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Me Confessions

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Don't say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel because you wouldn't understand how hard it is to see in the dark especially when you become one with it.

A new years even I got drunk and high with my best friend and her boyfriend. We ended up having a very fun threesome but now things are super awkward between us. She is scared her boyfriend might have gotten me pregnant since we didn't use any condoms and she knows I'm not on birth control.


I do not want to get into much detail. I really need to be careful because I think that some people might recognize my confession if they stumble upon it. So, to keep things short... I stole my best friend's car and sold it for meth. I stole my mother's wedding ring to get more drugs.I used my little brother to steal things from a store so I could sell it.Those are just some of the things I did to get high. I am now 5 days clean and sober and I regret terrible what I've done. I am going through hell right now and I deserve it. 

#addiction   #addict   #drugs   #meth   #alcohol   #stealing   #confession   #hell   #torture  

I've been on meth for years. I have a job so I can have money to buy meth. And being high motivates me to do my job so I can get paid and get high.

#drugs   #meth  

I get high on meth every day and when I get high, I rage with the desire to dress up as a woman (I'm a guy) and have sex with straight men who love to abuse sissies. I like being bullied, mistreated, and fucked, anything the guy wants to do I'll let him, the more humiliating the better.

#meth   #sissy   #cumdump   #humiliation  

To put it simply, I have an addiction to flashing my breasts to men in public. It's extremely exciting knowing that I am being lusted after because of it. Anytime I go somewhere, I flash my breasts at least 3 times. I am writing here because the last time I flashed my breasts in public, an older woman approached me and lectured me about protecting my modesty and went as far to call me a whore. I guess some people don't see it as morally correct, so here's my confession.

#flashing   #breasts   #addiction   #adrenaline   #judgement  

It's not as it sounds. I was quite good; very good; excellent. We are of no blood relation and only 33 years apart. Being pent up together for so long, we grew close and got intiment, had sex on a regular basis. Now that I am back to work, we miss the passion. Point is, age is only a number. I fuck my grandpa.

#age   #gramps   #sex   #intiment   #love  

Im a teen girl and im bi. Im obsessed with boobs and vaginas and idk! Im just a horny teenage girl. Im not allowed to get sex toys and im starving for a dildo. I keep watching pornography shit and i masturbate to it. No one knows my dirty side.. i need someone to fill me up..

I guess one could say I'm in love with an anime character.
Do you know Sakura Haruno from the Naruto Mangas? I love her characters in the anime series.
I watched every episode with her, several times. Yes, I know she's not real and yes she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but I think she's very special.
It even happens that I dream about her. She would be my soulmate if she was real.

#love   #anime   #sakura   #character   #soulmate   #real   #special  

I had been bi-curious for years. Since my early teens I would jack off while bent over the bed imagining someone fucking me from behind. I always had a girlfriend and back then the internet was new so it wasn't easy to contact others feeling the same way.
I was divorced by the age of 31 and decided it was time to check out my bi-side so I placed an add on CL.
I got many responses but one was from a younger guy near me and we clicked a bit as we traded messages.
I gave him my address and he came over on a Sunday night.
We talked for about 10 mins and had a cocktail and then I said, well, lets do this.
We traded off sucking each other going back and forth and then we started to 69. It was SO HOT!!
It was all I could do to keep from cumming too early.
Then he tried to top me but I was too tight. He said he was used to being a bottom and I could get behind him if I wanted so I put on a condom and climbed in behind him for as long as I could before having the most intense orgasm I think I had ever had!! He was about 5ft6 and 150 pounds, totally smooth perfect ass.
This went on for about a year as we would get together on Sunday nights at my house.
It was SO HOT and Im bi but mostly attracted to women.
I will never forget how much fun that was. Wish I knew where he was nowadays.

#bi   #hot  

I have never done it but I'd love to have a threesome with my husband and a hot chick. I want to find out if I'd like it. I'm 26 and normal except for this new fantasy and always so horny.

#pussy   #threesome   #hot   #sexy   #eat   #lick   #suck   #fuck  

I let my wife go to Rosario beach with the girls for a concert. She is 51 but very hot and sexy. The girls decided to go in mini skirts and thong panties with no bra. So they could flirt and tease the guys. Wellyou wife got drunk and started dancing with guys and they started playing with her tits under her top. She has really nice tits. Then they started fingering her pussy and ass, that drives her crazy. They took her to the beach and pushed her down on her knees and she sucked 4 or 5 Dicks and swallowed their cum. After the concert 2 guys took her to a motel, I didn't hear from her for three days. They fucked her ass, pussy and mouth and came in her over and over again with no condoms. She confessed and said she was really sorry. She said she did not like cheating but she had a lot of fun and came like 8 or 9 times. She has since told me they are having another concert in one week, and can she go? I said yes I love her and she had a lot of fun.

