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Revenge Confessions

Read the best #revenge confession stories

I peed in my stepdad's hot tub. He lives with us for 4 months now and he bought a hot tub for him and my mom but me and my younger brother are not allowed to go in there. And because we don't like him we decided to play some pranks on him. This was the first one; next we are going to put some fishes in it.

#stepdad   #hate   #hot   #tub   #prank   #fish   #revenge   #confession  

Always have found my secretary sexy and pretty. She's married to the biggest asshole. When i heard rumors her husband was cheating on her, jumped on opportunity to hit on her. Sure enough, 2 weeks later we were fucking in my office often. She told me it was only revenge sex and I was of course okaaaay with that. 3 years later here we are still having a healthy very sexual lustful relationship. Both of us married.

#cheating   #revenge   #payback  

I have prayed every day for my best friend's wife to die. She has done horrible things to so many people, him included, and he justifies her behavior. He doesn't realize how she's been using him, and I've just hoped that something will happen to get rid of her. I know my prayer should be that they have a stronger marriage, but she doesn't deserve that, and I wish she would cease to exist.

#revenge   #hatred  

A neighborhood girl (12) was going around bullying the other kids and trying to act "cool" claiming she drank and smoked and drugged all the time (you know the type) i gained this knowledge from my 10 year old niece who was one of the girls bullied, well i decided to she needed a lesson, coming from the background i did i was able to aquire a small amount of meth, the bully always carried around this knockoff purse, so i went to speak with her about bullying my niece (knowing full well she would just be a little twat) well as she was running her mouth i casually dropped the baggie of dope in the purse she had set on the bench, i walked a block away abd called the cops and tipped in that a minor was in possesion of drugs at the park, she waa arrested, charged with a felony and did six months in juvie, i later heard she was constantly getting beat up for running her mouth in there, even though it was a horrible thkng to do shes now no longer a cunt and is even doing better in school.

#revenge   #lesson   #drugs   #bully  

I have 4 cats for 2 years now. One tomcat and 3 cats. Tommy, my tomcat (hahaha.. coincidence) has the habit to pee in every corner of the house and it drives me crazy. And some days ago, he brought it to the top. He peed on me, while I was lying on the couch!
I was so angry with him that I caught him and locked him in the shower... where I pissed on him...
Now I'm so sorry but I was so angry to that time and I wanted revenge.

#cats   #tomcat   #tommy   #pee   #shower   #revenge  

Me and my sister are in a more or less love-hate relationship. We like each other but we don't show it.
We are mean, mad and bitchy to each other. So we love to play tricks on each other. But in the last few months, we get meaner and meaner to each other. She shaved off my left eyebrow while I was sleeping, so I glued her mouth together and so on.
Now, she painted a huge penis on my car (and I can't get it off!) and now I want revenge!

She got a new body piercing yesterday (on the lip) and she has to clean it every day twice with some disinfectant spray. I exchanged this spray with a mixture of dog urine, liquor and dirt.
Hahaha, payback's a bitch, bitch!!

#sister   #payback   #penis   #prank  

Women can't drive a car. Car crashes are caused by them in Palm Desert, California.

#revenge   #people  

Male. Starting in 8th grade, I started letting a grown man give me blowjobs in exchange for weed. He was known for this and I sought him out for the score. It was gross (for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I identify as straight) but I would cum anyway. Then I would leave with weed. He bought me a record once. I could deal with that--it was business. Then another guy did the same thing, only there was no weed. I just let him. He was twisted--it wasn't just business with him. He would drug me sometimes and carry me from the couch to his bedroom. I would lay there in his bed, paralyzed, while he blew me. I never touched him back. This happened dozens of times. He kissed me and I kissed him back. He told me I was a good kisser. He told me he loved me. He tried to hold hands with me. That part of it really traumatized me. This was in 9th grade. Several years later, I went back to his place, made out with him, stuck my hand in his underwear and grabbed his cock and blew him. It was terrible. It was some kind of reverse control thing to me--control the molester. Turns out he had a giant cock that was crooked! Maybe that's why he liked boys. I gagged and puked a little on it. He came in my mouth. So fucking gross. I thought I was part gay for a while because of all that, so I tried it out again on an even playing field. It was gross. I didn't enjoy it. Then I tried once again just to make sure. I ended up trying it about four times. Same result-grossed out every time. I've gone on to have a great sex life with many beautiful women. I absolutely love pussy. But it took a while to deal with that stuff from when I was a kid. The second guy is now a registered sex offender in my state for molesting a 12-year-old boy. I get satisfaction from that, but I wish I had the courage to be that kid. I didn't.

