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I am a first and second phase psychopath, both my girlfriend and parents know. But I think they secretly fear me, and the best part it feels good to know people fear me. sometimes, I am one just to get a fear reaction out of them. I am not really asking for forgiveness, I am just bored. However, my church, do not know, but sometime would bring up the topic of psychopathy during discussion to see how much they are fearful of my kind. It make me smile every time XD.

#psychopath   #girlfriend   #parents  

On a fairly regular basis I stand on my back porch next to my sons girlfriend while we both smoke a cigarette. Almost every time I am wearing pajama bottoms and have my cock hanging out for her to see. I'm pretty certain she has seen it but hasn't said anything.
I also chatted with her online (pretending to be someone else) and traded pics. I sent her pics of my cock and she liked it.
Recently I took a pair of her panties when she wasn't here. I plan to send her a pic of my bulging hard on in her panties. Then after I chm in them I will wait for a chance to slip them back in with her clean clothes.

#taboo   #flashing  

At 18 I got married as a virgin to my high shcool sweetheart. Five years later and he is still the only one I want to be with. But now I have started masturbating to the tune of a younger coworker. She compliments me and says sweet and innocent little things. I find myself getting aroused. A few times I wanted to touch myself. I could not wait to get home. I am straight but I have started fantasizing of her. I am suddenly curious to another girl. Like now, I masturbate and dream of different scenerios. I want my husband to walk in on us naked. We are so busy that he isn't noticed. I am on my knees with my ass in the air tongueing her pussy, squeezing her round tight ass, rubbing her perky tits, and kissing her lips. Then out of nowhere my husband slides his big fat cock in me and pounds me to orgasm. Then he pounds her as I ride her face. My husband fucks good so she will not be disappointed. I want to watch and participate at the same time. I know how to please myself, so I am confident I will please her pussy good. I want her to feel what I am feeling.
My fantasies may not come true but you know what I will masturbating to. At least into the near future.
I cannot believie I just wrote my confession(s)!!! I am wrong.

#virgin   #straight   #threesome   #coworker   #ass   #pussy   #aroused   #girl   #husband   #wrong   #confession   #masturbation   #perky   #round   #firm   #sex  

When I was a senior during august when school began . I was shadowing this 8th grader named Olivia . I just turned 18 and she was 14 . Being the the horny high schooler I noticed that she had an innocent sexy face and a developed body. I tried to contain myself throughout the day until my final period where I didn't have an 8th period . So as I was taking her to the shawdowing room in the school , she gave me her number. She said she could tell how hard I was trying to not check her out. and I blushed hard ! A little 14 year old gave me her number ! And she was on to me!

We texted for a week before I laid it out if she wanted to go out that Friday and she said yeah. To make a long story short we ended up having sex and I was her first. She ended up always want me to chill with her since her parents were never alone . To say the least for 2 'months I had daily sex with a small young girl.

It was up until she started to introduce me to her friends to have threesomes when I said no. I ended up breaking whatever we had since I didn't want it to get outta of control

#sex   #confession  

I confess- my ex fuck-buddy turned me into his little slut and I both hate and love him for it. Before I met him, I never would have dreamed of doing what he made me do, and now I find myself craving to be treated like a little slut again.

