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Husband Confessions

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My husband (29) likes his computer more than me. Because I was angry, I unscrewed the computer and cut through some of the cabels. When he arrived at home, I acted like nothing happened.
He started the computer and afterwards he greeted me (I'm furious about that!!!).
In the beginning, all worked well but after I few minutes I heard him shouting and cursing.
The end of the story, he bought a new computer and he notices me even less.
I scored an own goal... Just great!

#angry   #husband   #computer   #destroy   #confession  

I have been cheating on my husband with my ex since before we were married. Actually it started not long after we started dating.
He came to me and said that he regretted breaking up with me in the first place and that he wanted to get back with me so I told him where to go. My boyfriend was better in bed and more considerate of my needs anyway so I had no reason to go back to him.
Not long after that he got a new girlfriend and so he stopped chasing me and I didn't think anything more of it.

Then about six months later I was talking to some of my girl friends and one of them told me that my ex had been cheating on his current girlfriend with her. The two of them had actually dated years ago and he always pined for her so this wasn't much of a surprise. Especially as I always had a strong feeling they were having sex behind my back when we were dating. Any way she said that he had learned a lot from his new girlfriend who was older and more experienced. She talked for almost an hour about how good he was in bed and how forceful he had become.

This all made me laugh because he was anything but forcful before. He was really clumsy and would apologise every time he thrust a little hard. But the idea that he was now this dominant man in bed did get me a little turned on.
It was only a day later that I went round to my ex's house while my boyfriend was at work. We've been sleeping together ever since.

He still has his girlfriend and as I said I'm now married. If he left his girlfriend I'd go with him in an instant but I've had to settle for second best. I suppose I do still love my husband in a way but not how I did when we got together. The only time we have any fun in the bedroom any more is when we have threesomes or if he lets me use toys.

I hate my ex's girlfriend. She is the only reason I have to live like this.

#cheating   #ex   #husband   #boyfriend  

I fucked around on my husband and I am pregnant with the other man's baby. There is absolutely no chance it is my husband's.

I guess I will have to confess when the baby is born, because it is going to be pretty obvious it is not my husband's.

#fucked   #husband   #pregnant  

I can’t stand my husband. I cannot leave because we cannot afford it. Now, he wants to buy a new truck, instead of a reasonable car. And he knows I want to move out. POWER. FUCK HIM

#dick   #husband   #hate   #absue   #divorce  

About 2 years ago my husband read my journal and I cant forgive him for it or move past it. By reading my journal, he thought I was having an affair, I wasn't. I was online getting counseling and the person that was my counselor and he left to move to England and I was devastated. I felt abandoned by my counselor. I am angry because he read it, took pictures of it, shared my most intimate thoughts with my son. I cant forgive that either. I am grateful that my son realized how wrong it was for his father to share my written, private word. Fast forward to today, He does not support my desire to do other things, he will sabotage me by, stating he has to work, give me that pitiful look.
He is a man that does not like to be alone. He has no friends and slowly but surely, ran my friends way.
Anytime I wanted to go out, it was never a thing of have fun it was, almost like he was upset that I was going out with my friends. Since the incident of my journal and the way he shredded my, I have no desire to be married to him anymore. I will not have sex with him, because I hate the thought of him touching me.
I smile but have serious distain for him. This man does not deserve me at all and I don't want him and the moment I get enough money to leave, I will.

#betrayal   #husband   #hate   #journal   #secret   #betrayed   #confessed  

I have been seeing a married woman behind my wife's back. My wife is a cute Asian, and my lover is a hot Brazilian (Amy). This has been going on for many years now.
We don't get to see each other often,....only a few times a year, so when we do get together, it's all about sex. We've had internet sex while our spouses are in the next room. It's gets us off.
The last time we were together, I called my wife and put her on speaker phone and talked to her as I screwed my gf. On her back, naked, legs in the air I was deep inside of her as I placed the phone between her breasts. I talked to my wife about stupid things, while I rammed in and out of my gf. The look on Amy's face as she forced herself to be quite was priceless. The situation was incredibly exciting and Amy and I came together - she spread her legs wide as I ejaculated into her pussy. For a moment, it was difficult to say anything, but I quickly told my wife that I had to hang up and I let myself flop exhausted onto Amy. She went back to her husband with her panties soaked with my leaking come. I went home with my crusty cock. Later, my wife went down on me until I spilled into her mouth - all the time thinking of earlier that day.

