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Love Confessions

Read the best #love confession stories

What is love? Love is something you give to another person(s). You hope it’s given back to you. Even if it one day it is; love is a very fragile thing; no matter how much you love; the other person(s) will most likely stop feeling that way towards you in time. This brings great sorrow.
Some people remarry because they love themselves more than others. They finally realize they can’t marry themselves and settle. These are the people you meet where both people failed in at least one marriage before settling for each other. They both have accepted they aren’t capable of full love, and marriage is just a way to have someone around so they don’t feel awkward or alone. Like getting a big cat that poops more.
That’s ok. The trick to life is realizing only a few people actually matter in this world to most people, the rest of us are just along for the ride.
Learn to love yourself if you can.


I don't know anymore if I still love my girlfriend or not. I keep telling myself that I still have to love her because I am always thinking about our relationship and about her and if I don't love her, I wouldn't think about her all the time, right?
The problem is that I don't trust her anymore. Not that she cheating on me, but she kissed one of our friends on the mouth and I was really upset about it.
She also hangs out a lot with her ex boyfriend. Not alone but at parties because he's still a member of her circle of friends. She keeps telling me that he's such a dick but I can't believe her, especially not when she's drunk. Sober she's the nicest person ever but drunk, she's a real bitch.
Furthermore, I doubt that she really loves me either. She tells me so but she does so many conflictive things, like texting with her ex (and she knows that drives me crazy!) or keep forgetting that we wanted to meet and stuff like that.
Thank you to all of you who read my text!

#girlfriend   #love   #ex   #confess  

Sometimes things happen to you when you are young or in a dream and your memories aren't great. Did it really happen or did I dream this or did something happen that got twisted up in a dream.

Maybe I was sexually abused as a child, in my sleep. But who did it. A babysitter, a relative, a parent. And did what. I have vague memories of someone sucking my little child's dick. But I can't remember male or female, young or old. A real event or just a. dream.

No memory of objecting, enjoying, participating. It isn't a frequent dream memory but it has recurred over the years. I've heard of regression therapy. Not sure I believe in that. My dream will probably remain a semi-pleasant mystery.

I am 14 and I selfharm almost everyday. Right before bed. My boyfriend who has been there even before we dated is supporting me. from his love maybe i can make it.

#forever   #love   #saveme  

I confess I love my girlfriend more than anything but sometimes I think about leaving her. Not because I don't like her anymore but I'd like to see if she fights for me and what she would do to get me back.
She's the love of my life but I guess sometimes I am kind of unhappy, she doesn't try to make our relationship work, she lives like before the time we got together.

#girlfriend   #leave   #love   #life   #unhappy  

I broke up with my girlfriend because I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend.

#girlfriend   #ex   #love   #still  

Whenever my SO talk about all his past relationships, he always describe them as pretty, cute or sexy. Didn't bother me at first because it might be just one or two of the exes. But so far, he calls "all" his exes that. It's starting to bother me and ruining my confidence, he has not called me any of it. On top of that, I had never met his friends wherein, his ex of just short period of time had. He had told me that if I'm going to meet his friends, I have to look pretty. I'm not a model type but I am not ugly either. I know how to dress, I can carry myself, I know how to use cosmetics and I like my slim petite body :'(

#love   #ex  

I am an 18 year old girl and I love masturbating. When I am home alone or just waiting to fall asleep or just in the mood I get this great tingly feeling down there and I masturbate. Sometimes, I even go on porn websites and find videos of men having a fap. I love the thrill of seeing men ejaculate. It gets me so wet. Sometimes, I also look up men urinating on porn websites. Ladies you should try that. Anyway, I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember and to be honest, I don't even know how I began to do it. I remember when I was younger and I would be rubbing myself and the orgasm would be so great but at the time I would not even know it was an orgasm let alone that I was masturbating. When I was younger I felt guilty about doing it but now that I am older I see that there is no need to feel guilty. It's a great sensation and everyone should try it.

#masturbation   #love   #confession   #girl  

I’ve been in love with my best friends' boyfriend for about a year now. She started dating him a few months ago. I love him so much. What makes me mad is that she mistreats him, and she only likes him after he transitioned. I liked him back when he was cis. I want to hug him, I want to kiss him. But I’ll never get that chance and it breaks my heart. I secretly want them to break up, so I can comfort him and maybe then he'll like me.