It started about 5 or 6 years ago. We were, as I said, fuck buddies. At first he would ask me to send him pics, something I never thought I'd do, but there's something about him I just couldn't say no to. He'd get me to dress up in little outfits. I started out coyly, not giving away too much. After a while, I was sending him full on pussy shots, pics of me masturbating and doing what he told me. One day he shared his fantasy that he wanted to use me as his slave- his little fuck toy to do with as he pleased. I was unsure at first, but found myself beginning to fantasize about it, so I agreed. I met him at his apartment and brought everything he told me to- outfits, sex toys, etc. Looking back I had no idea what I'd gotten myself into. I dressed up for him and it wasn't long before he was throwing me around- it was rougher than I expected. He tied my hands behind my back and pulled my hair and made me get on my knees. He forced his huge cock down my throat and instructed me to deep throat him, then lick and play with his balls. He slapped his cock across my face, then I'd choke on him some more. Next, he forced me to my feet and made me ride his cock as he pulled my hair and slapped my face. He spit in my mouth and told me to tell him I was his little slut. I could barely speak, I think I was in shock at how rough it was. He then lay me on my side and fucked me from behind while choking me and calling me his little slut and good girl. Afterwards I went home as I couldn't stay at his place- and I was unbelievably turned on by what had just happened. At first, I wasn't sure how to feel, but I was dripping wet by the time I got home and needed to touch myself. It was awful- but I loved it! He awoke something inside me. It was shameful and I didn't want to like it, but I did. It went on for a few more years after that. He knew I couldn't say no to him, he truly owned me and made me his whore, as much as I tried to deny it, he did. Another night, he blinded folded me and bound my hands and feet. He then hovered over me with his cock in my face and repeatedly rubbed it and slapped it over my face. He'd then make me suck him, then slide forward and make me tongue his arsehole, then lick and suck his balls. It was so degrading, I had no power but it had me dripping wet! I still fantasise about how much I loved it- even now it has me wet, I want it again, even though I hate to admit it. Over the years he got me to do anal, DP (with him and a dildo) sex in public, covered my face in his cum, made me swallow, I even sucked off some of his friends once while they all talked about me like I wasn't there- it was so hot! I hated that I loved it but I loved that I hated it. I think I must like being degraded

It's been a year since we have done anything. He got engaged and had a child with his on again off again girlfriend. He wanted to still keep me as his toy on the side, but I had to say no once and for all, as that goes too far against morals. If he wasn't with her, I fear I would probably still be at his mercy, wanting to stop but not being able to. It's like an addiction. He has text me in the past while with her to say he misses what we had and that he knows I loved it- I denyed it and said I never liked it. But the truth is, I miss it and I just want to feel owned again. I once wrote his name on my body in lipstick and other degrading things and sent him pics. I liked it. I wish it didn't turn me on so much, but I can't help it. I love being a good little slut and being called a good girl. I love being used and controlled. I secretly hope I will meet a man that will turn me into his whore once again, who won't give up and isn't afraid to tell me how he wants me. No man I've met since has gotten to know just how slutty I can be. I've tried not to want it, but the longer I go without it, the more I realise it's not just a want, it's a need. Like I said, I love it and I hate it....but I need it

#submission   #slut   #whore   #control   #addiction   #naughty   #dominant  

Recently, I was partying really hard, a girl came over to me and said that she fell in love with me. I answered "If I had two more beer, I would fall in love with you, too!"
She slapped me and ran off.

#party   #girl   #love   #slap   #beer  

Started a fight with my girlfriend because I didn't want to spend the night with her. She planned it all. She wanted to cuddle, watch TV and relax. No sex, just boring couple stuff.
Now I can play GTA V with my bros tonight.

#secret   #lie  

I'd like to confess something BIG.
I share a flat with my best friend (both M/22). He is in a relationship with the horrendous and absolutely terrifying bitch walking the earth. No one of our friends understands why he is still with her. She treats him terribly, always making condescending remarks, she even slapped him once!
We all tried talking to him reasonably to see that he could do so much better, but to no vain. So, we kind of agreed that he would eventually get it himself.
Oh well... everything came a bit differently than we had thought.

I was out drinking with some friends in a pub (best mate not with us as he had to attend to her mayesty's call aka 'the bitch') and I got quite drunk and actually managed to hook up with this beautiful girl.
We were both intoxicated but somehow managed to end up back at my place. We had sex twice and once more in the morning and then she left, also leaving me her number (I am yet to call her). After my sex-induced haze (still in bed at this point) I noticed that I was actually not in MY bed. But in my flatmate's. I had to have been rather pissed for not noticing.
Oh well. I did not think much of it, simply went to my room and got some more sleep.

Sometime while I was sleeping my flatmate got home and half an hour later his devilspawn followed.
I woke up to shouting and screaming.
To make a long story short: I left my used condoms in my mate's room and his "girlfriend" found it and thought he was cheating on her in the half hour it took her to get to his place. She wouldn't listen to his reasoning that he could not have had sex with another girl in that short period of time. And especially not three times (we had sex three times remember).
She screamed some more, threw some pillows and stuff around, but finally left exclaiming that she was done with him and not to contact her ever again. Before she left she told (or rather shouted) that she never loved him and cheated on him quite often in the last year.