#mexico   #cheating   #creampie  

Why did God make me? Does he just like to watch some of us suffer?
I’m disabled. My parents hated me for it. I lived thru torture. I stayed good. I overcame the disability only to get a horrible disease.
I’ve asked preachers. They say they’ve never heard such a horrible story. They say look at Jobe. I don’t want to be Jobe.
Is it all random, or does God just want to watch some of us suffer? Why?

I had a dream my ex wife was giving me a hug. My kids were happy again. We were a family again. Just a dream.
I can barely live each day. With my health I doubt I’ll survive till spring.
Well. At least I fixed some problems in her house. Spent what little I had. Now my cars broke. Got no money for food.
I tried to overcome my disabilities. But God gave me a disease that took it all away.
I wonder why God never loved me. I was a kind helpful person. I endured so much but stayed kind.


Two years ago when I was 17 I had a silly crush on my best friends Dad. I didn't have a clue that he even would give me a second thought but that changed one day when I stopped by their house and he was the only one home. We chatted for a while then it became obvious that he was flirting with me. I was flattered but didn't think he would do anything. I turned to look at something on the TV and he came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. When I didn't resist he put his arms around me ran his hand in my blouse and began playing with my tits. One thing led to another then he bent me forward over the back of the sofa and raised my skirt. I thought he was going to play with me and didn't realize he had a;ready gotten his penis out. All of a sudden he was in me and I told him to pull it out because I wasn't on birth control. but he continued. The more he did it the more I was enjoying it so I just ask what he would do if he got me pregnant. His answer was we would cross that bridge if it happened. When he let me have it it was awesome and I let him know it was ok. A few weeks later it was obvious he had indeed knocked me up and we had to cross that bridge. He paid for me to have an abortion which I didn't want at first but he convinced me it was best.

#awesome   #pregnant  

So I was 14 and my gf and me were always arguing. So one day I went to her house and she brought me to her room. She pulled down my pants and started blowing me. Then she forced me on her bed and made me lie down. I didn't realize at the time but there were ropes on the poles. She tied me to the bed and got her brother. Her brother was gay so he took full advantage of me. He made me blow him and he fucked me. He came in my mouth and made me swallow. Then my gf blew me and I came a lot. She spat the cum in my mouth and made me eat it all. Then she told me to do other things and I did them.

#threesome   #bondage   #oral  

im female and i look really hot; i really get compliments all the time. i work as one of the only woman in the technology section. i like my career choice very much and each day i can bedazzle my male colleagues although im working in this company for 5 years now. its the same everywhere else
with my look i always win hearts and minds
thats just great!!

#look   #good   #compliments   #heart   #mind   #bedazzle  

I confess I don’t know how to talk to girls.

#lonely   #frustrated   #mad   #bored   #sex   #judgemental   #been   #a   #while   #stupid   #ex  

I am a straight guy, i never wanted to be with another man. I was recently in tge hospital for minor surgery. The nurses assistant was a little phillapino guy, he came in and said we have to give you a bed bath today. But first he gave me pain medication i think dillanden the dose looked large, then an hour later he gave me another one. He said time to get washed so another assistant came in with him. They closed the curtain stood me up and removed my gown, they started wiping me down and said we have to clean everything isaud ok they immediately removed my underwear and
One began cleaning my dick and the other my ass. I got hard and he was giving me a hand job, the other guy said bend over so i xan clean your ass good. When ibent over he had lubed his fingers and put two fibgers in my ass as far as he could then he started rotating them it felt good when i was drugged up. Then he put his cock inside me i trued to fight but they held me.
He fucked me hard and fast while the other guy was jacking me off. I was never that hard before. It kind of hurt because he was huge. Then he came in me u could feel the warm cum side me, then they switched places and the other guy came in me. Right after the one guy started sucjing me abd i cane quick ib his mouth, he swallowed every drop. Then they cleaned me up. They did it two more times. Now i do it with other guys bcause i l LOVE it.

#sex   #shame   #confess  

Some time ago my friends and I were partying in the city. We had a lot of fun and drank a lot of alcohol. The time went by and our alcohol consume took its toll. We were wasted and running around in the city, flirting with girls and mess around with people there.

After a while we met a homeless man. He was sitting in a corner of a building, drinking his beer and just looking miserable. We talked to him and while my friends where distracting him, I peed in his beer can.
We said goodbye and left after that, laughing our asses off.

In retrospect I feel terrible about it and very sorry for the man. He probably hadn't had anything else but that beer and I pissed in it. I am sorry!

#party   #homeless   #drunk   #alcohol   #beer   #can   #pee   #confess   #sin  

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