends by now, enjoyed hanging out with each other and we opened up about struggles we have, things like mental health and insecurities. One night after a few drinks, he told me how he wished I was into guys as I'm a great match for him. It was a little awkward but I said he'll find someone someday. After that he became distant from me, didn't wanna hang out much anymore and I felt like he was avoiding me.

So I guess around 9 or so days later I went over to see him when I noticed he was in the garden and asked why he's been avoiding me, he said he had felt embarrassed about saying what he said to me and confessed he has a crush on me and feels down that I can't ever be his. I told him I'll always be his best friend and said I miss hanging out with him, that what he said is fine so we put it behind us and went back to how we were

But from then on, knowing he had a crush on me began playing on my mind and I couldn't help but start looking at him differently, he's a feminine guy and he does have a cute face. I don't ever see myself being in a relationship with a guy but I began thinking about him sexually when jerking off. Mainly imaging him blowing me, it turned me on in a way most other things didn't. I wanted to suggest something to him for a while but kept bottling it.

Until one night on the weekend, we had been having a few things again and were pretty drunk. I asked him when he realised he was gay, he told me he always knew because of how he admired guys at school. He told me a story of how one of his friends showed him his abs one day and it got him fired up that when he got home he skipped dinner to jerk off. I took my opportunity and lifted my shirt up to show him most of my torso and said "like this?" He got really flustered and looked away saying "oh my god" with a laugh. I found his reaction really alluring.

So I asked what else he likes, he was speechless, he didn't know what to say and couldn't stop laughing nervously. But I encouraged him by saying "you can tell me, I'm curious". He said "you know what else" but I teased more by saying "no I don't, I'm not gay remember". He was so shy I thought he was gonna burst, I was sure he wasn't brave enough to answer so I just moved down my bottoms a bit so he could see my underwear, I was semi-hard so there was quite a bulge.

The look on his face is still something that turns me on every time I think about it. He was frozen, mouth partly open and still so flustered. But the look in his eyes was lustful, I'd never seen his eyes that way before. "You can watch me if you want" I said before taking out my dick and began running my hand along it. He was watching me, still looking frozen and shy, most likely because he was a virgin and never as much as kissed someone before, but I could tell that he also loved it.

Soon enough he was fidgeting, readjusting himself, I said "you can touch yourself if you need to". He really didn't seem shy anymore with how he laid back and began jerking his cock too. He even look feminine doing that and he made little whimpering noises. I don't know if it was because he was so turned on or to turn me on more, but it was very sexy. Hearing a guy moan in such a submissive and soft way almost made me cum right away.

But I held it and when I couldn't hold it anymore, I came over his bedsheets and he came over his chest. I left pretty much right away because we were now both embarrassed at what happened, but I often wonder what he did with my cum once I left.

We jerked off together often from then and it eventually lead into him blowing me pretty much every day. And since then I've always wanted to make more gay friends, as I've found they make very good friends indeed

#gay   #straight   #lust   #curious  

My wife and I just returned home from a much needed 10 day vacation on the beach in Mexico. Having been traveling most of the day, we were tired when we arrived at our hotel and decided to head to the beach for a massage. Within in minutes we were both laying on tables overlooking the beach and listening to the waves. We were only about six feet apart with cool towels covering our faces. Every now and then I could hear my wife moan, which I assumed was from the massage. Meanwhile, my massage was okay, but nothing to moan about.

When we got to our room, I caught my wife pleasuring herself in the shower, which has never happened before. In fact, she’s pretty much given upon sex. I called her out on it and she mentioned that her massage included a happy ending and she had not cum so hard in years. Of course, the closest I got was having my butt cheeks massaged. I felt ripped off and all she said was “maybe next time.”

Two days later my wife scheduled a three hour spa treatment for me at our resort. I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived I was taken to an open area in the mens section and asked to to remove my clothes. As they walked me to the massage area, I noticed that others had robes and I was the only one fully nude, which seemed odd. I also noticed some smiles/laughs that must have been due the very small penis I was not so proudly revealing.

