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Life Confessions

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I pretend to care about people I meet and my friends, but frankly I've been hurt and scarred so much that I don't care much for their happiness. If anything I'm resentful and bitter that they are happy and I'm suffering.

#life   #hate  

I live in my own world. There are things I cannot and will not explain about how I life but I think some of you would say I am crazy and should immediately see a specialist or go straight in an asylum. I don't want to tell you in detail whats wrong with me but let me say this:
I confess to be in love with another species. Not a human being but something more wonderful.

#life   #asylum   #specialist   #crazy   #love  

Realizing that cartoons aren’t real and life will never be as colorful and wacky and fun as the looney tunes probably fucked me up more than I realized. Going through life knowing I’ll never truly be friends with Bugs Bunny and the gang is something I think way too much about and it leads to me becoming very depressed. One day I’ll die and be forgotten yet Bugs will live in and remain in the public consciousness so long as there’s money in it.

#fantasy   #reality   #cartoons   #sadness   #lifeiscruel  

I confess to being an entitled asshole, who since I was able to walk, expected everything for nothing. I thought I could coast through life and have all the things I wanted to be and to have would just fall into my laps. They didn’t. So now I’m at a shitty job that I hate because it’s the job I strives for, which is to say nothing at all. I haven’t put effort into anything and now I’m addicted to my mediocrity. I have no compassion, no drive, no ambition; I don’t know what hard work looks or feels like. Everyone else is trying to better themselves, and here I am dreading to go to work everyday, hoping that this day I’ll get fired and not have to work here, instead of quitting and doing something with my life. All because I have convinced myself that I was a genius, just waiting to be discovered and make the world a better place. Yeah right.

#confess   #entitled   #asshole   #coasting   #life   #lazy   #weakness  

I dont know what to do with my life anymore. ive lost all of my friends, and i feel like i have noone to talk to generally. ive never felt more lonely in my life than right now. i havent achieved anything till now. im tired of everything. its annoying me, everything around here. i feel lost, and i dont have the will to live anymore.


yeh, life really does sux, I knew it but would try to be positive when everyone was so negative around me. I thought it would be me with the degree graduation and big money earning and marriage and instead its like my nephew and aunty have the money and travel everywhere and get work easy and friends and aunt goes around raping young men and I know her relationship will end in a bunch fight with other women, she is going so like the great ronaldo. my sister in law graduated from a degree before me when I started one before her. she is a bitch and prostitute and that is how she gets work. I mean, their good at taking people down, I will give them that. but does that mean they should be rewarded for their bad ends? I hope slutty cousin ends up with quads next pregnancy and is fat forever and her kids will be having babies young after all not much else to do over there with their 4 way marriage.

#life   #sux  

I cheated on my last boyfriend.
He still doesn’t know and though we broke up and we’re just friends now...I feel like I should tell him since I had an abortion and I’m not sure who’s it was.

I need to confess.
I've never asked for much in my life. Just to be happy. I can't seem to ever find it though. Every time I do it always ends up being fake. I hate that so much. But a while back I found happiness in a girl. She was everything I've ever wanted and more. I devoted my life to keeping her happy and I did everything to do so. We were inseparable, or so I thought. One day, not too long ago in fact, she decided to just throw away all we worked so hard to achieve.
I was so devastated I tried to kill myself numerous times. When my knives were finally taken away I looked up key points on my veins and took thumbtacks to each point. Several at a time too. The pain was unbearable and I thought it would work. It didn't obviously. People saw the scars and finally I got help. I was gone for a few days but it felt like a lifetime. When I finally got out of where I was I felt better but not helped. I still have thoughts of death and suicide and am having them now as I type these words. The scars serve as my own permanent reminder of what I went through. Everyone wants me to promise never to do it again...but these promises have been made in vain....

#suicide   #ex   #breakup   #life   #promise  

Gollum’s Life ~by the REAL Gollum
I’m Gollum, the REAL Gollum. I know, you readers might be thinking “Gollum isn’t real!” “You’re insane!” “You want attention!” “You’re living in a fantasy world!” etc.
I’m not making this up. I AM really Gollum, precious. I don’t need to prove it to you!!! I’m using correct grammar and whatnot so I won’t sound annoying. In the Return of the King, I faked my death.

Obviously, I’m tough as nails and I don’t care what others think of me. However, my heart can shatter to pieces when people bully me, gossip negatively about me, and/or harm me in any psychical, mental, and/or emotional form.

