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Gay Confessions

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I'm a 16 year old straight female, and nothing gets me hornier than reading or watching gay porn.

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I used to try to stop suicides. I would anonymously try to talk them out of it. I was often successful it seemed. Many would thank me. I was amazed how many gay Christian children there are. They want to kill themselves because preachers falsely teach God won’t forgive them. Being very knowledgeable of the Bible to point I used to spread the Word, I’d explain if every sinner went to heck only Jesus would be in Heaven with God.
I’d rightly teach them God makes all of us the way we are. Some babies are born with both sex organs. You either leave them that way; or a parent “picks one”. What if they pick wrong? This proves it.
Well a baby can be born with a male brain that’s in a female body too. Bi is very common in many other mammals.
I know this man who mocks gays. He himself is a really nice guy & very tolerant in most cases. He moved to a rural area and slowly started absorbing the whole conservative anti gay, anti minority, mindset.
I explained science, which he agreed with. I explained there are a lot of gay Christian children who try to commit suicide to avoid disappointing their parents. I did agree some young people think they may be gay, but could end up being bi or gay. He used that as an argument against when I used to try to save lives.
I’d explained how I’d try to convince these kids that they may be bi, sex, or straight. They need to be patient & let their minds & bodies figure that out. At some point in their 20’s it would be clear to them. Until then they needed to realize God made them that way. To love themselves. To realize if anyone; even a parent; couldn’t accept that; then that was on the close minded person.
I went into greater detail. All he got our if it is people like me shouldn’t fight for gay rights or try to talk to talk to these kids. I should let them sort it out themselves. He said people like me push straight children into being gay.
So talking a child out of suicide because their preacher destroyed their faith with lies about Jesus & God is wrong? Because I might push a confused straight child into being gay he said. It’s not a choice. They are what they are. Let them decide. God will live them either way, because God made them that way, & each of them is perfect.

I’ll never give into hate. I’ll always do my very flawed best to save others.
One thing that annoys me. When people start treating me like I’m gay because i defend gay people & fight for their rights. You know I used to fight to protect dolphins from fishing nets, did that make me a dolphin? Love is love.

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I went with my boyfriend to a friend's bday party, now my bf is not a hugger at al. His friends they are major huggers, so it's not odd for me to receive a shit load of hugs from them.

Today at the party I met one of his friends I havent met yet, let's name him N.
Now N is handsome as hell, and just like the others was a major hugger. So I bassicly had two people hugging me the entire day.

Now the thing is N bassicly cuddled me a lot a'd I got quite horny. Now I'm really wanna fuck him. So fucking bad

