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Fuck Confessions

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My little sisters mate was always friendly with me. She is 18 and I'm 31. After a heavy night out she somehow ended up getting a cab with me. She had small hands and when I was putting the key into door she pulled by dick out. I was so shocked and pushed here away. After a few seconds the shock wore off and here little thighs looked so good. We kissed for a few minutes and ended up having sex on the first steps of the stairs. We've know each other for years so I guess condom went out the window. I came on her legs after, it was so good. She is like 5'5 and quite petite.

Next time I seen here though she just smiled. I'm going to a party tonight and she will be there......

This time I'll be ready. Hoping she liked my dick

#cum   #friend   #sex   #fuck  

My girlfriend and I really enjoy having a few tokes, getting a good buzz on and then fucking like rabid animals. She loves to be dominated, tied up, held down, choked, anal, etc.... you get the idea. She wasn’t always like this, I slowly introduced her to some toys and it took off from there. Now I add a new element that I am not even sure she is aware of. Since the hot weather arrived I like to have the windows open in the evening to help cool the house (no a/c as I see no sense where I live at it gets nice and cool at night).
Now I have been leaving the blinds up with the window open and fucking her good and hard every time she stays over. I love in a neighborhood of single family houses and I am certain that several of the neighbours who have adjoining backyards can see us and definitely hear us. Last night I was “punishing” her by whipping her ass with her favourite flogger. I am certain the sound travels well over to my neighbours yards. I then will still have her bent over the edge of the bed and give her a good fucking. The reason I am certain neighbours can see us is that there have been times I look out my bedroom window and can see stuff going on in their kitchens and stuff. It’s even better when it starts getting dark and I turn on the nightstand light, that way I know people can most likely see us.
It really gets me off knowing one of my neighbours might be watching me pound my girl’s ass and pussy.
Now, the question remains, should I tell her this or should I say nothing and act normal? Something tells me that she might be on to my little game though and is enjoying it as much as I am.
I am just happy to have a little submissive slut who will do anything I want.

#neighbourscansee   #mylittlefuckslut  

I had sex twice with a much younger married man. It violates my very core beliefs. But it gets worse. Not only is he married, he is only 5'3" father of two beautiful little girls AND...he's my next door neighbor! As neighbors, we've just said the usual pleasantries--nothing more. Then came the "perfect storm." I haven't had sex in nearly a decade; I am a recent breast cancer survivor; my car broke months ago and he had been giving me rides to the store, etc.. Then he started coming over more often but I'd always leave the door open so no one would get the wrong idea. One week ago when he came over, we started talking about sex. I found that I was getting turned on. REALLY turned on. Then pulled out his surprisingly large cock and I thought...why not? So performed oral sex on him.. I stopped before he could come and then a little while later, I was riding him in reverse cowgirl position. Two evenings later, he had me bent over a chair and fucked me doggie-style.. Gotta confess I loved it. Hadn't had sex in a very long time and when he enters me, I am so tight...I'm "Like a Virgin." His wife has no clue and today, she wanted me to go to the store with her and I did.. We talked like old friends but in the back of my mind I thought I fucked her husband and she has no idea!. It doesn't really bother my conscious BUT I know I did wrong. I went against my values...twice!

#neighbors   #fucking   #cock  

I have never done it but I'd love to have a threesome with my husband and a hot chick. I want to find out if I'd like it. I'm 26 and normal except for this new fantasy and always so horny.

#pussy   #threesome   #hot   #sexy   #eat   #lick   #suck   #fuck  

I started sleeping with a guy I’ve always wanted to fuck last year even though he had/has a girlfriend.
I’ve always thought he was hot but have never been single when he’s been around (meaning he was in jail for the short time I was free between relationships since I met him about 8-9 years ago).
It was supposed to be one “encounter” … We had about 5 days while she was away and that was supposed to be it, however every time she’s been away since then he’s contacted me, the last couple of times even coming to me at my house (we lived just over an hour apart and I’d always gone to him). I’ve not once tried to reach out or been the one to instigate further hookups, it was always him, but not once was I going to turn him down. The connection is AMAZING, honestly I’ve had some of THE BEST sex of my life with this guy.
The weird thing is, even though I know his partner I just don’t feel guilty, I don’t give a fuck, I would and probably will continue to fuck this boy every time she is out of town.