We are planning anther meetup next week. This time, she will be calling her husband instead.

I know that people with think this is scummy, but it's difficult to stop - and we don't care what they think.

#adultery   #cheating   #wife  

I cheat on my husband

#husband   #cheat   #infidelity  

This story may be long so please bear with me. I have been with my husband for 15 years and married for close to 10 years. Halfway throughout our marriage I was diagnosed with an illness which decreased my sex drive. I also have no kids due to my illness. Because of my low sex drive I would mostly say no to my husband if he wanted to have sex. Sex would occur maybe once a month of maybe every few months.  One day while watching TV I grabbed my husband's phone to look at some pictures that he took and he immediately took back his phone and started acting suspicious. My husband is a very bad liar so I knew instantly that he was hiding something. He confessed and showed me all the porn that he had been watching. I was so upset at him and cried because I felt betrayed. If he told me he was into porn I would have been okay with it and watched as well, I guess it was the sneaking behind my back that made me upset the most. Months went by and I could feel my hormones starting to change. I was always horny. This time when I wanted to have sex my husband never had the time (he works 2 jobs and gets exhausted). 1 night we made the plan to have sex when he got home, but it never happened. When he left for work I started watching porn but it did nothing for me. I then began to masturbate, but again nothing. I decided to go online and sex chat with strangers to see how it would make me feel. I chatted with a few guys and the feeling was incredible. Made me feel so bad. I would take sexy pictures and rejoice every time I received a compliment on my hott body. I felt wanted, which is the exact feeling I was longing for. I then began chatting with this new guy. He was different. He was funny and cute and also married and feeling lonely in his marriage. With him it wasn't about the sex it was more emotional. For me, I have an amazing relationship for my husband so i was purely looking for something sexual. I spoke to this guy for a month and finally decided that we should meet. I would wake up in the morning and my husband would tell me how beautiful I was and how lucky he was to have me. A week before meeting the other guy I started feeling knots in my stomach knowing that I couldn't betray my husband. I ended up coming clean to my husband one night after dinner. I told my husband about how I was going to meet a stranger to make out and told him it was because I was feeling unwanted from him. My husband was so graciously understanding and did not get upset at me. More than anything he was trying to understand where all of this was coming from. He kissed me and told me he was glad I came clean and that he would never be able to tolerate it if I actually cheated because he has too much self respect to stay with me. He said "if you ever cheat on me, I never want to know. If I know, I will leave you, and I never want to leave you". I stopped chatting with the other guy at this point and started to work on my marriage. Things were starting to get really good, but in the back of my mind I couldn't forget that rush I felt from talking to a strange man and have him admire my body. A few weeks after confessing to my husband I was back online. I started talking to this guy who was also married but with kids. He was looking for an NSA relationship just like me. He was so smooth with his words and somehow convinced me to meet him a week after we started chatting. I was at my friends bachelorette party and planned on meeting him in a McDonald's parking lot for a quick make out session before heading home. I get into his car and kept hearing him tell me how hott I was. He made out for 10 minutes, he even offered to lick me down south but I refused. As soon as I got home I was so turned on and ended up having the best sex imaginable with my husband. I continued talking to this guy and he turned out to be a decent human being. We would talk daily for 4 weeks and met up 3 times just to make out. One day after much thinking I decided to end things and told him I had to work on my marriage. He asked if we could meet one last time and i agreed that we could meet on his birthday. This guy had a way with his words and it was so hard to say no. So yesterday I went to see him, but this time it was in a hotel. I bought the sexiest outfit and lingerie I could find. He was so passionate. He kissed every part of my body and even did things I wouldn't allow my husband to do. I gave him a bj and made him cum within a matter of seconds. He called to check up on his kids and they weren't well so he wasn't able to get hard in time for us to actually have sex. But what we did enjoy was 3 hours of passion and I can't get it out of my mind. I am ashamed to say that i woke up this morning feeling no regret. I love my husband and will spend the rest of my life making it up to him. I will also take this secret with me to the grave. I guess the reason for my confession is to know how I could move forward. How can I make things better? A million thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind all day and I know in my heart that my husband deserves better. I know I'm a cheater, but that's not the only label that defines me. I love my husband more than I love my own mother. I always think about all the years I deprived him of sex, yet he still never cheated on me...and here I was after a few months of neglect going off and having an affair. He is my best friend and i could never imagine my life without him. I know he deserves better. How can I make myself better and worthy of him? I no longer speak to the other guy, but how can I stop myself from getting tempted again? I would appreciate some honest advice.

