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Cops Confessions

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I called the cops and told them that my mom hides drugs under her bed. I put some weed under her pillow and waited. They arrested her and now I am able to throw a big big party!

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Cops have always been heroes to me. I even wanted to be one but my wife argues against it.
But I watched the autistic boy in Salt Lake City; Utah gunned down.
I heard a cop say they were going to shoot a disabled child. I then watched that happen.
I waited for justice. Waited for the cop to be arrested to prove our system is just. Nothing. That POS coward who shot that baby got off with no charges.
God has opened my eyes. I realize all the protestors are correct. Their is no justice. A cop could just go out & shoot any unarmed child they wish & nothing will be done to them.
I apologize for having my eyes closed. I realize I must start voting for liberals. We can’t trust this system.
It’s scary as a father to realize my kids aren’t safe around cops; and if some crazed cop just decides to shoot a random child one night, they get patted on the back & a free pass. I’m still flabbergasted to realize that. I thought cops were the good guys. My heroes.
This really bothers me. My love of cops blinded me. I smile & wave at cops I taught my kids to love them. Whenever one was killed I’d rush down with cash & accept no receipt. I’ve wept for cops who were killed serving society. I’ve raised money to buy them vests.
My brain just can’t grasp this. Why does this cop get a pass? How can we just set back & allow this?
So if cops chase an unarmed child near me am I supposed to jump between the child & cops to serve God but protecting his child from the people who are supposed to be their heroes? I just don’t get how people in charge protect the deranged evil shooter of this child.
I pray God holds them accountable, since they apparently just get a free pass.

#autism   #cop   #cops   #utah  

My little brother (19, I'm 22) smokes a lot of pot and afterwards he thinks he is still able to drive a car. I don't know where he's driving but mostly he is high as f*ck. A few days ago, I found out that he also drives after he had drunk alcohol and that was enough. I anonymously called the police to arrest him.
About 10 minutes later, it knocked on the door and the cops got my brother, he is now in a drunk tank until he's sober.
I will never ever tell him that I called the cops....

#cops   #pot   #smoke   #alcohol   #drive   #brother  

Pray and roll the dice for #cops

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