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Heartless Confessions

Read the best #heartless confession stories

I am into masochism, in in emotional. I want to read those heartbreaking stories. I want the feeling of being always hurt. I want the feeling of being always the lonely one.


I advertised in the days of 'contact magazines' as follows: Healthy single male, financially secure, seeks long-term/permanent relationship with incredibly dominant "controlling bitch" who is horny to the point of clinical nymphomania, insatiable, demanding, selfish, cruel, greedy, foul-tempered, abusive, and above all likes her man tied up most of the time, in a state of constant humiliation, and sensory deprivation. Erotic asphyxia, breath-play, extreme mind-games, a plus. Lot to offer right lady, so check it out, let's talk, negotiate, compromise, whatever! Almost anything goes. Tell me what you REALLY want - I might just be able to give it to you!" One reply in particular led to a meeting, at a late-night Denny's. She was quite unremarkable to look at, just a pleasant ordinary woman you'd never look twice at, which surprised me somewhat. After we'd eaten, I said "I'll cut to the chase. Tell me what you think of this!" and handed her a photograph. She examined it closely, and asked in a normal tone of voice "Is this you?" I admitted it was. "And this is what you're looking for, mainly?" Again I admitted it. "Any more pictures?" she asked. I produced a bunch of them, which she leafed through, slowly, studying them all closely. "Okay, I get the picture. Now let me tell you about me! I am just turned fifty, never married, have never had anything other than an abusive relationship with a man, which soured me on men, as you'd imagine! Unfortunately I have very compelling needs, pretty c;lose, I'm sure, to what they call "nymphomania"! The only way I can bear to be intimate with a man, is if he is so thoroughly helpless that he does not present the slightest threat to me, and yet is available for my use, 100%! You with me so far? Good! I am a pretty unpleasant woman, probably, all the things you specified, and more! I am a sadist, and I really get off on scaring men, making them believe I'm going to really hurt them, or even kill them. I'm so good at it, I can produce a sniveling wreck of a man, begging, pleading, groveling! I REALLY get off on that! Am I scaring you? I should be!" "No, actually, you're getting me horny! I think I want to marry you, already!" I said, truthfully. She laughed, and said "Nobody is that stupid! But tell me how this would work, assuming we give it a go...: I said "I have a big old house, live there alone, and would love some company, especially with your kind of personality!" She sighed "Let's get something straight - I am an unloved, unloving, heartless bitch, lacking in affection, or any of the 'milk of human kindness' like that! I would use and abuse you, ride you hard and put you away wet, speaking not altogether metaphorically. You would end up a prisoner in your own house, made to do all the housework, and all the cooking, as I am fundamentally lazy. I love your pictures and would bring them to life, 24/7/365. Your entire existence would be devoted to serving and pleasing me, and I would be very demanding, and hard to please. You would come to fear me, maybe even hate me, and there would be nothing you could do about it! One way street, mister, no turning back, no escape. Ever! Unless I get tired of you, and even I don't know what would happen then! Oh, and one final thing, maybe a deal-breaker - I have a brother who had a serious head-injury, and he's pretty slow, and pretty strange! All he wants to do is play with another man's goodies, pretty much endlessly, unless I make him stop! Which I wouldn't, very often. He won't even stop if you come! The ultimate in single-mindedness, I guess! So you'd be faced with that! Sooner or later he will remember what it's like having his cock sucked, and then he'll want to do that all the time too! So, you can't say I didn't warn you! You can get up and leave now....if you don't, you will obey me, instantly and completely, from this moment on, or I will make note of it, and punish you, once you're helpless! You will not speak to me, unbidden, but you may say once only "permission to speak, Ma'am" which I may or may not agree to. When I tell you to "be silent" that means complete silence until revoked. Any infringement will lead to a punishment which will ensure your obedience in the future! Now, leave, or stay! Your choice!"

