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Nudes Confessions

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I only recently turned 18 but I already started sex work. I’ve been selling nudes and worn panties, socks, and stockings. I feel kinda dirty doing it but it’s fun.

#panties   #nudes   #socks   #stockings   #horny   #seller   #selling   #fetish   #sex  

I'm a 17 year old virgin female. I sended a guy nudes and he asked me if he could have more so I said "why not have the real thing? ;)" and we stopped talking about a week later since I told him that I'm a virgin. I really hope I lose my v card before I go to college...

#nudes   #virgin  

I’m 14 (f) and I’m in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend (15,f) and lately she’s been busy so often I find her sexy nudes and rub myself till I squirt the pleasure is incredibly. I just wish she could eat me out.

#masturbation   #lesbian   #teen   #nudes  

Anyone want to try nudes, I'm 16 with a big dick. Email:[email protected]

#sex   #nudes  

I take girls I know iphones when they leave it somewhere, go through their photo albums and FWD their nudes (if they have any) to my phone then delete the FWDing messages. And I use it for myself later on...I have to say I must have a huge collection of nudes from girls I know. And they have NO IDEA. Most prominent one: my ex's sister. Not sorry but she was FUCKING sexy as hell

#iphone   #nudes   #steal  

I'm going to jump right to it. I exchanged photos with my best friends husband.
He was wanting to know what I look like naked so I showed him and I was curious to see what his junk looked like.
Well it didn't stop there he was saying how he wanted to do sexual stuff with me. I wasn't going that far. Even before all that he swore he wouldn't tell anyone. But here I am with my best friend not talking to me and don't even wanna try to hear my side of things. Her husband didn't even mention the fact he was talking about having sex with me! I'm lost about how to fix this.

#sexting   #adultery   #relationship   #cheating   #husband   #secret   #naked   #nudes   #confession  

Ok so I'm just 17 (male), i own a 7 inch dildo that is quite wide, I got it from one if my doms, and I kept it after our thing ended. I go on omegle all the time and love to send out pics of me using it, via kik and snapchat, the only thing is I tend to block the people after just one or two pics in the off chance I know them. Plus I'm just really paranoid that a friend of mine will find out I'm gay (still in the closet for to people).

#gay   #anal   #nudes  

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