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Friend Confessions

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I am coaching a girl on how to give a good blowjob because she wants to learn how to pleasure my son.

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So recently I started flashing one of my friends she does have a boyfriend and it’s been amazing I love doing it. I’ve only been doing it for about 1 week now and I don’t think I can stop.It started with me flashing my penis threw the pants leg of my basket ball shorts, I’ll pull my dick and balls out of my underwear and hang them to one side and then let the shorts ride up and angle my self perfectly for her. One day when I did this she was cleaning and came in the room for a dab so when she sat down across from me I did it and I caught her looking for a second but she looked away I wanted her to look so I would look at my phone so she could, idk if she looked again but after her dab she left the room and came back for a stupid little question and as soon as she came in she looked right down my pants leg where my penis was but idk if she could see it standing, So I kinda gave up that day and the next day when I came over I did the same but she was very busy and other people were there so it was kinda hard to do it and see if she saw it. So now it’s like the 3rd or 4th day and I decided ima just bulge flash her in my basket ball shorts so i laid on the couch and I pulled my dick out my underwear and laid it on my leg and pulled the basketball shorts up and tight so it would bulge out very nice and when she came in the room to sweep I caught her looking at it a few times, it made me rock hard which just made it get bigger and bulge out more i did the same thing multiple times that day and caught her looking. It’s been about 2 days sense I flashed her anything so I asked if I could stop by when I had a break from work to grab a snack to eat and to smoke and she said yes so when I was there I asked if she wanted a dab so she came over and I made she my dick was bulging out and I gave her the dab and her eyes got huge and said she couldn’t finish it and when I looked down my bulge was sticking out so far I know she had to have seen it. I then came over the next day and I was wearing tight Jean shorts with no underwear because her other friend was gonna be over and I didn’t wanna make it to obvious, when I got there she couldn’t stop looking at my dick it didn’t matter if it was bulging or not I would catch her mid sentence looking at it multiple times I loved it so much and then we stared drinking and she was barely hiding it she would stair right at it for a few seconds and then at one put she put her legs up on me and started rubbing me arm and leg with her legs and it made me so hard I know she was doing it on purpose to see it get bigger so I stared to twitch my penis and she started rubbing harder and slower and would look at my hard penis for what seems like minutes until the room stared spinning for her cause she took a few to many shots and she went to lay down with her friend and watch a movie, now it’s like 4am she woke up to use the bath room and she took a pic of me sleeping on the couch and sent it to me when I looked at it my dick was sticking straight up, I was only using a sheet so it didn’t hide anything and I was only in my boxers as well, I know she had to have noticed it there is no way she didn’t I saw it right away. And the reason I was able to do all this was because after the first day her boyfriend when on vacation with family so it made it easy cause he would not have let me stay the night lmao. But I’ve been bulge flashing he ever sense and I catch her watching all the time I can’t get enough of it. Her boyfriend is supposed to be back next week so idk if I’ll be able to keep doing it. I really want to show her my fully erect penis though idk how ima do it but I’m gonna figure it out!

#flashing   #bulge   #penis   #friend  

Finally cut the ties on some absolutely toxic people.

#toxic   #betray   #unfriended   #abuse  

I found a picture of my wife's best friend flashing and cant stop thinking about it. She is going to be hanging out with us later too.

#flash   #friend  

My best friend, who I was in love with for years, confessed that she liked me as more than a friend and I broke her heart. I just don't feel that way anymore and I know I destroyed our relationship forever. I made her cry.

#love   #heartbroken   #sadness   #friends  

I had sex with my friend's girlfriend. My friend and her once had sex in my room, so she knew where I stayed. I invited her over on Valentine's day after school, my friend was out of the country at that time, and we just went for it. Great sex, she is very gorgeous and we have kept this secret for a long time now. After some months, my friend got another girl and I also had sex with her also after they had dated for 2 weeks. He knows about this one though, and he has been chasing my girlfriend and exes but failing. I feel bad.

#friend   #cheating   #sex  

When I am bored, I call taxis and order pizzas and tell them the address of my neighbours and friends.

#bored   #taxi   #pizza   #address   #neighbour   #friend  

I confess I am not happy.

#people   #fake   #friends   #not   #money   #years  

I ghosted my 'best' friend and I don't feel bad about it at all. In fact, I'm happier than I've been in a long time.

She never really did anything bad per se, I just didn't realize how much of a soul sucker she was until I decided I was done with her.

Life's too short to keep people around just because they've been there so long. Bye, Felicia.

#ghost   #ghosted   #friendship   #friends   #bye  

I dont know how to tell my friends that I lied.. I lied about how much I drink. I want them to know I'm not addicted. But they think ill do anything for a little bit of beer.

#lies   #friends   #addicted  

I have so much lust for my best friend.. She is average kinda tall has a nice ass and boobs.. Perfect in every way possible.. Blone hair green eyes u name it.. Lately I cant stop staring at her and Ive even gotten to see her ass on accident and its such a turn on.. Idk what to do i wanna fuck her so bad at least once.. Im freaking out ill loose control.. Help?.. Advice.. She does have a bf btw.