#love   #imsorry  

I burnt the last photograph I had from you today. You fell in love and got married. I saw you on the street today, happy and cheerful, but you didn't saw me. I hope I would have been brave enough to step up to yo and tell you how I feel. And tell you how much I love you.
Take care of yourself. I love you A. E.

#love   #lovelorn   #married   #happy   #cheerful   #sad   #brave  

I lie 50 times a day

#love   #friends  

I'm male, 21 and I'm in love with one friend of mine but she says that she doesn't trust me because when she was 8, she was molested by a friend of her family and she never trusted anyone..
So I started to date a girl, to try to make her jealous... But she has a boyfriend and I have a crush on her.

#crush   #love   #confession   #secret  

So I just turned into an adult and my stepdad is my main celebration target. Why do I read such negativative when it comes to sex and stepdads? We are not blood. I don't like the reads because it puts a damper on my plans to go full blown sex with him after us teasing each other for years. Don't spoil my cum.

#wet   #18   #horny   #cum   #suck   #fuck   #eat   #69  

I often masturbated in secret usually while my wife was in the shower or away from home I do it by leg pressure laying on my left side left leg bent right leg straighter with penis and nuts tight in between move the right leg up and down with pressure on the cock base gee it is great, well I got caught with my back turned she even photographed and got plenty of shots including the cum one oh no!! I suppose it was inevitable but now I am virtually at her want and demand she makes me wear panties and bras while doing the house cleaning its not too bad at least out in the open and we just love each other heaps I am sure she will not tell "hope,,hope"

#love   #wife   #confession  

I’m bisexual and I haven’t always known it but I’ve been in love with my best friend since we met and I’ve known her for 14-15 years. I can’t go a week without seeing her. sometimes we’ll be watching tv together and I’ll imagine what it would be like if she liked me back. Worse thing is I’m in a relationship with her cousin

#lust   #friends   #love  

I am a 19 year old female, who is currently stuck in the closet. I am ready to come out. but I am scared what people will think, especially my parents considering I live with them and I won't be moving out for at least another 3 years. I am also a virgin. Which scares me because I am only attracted to older women (30+ feminine). I would love to be in a relationship with an older woman, but firstly I am not pretty nor thin and secondly I don't want them to see me as just a little girl. I am super shy so I could never chat up a woman. None of my friends are gay, or know I am gay, I don't know what to do. I just want to have someone next to me.

#lesbian   #young   #older   #women   #love   #lust   #attraction   #closet   #help   #virgin   #relationsip  

I feel I’m facing my death. I’m trying to go out swinging. My whole life I stood up for those who were targeted by bullies. Kept me in constant trouble.
I can’t physically do much anymore, so I use the written word.
I once fought a bunch of athletes to save a disabled person. Led to fights after fights. Finally the coach got me expelled.
But I’m at it again. I saw a tiny person being ran over. So I’m swinging way above my weight again. That’s my nature. Someone once told me I’d walk into hell and fight the devil to save someone. I don’t think I’m that courageous. I’m fact I see myself as a loser. But someone has to care about those no one else seems to love. Someone has to fight for them. I’d rather it be someone stronger and better than me. If I’m all you have your in deep. But I’ll jump in.

#stupidity   #stubborn   #honor   #love  

So excited my boyfriend proposed. What 18 yo girl could say no? A few months later I knew I could not live with him. I made a mistake and needed out of this dud of a boy. I tried to talked to so many but I was told how wrong it would be to not follow through. I ended up finding someone with empathy, his dad. His father was also engaged so maybe it made the talks more relaxed. Somehow the two of us ended up in a secret relationship. Now we are in love looking for a way to move on without our deadbeat wanna be mates. Nothing to confess, just wanted let be known I should not feel guilty for improving my relationship. I could use advice on how to break the news.

#love   #relations   #guilt   #baddecision   #pregnant   #sex   #father   #fiance   #advice  

i've been with my lover boy since December so i think it's safe to say that i love him, but whenever we're in an argument over something i've done, it's always so hard for me to take the criticism and just work through it. he calls me out on all of my shit which is very new for me (and i love it) and scares the shit out of me. please help! i really love him and i don't want to lose him :(

#love   #relationship   #arguments  

I love my ex wife with all my heart. But I’m nothing. Still I will try to stand. I will try to serve her and our babies till I’m gone. That’s the best I can do. I’m broken. I can’t fix what God made broken. I tried. But I can still love and fight.

#love   #wife   #children  

Pray and roll the dice for #love

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