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I am a 39 yr old gay guy. I did however get married at 23. I was trying to be something I wasn't and wanted to be "normal". When I went to talk to my soon to be father in law to ask him if I could marry his daughter, his answer was surprising. My father in law was a former marine, decorated war hero, he was about 56 at the time and he was kinda hot. He was 5'8, about 175 pounds, very toned and athletic. He told me after speaking with him that he needed some time to think about it. So he asked me to stay a while and talk some more. We talked about my job, school, the service, the war, etc. After about 4 hours of chatting he retreated to his room to take a shower, so I figured our chat was over and prepared to leave but he invited me to stay for dinner as it was just him there at the house for the next few days. I waited for him to come back and sat there on the couch. He came back in about 20 minutes in his robe. He evidently did not decide to wear anything under it and sat down on his recliner opposite me. His robe opened a bit and I could see his member. It was a nice size not too big but looked thick. I guess he noticed me looking and adjusted himself and his robe. We continued talking and he got up to go get dressed. I sat there thinking about his dick and got hard, really hard. I tried to calm down before he got back. He came back about 5 minutes later dressed in a t shirt and flannel pants. His outfit really accentuated his body, hugging all the right areas. We went outside and continued talking. We ate and chatted and finished up. We sat on the porch in silence just watching the fire pit and he said he made a decision. He said "after speaking with you and knowing you for the past 2 years, I think it would be ok if you married my daughter. I just have one request. You've seen my equipment, I need to see what my daughter will be working with. I think that's fair". I said " what do you mean?". He stood up and said" I want to see you naked, how big is your dick? I've done this with all of my daughters boyfriends and now you." I was in shock. I didn't know what to say. "Don't be shy." he said. He took off his shirt and said "here, I'll get naked too so it won't be awkward." Then he took off his pants and was hard. He was about 7 inches, nice and thick with full heavy balls. I got hard almost immediately. I stood up and took off my shirt, and pants and stood there naked. I am 6'1, was 200 pounds and I have an 8.5 inch dick, thick with big balls too. Now I'm about 225. He said "yea, that's a good boy, nice". He walked over and rubbed my chest and my back and looked into my eyes and grabbed my cock. He said, "you seem very willing to please." I said " I am sir." He said " we'll see". He led me back into the house and up to his study. He said " we're gonna fuck, and I'm gonna see what my daughter has to look forward to." He said "no one will know, I've done this before. I use my study so my wife doesn't know but this couch has had a lot of young men fucked on it." He got down on the floor in front of me and took my raging cock in his mouth. It felt so good. I moaned and he laughed. Damn he was hot! He sucked my cock for about 10 minutes. He looked up and said "I'm impressed you haven't cum yet." I said " it takes me a while to cum and I've never cum from a blow job." He said "well, my daughter is a lucky gal, let's see how long you can fuck." He lubed my cock and his ass and slid down on my dick facing me. "Fuck, you're bigger than any of her other boyfriends and it's been a while so I'm kinda tight." And he was, it felt amazing. He rode me like a horse for about 10 minutes before I stood up and flipped him over onto his back. "This is how your daughter likes it," I said. I plowed his tight ass and he moaned like a bitch. "Yes, fuck me boy, fuck me!" I fucked him for a long time. We were both covered in sweat, he had cum twice already. I stood over him with his legs against his chest pounding away and let flow the biggest nut I have ever had. It was amazing. He said "I'm gonna cum again!" I put my mouth over his dick and took his load deep in the back of my throat. He said "that's never happened before, you are amazing son. Welcome to the family." I married his daughter and he and I got together a few times a year to fuck. Even after the divorce 2 years ago....

#gay   #sex   #taboo   #cheating  

I'm gay, I'm 14 and gay, I live in Missouri and I just want to get fucked, and fuck guys, I want to give bj's and I want guys to give bj's to me, and I just want to find true love and have a husband with me by my side.

#gay   #sex   #husband   #marriage  

My roommate knocked on my door and apparently it wasn't latched and opened. He saw me wearing my girlfriend panties with my dildo 6 inches inside my ass. I was embarrassed and stated coving myself. He immediately got excited and told me I looked fucking sexy. I asked him not to say anything to anyone. He laughed and told me of I let him fuck me he would keep the secret. I didn't want people to know my secret so I let him. A week later he tried black mailing me again. But I told him if he tells I tell them we had sex and that shut him up. I did like the sex but didn't like getting black mailed. I'm thinking of texting him and telling him to make some bomb dinner and treat me like a princess and he can go again.

#blackmail   #anal   #creampie  

I'm 14 and me and my friend would go over to each others houses and do gay stuff like go to the hot tub and give each other hand jobs and we would suck each other when we got back and spit the cum in his fridge milk jug

#underage   #gay   #teen   #confession  

I am embarrased of myself, I am addicted to the gym because I’m too short that i look like my girls little brother, I have Tourette, and I shake like a chicken so just because people bully me in the past, I insult humiliate and use, women that are weak than me, I don’t choose equal opponents because I am a really chicken.

I’m scared , I’ve been gay since I was 14 and I have yet to reveal it to anyone other than 2 of my closest friends . I’m scared of how others outside will perceive me since i live in an area with heavy discrimination on the matter. I’m turning 19 this year and I have yet to reveal it to my loved ones. I’m scared of the Outcome.

#fear   #gay   #comingout   #family   #confession   #secret  

Being gay is my obsession and I am obsessed with older gay men. I love being gay and giving my ass out foren to fuck and love. I can't wait to meet local gay couple's and have gay orgies too. Time to go make love with my hot sexy gay sugar daddy.

During one year in my freshman year of high school, I attended a party and about 10 people showed up. Most of the guests were guys. For about 2 hours, we were doing whatever typical teens would be doing then, and we played Super Smash Bros. Melee. We started a tournament, and as people got eliminated, they started to head into the basement.