For example, many people online refer to Gollum as evil, cannilbalistic, ugly, disgusting, hideous, psychotic, schizophrenic, narcissistic, freak, muderer, etc. Although I’m aware these things are NOT true about me, I become upset to discover that people believe those lies and rumors about me. Ever since, I’ve frequently worried if my friends would pity me, likes fans of mine do, or be convinced that I’m a murderer and shut me out of their lives. People who have wanted to befriend me have approached me asked for my name. Almost always, my response was “I can’t tell you because you will hate me and think I’m insane.” Even when I’ve revealed myself to them, they were never convinced. Furthermore, they’ve said they hated me and taunted me.

Everyday, I harbor my emotions by convincing myself to be strong and not be offfended. “Big creatures don’t cry,” is what they say. Everynight, before going to sleep, I tell myself I’m feeling ok...when I’m heartbroken by these nasty little hobbitses, dwarveses, elvses, and humanses...I don’t get it, why are people so repulsed by me?
~From, Gollum (the REAL one)

#gollumslife   #wtf  

I am 55 years old and I have been a masturbation fanatic since I was 13. I got ahold of some porn magazines and the first chance I got to be alone, I spread them out in front of me and figured out what to do next. A few hours later, I did it again. The next day, I masturbated 4 more times. I jerked off heavily all through high school and beyond and rarely had girlfriends. I accumulated a large stash of porn magazines. In my 20s, I started going to adult bookstores and masturbated in those private video booths. Nowadays, of course, I have access to unlimited porn on the internet. I have masturbated less when I was in a relationship, but I always looked at porn and masturbated. Since I had a string of unsuccessful relationships, I decided to go it alone and now I masturbate just as much as I did when I was young, usually 4 or 5 times a day. I watch a lot of porn because the porn makes the orgasms more intense. I have often wondered if this is a strong sex drive or an addiction. Recently, I was on a camping trip and I did not have enough privacy to masturbate for several days. Yes I survived but by the end of the trip, I was thinking about what I was going to do when I could get myself some alone time and sure enough after I got home, I masturbated like crazy for a couple days, actually losing count of how many times.

#masturbation   #lifelong   #porn  

I miss you so much it hurts. I'm anxious and depressed and I can't get out of my own head tonight. I just keep running through what ifs and the should haves... I just keep trying to figure out what to change so that I'm happy but I just can't figure it out..I'm sorry about the way everything turned out. This wasn't how our lives were supposed to end up.I miss being best friends...i miss you. I love you. I don't wish this pain on anybody.

#sad   #regrets  

Each day, I am jealous of my cat because she doesn't have to get up every morning, go to work and live a daily human life. It just sucks. I wanna lie in bed all day, lick my balls and sleep, too!

#jealous   #cat   #morning   #busy   #life  

I hate my life! I could literally throw up when I think about it!!!!!!

#hate   #life   #throwup   #confession  

I've recently been going to lots of parties . I always get crossed faded ( its when your drunk and high) and it always messes me up even more. But, I can't stop. I feel horrible after but, at the moment I feel so good. And I love to go to crazy things with my friends when I go out to party.

#crossfaded   #weed   #highlife   #drinking  

I want to confess that I once thought about going on a killing spree.
Please don't get me wrong, I know how terrible this is but I just couldn't handle it anymore. Back in middle school all other kids hated me, bullied me and pranked me. After a girl pretend to like me but just did so because she had lost a bet, I was furious. I actually had planned the attack but was too afraid to do it.

I am now a grown up man in my mid 30 and I am very glad I haven't ruined my life like that.

#killing   #spree   #school   #bullied   #prank   #life   #confession  

My life sucks. I don't get a girl and every girl I like gets a boyfriend shortly after. I should make a business out of it...
I guess it's because I am just a nice guy. Girls don't like nice guys...

From now on I am going to be an asshole! A big jerk.. Maybe I'll get a girlfriend then...

#girl   #boyfriend   #life   #unfair  

I have a crush at you but you didn't ever know that i exist how long should i wait for you hm? hope u can see me KTH.

#korean   #life   #hopes  

Sometimes I just feel like shooting myself in the head. This depression anxiety shit is ruining my life. I’m a Asian guy who’s only into white girls. I just think they’re the angels of the world. I’ve been rejected so many times that I just want to fuck it all. I think loneliness kills more people than cancer. FML

#rejection   #depression   #anxiety   #fuckmylife  

Did i go to Heaven twice; or imagine it?
I'm a skeptical person. I don't believe ghosts are possible. I think big foot was the silverback gorrila. People see a deer/bear; panick; & imagine the shadow is bigfoot. Nessie was wood; & dolphins. Giant squid was real. Etc.
Ive had people tell me my eyes glow: just odd eyes. This has caused some to call me a star child. I like to mess with people to try to help teach them not to believe in crazy stuff.

