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Drugs Confessions

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I have been recreationally consuming butane for the past few weeks. At first it was a head rush and woozy feeling, but over time strong hallucinations now kick in the more I do.

In a recent session, I did quite a bit, reached the dream-like hallucination state which never actually feels very good, calmed down and got back to normal. I usually stop after that point, but no, I decided to do more.

The hallucination state kicks back in, strongly, and it feels like I'm about to die. Shapes and colours meld and twist, my heart races and beats irregulary, there's a roaring sound in my mind and I hallucinate I'm rigged up to a vital monitoring machine which is screaming at me.

I tear myself away from my desk, panting very heavily, adrenaline pumping through my veins, thinking this is it. I start to ball my eyes out, begging not to die as I think of my family and life ahead of me. I slowly but surely calm my breathing and reality goes back to normal.

I've resolved to never touch the drug again, ever. This is my way of getting my thoughts out there.

Thank you.

#drugs   #overdose  

I love doing my meth behind my Gf back. I am the best functioning addict ever. I have a nice home, an awesome car, and a great job that pays a lot.

I know I'm going to dump her soon (most likely tomorrow). Because she has a horrible personality. I was trying to wait until next month when her youngest sister turns 18. So I can open her pussy with my big cock, but I'm done wasting my time.

So today I'm going to go on a day of perverted Savagery. I'm going to smoke good all-day ( Meth and Weed). Her youngest sister is almost here she asked if she practices sucking cock on me. So of course I said yes!! Also wow typing this up my GF other sister (Be has 4 and my GF is the 2nd oldest). Is already here at my place with my dick in her ass.

I'm just going let them get me thru this break up.

#drugs   #breakup   #addict  

A neighborhood girl (12) was going around bullying the other kids and trying to act "cool" claiming she drank and smoked and drugged all the time (you know the type) i gained this knowledge from my 10 year old niece who was one of the girls bullied, well i decided to she needed a lesson, coming from the background i did i was able to aquire a small amount of meth, the bully always carried around this knockoff purse, so i went to speak with her about bullying my niece (knowing full well she would just be a little twat) well as she was running her mouth i casually dropped the baggie of dope in the purse she had set on the bench, i walked a block away abd called the cops and tipped in that a minor was in possesion of drugs at the park, she waa arrested, charged with a felony and did six months in juvie, i later heard she was constantly getting beat up for running her mouth in there, even though it was a horrible thkng to do shes now no longer a cunt and is even doing better in school.

#revenge   #lesson   #drugs   #bully  

Because I'd like to be able to do baking, I bake a lot in the last weeks. Last weekend, I made bread, but instead of oregano, I put some of my weed in the dough. Didn't notice it at first but my daughter (she's 9) ate some of the bread for breakfast, I soon noticed that something was wrong.
I really should stop smoking pot.

#daughter   #pot   #weed   #break   #beaking   #dough   #confession   #drugs  

Well my brother ended up in jail and I been hanging out his wife already played with her tits she’s touched my dick we spun as fuck I’m bout to fuck her and don’t feel bad bout it because she gets treated like shit.

#drugs   #sex  

I'll skip classes tomorrow because I wanna go to a big party tonight.
A lot of beer, drugs and stuff. It's gonna be GREAT!
Me and some other dudes of mine should give a speech in our philosophy class tomorrow but I'm not going. Should they do that.. :-)

#drunk   #drugs   #party  

Many times I have thought about what it’s like to get high. Or be drugged. Or be drunk.
I can’t drink or take drugs. I have epilepsy and strong medication.

#illness   #drugs   #alcohol  

I like to get super high and have rough sex. Nothing feels better to me than getting used while stoned.

#sex   #drugs   #stoned  

My brother is an abusive drug addict and alcoholic. I believe he is also mentally ill. I enable him to buy drugs because it’s the only time he acts like a normal person. Nobody knows what my life is really like.

#drugs   #brother  

I've been on meth for years. I have a job so I can have money to buy meth. And being high motivates me to do my job so I can get paid and get high.

#drugs   #meth  

I'm taking crystal meth and I'm not going to stop.

#crystal   #meth   #drugs   #addiction   #confession  

I smoke crack. I snort rails. I lost my last two jobs and I live off my best friend. I do drugs at her house when she’s not home. I spent all my money on crack. My ex tried saving me and I told people he hit me. I failed. I lie, I cheat, I steal. I’m a shitty person. An addict, a closet addict. I stole from friends and I’ve reached a point where I do drugs alone. I stopped paying my car I don’t pay rent. I need help. I’m fucked in the head. I never used to be this deep. I’ve lost everything even the love of my life due to drugs.

#liar   #addict   #confession   #drugs  

One time while high on meth I was in the company of a girl, completely innocent. She ask if she could try smoking some, so I made her take 5 huge hits back to back. By the end of the 5 hit she was touching her crotch. Her panties were sopping wet. She was so horny I eat her out , she blew me and I fuck her for 6 hours and she was a virgin.

#seductive   #drugs   #sex  

Lately I've had an intense desire to try drugs. I just want to be reckless and step out of the boundaries. Sometimes I think "f**k it". I think I'd really like to at least smoke weed. I even fantasize about f**king some random men to get drugs.

#curiosity   #drugs  

I grew up in the high desert california where the meth was by leaps and bounds better than any other i have ever had... So always around it always had it without ever spending one dollar on it, due to my mom being a crazy down ass bitch and cool help the cooks..and so lets fast forward almost 20 years 18 of those married three kids living in a different state and times are very hard right now in the oil industry.. O im doing what i know best by using the last of my money we had and bought a large amount of dope and brought to a town where its hard to get and have 1 guy get rid of it for me and double my money and have plenty to go around everyone is happy me and wife smokin the shit out of the point of me getting hooked on jackin off with people on omegle when ever i get the chance cause im laid off and might have a guy fuck my ass...

#drugs   #sex   #addiction   #unlawful  

I like mixing drugs and sex. I love to snort cocaine off a naked girls body while my husband rails me from behind. And sex on ecstasy is out of this world. It makes our orgies so much better. Sometimes I even smoke a bong when it's just me and my husband. I also do lines of coke occasionally. I don't think I'm addicted or anything. It's not like I do it every day, or even every week. But it's nice just to let loose and have fun sometimes.

#drugs   #sex  

I am in my 40s divorced 3 kids. I just started shooting meth. when I shoot meth I Immediately turn into a sexual deviant. I had the same problem when doing coke, I swallow and love it when high

#meth   #kids   #alone   #high   #drugs   #abuse  

I was diagnosed with depression 4 years ago , I was so confused but everything started to make sense. I was introduced to self harm and she became my bestfriend, i cut myself so much I have lots of scars they are very noticeable. I abused a lot of drugs for example meth , weed , & pills I also drank a lot of alcohol to escape the pain I feel everyday, I'm miserable so very miserable, my anxiety has gotten very bad that I stay in my room at all times . I hate going out and as sad it sounds I just prefer to be dead . Please save me

#drugs   #selfharm   #anxiety  

I am obsessed with getting high on cocaine and getting naked and flashing in the window of my hotel room. I sometimes get freaky enough to fuck my ass against the window.

#drugs   #mast   #exhi  

I want to start doing drugs again. But all my old suppliers are either dead or in jail or got clean. I miss the feeling of being in la la land.

Pray and roll the dice for #drugs

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