#disgust   #revenge   #prostitution  

Today caught my girlfriend feedin my favorite yogurt to the cat. I just put cat food in her dinner and I don't regret anything. But I have to ease my conscience to fall asleep at night.

#yogurt   #revenge   #girlfriend   #cat   #conscience   #food  

My husband is in prison for beating me. I visited once and said I forgave him and brought a sexy video. He smiled and said he loved me. I played a video of me sucking our best man's cock first then I hold the camera and say I love gagging on cum. I'm going to let your best friend fuck my tight ass in the parking lot. Think about his huge cock pounding your wifes pussy!
Then he sat beside me and said he should see her rub it. She asked if he likes seeing her hold dick. He asked her to not do this and she smiled then said she likes how she doesn't get beat up anymore unless daddy's dick punished her then hand me the phone. He begs me to stop but I tell him we paid the guard to not stop us. Now you are going to watch your wife get a mouth filled with cum. He watched us then cried and apologized. She picked up the phone and said he is a coward and she never loved him. Think about my tight body getting fucked while you rot in here. So hot

#wife   #revenge   #prison   #beating  

I absolutely hate and despise a certain fat, disgusting, toothless slob on the internet who goes by the name "Brett Keane" and yes he tells everyone his real name in his youtube videos when he introduces himself, so I'm not doc dropping by saying it. Unfortunately, he has no problem doc dropping other people. He did that to many people years ago. The fat piece of shit has been trying to get famous on the internet for 20 years now, but he always gets caught up in petty drama with people, he lies and slanders them. If they attack him back, he pretends to be the victim and tries to get their accounts banned. Either from youtube, twitter or whatever social media he is actively using at the time.

I was nice to him and on good terms with him many years ago until he stabbed me and all his friends in the back. He would run chatrooms where people could discuss religion/politics or video games, he will be friends with you until you reveal a secret thing about yourself, then he will blast it all over the internet if you ever say something that annoys him, and he gets very easily annoyed.

He claims to have agoraphobia which is his excuse to why he lays in bed all day and wont get a job. His wife works and he treats her like shit. She even filed domestic abuse charges against him many years ago, before forgiving him and taking him back. All of this has been outed on the internet. He has become a lol cow and a dumpster fire that a popular podcast called "the drunken peasants" used to make fun of. Brett loves to talk shit publically about anyone who disagrees with him, sometimes he even slanders people by calling them pedophiles, with no fucking evidence. If you cross him he will instantly block you and then try to have your account banned. Publically he pretends to be a nice guy who gets attacked for no reason, but everyone knows that he is an evil pathetic piece of shit. Brett has been banned from YouTube and twitter many times, but always comes back with a new account, to continue his bullshit. Of course he claims that he was always banned unjustly and that he is the victim.

His new routine is pretending to be a hardcore Christian conservative trump supporter. But not long ago he was an atheist who attacked Christians. He is a fraud, always asking for donation money.

I hope he dies.

#hatred   #anger   #revenge   #hate  

I'm so mad!
I have a few pounds extra on my hips and a friend of mine thought it would be funny to make jokes about my weight.
She knows how much I suffer because of those extra pounds and I try really hard to lose weight and I exercise every day. It hurts me a lot.
I accidentally talked bad about her behind her back to some of her friends (I'm not friends with them) and now they are all mad at her, too. I told them a bunch of lies, what a slut she is and stuff like that.
She doesn't know I told mean lies about her.

#overweight   #lie   #revenge   #friend  

I found out that my friend's dad is a real asshole. All he does is rage on for no reason. He will be arrested.

#abuse   #revenge  

Yesterday, someone parked in my driveway. My neighbours celebrated their marriage or something like that.
I was so pissed of that I put bird seed on the car, shortly afterwards, a dozen doves were sitting (and shitting) on the car, picking for the seed, making huge scratches in the car. It was great!

#parking   #driveway   #neighbours   #celebration   #marriage   #bird   #seed   #revenge  

I believe that one day the world is going to end because of aliens who infiltrate us and kill us as soon as they learned everything they now. I am sure they are already living among us and that they are watching us.
I am writing this because no one wants to listen and everyone keeps laughing. But the day will come! Remember my words. And I will be the one who will help the aliens destroy all of you.

