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Party Confessions

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I dined with the queen and partied with her, wow, what a strange dream. I was treated like part of her family and I was being welcomed to talk and I thought this is strange, I have sworn and you seen me get angry you seen me lose my temper you even heard some terrible things I did and I felt almost uncomfortable you wanted to know me. I was celebrating your birthday with you and it was like "I can't believe it I am actually here feeling uncomfortable but good as well and the queen wants to know me! wow.... and I felt shameless! what a strange dream


My girlfriend and I (m/30) have been together for around 10 years now. Her family is originally from Russia. Shortly, after we got together, she invited me to her birthday party with her family. Up until then, I never met her family or knew much about them. Of course I agreed to come and got her a nice present and some flowers for her mother. I actually thought that it would be a small and quiet celebration.
Oh boy, was I wrong.
When we pulled up to her parents' house, I was overwhelmed. It was (still is) a really big house with fine decour and everything. I got rather nervous that her family would not like me as they obviously were playing in another league than me.
So, it was a huge party and all her family from all around the country and from Russia came to celebrate. And as you might know, the Russians love their vodka. Everyone was very kind and everyone wanted to drink with me. As soon as my glass was empty, another relative came my way holding vodka shots. My girlfriend was very busy talking to everyone and did not notice what happened until it was too late.
So, we danced, we took shots, the food was amazing. Until I noticed that I wasn't feeling so well. I didn't make it back to the bathroom, but puked all over myself, the floor and some landed on my girlfriend's mother... I was mortified!
Somehow, my girlfriend, her mother and her aunt managed to get me into the bathtub and hosed me down. They got me a pyjama of my girlfriend's dad and they put me to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I felt horrible. I was utterly ashamed, but still went down for breakfast. Everyone still present was smirking and laughing at me, but it seemed everything in good fun. Her mother came up to me with a bottle of vodka shortly after and asked if I wanted to do some shots. I almost puked on her again.
So I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest before our wedding in June when I have to see her whole family again.

#girlfriend   #russian   #vodka   #drunk   #puked   #embarrassing   #family   #celebration   #party   #bathroom   #funny   #ashamed   #confession   #wedding   #russia  

Recently, I was partying really hard, a girl came over to me and said that she fell in love with me. I answered "If I had two more beer, I would fall in love with you, too!"
She slapped me and ran off.

#party   #girl   #love   #slap   #beer  

I'll skip classes tomorrow because I wanna go to a big party tonight.
A lot of beer, drugs and stuff. It's gonna be GREAT!
Me and some other dudes of mine should give a speech in our philosophy class tomorrow but I'm not going. Should they do that.. :-)

#drunk   #drugs   #party  

At 20 I had a full on makeout session with a 15 year old. She is thick and has juicy thoughts and a big ass. She’s a little ghetto but in a hot way. We met at a party and she said she was 18. I didn’t think much. We were in my car and she was on top of me. We were feeling eachother and it was super hot. Her tongue was so sexy. But when we exchanged imstagrams I looked her up the next day and her bio said 15. I never reached out to her. Kinda spooked me. She’s a super hoe from what I saw. I figured she wouldn’t care if I reached out. Even though it was hot and she was super sexy I am not looking to get in trouble 😂

#kissing   #hot   #makeout   #party  

I went to a BBQ turned swimming party. I didn't bring a swimsuit. It's February and know one suggested it. Well they twisted my arm and I ended up swimming in a t-shirt and underwear. It was quite revealing and I was nervous. As I started swimming and playing I became relaxed. I suddenly realized I was performing for a group of gawkers. Most were strangers to me, but as I got aroused and horny I could care less who was staring. I was feeling like a naughty, dirty, little slut. I was hot and horny. Sometimes I wonder if my beauty doesn't shy men away, but not this day. I even recorded some girls inspecting me. I was so engrossed that I totally forgot I came with my boyfriend to his parent's party. Although accidental, that was my first experience transparently exposing myself for all to see. A once in a lifetime event. Now my fantasy is to have each one of them watch me as I sit here in my favorite position, legs apart, touching, rubbing, edgeing ever so slowly to climax. Knowing they will see me cum, increases my pleasure.

#seethrough   #swim   #party   #nasty   #horny   #masturbating   #tease   #sex   #exhibitionist   #fantasy  

At the birthday party of my little sister (it was her 7th birthday) I put vodka into the bowle so the kids get funnier.

#alcohol   #vodka   #birthday   #party   #sister   #bowle   #kids   #funny  

My friends and I love to crash house parties and there are A LOT where we live. We usually get quite hammered and dick around - it is always great fun. I also usually ends with one of most of us puking and throwing up. When I do, I like to do it on the carpet(s). When I am done, I turn them around, so it will not be noticed at first.
It is hilarious to watch when the host(s) notices and I when they have to clean it up afterwards.

#party   #puking   #alcohol   #wasted   #carpet   #host   #confession   #funny  

When I was 15 (female) I was invited to a slumber party with a few of my band mates. There were six of us total. The girl who was hosting the party lived in a big two story house, and the bedroom we were hanging up in was on the second floor, while her parents slept on the first floor. This meant we knew we could get away with a lot. About 12:30 a.m., we started playing truth or dare. It started out all innocent, but it got dirty quick. Girls were being dared to take off clothes, express sexual fantasies, et cetera.

The girl hosting the party was the type who wasn't ashamed of anything. As proof, she went over to her nightstand and pulled a vibrator from the drawer. She then dared me to put it inside my pussy and leave it in until I came. I was really embarrassed, and it took them nearly 20 minutes to convince me to do it. But my mild sleepiness and my hornyness made me agree. I took the vibrator and lowered my panties (I was wearing a night gown at the time, no bottoms). I didn't let them see my pussy, but I slowly managed to shove the device inside me. The moment I turned it on, I moaned on and off all while the rest continued their game. I eventually fell to my side, trembling and moaning until I felt my juices running from my pussy down my bottom. It was an orgasm unlike any I had ever felt.