He was gobsmacked at first and couldn't fathom what just happened. After the initial shock he deduced that those must have been me condoms. I actually thought he would be mad. But he thanked me. Really, he THANKED ME.

Yeah mate, you dodged a bullet there.
You're welcome.

#ex   #girlfriend   #hookup   #condoms   #sex   #woops   #misunderstanding   #cheating   #flatmate  

The first time I got a blow job I was 13. We'd met some girls on the beach and after dark, we went back to their camp. They were staying with their parents in a camper. Me and my buddies were camping not too far away, which we did often. We were just screwing around, laughing and stuff. For some reason, I kept putting my hand up the back of this girls shirt and trying to undue the bra of her bikini top. I didn't know what I was doing. She'd sort of stop me and then I'd start again. Nothing too outlandish, but this was back before sex was very common among young people - especially that young.
Anyway, one time I flipped it between my thumb and index finger and it just popped open. She squealed and said "he just undid my bra". A few seconds later her mom opened the camper door. She looked kind of disheveled, with her shirt part way open and her face flushed. She said "whats going on out here", to which the girls said "nothing, we're just laughing and having fun". Mom looked at us suspiciously and said, "OK you can stay out here, but don't go anywhere" and she closed the door.
The girl I was with laughed about how she looked and commented that her bra was undone. They said something like "she must be giving Dad a nooner again". Her sister laughed and said "yeah, geeze, we watched her do it in the front seat on the way up here, you'd think he'd had enough". I asked what they were talking about. She explained that they'd seen her Mom give their Dad blowjobs in a bunch of places - that they thought they were being sneaky, but once the sisters figured out what was going on, they'd sneak up and watch them. She told me that on the way up, the sisters were in the camper and her mom and dad were in the pickup driving. They could see into the pickup through a little window.
They saw their Dad start to reach over and play with their mom's tits and she scooted over next to him (those were the days of bench seats in pickup trucks). He got her shirt open a little and she started rubbing his dick through his shorts. Then she looked around real quick and dropped her head down to his lap. They watched as she pulled his dick out of his shorts and started sucking on it. They said they couldn't hear anything through the thick window and the noisy camper. The girls could see into the front seat pretty, but they couldn't see them in the camper. After a while, her Dad came and mom got it all over her face and shirt and all over his pants. She tried to lick it up but it was a real mess. The girls laughed and talked about another couple of times they'd seen mom with her head between Dads legs.
Now these girls were probably a couple of years older than us. We'd heard about blowjobs, but weren't too sure that really happened. We only had a vague idea what sex was all about. Next thing I knew, the girl next to me started rubbing my dick. Back then, surfers (which we were, through and through) wore "baggies" which were short baggy surfer shorts. Before I knew it she had me hard. The shorts had a mesh lining in them, but mine had mostly ripped out from continual wear, so she could just reach her hand up one leg and there it was.
I looked at her, reached over and tried to kiss her. She gave me a little kiss with a little tongue, giggled, and slipped under the pic-nic table.
Before I knew it, she pulled my hard dick out the leg of my baggies and was sucking on it. Being a young kid with no experience, just her rubbing on it had me hard and about ready to explode. So, it didn't take long before I was ready to come. I tried to act casual, but everyone was looking at me, because they'd seen her go under the table. I don't remember doing it on purpose, but just before I came I reached my hand under the table, grabbed the back of her head by her hair, and held her there with my cock in her mouth.

I shuddered, moaned and shoved my dick deeper in her mouth. I came deep in her throat and it seemed like it went on forever . I expected her to jump back, but instead she clamped her mouth down on my cock and sucked every drop out while I pushed her face all the way against my groin. Then she was back up on the bench and wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, giving me an evil little grin.
It was weird, but a few seconds later we could hear her Dad make a loud moan and say "Fuck". I always wondered if they knew what had happened outside and it had somehow made them horny - but I'm pretty sure he Dad came about a minute after I did. A couple of minutes later, Mom opened the door and said, "allright girls, a couple more minutes and you have to come inside - it's getting late". Mom closed the door, the girls laughed and asked if we'd noticed that her mom wasn't wearing a bra anymore.

