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Masturbation Confessions

Read the best #masturbation confession stories

I’m a 14 year old Male, And i’m pretty sure that I’m ‘Heteromantic Homosexual.’ Meaning that I like to date girls, but like to have sex with men. I have crush on a girl, but whenever I masturbate I do it to Gay Porn. I’m not really afraid to come out, because I’m pretty sure that Most of my family (except my brother) will be supportive. I don’t really know what the next step is to do, I just don’t feel comfortable coming out at all yet, even though my family will accept me. I don’t know what the step I should take is.

#lgbt   #masturbation   #confused  

I masturbate while fantasising about my lesbian friend.

#masturbation   #lesbian   #guilt  

I'm a 23 M and my best friend is a 23 F and we are extremely close we tell each other everything no matter how awkward. we have both seen each other naked and even shower together from time to time. When we hangout she usually spends the night at my place since she lives with her parents. We were hanging out and she told me that she has been ovulating and it's been making her crazy with how horny she has been getting and she hasn't had time or a place to take care of it. I jokingly told her she was more than welcome to rub one out in the bed. We laughed a little and we watched some netflix we finally went to bed (we share a bed and cuddle) so as soon as the light goes out and we get comfortable she says she is sorry but she needs to do this. She started masturbating right next to me close enough for our legs to be touching. She was moaning and it got me super turned on and super hard. She heard me pulling my pants down and she asked if I was going to join her in masturbating? I said yes I was. So we were masturbating together and I timed it just right so we came at the same time. The truth was I never came so much and so hard in my life we both laid there next to each other panting I cleaned myself up with my underwear and tossed it next to the bed and we went to sleep.. next morning it wasn't awkward we talked about it like it was nothing and I feel like it brought us even closer together. I'm actually curious if something like this will happen again

#masturbation   #besties   #sex  

Me and my friend (both male) love to jack off together.
One time I invited him over to my house to spend the night and I pitched a tent out side. I just started jacking off cuz it's kinda normal for stuff to start that way and before I knew it I was fucking him in the ass. God was it great too I cam inside him and then he fucked me and cam aswell we plan to do the same thing again sometime

#gay   #sex   #masturbation  

I went to physical check up the other day. Doctor was a good looking lady. She checked everything and in the end she asked if I would like to have my genitals checked too. My heart raced. I didn't have complete idea of what it would include. would she see me naked? I also realized that I would love her to see me naked. I want to grab if there is any chance. so I said yes. she nodded her head and put some curtains in the room. she wore gloves and asked to hold a cloth before me. I took the cloth and held it before me. she asked if she could pull my pants down. I nodded and she pulled my pants to knee length. then she said that now she is going to pull my underwear down. she asked if that is okay. I said yes. I was excited like hell. my heart was racing. she pulled my underwear down and I couldn't believe myself that I am showing her my penis. she held my testicles and pressed them to check for any lumps and then she held my penis, pressed it and lifted up. then she put back my clothes and said that I was fine. later I went home and masturbated. it was best masturbation I ever had. down.

#masturbation   #checkup  

When I was about six my friends would take me out to an old car that they didn’t use and we would go in the boot of the car and we would rub up against each other and would finger and go down go each other I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time but I remember all the things they would do to me and all the bad things we did to each other.

#fingering   #masturbation   #goingdown  

I am 15, I masturbate 1-2 times and day and often (if I'm feeling good enough) over stimulate myself by reading dirty crush imagines and imagining its my crush doing it all to me.. I know I should be ashamed but seriously if you saw what he looked like... you would probably be how I would. It's the same way with my celebrity crushes and I have no shame.

#masturbation   #crush   #dirty   #overstimulation  

I am here to relax and read which ultimately leads to masturbation. Here I get ideas, think I'm normal, and think some of my thoughts are weird, liking thinking of my boyfriend's dad to give me a big orgasm. I am a 17 yo virgin and the only sex has been with my current 16 yo boyfriend and it's pretty bland. I guess that's all the more reason I like to masterbate. That's all.

#older   #teen   #masturbation   #virgin   #read   #ideas   #orgasm  

Whenever I take a shower, I masturbate. I lay a towel on the floor, lay down and stick my toothbrush (with a glove on the end from under our sink) in my pussy. I sometimes watch porn when I masturbate. I violently rub my clit until i orgasm, squirting everywhere. I then will thrust the toothbrush while pinching my nipples. Sometimes I get horny from reading confessions. I have almost always gotton an orgasm from masturbating like that. Im shaking and wet and its the best feeling when im about to orgasm. I feel tingly in my pussy and i go harder. I do this whenever i shower (daily or every other day)

#masturbation   #shower   #orgasm  

I like to put a finger in my asshole when i jerk myself off. It makes me cum 10x harder to have a finger up in me.

