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Fuck Confessions

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When I was around 18 I met this girl and we had instant sexual chemistry. We tried to get into a relationship but it quickly became apparent that we would only work sexually. This girl was hornier than I have ever seen. What started as hours of phone sex every night turned into weekly and then even more regular hook ups which involved making out, and lots and lots of kinky hot sex, it all sorts of places. Her house, in a park, public toilets, even behind a delivery van while the driver made a delivery. This went on for 2/3 years and while this was going on she had a few relationships but we never stopped and the boyfriends never knew. We we're just 'close friends'. We actually had become really close friends who also were fuck buddys. Both of our sexual libido was sky high, we would fuck for hours and hours and do all sorts of positions and we would never tire. I would fuck her and then drop her off to her boyfriend and then pick her up once she had been on her date to fuck her again.
When I was around 21, so after 3 years I had a job out of town and we stopped talking so much and our lives drifted apart. She met this guy who was a virgin and started up a relationship with him, lucky guy. We would talk/meet up maybe once a month and hook up and when we did talk it was like nothing had changed and we would talk everyday. She would tell me everything about her boyfriend and their sex life, and we would reminisce about our marathons and all the roleplaying we did.
A couple of years passed and we drifted further apart and stopped seeing each other, and talking maybe upto 10 times a year. We still had chemistry and when we did talk it would go on for hours and we would always end up talking dirty.
4 years after she got with this guy they got engaged to get married. A few weeks before the wedding we were talking and she said she would no longer be talking to me anymore. We decided to meet up for one last time for old times sake and boy was it worth the while. We met at a hotel and I think we must have fucked for 6-7 hours.
At this point I had also got into a relationship and after a year and a half it had gotten quite serious.
Here's where it gets interesting, the girl I was going out went to university with my fuck buddy and they had been friends for the last 3 years! I had told my girlfriend I knew this girl and we had a bit of history but she doesn't know the extent of it or how much we both still craved each other.
I was invited to my lover's wedding and it was quite awkward. I could just picture her naked and imagining me doing all sorts of things with her on the stage and all over the hall.
Since then we have spoken a few times and again the conversations go on for hours, however we have not hooked up since she got married. We both have admitted we really want to and both admitted than neither of our sex lives are anything like they were with each other but we both love our partners very much.
We know we will never have relationship its just sex. I know we will probably have an opportunity soon and I can wait to fuck her brains out.
I feel guilty but my feelings to be intimate and very overpowering compared to the guilty feelings.


I want my wife to fuck two of her ex boyfriends from high school. Her first bed was named John. She told me when they'd was around the age of 14 - 15 they would go swimming in his pool. She said he would finger fuck her and she would jack him off in the pool. She said they never fucked but would go into his room before and after swimming and straddle him. She said she had her bikini on and he had his trunks on. She said she could feel his cock pressing on her pussy lips and playing with her then 36C tits. I want her to finish the job and gofucking him. Second guys name is Thomas from her senior year of high school. I was dating her at this time when it happened. I am so still turned on. We had a small fight and she wanted her freedom and meet this guy at school. She eventually told me she rubbed his cock through his pants. Then she finally admitted she gave him head at a local chain super store. She said she never fucked him but I don't believe her. I was able to get her real horney a few months ago and made her get his picture of Facebook while she gave me head she was so turned on. I was able to convince him that I was a girl in Facebook and he sent me a cock pic. It's a little smaller than mine but not bad. I just want these two guys to fuck her and I want to record it.

#fuck   #boyfriends   #wife  

On night after fucking my wife I made some coffee for us , I noticed a blob of cum hanging from my dick and on the spur of the moment wiped my dick in my wife's cup. With the creamer we use I found no trace of it in the cup and my wife did not notice it at all.

My sister in-law often visits and whenever I get the opportunity I but a load of cum in her coffee cup, Most of her friends have drank my cum and never noticed a thing.

I get to wank often now and i make sure we do not run out of coffee creamer.