Once in the massage area, a young man entered the room and had me lie face down on the table. Typically they cover you in towels for privacy, but not this time. The massage started in the usual fashion with checking out different areas and finding areas that need attention. About thirty minutes into it, he spent a lot of time on my buttocks and at one point placed a warm gel in the area. He kept kept getting closer and closer to my asshole, but I thought it was part of the massage….until I felt a warm gel in my ass, which was followed by a finger and then another and another. I was frozen in fear, but it felt amazing. Next I was given a colonic, which again was odd, but could be part of a spa treatment, so I went along with it.

When that was done, I was taken into big open area with a large jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, which was way to hot, so I moved to the steam room. Again, others had towels, but I was completely naked. The other two guys were chatting and I sat across the way from them. One of the guys got up and dropped his towel and came over and introduced himself. It was impossible not to stare at his huge cock…and he noticed I was starring and was now aroused. I should note at this point that I have a tiny penis. It is underwhelming in all way. Both men began laughing and humiliating me. He asked me to stand side by side and compare. He was 8 inches and thick compared to my three inches and tiny cock.

He then took my hand and placed it on his cock, to which I verbally protested, but, as he mentioned, I was now stroking and squeezing. It was so heavy and powerful that I could not help myself. The two of them then led me to a private room. The masseuse joined again and had me lay facedown on the table and then proceeded to fill my ass with warm lube. At the same time, one of them placed their cock on my lips and without even thinking I opened my mouth and began to suck him. Meanwhile, I felt something in ass, which turned out to be a dildo and was stretching my ass. It hurt at first, but soon I felt pleasure. Then it happened.

With one cock still in my mouth, the other guy mounted me and began fucking my ass…hard. I was paralyzed with how great it felt to be spit roasted by two strangers. They traded spots and we continued for at least an hour when they finally left me alone in the room. I laid there for another 30 minutes composing my self. What would I tell my wife? Why did I like it so much? Why could I only think about cock?

I headed for the showers still wondering what I was going to tell my wife, but also excited to do it again.

#massage   #gay   #bottom   #thoatfuck   #vacation  

I’ve been cheating on my gf with guys

#gay   #cheating  

I'm 14 and me and my friend would go over to each others houses and do gay stuff like go to the hot tub and give each other hand jobs and we would suck each other when we got back and spit the cum in his fridge milk jug

#underage   #gay   #teen   #confession  

we were 12-13 and at a sleep over, he and I at another guys house. We had a few beers and we're watching tv. We had been talking about sex all day and how we had felt up girls and fingered them. The host had dozed off in front of the tv and my friend started asking about feeling a girl up. He pit his hand on my thigh and asked if that was how you started, I was wearing briefs. I was under a blanket and he had his hand under there. He rubbed my thigh a little and in a whisper asked if he was doing right. I just said yes that's right. He didn't stop and he was now inches away from my crotch. I was getting hard and didn't know what to do, I just froze as he slid up and began feeling my dick and balls. He immediately remarked that I must like that and all I said was it feels good. Last I remember is him saying it will feel better if I go in your underwear. His hand went down and his touch was driving me crazy, he had gripped my cock and was stroking it. As I really started getting excited our host woke and rolled looking at us asking if we were still watching the show. I'll never forget how it felt answering him while my other friend had a hold of my dick. I said, you can turn it off. As I rolled away from my friend he let go. The next day he asked me up to his room and it all unfolded. I had been thinking all day how good it felt and how wrong it was, the good won out. We quickly had our pants and underwear down and he was playing with mine and I was looking at his. I finally gave in and reached over and played with his. We were up there for more than an hour, we had no idea that we were edging each other, it came natural. We would stop the other when we got to close to coming. He suggested we try and come at the same time. We laid on our sides then face to face and teased away on one another. We were rubbing them together and looking down watching was putting me very close. I told him and he just responded that he he was going to "shoot off" as we said back then. He started shooting on to me and immediately used his semen on me and I started coming. I never felt anything like that before, I had jerked off but this was different. I wanted to stop doing it with him but didn't. We must have done it 30 times that summer, we did it ever time we could be alone. At 15 I had a girlfriend I was fooling around with and I stopped with him until 17-18. We were alone for some reason and drinking, I think another friend was with us and someone drove by and he got in the car with them. We parked in a secluded spot and were drinking beer when his questions about sex with girls started. I knew where he was going and didn't really want to but was a little drunk and horny. His hand came over and went at my crotch and when I didn't stop him he went for my zipper and had my jeans down in a minute. I was so hoping he would suck me. After a while I felt guilty about no touching him so I reached over, he immediately dropped his pants and I could see his cock. It had gotten so much bigger, bigger than mine by two inches and really thick. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I was very impressed with it and told him so. We held them together and he was noticeably larger and his turned down a little, while mine turned up. I was a little shy of six inches and mine was really skinny back then. He was well into seven inches I would say and so fing thick. The urge to suck him became unbearable after a while, I couldn't believe I wanted to so badly. Once I went down on him I realized I was going to finish him as well. He was surprised and made me stop after about two minutes so he could suck me, which I enjoyed but all I could think about was getting back on him. We were both very turned on and I said something like let me finish you as I went back down. He gave me two warnings but I never slowed, I took all of him and probably kept sucking him for two minutes after he finished. I remember his shaking as sucked and tongued his sensitive head. As we switched positions he asked me what I did with it, I just said its gone. You swallowed it? Yes. As soon as he took, me in his mouth I was coming. I must have let go ten or more ropes and he couldn't take it all. It was all over us. He was so happy after we finished, he was holding on to me and kissing me, that's when I realized he was fully gay. We kept it up till we were 23 and he found a lover. I was never emotionally attached and never will be to a guy. But that was still some of the best sex I've ever had, only two encounters do I remember so well, that one and when my wife and I had a three way with another guy. It's like those moments are on video in my mind thirty plus years later.