One of the other girls asked me if I had had fun. I said yes. I fell asleep about five minutes later XD.


This happened so long ago but it still makes me cringe thinking about it. I'm not really sure what led up to this but I'm at a party and the others are chanting strip, strip, strip and teasingly I start to. It just got carried away and eventually I did it. Not only that but I didn't put my clothes back on and spent the rest of the party walking around naked. I was the centre of the party now, ended up with an erection and masturbated, too horny for my own good. Of course word got out and I was teased relentlessly about it. I would get invites to parties now solely because of what I did. A few times in gym class I was made to walk around naked in the change room. I was so embarrassed. I didn't dare go to another party for fear of what I would be wanted to do. From time to time the kids at the original party would get me to do it again and would strip me if I said no. It just became easier to do it and for the next few years I repeatedly stripped for them. It didn't stop until I moved away after high school.

#striping   #naked   #party   #masturbation  

Some time ago my friends and I were partying in the city. We had a lot of fun and drank a lot of alcohol. The time went by and our alcohol consume took its toll. We were wasted and running around in the city, flirting with girls and mess around with people there.

After a while we met a homeless man. He was sitting in a corner of a building, drinking his beer and just looking miserable. We talked to him and while my friends where distracting him, I peed in his beer can.
We said goodbye and left after that, laughing our asses off.

In retrospect I feel terrible about it and very sorry for the man. He probably hadn't had anything else but that beer and I pissed in it. I am sorry!

#party   #homeless   #drunk   #alcohol   #beer   #can   #pee   #confess   #sin  

My wife had a company party and the motto was quiz show. There was even a quiz like the one "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and they even had telephone jokers. If she would have won, she would have gotten a week off and 500 pounds extra cash.
I was her telephone joker and she called me on the last question, if she would have known that, she would have won.
I told her the wrong answer because I don't want her to be at home that much.
She's annoying from time to time.

#motto   #quiz   #annoying  

I consider theories who I could get money very fast and easy. I am really in debts right now because of different parties, events and stuff like that. And the worst is, I don't care what kind of "job" or "sale" that would be. I would even sell my girlfriend.

#money   #fast   #girlfriend   #party   #event   #debt   #job  

My bestfriend, hooked up with my ex boyfriend when we were still together. That bitch!!

#traitor   #third   #party   #fuckers  

I called the cops and told them that my mom hides drugs under her bed. I put some weed under her pillow and waited. They arrested her and now I am able to throw a big big party!

#cops   #mother   #weed   #drugs   #party  

So the other night me (M15 + sexually confused) and friends had a party and we all got very drunk. It was at about 2am when I was by myself with my friend (M15), and Idk how but we just really opened up about everything and we share the same kind of problems with home life and UGH it just felt so good to let everything go and be open with someone! I say everything...but I definitely did not tell him I'm gay for him.
Ik it's probably just my imagination but sometimes I think he could like me too? Like I was singing a rap and forgot the words after the line 'can I have a kiss?' And he just said sure and ran out. But we were all so gone at this point that idek. We also kept hugging and the second time we hugged his lips only just missed mine and he kept showing me his body like his abs but tbf I started doing that first so maybe he just did it for the lols? We also stayed together throughout the night until he left to get home. Even if he doesn't like me it's nice having someone who knows so much about you and you know so much about them and is one of your best friends

#gay   #party   #attraction  

Last night, I had a very weird dream.
I was at my aunt's birthday party when I noticed that I urgently needed to go on the toilet but in the whole building I was not able to find a restroom. The problem was that I didn't need to pee but to empty my intestine.
Don't remember much unfortunately but when I woke up I ... already emptied my gut, next to my almost-boyfriend. We were hooking up but of cource he saw what I did and rushed off.
Oh gosh, this was the most embarrassing moment in my life!!!!

#dream   #party   #toilet   #restroom   #intestine   #gut   #embarrassing   #confession  

Well , I feel guilty! Not sure if is cheating but few weeks ago I as invited to a co worker bachelorette party where a male stripper was performing at private dance and got completely naked and hard for us he dance in front of everyone privately and everyone of us had to touch or kiss his parts ! Luckily or unluckily I had to stroke him . I enjoyed at the moment because the histeria and drinks but I feel guilty now . My husband has no idea !

#bachelorette   #party  

Im 22yrs old sister was 17 at the time. She went out to a party and came home beyond drunk with her friend. I had to help her in her room. She had a small dress that when she layed down her ass was hanging out. And her friend passed out on the couch right away. My sister was passed out face down so i lifted her dress and grabbed her big ass. I left and gave her 20mins then came back jumped on her bed and pulled her thong off i couldnt believe i was squezzing and licking her ass... i put my finger deep in her was soaken wet. I pulled my dick out and slid right in I can feel her tightness around my dick so i gave her that long stroke. I fucked her for 40 mins. And could hear her mumbling yass baby mmm. Before i left the room i stuck my finger in her friends ass hole nice and wet.


Back in kindergarten there was this one kid I couldn't stand. His birthday was on the same day as mine so we always had to share our kindergarten birthday party. That annoyed me so much that I once pushed him off the swing. The swing was obviously still moving and hit him hard in the face. It broke his jaw.

When I now think about it I feel very sorry for all the pain I put him through just because his birthday was on the same day as mine.

#kindergarten   #birthday   #party   #jaw   #swing   #hate   #sorry  

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