But some of the signs are real. But let's face it; they ars vague. A lot of butterflys used to land on me: i emit a sweet smell when i sweat. Butterflys need the salt. A lot of kind animals liked me. Well; I'm nice. I think i emit more pharamones than most. Till recent old age i had a higher pitch very musical voice.

A lot of birds whistled at me. I have big flexible tounge; & have mimicked bird sounds for yrs. So emitting non-threatening pheremones & mimicking their sounds attract them.

Mean animals: i get very aggessive. I was 270 lb muscle man. I probably emit phaamones that send a threat to them.
In 70's i saw a Tic Tac secret US craft by a military base. You see similar craft in Navy video. Can i prove that's what it was? No; but its either that or aliens. I would need much more proof before i could believe aliens are visiting. I see some stuff on TV; but we've been faked before.
After i saw it i had weird dreams. Is it possible aliens were trying to abduct me & somehow kept me in a dream state; sure. But isnt it more likely all the scared adults outside that night with me who cried & were in shock; plus calls to the news; & the news running a show discussing possible abductions caused me to have weird vivid dreams? Let's face it; as soon as i woke up screaming & running they started dissapearing. So to me; this proves alien abuctions are the exact same; vivid dreams.

I'll grant you; having a weird guy try to abduct me months later is curious. Except i think it was months later. He was in darkish/blackish clothes; but so what. We had a ton of drug using child abductors in 70's. See: science. I believe its possible a few people who witnessed secret US craft were visited by secret agents; but so what; after WWII, who wanted a nuke war with Russia & maybe China?
So; i can use science to explain all so far; & yes i will keep messing with people to try to help them stop believing in goofy stuff.
Now for the last two; i felt like i went to Heaven twice when i nearly died. The second one is very easy; i was nearly killed. Heart stopped. I could have very easily have imagined it.

So that leaves precisely one event i can't explain with science. As a little boy when i was saved i thought my soul briefly went to Heaven. I can't explain that. I should not have known all of that; or all the stuff i knew about space at that young of age. Since I'm a Christian; & patterned my entire life after that experience, I'm sticking with it as real. That said; its possible that could be scientifically explained away, but i haven't seen a way yet. Either way; God & Jesus loves me; & I'm going to Heaven when i die.

God Bless

#heaven   #death   #afterlife   #hallucination  

I just realized that I made a big mistake in life. I am female, 19 years old and I think I completely destroyed my whole future...
Couple of months before I graduated from high school, I met a guy in the café I worked at. She were chatting a bit, making small talk mostly, but I really liked the attention a stranger was giving me. I really liked looking at him, he was (still is) a very attractive guy although a bit older. He is 43, has no children and is divorced. I was 17 years old when we exchanged numbers.
I was not worried about his age. We started texting, he called me every night and we talked for hours about everything and anything. We started going out and I fell in love with him quite quickly. And so did he. Everything felt right. He was a real gentleman - corteous, generous and so so attractive.

So now, after my graduation, we are newly married. All of my friends and family told me not to commit to him and not to get married, but I did not listen to them. I was in love. So, I broke off contact to those people who tried to talk me out of it.
I wanted to go to university after high school, get a diploma, travel the world, live in my own apartment. But I moved out of my parents' house, right in with my husband.
Well, I kinda feel totally unprepared for this life as a wife and an adult. (I mean, a wife, at 19!!). I still feel like a child most of the time and I feel inexperienced. I think that is what my husband likes best about me.

Now that the honeymoon phase is over I realized that we have nothing in common. We are living different lives, we are from different times. We do not share any common interests. And he does not want me to go to university or start a job, as he said I should care for our home and be there for our future children. He's already planned having children in the next few years, without talking to me about it.
He is some big shot at the police force, so he earns a lot of money. That is not a problem.
And I can be myself when I am around him, 100 %. And I do love him, but he kind of treats me like a child sometimes.

My family does not want to hear about my concerns any longer, as they say they told me from the beginning. Now I am all alone, with no friends or any social contacts and I know I've driven myself into a corner.
I confess that I am here, bawling my eyes out, listening to sad music, realizing that I have no way out.

#husband   #older   #married   #young   #regret   #parents   #children   #life   #sad   #unhappy  

Pray and roll the dice for #life

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