#ifuckedyourboyfriend   #illdoitagain   #mostselfishthingihaveeverdone   #noguilt  

OK so I was 16 when this happen. So I'm a guy and during the summer I would visit my hometown Michigan. When I got there the first I did was go to my old crush's house to say hi. I just she liked me because as soon as I got there she told me her parents wasn't home and pulled me inside. Right away she pushed me on the couch and got on top and started kissing me. We was kissing for about 20mins and my dick was rock hard. She notice because she started grinding on me. It felt amazing, it was like the best thing ever. After she was grinding she pulled me up and started unzipping my pants. When my pants came off my dick was sticking up. She took her pants off and her shirt and started bouncing on my dick while I was wear my underwear. After 10 mins of that she took mine and here's underwear off. When I saw her big amazing round ass I got soooooo hard. To get to the point a little bit faster I started dry humping her or crack fucking whatever you wanna call it. My dick disappeared between her ass cheek . She started bouncing up and down and grinding on me. I told her I was ready to cum. So she laid down and I stook my dick between her big boobs and began tity fucking her for 5 mins. After I blew my load all over her boobs and on her face. After that I wasn't down I wanted more and so did she. So I lift her up her legs wrapped around my waist and started fucking her til I came. It was the best time of my life.

#dryhumping   #crackfucking   #straight  

On night after fucking my wife I made some coffee for us , I noticed a blob of cum hanging from my dick and on the spur of the moment wiped my dick in my wife's cup. With the creamer we use I found no trace of it in the cup and my wife did not notice it at all.

My sister in-law often visits and whenever I get the opportunity I but a load of cum in her coffee cup, Most of her friends have drank my cum and never noticed a thing.

I get to wank often now and i make sure we do not run out of coffee creamer.

#fuck   #wank   #fetish  

im a 13 year old girl and I'm addicted to masturbation and porn. I watch porn almost everyday and masturbate anytime i can. Me and my bestfriend even had lesbian sex. It was so amazing. The first time we were in 5th grade. We started out kissing and touching each others tiny A cup tits. Then we got in the bathtub together and rubbed each others clits. Later on we mastered our sex. We would makeout in my locked room, then i continued to pull her shirt off and unclip her bra. I would suck her tits and massage them. Making my way down with one hand still on her breast i would start licking her pussy het legs would quiver and she would squirt everywhere which made me even more horny! Slowly i woild pump 2 fingers in and out of her while sucking on her breast this also made her body shake and cum. By now my whole bed is soaked and she would climb on top of me. Unclipping my bra she now sucked my tits. It felt so good! The way she would grab one while sucking the other was amazing. She often pinched my nipples (which she knew i had a fetish for) while licking my clit verry softly. Just as i was about to cum my legs would start shaking and she would stop then she went at it hard. Shoving her whole face into my pussy and pumped 3 fingers in and out of my tight teenage pussy. When we finished that we would 69 and i stuck my tongue up her pussy and swirled it around, she came all over my face and in my mouth i swallow it all. Then we would finish it off with sucking each others tits once more and making out. Then we would go to sleep (if we were having a sleep over) we no longer do that but i am still horny all the time. I often shove a hairbrush handle in and out of my pussy and rub my clit while watching porn. Or even to music. But i crave a cock. I want my crush to fuck me but i fear his dick wont be big enough. I want an older man to fuck me but im too shy, and my family is Mormon. Its kind of impossible to fulfill my sexual fantasies.. So i will just have to masturbate

#sex   #horny   #masturbation   #crave   #teen  

I was 16 my sister, 18 and i were home alone when she walked in on me masturbating. I did not know she was watching. then she jumped and put her dildo in me. at first, it hurt but then it felt soooo good. then she got my vibrator and used it on me. i came in her mouth. she started sucking on my clit like a pacifier. she pulled my hair. then she had me do all the same to her. when continued to do this for a whole year. until she went to college. ever since she left i have became suicidal and had to go to the hospital 2 times for attempted suicide, 5 to get stitches, and a mental facility 11 times. my parents still dont know and they will never ever ever ever know.

#sad   #help   #lesbian  

I just started a new job three weeks ago. I love my husband and never cheat on him or even want to. My new boss has offered me a promotion and a huge pay increase if I agree to let him fuck me at work once in a while. When he brought it up the first thing I said was "how often is once in a while?" I couldn't believe I was saying this or even letting the conversation go on. He said it would be no more than twice a month. He told me that he hired me because of my big sexy ass. He said he would have me bend over in his office every two weeks or so and it would usually take about twenty minutes. I told him I would need to think about it. I tried to come to terms with the whole thing over the weekend, I didn't want to feel guilty or ashamed but I knew I was going to because I knew I was going to take the promotion, the huge raise, and the responsibility for what it would cost.

