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Weed Confessions

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I have lived my entire life in fear of black ppl. I was taught they are evil terrible mean ppl so I steered as far as possible from them. In school I wouldn't talk to them or even make eye contact with them. I was pertified at thier presence. I graduated high school got married not long after and had 4 boys and I taught them as I was taught to refrain from getting involved with black ppl at all cost. They took our advice as racist as it was and didn't socialize with no black person to date but my youngest son Daniel was the exception. He got into the rap and saggy pants and of course the drugs. It started with marijuana and now he's a full blown meth head. He quit school and did basically what he wanted to do and his dad had to do 2 years in the Middle-East and my son would get soo strung out he would do anything for money. We had to cut him off finiacially and he stayed gone for weeks then he would call in soo much debt with his dealer that we would bail him out to keep them from hurting him. We put him in rehabs until we had to declare bankruptcy. My husband risked his life for his country everyday over there and Daniel bankrupting us was a big slap is my husband's face. He was discouraged and blamed himself for not being home to deal with Daniel but the biggest hit was yet to come. I got a call from a man that tells me Daniel is in big trouble and he needs my help so I go find him just where the man told me he was and I bring him home with me. We were home maybe 20 to 30 minutes when the door bell rang and as I answered the door I was pushed backwards by a black guy who had 3 other black guys with him. He asked me where Daniel was? I told him he was getting a shower and he would be finished shortly but he wasn't waiting and he sent his 3 guys to pull him out of the shower and they threw him down in the living room floor wet and naked. I was embarrassed as a mother would be in the situation and grab a throw off the back of the sofa to Daniel and he covered himself. Daniel was out of it so I spoke up and said I take it Daniel owes you money,right. The leader says "hell yeah he owes me money and I want it,right now." I ask him how much does he owe you and he blew me away when he said $3,100.00. I did not have that kind of money. I only had $900.00 and most of that was bill money for utilities. I told him I didn't have that kind of money and he threatened to hurt Daniel right now. I begged him to please not hurt him that I would sell my car and everything I have to come up with the money. He asked me if I would sell myself and I was confused at the statement and responded with the only word I could think of at the time and that was "what! " He tells me he didn't studder. He rephrased the question and said, "would you give up that fine ass to spare your son's life" Still stunned by what I was hearing I hesitantly said "you know I would". He said good that's what we will do then,you can work his debt off and we can start right now and commands me to undress. Omg,this was happening my biggest fears had come true because not only am I conversing with this black dealer but now he's wanting sex with me. I look at Daniel as I undress and this black bastard takes my wrist and forces me to my knees and puts his dick in my mouth and he disrespecting me the whole time with the typical ghetto lanuage and he lays me on the sofa and he gets real aggressive as he really thrust into me and I do orgasm and they take turns with me then they lead me to this Escalade and for 4 days I am constantly fucked with very little sleep until my son's debt is paid. I had to tell my husband everything I thought is was the right thing to do and it was but I left out an important part that I kept secret and that was that I realized I was able to payoff $3,100.00 dollars of debt in just 4 days. Sex is something I enjoy and with my husband overseas I felt deprived of it and the money is great. My husband barely makes $3,100.00 for a whole month so I turned to prostitution to aleviate two problems I was dealing with which was loneliness and debt and I didn't have a problem with selling my body to get what I wanted. Grant it I wouldn't have turned to prositution had Daniel followed his brother's footsteps and stayed straight but there is a silver lining in every cloud and one such silver lining if you can call it that is that I am not longer racist or scared of black ppl and do have quite a few black clients that I service weekly and bi-weekly. After Daniel was forced to watch his mom with these 4 blacks thugs and witnessing the extreme measures that I was willing to go thru to protect him,Daniel got clean and is doing very well. My husband finally got state side and I told him of my exploits into prostitution and how I was still doing it. He wasn't happy. He said that he understood what I did to protect and save our son Daniel but he doesn't understand why I continue doing it. I told him exactly how lonely I was and the money is great. He asked me to quit being he's home and could attend to the loneliness issue and he could do that but now I'm enjoying the men,the sex and the money too much. I tell him I still love him that hadn't changed but over these years I have changed. He agreed that I had changed alright,changed into a whore then asked me what happened to the beautiful loyal woman he married? He tells me he does love me but can't live this way and throws this guilt trip on me that this is what he gets for serving his country. I explain to him that I would love to stay with him and the decision to leave me would be his,not mine. He didn't even stay the night and went to a motel and ironically picks up a hooker off the street and when awakes the next morning the hooker is gone and he realizes there is no attachment between a prostitute and her Johns and he comes back tells me everything and he will accept my new found profession. We are out of debt and doing great. We now have a vacation home on the lake which we go to nearly every weekend where we go boing,fishing,swimming and it's fun. I never thought soo much good could come from a situation soo tragic and I guess you can say that life gave us some lemons and we turned it into lemonade. Life is good these days and my family is strong. My kids know are the greatest and we have not hid any of the events of our story from them and they aren't ashamed of me for doing what I did which I would've done for them all. They tell me I'm thier hero which is kind of strange seeing thier dad risked his life in service of our country and they do respect his sacrifice but they credit me with defending and saving our family and I'll take that with a smile and happy heart. I did sacrifice alot but in the end I'd do it again. Business has been booming even more so ever since I started taking on female clients and couples. Who knew little ole me could've done 180 degree turn where the things I once condemned and considered vile is now my life's work and passion. Truly sex sells and I'm cashing in it. Who knows maybe some of you reading my story will find thier calling in life thru some strange or maybe some terrible chain of events but either way I call it destiny. My destiny to bring joy to soo many ppl looking for just a release from the day to day stresses thru sex is self fulfilling. May God bless you all to find peace and happiness. Muah.