#sick   #relationship   #heartless   #confession  

I confess that I don't like my children as much as I should. I just can't be interested in the stuff they make or in the things they love.
I have a 15 years old son and a 11 years old daughter.
I always question their behaviour and the things they like, I don't get most of it.
Sometimes (and please don't hate me) I just think how stupid they are and I wish I don't have children.

#children   #heartless   #son   #daughter   #behaviour   #secret  

I'm so very sorry to everyone I've hurt or used when I was a young man , and all that racist talking I did, I spent many years hating people I didn't even know because of their skin color , I deep down didn't mean it and believe it was a way I dealt with my own fears and insecurities , I don't really hate any one people. Please don't do what I've done for half of my life, that is raising your hands and using people for what they can do for you, I became what I hated and feared ... I became a bully. Forgive me Lord Jesus and forgive me my brothers and sisters .

#me   #forgiveness   #bully   #hate   #confession   #heartless  

I am pregnant.
I let my boyfriend cum inside me just because. When we found out I talked about abortion. He wont pay for me to get one. Neither will my parents.

I dont want a baby. Maybe I kinda sorta thought I did. Im 12 weeks in. Ive heard the heartbeat and I just..i just dont want it. Honestly Im kind of hoping that something happens and I miscarry so I dont have to deal with it. I could also get more attention and sympathy that way.

I have smoked weed while I knew I was pregnant. I also took Robotussin and Mucinex DM to robotrip. I still smoke cigs when I can. Because.well. i just dont care.

Its not that i dont care about my baby, i dont care about anyone, really. Thats something ive realized reading these confessions. I just like attention and doing what I want. I dont really care who I hurt. I know Ive manipulated people on purpose but it just doesnt really get to me. I think that now once Ive realized this and harnessed my true power I will take it to the extreme.

Before when I did things I really did feel bad..but now I dont care. At all.

I dont want forgiveness. I dont want to change either, honestly.

#baby   #abortion   #pregnant   #heartless   #careless   #mom   #mother   #teen   #manipulative  

I'm so sorry, I have sinned.
All of my friends are drug addict, all BUT ME.
And now listen: I reported you all to the police!!
You dumb addicts!

#heartless   #sin   #friends   #drugs   #police  

Sometimes I just want to drop everything and leave without telling anyone and start over. Fuck it. I won't be missed anyway. Just leave everything behind.

I think I am going to break up with my girlfriend. She got her hair cut short and I do not like it. It just looks terrible.
I do not want to sound superficial but now she really looks ugly.

#hair   #short   #confess   #heartless   #breakup   #superficial  

So my boyfriend and I have been dating off and on for 3 years now. We met at a party but he wasn't the one I intended on hooking up with. I was really after one of his friend. They aren't really close friends, not besties or anything, more like a friend you just get high with and party. Anways we recently moved in together and our life is falling apart. I've been talking to his friend for almost 6 months now and I'm falling
HARD for him. I've had a crush on him for 4 years now and recently I bought a plane ticket to go see him since he lives in another state. I plan on sleeping with him and if all goes well i'm leaving my boyfriend. I guess he was just a detour on the road to HIM

#heartless   #friend  

I'm gay and I haven't come out to my family yet and one day they've saw my wallpaper (two guys hugging) and said "If you don't delete that I will hide your phone" while my cousin said "Gay people are disgusting" I have to lie to get out of the conversation.

#gay   #fear   #family   #heartless   #lie  

I just lured our cat which lived over 10 years with us, into the car and left her somewhere in the woods. I know it sounds cruel but she just bothered us anymore with all the hair she lost and she only wanted to be fed with human food.
I know that's not an excuse for being such a heartless person but we just didn't have another way out.
Please god, forive us.

#cat   #woods   #car   #bother   #food   #excuse   #heartless   #forgiveness   #god  

What could be worse than losing the love of your life?
I can tell you: Losing not only the love of your life but also all of your money, even your car.

But it's not what you think. I didn't get hurt. I was the once causing it.