Today is monday. I went in to work this morning a happily married customer service phone operator. I wore a skirt and stockings instead of pants. I took off and left my wedding ring and my panties in my car before I went in. At 11:00 this morning I was filling out new- hire paperwork for the administrative assistants position.. I'll be taking home $540.00 a week instead of $320.00. from now on. I have my own office. I get three weeks paid vacation instead of two at half pay, and on and on with the benefits. I am, as of 11:43 this morning, a whore. A whore who spent her lunch-hour bent at the waist, holding her ankles and selling her ass. Two weeks from now I'll be doing it again. I have no intention of confessing this anywhere else. My husband will never find out.

#wife   #fucks   #boss   #sexy   #big   #ass   #whore   #promotion   #raise  

My trip got canceled so I happily bought wine, steak, flowers and headed home to surprise my wife. Instead I got the surprise by finding her in 69 position in my bed with the maid. For a week now my brain is still fizzling and confused. The thoughts are in every direction. She cheated but least it was not another man or it's worse because it is with a to die for chick. I was betrayed but I'd love to have a threesome with the smokin hot babe that I'd get killed for if caught fucking her. I want a piece but could never tell the wife or soon to be X. I get blue in the mind when I feel betrayed and then blue in the balls when I think of a threesome which I have never had. Sooooo CONfusED. Good masturbating fantasies but mostly heart break thoughts. Do I go or do I stay? Is my wife heartless or just too sex driven horney slut?

#confused   #lesbian   #threesome   #dropdeadgorgeouschick   #fuck   #suck   #69   #maid   #horny   #masturbation   #x   #slut   #sex  

When I was doing community theater one of the women started flirting with me. She would rub her ass on my thigh, then on my crotch. She didn't flinch when I grabbed her ass. Then she turned around and gently kissed me. I put my hand on her pussy and she whispered, "Does your wife swallow?" She grabbed my cock, then walked away. The next night after rehearsal she asked for a ride home. I said okay.

On the way she told me she wanted to show me something. She had me drive down a dirt road, and about a mile in she told me to stop. When I stopped turned to me and rubbed my inner thigh. I let her. Then her hand went to my cock. "Let's get in back," she said. We crawled to the bench seat in the second row of my van. She told me to take my clothes off, and as soon as my pants were on the floor she started sucking my cock. She gave the best blowjob I ever had. "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" she asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I said.

She sucked me for another five minutes and I tensed up. I said, "I'm gonna cum." She mumbled yes and shoved a finger up my asshole. That took me over the edge. I came harder than ever and she swallowed my entire load. When she leaned up to kiss me I could taste my cum mixed with our saliva. She had me eat her cunt until she came.

We sucked each other and fucked for the next five nights. She even had me fuck her in the ass on the last night. I love my wife, but this bitch could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose. What a fucking week.

#suck   #fuck   #wife   #cum   #swallow  

Whenever my boyfriend gets mad or gets into a fight with me, I can't help but get really horny. Sometimes I wish he would take his anger out on me sexually and just hatefuck me. Other times I like to watch girl on girl porn or hentai and masturbate to it for hours. I wish he catches me one day and punishes me for looking at that kind of stuff after our fights.

#hentai   #horny   #porn   #hatefuck   #boyfriend  

I want to have sex with the pool boy when my husband is at work. He is built and if the weather is warm he wears silky tight shorts and t-shirt outlining his build. The shorts are wrong the way they show his dong. I fantasize of pulling his shorts down and sucking his cock and before it explodes I climb on and ride. I'm 36 and I'd guess him to be 18, so I know he would like me to give him some lessons.

#fantasy   #lust   #sexy   #built   #milf  

Lately I've be jacking off thinking about the stories my girlfriend told me about how she was molested when she was a kid, it honestly makes me cum the most I ever had.

