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Autism Confessions

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Cops have always been heroes to me. I even wanted to be one but my wife argues against it.
But I watched the autistic boy in Salt Lake City; Utah gunned down.
I heard a cop say they were going to shoot a disabled child. I then watched that happen.
I waited for justice. Waited for the cop to be arrested to prove our system is just. Nothing. That POS coward who shot that baby got off with no charges.
God has opened my eyes. I realize all the protestors are correct. Their is no justice. A cop could just go out & shoot any unarmed child they wish & nothing will be done to them.
I apologize for having my eyes closed. I realize I must start voting for liberals. We can’t trust this system.
It’s scary as a father to realize my kids aren’t safe around cops; and if some crazed cop just decides to shoot a random child one night, they get patted on the back & a free pass. I’m still flabbergasted to realize that. I thought cops were the good guys. My heroes.
This really bothers me. My love of cops blinded me. I smile & wave at cops I taught my kids to love them. Whenever one was killed I’d rush down with cash & accept no receipt. I’ve wept for cops who were killed serving society. I’ve raised money to buy them vests.
My brain just can’t grasp this. Why does this cop get a pass? How can we just set back & allow this?
So if cops chase an unarmed child near me am I supposed to jump between the child & cops to serve God but protecting his child from the people who are supposed to be their heroes? I just don’t get how people in charge protect the deranged evil shooter of this child.
I pray God holds them accountable, since they apparently just get a free pass.

#autism   #cop   #cops   #utah  

I’m very angry at myself. As a human I always felt I should Side with liberals in most cases. As a Christian I felt obligated to side with conservatives because my Church told me too.
I refused to watch the news. I voted right most times in hopes of stopping abortion.
But the virus had me watching the news. I haven’t done that since childhood. Too depressing.
I saw a jogger chased & killed for trespassing. It took protests to get those nuts arrested.
I saw a man slowly choked to death as he begged. Made me cry.
One died for tress passing. One died over $20.
Then the insanity in Utah. I saw cops learn a disabled child is afraid of them because they killed his grandpa. I heard an evil cop state they were going to shoot him plain as day; before engaging. I saw cowards chase & corner that little boy & shine a light on him.
I saw the brave little boy refuse to lay down to be killed. I saw an evil POS shoot that unarmed child.
I’m now watching a corrupt system protect the evil POS who shot that baby.
I rarely even get mad. When it does I quickly get over it. But I’m angry. My votes help create such a system. Well I’m changing my votes. All liberal from now on. I can’t trust our system any more. The protestors are right.
I still disagree with the crimes. But the peaceful protestors are correct. Most cops are good. But bad cops are covered up for. This case removes all doubt of that. It’s scary to think a killer hiding behind a badge could just walk up & kill a random toddler & get away with it. This case proves that.
I hope they make a cop show episode about this. Let’s see the reality. Cops can try to kill anyone they want. They are above the law.
We who vote allow this.

#autism   #autistic   #cop   #utah   #shooting   #child   #unarmed  

You ever prank people? During the pandemic I’ve tried to play a part. Social justice. Entertain people. Make people laugh. Make people think.
But it gets tiring.

A disease has nearly destroyed me. Covid about finished the rest.

So I thought why not. Try to make the people laugh that made me laugh for years. Once as I struggled not to die. So my kids had a dad. I listened to others. Helped me get back.
Now the whole world is trying not to die. So I figured if I’m exiting. I might as well try to give back.
Be a little funny. Make people laugh. Be a little serous. Make people think. Mix in some lies for humor and interest. Spin a good tale.
If we ever learn the real truth it’s not overly rewarding. Life’s better with mystery and humor.
So I played a part during a pandemic. Tiny it’s true.
Spent all I had for my ex wife and kids. Now I have to face whatever my last act is. Can I fight back again. Is it worth it. Is my body done. Did I do enough.

#lie   #humor   #instruct   #love   #autism  

I am writing to politicians & news groups. I’m autistic. I’m very passive. I follow the rules.
But I watched a scared little autistic child with no one there to protect him gunned down. He was obvi unarmed.
Since the cowardly POS who shot him is apparently above the law I pray for God to settle it.
I pray that God mentally puts the slime who shot this baby thru the same mental fear & confusion that they did to this baby. That would be justice. May He that created all let that cowardly shooter feel what this baby feels.
I’m mad. I never get mad. As a pacifist all that means is I’ll write letters; and start voting for democrats. But that’s my way of doing what’s right.
I’ll say this though. I’m an old disabled person. I struggle to breath; walk, function. But put me & the baby’s shooter in an MMA ring; show me & the world that video, & I’ll beat the dog mess out of them for that little baby.
God please help bring justice for that poor little baby.

#autism   #utah   #shooting   #didabled   #cop  

I have autism. I am alone every day. God does not love me. I try to glow for others. But I’m so sick.

Pray and roll the dice for #autism

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