At the time I thought it was funny. We were 13 year old boys. Her mom was standing there in the light of the camper, in a white tank top, with big tits and her nipples poking through the shirt - Of Course we'd noticed! The girls got up and we said our goodbyes. She never even kissed me. Back at the camp, the other two guys couldn't wait to hear the story.

The next morning, after surfing, we walked up to their camp, but they were gone. We never saw them again, but I had discovered something I'd love for the rest of my life.

As a kid poured water over another girl. I got the water out of a small puddle. I did it because she told me seconds before that she hadn't showered or washed herself in 5 weeks.

#water   #girl   #kid   #puddle   #wash   #shower  

I still have love for my ex-girlfriend. Eleven years ago, we broke up because she was cheating on me and just generally became a horrible person. We eventually made our peace, but I still think about her and have not been able to move on in my romantic life; I haven't had a girlfriend since her. Many years and mental energy have been wasted due to her actions and my inability to move on.

#ex   #cheating  

As I was a young girl, we visited some relatives of ours. My grandparents and my uncle were also there. As a child, my uncle suffered under a meningitis and since then he's always a bit confused and because of all the surgeries, he looks a bit odd.
But back to the story. I was around 7 years old and my uncle tried to explain to me that he's my father's brother but I didn't believe him. After a while he asked me why I didn't believe him and I told him that he was too ugly to be related to us.
I deeply regret that! my parents and grandparents talked to me as a child and I apologizes several times but I just can't forget it.
I'd like to do penance and get released from my sins. I love my uncle and I don't want to hurt him.

#evil   #young   #girl   #uncle   #meningitis   #grandparents   #ugly   #insult  

I'm a guy in my 50s, I went down to local pub, on a Saturday night.
Sitting in s corner on my own, I've got up to get another drink, this young girl was at the bar drinking.
She just finished her drink, I thought no harm of buying her one. She thank me ,I asked what she like, vodka and coke.
When she stood up. She was about 5'7", nice little figure. Brown long hair and nice good size tits, .I thought she was about 21.
I went back to my seat, and in seconds she followed me, and sat down, we chatted upto near closing time.
She ask if I would not mind to walk her home, which I did like a gentleman.
She didn't tell me her name, but invited me in for a coffee. As her house was empty
Which I thought was nice.
She told me she just going for a pee, when she returned all she was wearing, a very short nightie, and No panties.
She came and sat next to me, and slowly running her hand up my thigh, she took my had and place it on her bald little pussy,
She then began to kiss me, and get naked, she sat on my lap, and ride my cock through my trousers, soon I got had I've got her on the floor, and fuck her hard.
Then left after about an hour.

Couple of days later, I could not believe me eyes,. She was in school uniform, and that I've fuck her, I went up to her, and ask what she playing the other night.
She told me she wanted to fuck me, and I asked her how old she was,
She said sorry, I'm 12. I went mad..
She told me it's our secret, and promised

Im currently in an 2 year relationship and im 20 years old. but I always had a crush on my best friends sister. but now im studying in the same town as the sister and my girlfriend is far away. I am constantly thinking of cheating. but also that makes me feel so bad. because I really enjoy being with both of them. Ive known my gf for almost 5 years now and im still in love with her. but im feeling a bit left out i wanted her te be more dependent on me. but i can still be myself and feel really good when im wih her. But when i went to party with the sister she is so nice and funny. I actually did all the things i wanted to with my gf to her. i gave her my coat, i carried her to our bikes, i drove her to her home, made sure she was in bed ok. but i feel really guilty of having these thoughts of cheating. what should i do?