#molested   #girlfriend   #masturbation  

Im a idiot

#i   #am   #a   #total   #fucking   #idoit  

I had a very ugly girlfriend with a great body. She knew she was ugly and guy stayed away from her. She was used by her boyfriend before me and he let me fuck her several times. He would fist fuck her pussy and her asshole and let guys and other girls watch. When then first got together she was a 14 year old virgin and he was 20 and took advantage of her. He would make her do all kinds of kinky thing, even dogs while taking videos and still pictures. She allowed herself to become a total slave, slut, cum bucket just so she could have a boyfriend. After a couple of years and so much abuse he just got tired of her and dumped her while I was fucking her. He left the apartment (she was 16 and kicked out of her parents house) and told her to get her "shit" and go after I had enough of her used up holes. I took her into my place, she immediately got naked and when asked why she said that her ex always made her strip and be naked in the apartment. So I told her to bend over the kitchen table and buttfucked her.
Her body was incredible, but her pussy and asshole were extremely loose. She'd been fisted in both holes for about 2 years every day. Her ex always told me he made sure she had a fist in each hole for 30 minutes everyday. I was eating her canyon cunt out one day and started playing with her piss hole, she went wild. She had a big clit and loved it being sucked on (most guys wouldn't do it since she'd had so many cocks in her), but this made her totally nuts. After she came three times I fist fucked her cunt and she came twice more, then I used the lube and started inserting cue tips into her piss slit. First one, then rocked it back and forth and again she started going crazy with sensation. Then I inserted 2, 3,4 eventually that first time I had 8 inside her urethra and she was hurting a bit. I left them in for 20 minutes, then slowing stroked them in and out of her. The next day I did it again, and so on for a week. Then I put in 12 and fucked her with them. She started to buck and heave and have an orgasm. Within another 10 days or so I was inserting my middle finger into her piss slit and finger fucking her, even sometimes while my cock was pistoning in and out of that sloppy cunt of hers.
She knew what was coming and was very scared but I shamed her into acceptance by telling her that since I was the one who saved her, I was the one who gave her a place to live, food to eat and money for school everyday she should at least give me the one remaining virginity she had left. I made her confess to how many cocks she'd had inside her, and how many pussies she'd eaten or fucked with her big clit. I wrote them in india ink across her pussy, then the amount insider her ass went across both cheeks. I also wrote them on her tits, so she'd see them everytime she was looking in the mirror. She relented and that night I lubed up like never before, and actually stuck my cock into her piss hole. I was so excited, she was in a bit of pain I could tell, but my cock certainly didn't care. I gave her a minute or two to get used to it and started very slow motion fucking of her tight hole. She was screwing her face in slight pain, but put up with it. "I'm about to cum baby" I said, she encouraged me. "I'm going to be the first guy to cum in your pee hole honey" "do it" she grunted back. I started pumping that pee hole faster and faster and after a minute of fast motion and her started to cry a bit, I shot a huge load up her urethra and only what I could imagine ended up in her kidney somewhere.
It was great. After that I started fucking pisshole anytime I wanted and it was incredible feeling. Knowing I had my own personal sex slave to treat anyway I wanted, and a 4 hole slave at that. She got to where she can take it very well, enjoys it and actually cums faster that when I try to fuck her used up cunt or asshole (yes she cums getting fucked up the ass too).
So I took a 3 hole slut/cunt and turned her into a 4 hole cum bucket.
A friend suggested I try to sell her piss hole for money, and get enough where I could get her pussy sewn tighter and maybe just a bit of dentistry with some plastic surgery and then book her through a high end escort agency. Being a man or woman fucker with 4 holes open would make a lot of money.
She said she would do whatever I wanted when I talked to her about it. Then she came and I shot my load up her pee hole again, rolled over and went to sleep.

#slave   #slut   #virginity  

I was chatting with my son's girlfriend when she tells me she loves to masturbate because she cannot get enough sex. I took the bait and gave it a shot. We now fuck a few times a week.

#daughter   #fuck   #sex   #hot   #lust  

In my late teens some friends and I were cruising around and wound up on a parking lot. Coming from the upper scale club on the lot was an older woman who could barely walk. She couldn't find her car. I got out and helped her find her car, then the guys followed me to her house as I drove. She surely would have wrecked if not worse on the way home if I hadn't. She invited me and my friends in, the guys started raiding her liquor cabinet and I helped her up the stairs. She stripped in front of me and half passed out, pulled out my cock and started sucking. She took off all my clothes and laid down and spread her legs. Her big D cup boobs were perfect, even at her age, and she had a great shape, obviously had some kids with a little wider hips but her dark blondish/light brownish pussy hair was beautiful, only surpassed when I spread her pussy lips open. I fucked her and when I was done she was out, totally out. I went down naked to get a drink and the other guys went up one at a time and each fucked her. I went up one more time to fuck her and seeing all the cum dripping from her used pussy, and it all over her pussy hair and tits, I rolled her over to get some fresh hole. I fucked her in the ass, got dressed and we all left.
Fast forward about 7 years, and I went home with my fiancé to meet her mother, and . . . yes, you guessed it, she was the same woman who my friends and I fucked that night she was so drunk. She doesn't seem to know it's me, she lives in the same house, same furniture, evidently her daughter was with her divorced father at the time.
I haven't said a word, however; I must say now that I know I do find some similarities in the pussy, tits, and ass of Mother and Daughter.

Me and my gf do sexting i ask her to make me jelaous so she tell me she want get fuck by 2 guys infront me.

#gf   #fuck   #dirty   #threesome  

Pray and roll the dice for #fuck

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