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Because I'd like to be able to do baking, I bake a lot in the last weeks. Last weekend, I made bread, but instead of oregano, I put some of my weed in the dough. Didn't notice it at first but my daughter (she's 9) ate some of the bread for breakfast, I soon noticed that something was wrong.
I really should stop smoking pot.

#daughter   #pot   #weed   #break   #beaking   #dough   #confession   #drugs  

I called the cops and told them that my mom hides drugs under her bed. I put some weed under her pillow and waited. They arrested her and now I am able to throw a big big party!

#cops   #mother   #weed   #drugs   #party  

my dad an i often meet up to smoke some weed. my parents are divorced so my mom isn't allowed to know anything about that

#smoke   #weed   #divorced   #mom   #dad  

I told my parents that I would go on a camping trip with some of my class mates.
In fact, I'm flying to Amsterdam with my long-term secret boyfriend to smoke some weed and stuff.
I hope they don't find out.

#lie   #amsterdam   #weed  

It's 420 baby!!!! Woooo everbody yeah, smoke with the party yeah.

#420   #marijuana   #robvandamn  

I must admit, I’m a university student studying management majoring accounting or finance. I just recently had a reading break which means no school for a week. I also have 4 midterms right after the break. As a management student, the courses are kinda tough and need to studied to get a passing grade. I used to be stoner (4 bowls a day) so I took the break as a holiday for me to hit the bong big time. I decided to take a few days during the reading break to get baked as fuck on weed, and the other days to study hardcore. The reading week is now over and I’m still smoking weed and I haven’t even studied one bit for the midterms. I have a midterm this afternoon and I’m panicking the fuck out. I’m simply confessing that I’m addicted to weed and as long as I have the supply, I will not stop smoking unless it’s finished. Wish me good luck on the midterms! 🤤

#stupidity   #weed   #addiction   #university  

I ate a pot edible. And I enjoyed it.

#pot   #weed   #cannabis  

I am 35 years old and I had weed for the first time tonight. It was awesome.......I never felt so accepted in my life

#weed   #hight  

My friend deals and smokes weed. He has been doing it forever, and he is only 15... His parents don't know, and I'm the only one who cares. The thing is..... I've fallen in love with him.

