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Class Confessions

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I'm madly in love with one of my classmates. We share one table and I really just love his eyes, his hair, how he speaks... it's insane.
But he has a girlfriend. And honestly, I'd love to turn them against each other. She doesn't like me, I know that and I guess I could use this to make her jealous or get her into thinking that he and me are having an affair.

#classmate   #jealous   #confessing   #anonymous  

TL;DR: tricked into half naked teaching on Halloween :(

Last Halloween, my first year teaching, a student of mine (8th grade) made me promise to wear whatever costume she got me for Halloween. Didnt think much of it at first as we kept talking about it for weeks leading up. Then the day came, she pulled out a tiny, tiny dallas cowboys cheerleader costume, then plopped the boots for said costume on my desk (this specific one.. I was immediately alarmed to find how incredible short (and see thru) the shorts were and that I could not fit into the top! (I'm a 34 F breast). Being a woman of my word, I changed into the costume in the teachers bathroom and was promptly horrified by what I saw. so I went back into the classroom in my clothes as before and my students BOO'd me! they even hit me with my own ammo, as I preach keeping promises is paramount. One girl even said "how should we trust you if you lied to us like this?"... So I marched back into the teachers bathroom, put on the top I didn't fit into, slid on the shorts that were basically bikini underwear, and fastened my high healed knee high boots, buckled my huge star clad belt and marched to the door. I opened the door and was met by an eerie silence. All of the students just looked at me with no sounds being made. All of these 14 yr old girls staring at me scanning my body. So I just stood there.. in my tiny little cheerleading outfit, bottom of my breasts not even covered. What did my brilliant self do next? I just started the lesson. I made my worst mistake of all, bending over with my butt FACING the class in these shorts which rode them way up my rear. The class promptly started to giggle as I reached to cover my butt. Mortified, and with no other options in sight, the lesson began.. Social Studies, onto Science, onto Math. I taught it all in front of this class while barely clothed. bending over and reaching for things as few times as possible. Then finally the bell came at noon (half day thank god) and I dismissed the class. As I sat down at my desk I noticed at least 2 students pick up their phones off of their desks, which were covered by books. They were quick to leave, so before I could put two and two together they were long gone out of the school building and off to their weekend. So now I can only wonder if these students were recording the entire thing?

I didn't know what to do, so I just let them go. I couldn't go to the principal and tell her about it. I'd be fired before I could finish the sentence. The class never looked at me the same and always held me in a bit of contempt after that incident. Really horrifying and embarrassing. I don't even want to know if those girls were recording me and what they might have done with that video. fml.

#teacher   #students   #classroom   #cowboys   #cheerleader   #class   #lesson   #embarrassing   #shame   #rookie  

I told my parents that I would go on a camping trip with some of my class mates.
In fact, I'm flying to Amsterdam with my long-term secret boyfriend to smoke some weed and stuff.
I hope they don't find out.

#lie   #amsterdam   #weed  

I had the best sex last semester with one of my classmate. We had a group project and us (along with 3 other classmate) was supposed to meet up in the library. we had booked a private group study room, and it was in a very quiet and secluded area of the library. The room is pretty big with four tables and a big screen. on this particular day, the other 3 said that they couldn't make it so it was just me and him using the room. We started working on our project and started talking. The topic suddenly turned to a more sexual topic and I started to get wet. I then noticed that he was getting a boner and got even more wet. by then, I really wanted to have a little fun with him, being that we were alone in a secluded and private room. It really turned me on that anyone could walk by or in on us at anytime.

So I asked him if he was talking to anyone or if he had a girlfriend (He was super hot so I wanted to make sure he wasn't committed first) To my delight and surprised, he wasn't in any relationship. Once I asked him that, he kind of got the hint. Suddenly we were making out and He was gropping my boobs (I'm a 36DD). He told me that he has been eye-balling me for a while and was glad that the other 3 cancelled on us today. He then took off my shirt and starting to suck and play with my tits. It felt so good that I had to hold in my moan (there were other private rooms next to use). I then took off my pants and undies, sat on top of the table and spread my legs so that he could see my wet pussy. He started finerging and eating me out immediately. I came four times just from him eating me out. After that I gave him a blowjob and sallowed him cum.

We didn't intended to have sex but the situation made use really horny, knowing that we could get caught anytime, and knowing that there were people just on the other side of the walls.