#cum   #masturbation  

I have a crush on my friend Tina. She’s 50YO, about 5’2 and looks so much like actress Teri Hatcher. She is so cute and sexy. Love her smile and her sexy little body. I love to masturbate, and I have been masturbating to Tina so much. We meetup at tailgate parties and she looks so cute. For two of them this year, she wore tight little dresses that showed off her cleavage and her cute legs. She had flipflops clinging to her pretty, bare feet. Tina’s smile is so wonderful. I can’t get her image out of my head, and my masturbation to her is so good. I have such a masturbation crush on Tina. I want her to know and I want to masturbate in front of her so she can see what her beauty does to me!

#tina   #tailgate   #masturbation   #masturbate   #crush   #milf  

I am close friends with a very cute and attractive girl that does not feel the same way about me, but because we are close she asks me to take care of her place and pet bunny when she goes out of town. That is when I strike! When I get in to the house to do whatever upkeep assigned, I go upstairs and into her room and lie down on the floor as I sniff and stroke my hard cock with her used and unused panties. I never cum into them. Except the most recent time, I pulled out a pair of used purple panties, and placed a clean pair on my face as I stroked my dick into the panties. *Stroke *stroke *stroke *stroke, I couldn't stop and I wanted to cum so bad, so I unloaded into the part where her ass would be and exhaled as I let the adrenaline wash over me. I washed off the panties and put them back in the hamper. I wish I had a pair of hers now but was scared to steal one or more, but now all I want is to start collecting her cute panties for my pleasure. Next time, I'm taking one!

#panties   #friend   #masturbation   #cumming  

I love masturbations a lot and I love being teased by some girls I talk too and I'm 15 (male) and am looking for girls to have fun with.

#masturbation   #girls   #boy   #confession  

I m 17 and started to masturbate since i was 12. I always felt like it is a sin, so i stop masturbating for months. Though everyday, i crave to have orgasm! I can't help but to masturbate every day for at least 2 times now. My family, my parents especially thinks and believe I m an innocent girl and is far away from sexual thoughts. Well they are wrong because i masturbate to porn and my boyfriend daily. Masturbation helps me sleep, pleasure explodes in my head and every limbs of mine just gets weak. I confess that i m obsessed with the feeling of reaching up to climax.

#masturbation   #secret   #sexual  

I was abused by a man in the cinema when I was 12 and I actively cooperated. This man came and sat beside me in this almost empty cinemea which I thought odd. Then I felt somoene stroking my bare leg very softly. I was frozen at frst but it began to feel pleasant and as the hand moved further up it felts more pleasant. when He ran hs hand up my shorts leg and touched my pants I was quite excited and he felt my cock through my pants which was driving me wild. By then he had me so sexed up that I raised my ass of the seat undid my shorts and slippe shorts and pants down to give him clear acess to my little dick and spread my legs as wide as I could. He was very good slow and gentle not hard and quick the way my friends did me, I was more sexed up than I had been before how I kept silent I do not know as I came to a shattering orgasm. I was 12 and prepubescent fortunately othere wise there would have been a big mess. The guy gave a litte laugh and got up and left leaving me shaking with my pants round my ankles and my legs spread.

#orgasm   #abuse   #masturbation  

I think about the girl I love a lot, and like to masturbate thinking about her, besides of being a virgin, I imagine her with 5 dicks all her body, while she makes a very satisfied expression, that is just fantasy a very weird fantasy, in real terms I would do all kind of dirty things with her, a very romantic and sexual thing I would like for a couple.

#masturbation   #pleasure   #exitement  

I went to my friend's slumber party but there were only six of us because parents were afraid to let their kids out of lockdown. We had fun anyways and I still made three new friends. At bed time we changed and lied togheter on the floor with sheets and pillows. We giggled, talked, told stories and I fell asleep. In the middle of the night a head between my legs and a tongue at my vagina awoke me. I was startaled and afraid to. It felt good so I pretened to stay asleep. I had no idea when it all started but it lasted another five minutes or so before she quietly slid away. My pleasure feelings stopped and I fell back to sleep. When we got up that morning it was weird to look at everyone and know that one of them just gave me my first sexual contact. I talked and even stared at their hair looking for clues. Nothing. I went home not knowing who gave me those pleasurable feelings. Was it one of my friends or one whom I just met. And why me? Will I ever know, do I want to know? Will I look at girls in the same way as before? Curiousity is still in my head. I have a new bad I cannot break. I go to bed and end up thinking of that night. I start touching and rubbing until I have to get up, lock the door, and get naked. I put my blanket and pillow on the floor. Then I hump, ride, and grind my pillow with each girl running their tongue on my pussy. I try each girl to find the who gives the most pleasure. Every day gets better and better and I cannot wait till bedtime to masturbate.