I tricked a woman into thinking I was in love with her. She believed it. It was a turbulent romance with a lot of sex, many drugs and fightings.
I slept at her place because I don't have an own apartment and she even paid some of my bills!
She loved me, no she ADORED me, I can feel it. That wouldn't be so bad, would it? But she was such a pain in the ass, she always wanted to cuddle and go to a nice restaurant and do couple stuff I guess. It was terrible!

So I dumped her.
Took her checkbook and her car when she was at work and drove off.
She hasn't heard from me since and she won't... ever.

I don't regret anything.

#heartless   #romance  

It’s not a confess but I want some help. I’m a 19 year-old Middle Eastern girl who loves a 27 year-old Brazilian guy whom I met online in December 2018. He travels a lot and he sometimes talks about traveling to my country and meet me. I love him as I mentioned above but he never mentioned that he loves me or not he just told me twice that he “admires me” and told me once that he doesn’t feel the age gap between us, nothing more. The problem is that I understand that we are so different to be together, for example I follow a religion while he doesn’t and the cultural differences of course. What should I do with this love?

#sadism   #heartless   #stupidy   #love  

I am a single mother of two. I have a son, who is 7, and a daughter, who is 4. I'd like to confess that I love my son more than my daughter. I know everyone says that you'd love your children equally, but this is not the case.
My son is perfect. My daughter... not so much.

I always wanted two children and I always wanted to have a boy and a little girl. But since my daugher is developing her personality and ACTUALLY becomes a human being with emotions and expressions other than hungry, angry and overjoyed, I cannot seem to cope.
My husband thinks that's normal and it will go away. But I am not so sure.
He is pressuring me to spend more time with her alone ... to bond I guess. But it gets just exhausting after a while.
Of course, I still love her. But she is not the sunshine in my life.

I try to hide it, but I think deep down she knows. I think she can feel it.

#mother   #daughter   #love   #son   #preference   #equally   #heartless   #family  

I just laughed at a guy in a wheelchair who got stuck in a gap in the street. He wasn't able to get out there by himself but I didn't help him either.

#wheelchair   #laugh   #streets   #help   #heartless   #confession  

I was told once that you'd have to build a wall around your heart, so you won't be able to feel anything towards another human being. But, I was naive, and accepted people in right and left. I felt that no matter what I could trust anyone.

Dumb me.

That lonely road took me straight to hell. I've been molested by a cousin, Father walked out on me, Mom was the typical party girl - and have men in and out her six kids lives, homelessness, bullying and other things kicked in.

I even had a friend whom killed himself.

I learned the hard way, but, you have too not give too fucks about random people bullshit, and say Fuck you to those whom think that they could hurt you physically and mentally. Heartlessness is the way too go. Trust me. It is.

Now I do not cry (don't even remember the last time I did) I feel no humanly emotions, and I care for nothing, not even myself.

#advice   #heartlessness  

I have been with my boyfriend for two months now, in these two months I am not allowed to follow any boys on Instagram while he follows girls, he made me delete pictures of me on Instagram, he’s insecure and I hate it. I always have to change and do something for him to just be like yes I trust you now. I loved him at the start but now it’s just annoying.

He wants to marry and have a baby but I’m more scared of never having a life besides him. I’m not even 21 yet he is. It’s just unfair how he wants me to just give him that kind of promise. When all he does is make me change change change for him. I’m to afraid to even say hey that is kind of hypocritical of you following girls. He’s just not good at keeping his temper down, he has called a bitch to fuck off and whatever fuck this and you, laughed when I said oh well I’m trying to not to cut or anything right now could u talk nice and help me. Then when we makeup get cry’s and says I didn’t mean it why do u want me and it’s just a game at this point . And I’m tired of playing it.

he’s my first boyfriend the first one I showered with first I slept at his house wit h first to do a lot things. I just do t think this is how trust and a relationship goes

#heartless   #done   #digust   #loveless  

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