I laid on the edges of the table as he fucked me raw. His dick felt so good that I came multiple times. I wanted him to cum inside of me but I wasn't on the pill, so he shot his load all over my tits.

Our time in the room was up so we got dress. I didn't bother to wipe his cum off my chest and just slip on my shirt. Needless to say, the room smelled of sex and I'm pretty sure there was cum on the table and floor.

Now we are dating and continue to book that room to have mind-blowing sex everyday. We do try to clean up after ourselves and bring air freshener to mask the sex smell. We just can't stop because it's so good!

#library   #sex   #classmates  

I am M16. I had two classes with this girl I liked and she thought I was very funny. We also both ran cross country in fall and I played soccer during winter. One day after school, she invited me home to do homework. Her parents were at work and mine were out of state so no one had to worry. We were doing homework and then we started making out out of no where. We ended up having sex (protected of course). She sucked my dick and we just did vaginal. It was both our first time and it was amazing. We have been dating every since and fuck whenever we can.


i really am a big snob. i love to save my money. i want a middle class house, i want a middle class wife and 2 middle class children. i love to drive a smaller car though i could buy a bigger one.
long live the babbittry!

#babbittry   #car   #wife   #snob  

Yesterday, I skipped class to meet with my new boyfriend. I went to my car which was standing on the parking lot, beneath some very old and dirty blue car. When I pulled out, I accidentally hit the side of the other car.
There were some heavy scratches on one side.
It turned out that it's the car of the principal.
Ooops! Before anyone could see me, I took off...

#car   #principal  

Today I got my term test result in Literature - a C+. I'm an Asian and I was frightened, also because i'm going to do entrance tests to enroll in highschool in 2 months, which includes Literature - this is considered a major step in the lives of many people in my country. I got home thinking about how my mom's gonna react when she saw it and decided not to tell her. Anyways moving to when I was having online class IN Literature, I was switching from tabs to tabs on google and wasn't focusing, for some reason I decided to masturbate. I feel very guilty i don't know what's wrong with me, I failed a test, kept it from my mom knowing she's gonna hit the roof later, and masturbated during online class in the subject im supposed to be concentrating on. I guess my confession wasn't very juicy, but I just wanna get that out of my chest :((

#nsfw   #onlineclass   #tests   #zoom  

i'm the class representative so i have the key to our class which i have to open and lock every day. my boyfriend suggested that we have sex in the classroom after school. should i agree to him?

#schoolsex   #classroomsex   #sex   #fuck  

I don't like the way my wifes talks to me. She treats me like I don't know anything and like I couldn't do anything without her telling me. I now started to give her sweets everytime she talkes nicely and politely with me and it's starting to work. She is re-thinking her behaviour and even corrects herself if she said something harsh.
This method is called "classical conditioning" by Pavlov. He invented this, using his dog.

#dog   #pavlov   #wife   #sweets   #conditioning   #classical   #confession  

I guess I am in love with on of my class mates.
We hang out a lot and it's so much fun. I often spend the night at his place (he's living with a friend of his in an apartment) and at night, we cuddle and get on very well.
He's a really good friend by now but I don't know if I want to take the next step... And I don't know if he feels the same for me, maybe he sees me as a good friend only...
Another friend of mine (who doesn't know him) told me that we both are like an old couple but without the kissing and stuff...
I feel kinda bad but I like him but I dunno how much...

#love   #classmate  

I'll skip classes tomorrow because I wanna go to a big party tonight.
A lot of beer, drugs and stuff. It's gonna be GREAT!
Me and some other dudes of mine should give a speech in our philosophy class tomorrow but I'm not going. Should they do that.. :-)

#drunk   #drugs   #party  

I was kept in school because I twerked in class.

#twerk   #class   #detention   #confession   #funny  

As long as I can remember I piss in the shower. Many years ago, in late 1995, I went to Rome with my class, we were around 14 or 15 years old.
The problem was, there were only shared showers, I can't remember why. We all decided to leave our underwear on, I guess because we felt ashamed or something, I can't remember.
As soon as I am in the shower, I start pissing. The same happened back then in Rome. Of course, everyone noticed. I told them it was just dirt but I don't know if they believed me.

#lie   #embarrassing   #shower   #pee   #piss   #rome   #class  

I have extreme anxiety and I'm nervous around slot of people so I'm more quiet but there was this one classmate who was super annoying but everyone liked him so I just pretended I did too cuz I don't know how to tell them I absolutely hate him

#classmates   #anxiety   #school  

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