#tongue   #slumber   #friends   #sleepover   #girls   #parents   #sex   #pussy   #virgin   #pleasure   #pillow   #hump   #grind   #ride   #stories   #curious   #habit   #masturbation  

I fucking love to masturbate. I can't help it, I think about it all the time and I fucking myself at least twice a day. Today I drew a hot bath and then got a bucket of ice cubes. I started rubbing the ice around my clitoris and then stuck a cube up in my pussy. As the cold water leaked out of my cunt the warm water burned and it felt so hot. I started sticking a couple of ice cubes up my ass too, and that was pretty painful because I've never put anything up there before. After a while I got bored so I got a cough drop and started to rub it around my pussy. As my clitoris started burning I got some more ice and shoved like 5 pieces up into my pussy. Then I used baby oil to lube up a toothbrush which I inserted into my ass. It felt so good pushing that toothbrush in and out and my pussy dripping out ice water. I put another piece of ice in my ass and a bunch more in my vagina and then, leaving the cough drop on my throbbing clitoris, I put an electric toothbrush right on my clit and massaged it until I had the most violent, amazing orgasm ever. I feel like I should feel guilty but honestly writing this just makes me want to do it again. I'm so fucking wet I could come just thinking about it!

#masturbation   #kinky  

For years now I've engaged in masturbation sessions while talking to phone helpline counsellors about fictitious issues that have a sexual undertone but never directly relate to sex. Having my mind taken off the fact that I'm playing with my cock enables me to edge for hours and with the addition of aphrodisiacs in the form of recreational stimulant drugs it can be mind blowingly intense and orgasmic for a prolonged period. I make sure I have ample time and set the mood so I can totally relax and get into my story of anxiety and guilt over my varied self destructive behaviours with my unsuspecting phone counsellor/sex operator. The more concerned and sympathetic they are the more arousing it is. They use terms like " I imagine it's very hard " or " you sound like you need to take control " and then, " what do you think you could do to relax and take your mind of it, is there an activity you used to do that made you feel good that you haven't done for a while ???, what about something as simple as taking a warm relaxing bath ???. Oh fuck yeah, sometimes I'll go all the way and take the chance by replying that a warm bath sounds wonderful, and that I'm a bit embarrassed to say but I used to use masturbation to help feel better but I'd lost interest in that. Most will respond positively and reassure you that you can talk about anything without them judging you. One even suggested masturbation as a stress relief mechanism and that if I was having trouble with the desire to self medicate with self pleasure try using internet porn as a way of sparking arousal. " really, I have seen the odd movie years ago but I guess I could have a look online, is there like, full sex and like a movie I saw once with two girls and a guy ? I ask. There anything you can think of, I'm not an expert she says but there's everything and anything people might do or enjoy sexually, really, I'd be happy if I could even find a video of a nice girl masturbating too I say, oh there's plenty of that she says as I blow all over myself trying not to moan out loud into the phone. It's terrible I know, using the wonderful souls that volunteer their time to help others but the soothing sound of a sweet caring female voice is such a turn on.......... and it's free. I get racked with guilt and shame afterwards but I do it again when I feel the need, it's like an addiction and adds another horny dimension to my portfolio of secret sexual behaviours.

Friends were staying over at my house. The most beautiful of the girls had left here pants and thong behind by accident. It was a skimpy black thong and smelt so good. The next day I decided to wear the thong to work under my uniform. I’m an airline pilot. It was such a turn on walking through the terminal feeling the thong press so tightly against my cock and balls. No one aware of what I had under my pants. I had to focus so hard on not constantly getting a raging hard on. The thong was so small my cock and balls were bursting out the sides. I constantly had to pop into the bathroom and readjust my package. I wore the thong the entire day. When I got home I ripped my uniform off and jerked off feverishly. Just before I came I ripped the thong off and came all over it. I put the thong in the wash and returned it to her the next day. I still fantasize about that day and wonder how often she wore the thong after I had my way with it.

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