#cheating   #confession   #husband   #wife   #sex  

I walked in on my son masturbating. I am embarresed. Now that I saw his penis, I keep wondering if he is that big or my husband is that small. So curious that I am googling average size. I am wrong but cannot help but think my husband is puny.

#embarresed   #sizematters   #huge   #puny   #son   #husband   #penis   #masturbating   #curious  

I was 25. It was my birthday. I'd been seeing my boyfriend for about a year. I didn't start out intending to have sex, but I must admit that I had thought about it. I had wanted him for a while, but I was raised to wait for marriage. Still, on this particular day my desire for him was especially strong.

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to his house. There he carried out a well executed seduction. I was more than a bit reluctant, but I was in love with him, so eventually his gentle persistence won me over. He was kind, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. I couldn't resist anymore.

He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. I had felt the urge too, but I had always managed not to succumb to it. Somehow, this day felt different, though I didn't realize why.

He started to make small, subtle advances and I barely noticed. Or maybe I didn't want to notice. The wet kisses passed unnoticed. He mentioned again that he had been thinking a lot about making love to me lately. Gradually, the advances got more direct and forward.

Somewhere along the line, I started to say no and it came out OK. That's when I knew it was time. I was surprised, but I knew I was ready, due to his persistence. So I gave in. I was scared, nervous, uncomfortable, but exhilarated, happy, excited, and curious. I actually found myself looking forward to it. I was overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure and the romantic moment.

I sent him out of the room, then I stripped my way up the stairs, leaving a boot at the foot of the stairs, another boot a couple of steps up, my dress a couple of steps after that, my pantyhose a step up from there, my bra at the top of the stairs, and my panties hanging on the doorknob of the bedroom.

I waited completely naked on the bed, wrapped in a sheet. He quickly stripped down to his undies and climbed on the bed next to me. I was tingling. After a little foreplay, I took his underpants off. Then we curled up and gave each other oral simultaneously. We did that for about half an hour.

Then I rolled over on my back and he went inside. We had intercourse for quite a long time. He was very good, and he told me he enjoyed it too. I had two or three orgasms and he came too. It was excellent! He was very good! It was passionate and romantic, about as good as a girl's first time can be.

Afterwards, I felt a mix of emotions: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings. It was all something of a jumble.

It was a wonderful first experience, very romantic and tender. He was patient and he was very good. I felt like part of me had just died, but I also felt like I had staarted an exciting new adventure, one I would enjoy many times afterwards. What a great birthday present!

#virginity   #sex   #premarital   #seduction  

My husband convinced me to have a threesome. He won't admit it, but he has the hots for this sexy neighbor. And I won't tell him I was curious. It was my first experience with another female. I expected one and done. Wow, she was/is awesome. Now just the two of us go at it when we can. If my husband only knew what he started. Girls, just try it once, you might be surprised. With that being said, I am now open to mmf, just once?

#threesome   #ffm   #mmf   #husband   #neighbor   #sexy   #orgasm   #curious  

At 18 I got married as a virgin to my high shcool sweetheart. Five years later and he is still the only one I want to be with. But now I have started masturbating to the tune of a younger coworker. She compliments me and says sweet and innocent little things. I find myself getting aroused. A few times I wanted to touch myself. I could not wait to get home. I am straight but I have started fantasizing of her. I am suddenly curious to another girl. Like now, I masturbate and dream of different scenerios. I want my husband to walk in on us naked. We are so busy that he isn't noticed. I am on my knees with my ass in the air tongueing her pussy, squeezing her round tight ass, rubbing her perky tits, and kissing her lips. Then out of nowhere my husband slides his big fat cock in me and pounds me to orgasm. Then he pounds her as I ride her face. My husband fucks good so she will not be disappointed. I want to watch and participate at the same time. I know how to please myself, so I am confident I will please her pussy good. I want her to feel what I am feeling.
My fantasies may not come true but you know what I will masturbating to. At least into the near future.
I cannot believie I just wrote my confession(s)!!! I am wrong.