#revenge   #crazy   #aliens   #apocalypse   #confession  

I am a 36 yo housewife. I had an affair with my neighbor's husband, she's a fat pig that insulted me for "doing nothing but being a housewife because you don't have an education" at a party in front of some friends and neighbors because she works, just to humiliate her. Then she cried to me that her husband was having an affair she thought several weeks later and I just laughed inside.
Fuck her.

#affair   #revenge   #humiliation   #adultery  

My bitch wife at 40 years of age, is great looking, natural blonde with very very light brown to blondish pubes on her pussy that I don't let get shaved. She has big A cup tits, very small but she is very thin. I liked them a lot. I found out she has been fucking all throughout our marriage, even our kids (now both in college) may not be mine. She was a virgin when we first fucked when she was 18, and I 24. Now she's had over 32 other men inside her pussy, mouth and ass.
I wanted to divorce the lying whore, but she was begging and pleading and offered to do anything if I would just stay with her. I told her to get naked and beg me. . . she did. I told her to stand up and bend over the back of the couch and beg for me to fuck her. She did it. I fucked her cunt, then told her to turn around and suck my dick with all her pussy juice on it till I cum (she hates the taste of her pussy juice, and hates taking my cum in her mouth). She did it all, and swallowed my load. I told her that if she stayed she'd be in this type of relationship the entire time of our marriage. So if she didn't like it, she should tell me now and only see me in the lawyers office. She was holding onto my legs, crying, begging me to let her stay married to me. I had my pants at my ankles and turn around and had my ass in her face. She kissed both cheeks.
With that I told her to stay naked and be naked every time she entered the house. She would be allowed clothing only if we had visitors. She agreed. She went off naked and made us supper. We ate, and during dinner I made her tell me in great detail about the best of her lovers, and the worst. She was crying again. I told her that she was a whore, a slut and that she shouldn't cry about it that's just what she was. I also told her that she couldn't let any other cocks inside her unless I was there to watch.
"Now it's time for your punishment" I said and she thought she'd already been punished. "That wasn't punishment, that was my pleasure"
I took off my belt and made her stand with her hands on top of her head while I beat her with my belt on her ass and then turned to her tits. I then made the crying bitch lie down on the dining room table with her legs over the edge and her pussy spread open and beat that. She was crying for real now, and I let up.
"You ask like a slut, you need to be branded a slut" There is one more thing you have to agree to if you really want to stay married. "What?" she asked.
"You are going to have to be branded a slut, I'm going to have that word branded on your lower belly, just above your pussy hair. It will show when I make you wear a tiny bikini at the beach, or when I take you to nude resorts and beaches." She was concerned about the pain, but I told her she is putting me through more pain. The cunt agreed.
I made the arrangements, and took her to a body modification studio that does branding, tattoos, piercings etc. They made a brand with perfectly shaped, thin letters that said "I'm a Slut" In addition to branding my little cunt, I had "Tom's cunt" tattooed after I shaved a small amount of pussy hair just above her slit. With her thin, light colored blonde pussy hair it shows through.
I now have a total fuckslut for a wife, she does anything I want, anytime I want, and I make her show her tattoos at nude cruises, swing clubs, nude beaches, nude resorts, even public resorts and beaches as I make her wear the tiniest bikini bottoms so the brand shows. We just got back from Europe where I made her walk down a busy street for 2 blocks totally naked. She got groped by about 10 young guys, I just let it happen to the lying slut, then I threw her into the car and took her to a park and fucked her, and let 2 guys passing by fuck her too.
I guess this is what she wanted all along, to be a slut. She is very happy and has thanked me for being married to her. Oh . . . she has to kiss my ass every morning.

#dom   #tattoo   #branding   #sm   #exhibitionism  

I broke up with my ex in February. It really hurt because he cheated with my best friend. In April l started drunk texting his best friend who had feelings for me. I did too but we couldn't date because of my ex so we became friends with benefits. I feel kinda guilty

#revenge   #pleasure  

I'd always wanted too go to my old high school school (got bullied by students and teachers/ staff members) and kill at least 50 people if I couldn't kill them all.

#murder   #school   #revenge  

A teacher of mine is an asshole. I only receive bad grades from him and that without cause.
My cat killed a mouse the other day and I decided to put it in his jacket pockets. He's running around all day long with a dead mouse in his pocket. Hilarious!

#revenge   #teacher   #mouse   #cat   #pocket   #funny  

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