#weed   #love   #friend  

Ive done cocaine, I smoke weed and I'm addicted to tobacco. This is to take away the ongoing pain, I don't know what's wrong with me but I just have this pain and it won't stop. I even hear voices sometimes.

#weed   #smoking   #fags   #cocaine   #depression   #anxiety  

So I... had an affair with this guy some three years ago. Ugly as fuck, to be honest. Ok I mean, just really unattractive. Our relationship was essentially based on weed. Not that I didn't buy my own. But I would always use with him, just to have someone to smoke with, since I get really anxious when I do. I would smoke loads back then. Then I stopped buying it. 'cause I wanted to stop. But I kept visiting this man's house. We wouldn't have sex anymore, I was having sex with another guy, a friend of his actually. This other guy was kind of nice and really cares about me but I cut him out of my life 'cause he won't have sex with me anymore 'cause he thinks I'm desperate. Which I kind of am. My life is so dull 'cause I have no plans, no projects, no motivation. Aside from weed, I smoke cigarettes and drink, I don't drink too much but yeah, I'm kind of the addictive type you know. Most of all I was addicted, I still am, to these two men. And I'm also anorexic/bulimic, not too thin lately, and I've managed to stop the binging and purging, I'm making progress you know, but still no future, no education... I used to be in university. I was studying philosophy. I was the brightest student in my year, but I was always on drugs and when I started sleeping with these guys I pretty much gave up on everything else. I tried to launch a music career, so to speak. I mean, as I was hurting like a goddamn dog I started composing sad tunes on my guitar. I've been in therapy all my teen and adult life, I'm 23, it's been more than ten years, with different therapists. Maybe I'm gay, maybe I'm bisexual, maybe I'm a random nymphomaniac, narcissistic, shizotypical, borderline fucked up mess with daddy issues and a self-centred attitude and paranoia and bipolar depression and no friends, virtually zero people I trust. I have no idea what I am, it's not like I've been abused and furthermore I got tested and they say I have nothing, I'm just kind of above average intelligence-wise and particularly sensitive, that's what they say. I taught myself how to play piano in ten days and I can do some pretty impressive stuff and bla bla bla yeah I'm showing off. But really I'm just so sad. I dropped out of uni, anyhow. Oh, I said that already didn't I. And I masturbate almost daily but with a sense of disgust even. I don't enjoy any kind of porn anymore, and I don't even enjoy actual sex, I mean, I had a couple of really good fucks with these two guys but yeah who cares. And what kills me is I've been so in love with the second guy but I fucked up because I'm fucked up and now he's gone but it's been three years and I was his first girl so it was bound to happen wasn't it. Why shouldn't he want to be with someone normal who doesn't hit him when he doesn't want to have sex, someone who is not so whiny as I am, so bitter and self-centred and FUCK I wish I could turn back time or I just wish he could DIE sometimes I really do everything except move on with his life leaving me here in my ugly stinky rut. I'm so depressed I've gotten used to it but sometimes I get these glimpses of lucidity and they really hurt.

#life   #sex   #drugs   #weed   #future   #depression   #addiction   #issues  

I've recently been going to lots of parties . I always get crossed faded ( its when your drunk and high) and it always messes me up even more. But, I can't stop. I feel horrible after but, at the moment I feel so good. And I love to go to crazy things with my friends when I go out to party.

#crossfaded   #weed   #highlife   #drinking  

People always tell “don’t smoke you’ll get addicted!!” And I’ve been smoking since I was 9. I’ve never been addicted, it’s been years since my first blunt of weed/my first puff of a vape. Like it’s just not addicting to me and addiction runs in my family. Y’all really are just the weakest links if you get addicted to weed or vapes. I can literally stop smoking whenever I want I’ve stopped before and I can do it again.

#smoking   #weed   #vapes   #weakestlinksistg  

Pray and roll the dice for #weed

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