I'm a 31 year old married man with 2 kids. I crossdress, and meet men to give them blowjobs often. I also go to the adult bookstore for orgies and random gay sex.

#gay   #crossdresser   #blowjobs  

I’m secretly gay. I really want to tell someone, at least once.

#gay   #closet   #stephen   #tiny   #dick  

As a married man, i considered myself hetro, until my cocaine addiction that was, suddenly i found myself crossdressing, so far to the point, that i started going out dressed as a woman.
One crazy night, during a binge, i found myeslf moving to the next level, finding the local trans bar,
I entered with a swagger, dressed as sexy as i could.
It wasnt long before i attracted some male attention, and after several drinks, we headed to his hotel.
He said he would pay me to fuck me.
And he did just that, so hard my ass ached, leaving me filled with his hot cum.

#gay   #cd  

Sometimes I fantasize about kidnapping making a new society by adopting lots of children and recreating society and filling it with positivity and acceptance

#gays   #lgbt   #acceptance   #creep  

My brothers friends, I've felt them all, their hard cocks while they sleep. Then I felt the greatest one and we did the whole 9 yards. It was my freshman summer and my brothers friend, J, was meaty but not fat, not muscular but not skinny. He was thick. He always acted gay and did gay things like put his under wet like a thong and slapped my ass. Until one night we finally got to sleep next to eachother...I pretended to be asleep but I woke up to a hand rubbing in my underwear and on my ass. Not even 30 seconds after I woke up he was spitting on his dick and shoving it in my right hole. I was asleep but I savored every second of that fat Latino cock in my ass. I was moaning but he had his hand over my mouth so my brother wouldn't hear me. I was taking that dick so good. He then layed down and shoved my head under the blankets, I sucked his cock and spit all over that dick. He push my head down and arched his back up while he shot a fat load in my mouth. I swallowed the whole thing. He turned around and act like it never happened and went back to sleep. We did this for a couple months until my brother and him started drifting. I miss him always making me laugh and flirting with me. And I miss his daddy dick the most.

#sleep   #gay   #sex   #porn   #latino  

I'm bi, and I have a roommate who says he has experimented with men. Idk if he knows I'm bi. I'm too scared to tell him. But he told me how he has hacked his previous gf computer. So if hes hacked me he probably knows. Tbh if he just ask me I'd be up to hooking up with him. Be I'm too shy to initiate it. I wanna Netflix and chill though.


I don't like gay people. Why are they always treating like fully humans? I don't get it.

#humans   #gay   #treat   #hate   #confess  

Pray and roll the dice for #gay

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