#relationship   #cheating   #girlfriend  

I enjoy fighting females. Specifically females who talk like they are going to beat a man. I’m 6’2 175. Not huge but not small either. Whenever I argue with girls online or in public and they get in my face or talk like they will fight me I accept there challenge every time. I’ve fought 8 girls in my life and I know more to come. I’ve only lost once as embarrassing as that sounds. She was a big Samoan girl and she punched me in the right spot and put me down. She beat my ass bad but that didn’t stop me. Every other time it’s me either slamming the girl or just punching her till she is out. I don’t look for these fights. It’s just when I say something I have an opinion on and they try to tell me I’m wrong and we argue. Then they either get physical or threaten to and I meet them somewhere to fight. It’s thrilling knowing I’m either going to knock a bitch out or she is going to fuck me up. Gets my blood pumping.

#fight   #girls   #win   #loss   #fun  

My best friend and his gf who im also close with, live together in a tiny apartment. She works 1st shift and him 2nd. I often would go hangout with his girlfriend for a few hours until he got home.. I knew she was attracted to me because she would wear very revealing skimpy clothing when we'd be alone and she would subtlety flirt too..
I had wanted to fuck her for so long but resisted for years.. until one night I came over and she was on the couch in a very low cut top with her tits busting g out and very short shorts. I sat next to her, making small talk for a few minutes before she asked if I was hungry.. she got up and opened the fridge, her back to me about 10 feet away..And bent over with her legs straight, her shorts now revealing a few inches of her ass, pretending to be looking for something in the fridge..She turned and looked at me, still bent over, seductively smiling. She caught me staring and said to me "do you like it?"
Playing dumb I said "like what?"
Now she was walking slowly towards me as she said "my ass, silly. I know you were looking. It's okay, I wanted you too."
My cock was throbbing in my jeans, clearly bulging through them as I replied "Ash, I don't want to this to John, he's my friend." She was standing in front of me now, close enough to touch her.. she said "do what to him? We're only talking..Not that he would care. He hasn't fucked me in weeks."
After that she slipped off her shorts, now lying at her ankles.. "oops" she said.."I can see you want me, I've wanted you too for so long. It's only sex, I have needs that John doesn't take care of. He won't ever know, nobody will"
I couldn't resist anymore, I reached out and pulled her to me. She got on top of me and we feverishly began kissing grinding, stripping..
She knelt between my legs and slipped off my boxers, my cock hard and throbbing..She started stroking it, "yours is so much bigger than his, I wonder how you taste" she started sucking me, giving me the best blowjob I've ever had. She was loving​ it, staring up at me with a look of pure lust..I had always thought she was a naughty little slut deep down and now she was showing me she was.. she swallowed my cum and I remained hard, unbelievably horny still. I picked her up carried her to the bedroom and fucked her senseless.. then we showered together and waited for John to get home..
We continued fucking for several months before I got a gf and ended it.
He still has no idea

#betrayal   #girlfriend   #sex   #slut  

I am a 15 year old straight boy and I masturbate about 4 times a day, I will masturbate over any girl fat or skinny or old or young and I love sending dick pics you can get one if message me on snap chat- kboy1515

I love masturbating over my step sister who is the same age as me I often sniff her underwear and lick them, when we go camping if I wake up before her I wank infrount of her.

I am a prostitute and I run an entire 'escorting' business. I didn't need the money; I'd been a self-harmer and suicidal for years so I did it out of self hatred, and now I have a business so I can't really get out of it. The most disgusting parts about this are:
1) I have a girlfriend and she doesn't know anything about my business or the people I've slept with
2) I aren't actually 18 yet, unknown by my clients...

#prostitute   #escorting   #girlfriend   #suicidal  

I got a recommendation from Instagram to follow my ex gfs new profile and because I don't care about my mental health I stalked her whole profile and became severely depressed thinking about how much I miss her and still love her. I had a breakdown, cut myself, and cried on the phone to my friend. I'm worried I may never move on from her because I truly feel like she was the only love of my life.

#breakup   #relationship   #exgirlfriend   #breakdown   #selfharm   #depressed  

When I was 13 I use to sit on my stuffed giraffes neck and hump it. I would do this 3× a day. I don't use it anymore. Now I just read these and hump the back of my couch.

#horny   #teen   #girl   #masturbation  

Pray and roll the dice for #girl

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