It was down to me and Nathan. He chose Ganondorf, and I chose Jigglypuff and beat his ass to oblivion. I turn to him, laugh in his face and say, "In your face! Suck it!" and he started to blush. He identified as a straight male, and he knew I was gay. Never would I have thought he would take my sarcasm literally.

He began to unzip my pants and grab my dick. His hand was so warm, and it started to grow rapidly in his hand. I started to unzip his pants and grab his dick. Soon, we started jacking each other off. Then, there was a sudden urge to put his bulging dick inside my mouth, and I did just that. Nathan pulled his hand away from my dick and just enjoyed the sensations. He was a good 5 - 6 inches.

Something I hadn't thought about is how close my face is to the man's pubes. Nathan's pubes tickled my nostrils and I got the strong smell of whatever funky smell it is every guy has down there. That only aroused me more. He could tell I didn't quite know what I was doing, but that didn't matter. I got used to it pretty quickly and started playing with his balls.

Eventually, I was able to make him cum without warning. He hadn't told me when he was going to and that made it all the more surprising. I had wondered what cum has tasted like, and his tasted disgusting, but I swallowed it anyways. Despite how bad Nathan's tasted I was willing to do it again.

But then, just before I was going to back to the basement, he grabs my dick and forces it into his mouth. I wouldn't think he'd do that considering how often he'd talk about girls. I grew to my full 7 inches. I placed my hand on Nathan's head and went with the flow of his head bobbing up an down my dick.

We were both awkward for our both times sucking, but it was worth it. I feel like he got the hang of it quicker than I did. I soon started to face fuck him and I started to uncontrollably spasm before jizzing inside his mouth. He continued to lick my cum from off my dick and that sent my nerves through the roof.

We continued to suck each other off to this day, and I have taken his 8 inch dick (it grew a lot). The sensations from being filled with hot, pulsing cockmeat, and being filled with cum makes me jizz every time. I'm leaking now writing about this.

#gay   #sex   #mouth   #confession  

I went out and sat on the park bench to think. It was early in the morning and this jogger ran by and I watched him. I got up and decided to get a cup of coffee so I went to this small breakfast place and ordered breakfast. I went home and felt bad for eating so much, got into the shower and spent some time washing my penis. It felt good. I thought about the jogger. I dried off and decided to masturbate. I got the lube out, my butt plug, inserted it in. Got the camera out, set it up, got the mirror set up and jerked off. It felt good. I looked out the window and saw these kids at the bus stop. I wondered if any of them were masturbating yet. I'd be glad to teach them.

I got dressed, as much as needed, set up for work. The day went by slowly, issues came up and I handled them. At noon I had some soup, no sense in eating too much. After work I decided to go out and see if I could be picked up. I went to the usual place where men come looking for men like me. I got in the car with a man and he said he wanted it hard, ok with me. We went to this motel where he had a room rented. He was rough, men like him are always rough. He dropped me off back where he picked me up, I walked home and masturbated again and now I need to get some sleep.

#bored   #gay   #alone  

I am a Christian I go to church but on the side I am gay and I'm afraid to tell my pastor

#gay   #lie   #afraid   #confession   #religious  

I'm a 38yr old married guy, my wife and I have an OK sex life. I spend most of my time thinking about sucking cock. I love to see a man's cock erupt with a nice load of cum. I even had a friend let me suck his cock many times and always have him cum all over me.

#straight   #cum   #cock   #gay  

I'm gay and I haven't come out to my family yet and one day they've saw my wallpaper (two guys hugging) and said "If you don't delete that I will hide your phone" while my cousin said "Gay people are disgusting" I have to lie to get out of the conversation.

#gay   #fear   #family   #heartless   #lie  

I'm 21 years old now. I live in India.

When I was 11 years old, my neighbor (a gay - 19 years old then) made me suck his cock & he sucked mine. I started avoiding him from that day. I saw him again after 3 days. I gave him an angry stare. He left me alone after that owing to the fact that my dad is a powerful guy & if he knew the abusers life will be over.