#virgin   #straight   #threesome   #coworker   #ass   #pussy   #aroused   #girl   #husband   #wrong   #confession   #masturbation   #perky   #round   #firm   #sex  

Some nights ago, I dreamt that I would kill my brother-in-law. He is my husband's brother and they are like best friends. My brother-in-law, called Luke, lives in our streets, so he's around every single day.
He's nice actually but he's a bit of a loser. He can't do anything, lost his job several times and is not able to handle a girlfriend. He drinks beer and alcohol every day, so around 5 or 6 pm he's already a bit sozzled and then he starts talking and touching. He slapped my butt twice already. I told my husband but he said Luke wouldn't mean it like that and that it's just a joke.

Now I dreamt that I drove him over. Before I had that dream I would never ever thought about it, but now... He's really a pain in the ass. But I don't want my husband to suffer. So I guess, I have to live with him.

#brother   #in   #law   #husband   #family   #alcohol   #beer   #dream   #kill   #death  

I've been married for 15 years and my wife is great.

But I've been have a weekly threesome with her younger sister and bother for the last 10 years.

I'm bi but my wife doesn't know. Her brother is also and been have sex with his sister since they were teen.

My sister in law has gotten knocked up twice in the last 5 years. Once from me and once from her brother.

We know it wrong be we keep doing it as if feels so natural to us.


My husband's dad visits. My husband goes to work. It's early, super cold, and dad is up looking for more blankets. I yell at him to get in my bed and I'll keep him warm. And from there it went too far. Unintentionally we ended up fucking and spent all day just having great sex. I wish he would have taught his son a thing or two about pleasing a woman.

#cold   #sex   #fuck   #husband   #dad  

I constantly cheat on my husband.

#cheating   #promiscuous   #unfaithful   #cuckold   #husband   #wife  

I left my son at my parents' to be able to live with another man in another state. I only see him like twice a year, on his birthday and maybe on christmas. His father died when he was still very young. He's 14 now and I moved away from him when he was 7.I just did that because my husband threatened to leave me and I love him so much.I think my son is happy with his grandparents but sometimes I feel kinda bad for leaving him behind...

#son   #husband   #love   #movingaway   #sin   #confession   #mother   #parent   #grandparents  

My husband of 24 years (we are both in our mid 40's) requested that I get a tattoo above my vagina. I agreed if it was where my pubic hair would cover it most of the time except when I'm trimmed or shaved. He agreed and I agreed to have "Pussy" tattooed.
We went to the tattoo parlor and I reluctantly agreed to take my pants off in front of the guy (it was supposed to be a woman) and have it done. I had shaved and all was ready, They put a bandage over it, and when I was taking care of it I took off the bandage and it said, "Fuck my Pussy for Free". I am angry as hell and can't believe he lied to me and treated me like this. He tells me that he will get one on my butt telling everyone that I take it back there too.

I hate him for this. I'm too embarrassed to go to my doctor and have it removed once it's been long enough.

My wife satisfies all my kinks and weird desires sexually so I must satisfy hers. Her kink is that when she has her period and must wear pads and tampons, she makes me wear them also. I always have a tampon in my butt, 24 hours a day for 4 days of her period and if she's really heavy the first and second days I have to put in a pad also. She changes the tampon at least 3 times a day, with a fresh one going in before going to bed and a new one going in upon waking up.

She likes to change them and insert them, me lying naked over her knee (she is usually naked too) and then smacks me on my butt hard enough to leave a mark of her hand.

Considering all she has done for me. . . this is the very least I could do for her.

I don't know so I blame it on my husband. A few months after pregnancy my husband has lost his sexual drive and mine has drasticlaly increased. I am always so horny and wanting. Well, I ended up kissing my girlfriend. Now I am embarressed, but at the same time I want more. I am straight and so confused as to why I kissed her and why I am curious about having sex with her.

#blame   #husband   #girlfriend   #kiss   #want   #horny   #straight   #confused   #embarressed   #sex  

Pray and roll the dice for #husband

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