#sex   #bestfriend  

I spent New Year's at a small house party with my friendship group. A few of us had to spend the night at the host's because we lived out of town. There wasn't a lot of room as other members of his family had people staying over too. So the other friends stayed in his room whilst I was made to spend the night in his older brother's room.

His older brother is basically a man whore. He's openly bisexual and sleeps around a lot with men and women because he and his girlfriend are polyamorous. So after some awkward conversation I was on my knees sucking his dick. It was pretty hot although he was kind of tipsy so things didn't go much further than him returning the favour whilst fingering me.

Since then I have hooked up with him two other times. It's kind of satisfying knowing if the friend really pisses me off I can turn around and tell him I've slept with his brother who he practically worships.

#gay   #sex   #blowjob  

I like the relationship I am in. It will be 3 years when the semester ends; the longest one I've ever had. The issue is I don't think I'm in love with him and I don't see me completely falling for him for superficial reasons, but I want to make it work. I feel troubled and shitty.

#boyfriend   #relationship   #love   #relationships   #romance   #selfish   #vain   #appearances  

We were off the main flow of the party and just chatting. Then I started flirting and he was flirting. Not sure how or who started it. This was my dads friend who was complimenting me. And a little touching as he tickled me. It was fun, exciting, and arousing all at the same time. Then he kissed me. As I pushed off, he started rubbing my crotch. Now I was wanting and allowing him to kiss and touch me. Next his hand is down my pants. And am feeling emboldened, so I rubbed his pants. On the outside, his dick felt thick and hard. I didn't have the courage to reach down his pants and verify it it was really that big. We remained fully dressed except my shirt he had unbuttoned enough to expose my braless tits. The perfect ones he said he had always adored in so many ways. One hand was on my tits as he licked and sucked. His other was fingering my pussy making it noisy and slushy. This was the best sex I ever had. I was biting my lip trying to keep quiet. As soon as I was about to come, we heard someone approaching. We quickly broke off and parted. He returned to the party and I went to my room. For at least an hour that night I fantasized and masturbated having multiple orgasms.
Now he wants more and I tell him it was a mistake. I said in case you didn't know, I am only 16, a virgin, and I don't act that way. And that he should just consider himself lucky to catch me at that time and place. But now we must move on and pretend it never happened.
If he's around for my 18th birthday party, I want to pickup where we left off. He's very attractive and obviously turns me on.

#flirting   #complimenting   #touching   #rubbing   #crotch   #braless   #licked   #sucked   #fingering   #wet   #orgasm   #masturbate   #young   #16yo   #attractive   #older   #pussy   #tits   #dick   #sex   #adored   #expose   #noisy   #fantasy   #virgin  

I stole to two traffic signs with a friend while we were drunk.

#friend   #drunk   #theft  

so I am a m13,it was when I was 10 men and my bestfriend devin (11 )were playing watching tv in my house we were alone.Devin asked me to get on the floor I did as told then he pulled down my pants sucking my 7in dick,at first I didn't know what to do so I just stayed then u was enjoying it I told him to pull of his shorts he had a 6in, I stating sucking then we both went in the bathroom and went naked then he told me to bend over I did he put his dick inside of me he was starting to cum I swallowed it all then u fucked him rough he was moaning so loud but my mom wasn't home it felt good. Now I'm moved and now I'm bisexual I still think and dream about him I miss him.

Me and my bestfriend made our boyfriends cry in the same night and we laughed the whole time.

#crying   #bitch   #boyfriend  

I’ve had a crush on my female best friend who I’ve known since kindergarten, she was always pretty, funny, smart and an all round good person. I started to really take it serious in year 6 where I’d peak up her skirts and shorts at school. But then we went to seperate schools and grew apart

#crush   #love   #school   #kindergarten  

I've been sleeping with my new girlfriend for about a month now. Unbeknownst to me, she had never cum from having sex. She came from my eating her out, but not fucking. She admitted this to me and at the same time admitted a fetish she had that was the only way she could cum from fucking. She loves her tits abused. They are D cups with areolae that are about 2" wide and pencil eraser nipples that grow to about 1/2 inch long and get a little fatter when aroused. I have pulled her nipples while pinching them so hard I thought I would hurt her but she won't let me stop. I've pulled her tits by her nipples up to her face, then twisted the hell out of her nips. Her favorite which she ask for right before I fuck her is to have her standing, then I take one tit by the nipple, pinching very hard, and pull it up as far out and up as I can, then take my free hand and slap it out of my grasp.
I do this about 10 times to each tit and she is begging to get fucked. Her tits are so bruised but she loves it. I don't know how I'll ever go back to being gentle to some other girls tits.

#girlfriend   #confession  

The last time I got really really really drunk, I had to throw up and the only think that I could use was the cap of one of my friends. I let all of the digusting stuff into his cap but I was (and I still am) too afraid to tell him. He didn't notice it until he put it on... I won't ever forget his face when all of the pavement pizza landed on his head...

#drunk   #puke   #cap  

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