I read in many articles that people abused as kids will hate sex/gays etc. But I don't hate them, I support LGBT & I am straight. The incident never affected me. (Except I learnt karate & silambam - a South Indian martial arts using sticks. I learnt them when I was 13 like crazy until I was sure I could take on atleast 6 guys alone, so I could destroy him when time comes. But I gave up the idea as years passed.)

He is married now (an arranged marriage - poor woman).

I am a engineer by profession & a researcher in my free time. My inner conscience forgave him. I hope he never cross my life again. If he does, that will be the biggest mistake of his life.

#abuse   #gay   #recovery  

I am a 17 year old gay man and I think I'm just a slut. I literally don't mind to have sex with any guy. I just imagine (and dream) of hot scenes and then wonder how will my future be... And the worst is that 2 friends of mine are always teasing me by putting their hands on my legs and slowly getting closer to my dick. That always makes me almost cum. And I also think I have a crush on one of my colleagues (straight) but he's just so fucking hot and cute!

#gay   #confused  

As a young boy of 12, I did house work and some yard work for two men in our neighborhood. Sometimes they would get undressed or dressed in front of me, and left porn magazines around the house opened to pages so I could see pussy, cocks, fucking, lesbian etc. It started by them letting me look at the porn and jack off, while they massaged their cocks too. Then every once in a while there was a mag with men sucking and fucking other men, men with young guys, men with boys my age. The talk got quite open and being treated like an adult and offered a beer now and then made me feel very at home. Then in a jack off session, one of the guys wiped up my cum with his finger and put it in his mouth to swallow it. He used the rest of my cum to put on his partners butt hole. Later he used his partners cum to put in my ass. A couple days after he told me to let him know when I was about to shoot and then he put his mouth over my cockhead and took it in his mouth. I did the same to him and his lover. After that they had me suck them each, and one day while sucking the more fem guy I found a finger fucking my virgin butt. It hurt, but I took it. Two days later I had made arrangements with my parents when they went out of town to stay with the guys since they said they had a lot of work for me. That night, they got me drunk and the older one fucked me on the living room floor. It hurt, it was very painful I was crying and after he was done the other one did the same to me. They took turns sucking me off, but I was hurting so much it took a while for me to cum. That evening I got fucked one more time from each of them on the couch while they were watching boy/man porn. That night I was in bed with them both. The older one fucked the fem one while I sucked his cock. I got fucked two more times that night and once in the morning. Through the weekend I got fucked 13 times and sucked cock till explosion 3 times. It didn't hurt anymore but I was really embarrassed. They continued to fuck me for about 5 years. During that time when I was 14 and had a big enough cock, they brought in an old lady they knew who let me fuck her so I could get some pussy. I got to fuck the fem guy several times if I wanted, but the older one I only fucked about once or twice a year. The old lady I fucked till I turned 19.

#gay   #virgin   #mmm   #mf   #oral   #anal   #nc  

Ok so I'm just 17 (male), i own a 7 inch dildo that is quite wide, I got it from one if my doms, and I kept it after our thing ended. I go on omegle all the time and love to send out pics of me using it, via kik and snapchat, the only thing is I tend to block the people after just one or two pics in the off chance I know them. Plus I'm just really paranoid that a friend of mine will find out I'm gay (still in the closet for to people).

#gay   #anal   #nudes  

I've always been curious but never acted on it. I'm a married male, mid thirties, with a good sex life with my wife. She allows me to cum in all three holes. A couple of weeks ago, and I have no idea why or how; I let a man use my bottom for sex. It was my first time having a guy inside me. He is a huge cummer, and dumped a big load inside of me. That first time I sucked him hard, and he did it to me on the bed with me on my back. Then he went one more time with me kneeling on the living room floor, my chest on the couch. He played with my nipples like there were a womans tits and it felt good. The first time he fucked me it really hurt, but this time was very good. In the last two weeks I'd met with him 6 times, each time I get it twice from him. One time only once, but I gave him a BJ first. He has had me get my wife to shave me from crotch down to my feet, and has started having me wear a teddy. I've very embarrassed but I can't stop getting his cock. I really feel empty without a cock inside me. I think he wants to have a party where I am the centerpiece. I am thinking of letting him as long as they are protected. My wife has always played with my butt and has asked me why I'm so loose back there now. I don't know what to say.

#married   #gay  

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