#fuck   #wank   #fetish  

Lately I've be jacking off thinking about the stories my girlfriend told me about how she was molested when she was a kid, it honestly makes me cum the most I ever had.

#molested   #girlfriend   #masturbation  

So pretty much I’m 16 Male and have this one friend who use to be a girl and is now referred to as a boy, he is going thru so many processes to become more boy like and it turns me on so much, he’s so cute and sometimes I want him to push me up against a wall and tease me and shit, unfortunately they don’t have a dick so i imagine them with a strapon and then fucking me with it and me sucking it as they milk my cock, I want them to fuck me so hard that I’m begging for more and they just keep going harder and harder.

#bottom   #peg   #pegged   #fucked   #sex   #femdom  


I self harm, I now know that isn't the most logical answer but for people who still do
Stay strong, you'll win this battle/battles

The only person I EVER told was my best friend. I refused to show her since it was THAT terrible. The next day we met up and she said that she self harms too(which hurts me more than anything) it was on her wrists . I was convinced she slit her wrists until I really looked at her arm. She lied. She then responded with
"Well you lied too since you didn't show me your scars"
So, I did
She looked and me and sniggered
"You're honestly ridiculous. And you're black . I thought black people don't cut"
Those words fucked me up more than ANYTHING

I heard that she is spreading it around our school which is my fear.

This is one of the main reasons I don't trust people anymore.


I crave cock constantly in all my filthy holes. Need dick so bad all the time. I'm 24. . . Will I always need cock so bad?

#cock   #horny   #fuck   #kik  

My best friend and I got wild with my boyfriend's dad and experienced the best sex ever. It is for us and fot the boyfriend to never know. WOW. Go for it girlfriends. (:

#older   #olderisbetter   #bfdad   #ggb   #sex   #wild   #hot   #fuck   #suck   #lick   #3some  

On night after fucking my wife I made some coffee for us , I noticed a blob of cum hanging from my dick and on the spur of the moment wiped my dick in my wife's cup. With the creamer we use I found no trace of it in the cup and my wife did not notice it at all.

My sister in-law often visits and whenever I get the opportunity I but a load of cum in her coffee cup, Most of her friends have drank my cum and never noticed a thing.

I get to wank often now and i make sure we do not run out of coffee creamer.

#fuck   #wank   #fetish  

My trip got canceled so I happily bought wine, steak, flowers and headed home to surprise my wife. Instead I got the surprise by finding her in 69 position in my bed with the maid. For a week now my brain is still fizzling and confused. The thoughts are in every direction. She cheated but least it was not another man or it's worse because it is with a to die for chick. I was betrayed but I'd love to have a threesome with the smokin hot babe that I'd get killed for if caught fucking her. I want a piece but could never tell the wife or soon to be X. I get blue in the mind when I feel betrayed and then blue in the balls when I think of a threesome which I have never had. Sooooo CONfusED. Good masturbating fantasies but mostly heart break thoughts. Do I go or do I stay? Is my wife heartless or just too sex driven horney slut?

#confused   #lesbian   #threesome   #dropdeadgorgeouschick   #fuck   #suck   #69   #maid   #horny   #masturbation   #x   #slut   #sex  

I want to seduce a married woman. (M/35)This woman will come visit me this weekend. She lives in a rather unhappy marriage. 2 kids, stay at home mom, she only cooks, cleans, cares for the kids and let's her husband have his way twice a week with her.She's been to my apartment before to talk and we noticed rather quickly that we like each other. She said she wants to get out of the house for a little bit, talk, watch a movie, maybe cuddle a little bit. But she also told me that she wants to see my pride and joy (aka big dick) some time. She also sent me a really really cute braless pic of her. Ok darling, what's started will be finished.My confession is as follows: I want to seduce her and make her fall in love with me. But I am not willing to start a relationship with this woman.I want the adventure of the forbidden. I know she's forbidden fruit (as she's married) and that's why I want her even more. And she has kids. I don't want kids. So forget it.The world's cruel, dirty and dark. So I am, too.

#dark   #dirty   #sex   #married   #woman   #fuck   #confession   #sin  

Sometimes I just feel like shooting myself in the head. This depression anxiety shit is ruining my life. I’m a Asian guy who’s only into white girls. I just think they’re the angels of the world. I’ve been rejected so many times that I just want to fuck it all. I think loneliness kills more people than cancer. FML

#rejection   #depression   #anxiety   #fuckmylife  

I got anger problems cause people like to be dumb these days

Last year I gave my first bj. My teacher offered a better grade if I would blow him. I immediately said no. And after a few days of thought I changed my mind. I think it was just the thrill of it because an A instead of a B was not a big deal. When I told him OK we planned a ride in his car. He drove and I sucked but mostly played with his cock until he came. It was shocking and disgustingly messy. I realized I had no idea what to do, but it worked. I liked that he loved it and wanted to know how to do it better. Without a boyfriend I went for my sister's because he was cute and I knew he liked me. He was more than eager to teach me. It went further than I planned and he took my virginity. We ended up fucking like rabbits every chance we could until my sister caught us. Now he is banned and my sister won't talk to me. She says I am a slut. I was so busy fucking I still don't know how to a good blowjob.

#teacher   #bj   #sister   #boyfriend   #fuck   #horny   #virgin   #16   #curious  

I have been married a long time, and when my Wife goes out, I dress up in her lingerie and clothing and go out to local adult video shop to have sex with other men. Most of the time I just give blowjobs, however on a few occasions I let them have intercourse with me and not use a condom. I enjoy being seen after having been used that way, and have their cum running out of me into my Wife's panties.

#gay   #homosexual   #crossdress   #suck   #swallow   #fucked  

I just started a new job three weeks ago. I love my husband and never cheat on him or even want to. My new boss has offered me a promotion and a huge pay increase if I agree to let him fuck me at work once in a while. When he brought it up the first thing I said was "how often is once in a while?" I couldn't believe I was saying this or even letting the conversation go on. He said it would be no more than twice a month. He told me that he hired me because of my big sexy ass. He said he would have me bend over in his office every two weeks or so and it would usually take about twenty minutes. I told him I would need to think about it. I tried to come to terms with the whole thing over the weekend, I didn't want to feel guilty or ashamed but I knew I was going to because I knew I was going to take the promotion, the huge raise, and the responsibility for what it would cost.

Today is monday. I went in to work this morning a happily married customer service phone operator. I wore a skirt and stockings instead of pants. I took off and left my wedding ring and my panties in my car before I went in. At 11:00 this morning I was filling out new- hire paperwork for the administrative assistants position.. I'll be taking home $540.00 a week instead of $320.00. from now on. I have my own office. I get three weeks paid vacation instead of two at half pay, and on and on with the benefits. I am, as of 11:43 this morning, a whore. A whore who spent her lunch-hour bent at the waist, holding her ankles and selling her ass. Two weeks from now I'll be doing it again. I have no intention of confessing this anywhere else. My husband will never find out.

#wife   #fucks   #boss   #sexy   #big   #ass   #whore   #promotion   #raise  

I found out my wife had been fucking many guys behind my back. I knew she was a whore, she'd fucked at least 60 guys if not a 100 before I even knew her. In fact when I was only 16 and she was 19 she was my first fuck. Her boyfriend was a friend of my older cousins and he used to put her out for gangbangs. One of my cousins told him I was a virgin and her BF let me come into the motel room where she was lying on the bed with cum all over her mouth, her small tits, and leaking out of her pussy. I found out later it was leaking out of her ass as well. I was the 11th guy to fuck her that night another 10 or more came after me. Though I was 11th, she'd taken from the previous 10 guys a total of 16 loads of cum all over her. I added one more in her pussy and lost my virginity.

After that her boyfriend would let me come around his place and fuck her 1 on 1 sometimes, that's how I got my first BJ and my first anal sex. Sometimes he'd invite me to her gangbangs as well. So I knew that when I married her she was a used up slut and I wanted that. She did anything I wanted sexually.

But to go behind my back and I found out she'd been doing it for several years with at least 8 guys.

So for revenge, I gave all the info to some guys, they had a total of 10 guys and they threw her in their van when she came out of her office into the garage. They took her to a vacant house and all 10 took turns buttfucking her and recording it all. I thought that was enough, but they brought in some homeless bums and made them pay her a quarter to fuck her well used pussy or mouth. They kept her clothes, and wrote how many times she'd been fucked on her, then pushed a needle into each nipple, not through like a piercing, but directly into the nipple at a straight angle, in about 2 inches. They left her phone and she called me. I picked her up and didn't take any clothes for her despite the fact she "ordered" me to.

She was angry that I had no clothes, and angry this had happened to her and I reminded her of how we met, she didn't even know my name and I was fucking her. Then I let her know of the 8 names I knew she'd been fucking and told her to keep it up, and reminded her what would happen to her if she did. I fucked her, then made her give me the coins the homeless guys gave her. There were 12 quarters. I took her home naked. When we got home I made her make us some food while naked and wouldn't let her clean or even wipe her leaking ass and pussy. Instead she sat on my lap with my cock up her butt and we ate while I watched the video with her. My last words to her (other than the two times more I came in her) were . . . "Always let me know when you're going to be a slut, if I agree there won't be a problem"

#gb   #slut   #whore  

My wife of 24 years is still very hot, can wear the same size shorts, skirts, dresses that she wore when we started dating. She does pretty much anything I want sexually as long as it's in our bedroom. Things were getting a bit stale, and she wanted to mix things up and reluctantly had "a talk" with me about it. I was all for it. What did she want to do?
Her answer was that she didn't want to swing, but wanted to go places were we could have sex in front of other couples watching, and also couples having sex as well. I did my research, and we first went to a city about 300 miles away here in the Midwest, where we knew we wouldn't run into anyone we knew. We enrolled, and then went to our first on-premise swing club. In the co-ed locker rooms, she immediately got undressed, we put our things away and went out totally naked. She enjoyed the pool, the sauna, and walked all around the place showing off her great body. At this time I keep her pussy in full bush just trimmed a bit down her thighs, so she would sit down and really spread her legs so people could see her pink inner pussy lips. I couldn't take it anymore and we laid down and shared a mattress with another couple and I fucked her. She was screaming like never before, had multiple orgasms, and soon enough there were about 8 couples watching us fuck. She kept looking and screaming, and cumming and I finally shot a big load into her pussy. We actually got applause.
She was insane with the attention, and we walked around, drinking, talking to others all with my cum matted into her pussy hair and dripping down her inner thighs for everyone to see. I fucked her twice more, something I'd not been able to do since we were teens.
She loves showing off her body, and loves all the men and women watching what a hot fuck she is. She turns to a real slut when we're in front of people. We've gone to various clubs in cities now about 25 or more times. She is a total exhibitionist. When we had our winter beach vacation in the islands, she wouldn't go until we found a place that had a nude beach to go to. After than she now wants to go to nudist or adult resorts, where we can fuck in front of other naked people, or at least invite people to our room to watch us fuck and us watch them.



Im 14 years old, and im addicted to watching porn. Im a virgin, but i love to fantasize a big cock dominating me. I also get very horny when i watch lesbian porn. I am a Catholic and i know this is a sin, but i cannot stop. I also have touched boys. :(

#addiction   #catholic   #fuck  

I’m in love with my best friend who has a boyfriend. We’ve agreed that we do have feelings for each other but we can’t act on them. I think about making her my little fuck toy every single night and every morning.

All I want to do is marry her and fuck her every morning.

#bestfriend   #horny   #lust   #fuck  

Pray and roll the dice for #fuck

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