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Married Confessions

Read the best #married confession stories

There is this man I meet regularly in the park when I am walking my dogs and we started talking a few months ago. He also has two small dogs (I do not know the breed) and we let our dogs play together. It is really nice, we talk a lot about everything, he has the same humour as me and he is very attractive. I am always looking forward to going to the park in hopes that I meet him. And then it happened, I couldn't believe it. He kissed me one day. Out of the blue.. while we were laughing about something (I can't remember now what it was) and the moment was just perfect...

The thing is... I am single, but he is married!!!!
He never mentioned her to me, never muttered a word about her! And he is never wearing a ring (I've checked). She came by the park when our dogs had a "play date" to bring him is phone (because he forgot it at home). That's how I found out. That was after the kiss, I think like a week later...

We never talked about the kiss since then and I don't know what to do.. I actually thought I was going to fall in love with hime before I knew he was married. Now I am heartbroken and I don't know if I should tell her?

#crush   #dogs   #kiss   #married   #wife   #heartbroken   #confession  

I have had lustful thoughts about having gay sex with one of my coworkers, more of me giving him really deep oral sex and making him cum like he has never cum before. He has kind of hinted in the past that he would "let a guy suck him off" especially since his wife won't give him sex. I daydream that he comes into my office and starts touching himself while hes talking to me and I finally ask him if I can suck his dick. He pulls it out and he's hard and I take him into my mouth and just work his cock til he explodes.

#oral   #sex   #deepthroat   #coworker   #married   #straight  

I have a super sexy wife. We are both in our late 20's, and met about 4 years ago. We started fucking after our 4th date. She was in no way a prude, but not a slut either. She had 4 lovers, all longer term boyfriends, beginning with the first when she was 19, she'd lost her virginity by 21 in all three holes. She was a real find. She is totally beautiful, with a 5ft. 7in tall body, she only weighs 115lbs, has super firm C cup tits, and the most perfect legs and ass. Her body is incredible and she looks amazing in anything from jeans to a business suit. Our friends all lust after her, and the guys all want to know what she likes, and what her body looks like. Sexually she does everything I want. She doesn't have any fantasies of her own, but backs mine up totally. I can do anything I want to her and she is fine with it. The problem is she doesn't really enjoy sex, she does it, she does everything I want, but she pretty much just lays there and lets it happen to her. She will move around and moan but I know it's all for my sense not hers.

She let's me do anything: Eat her pussy, fuck her mouth, she will swallow my cum, shave her pussy, use a marker and write nasty things on her body, fuck her in the ass. I can go in the toilet and make her turn around on the toilet to see her poop coming out, she will pee her pants in public, do anything I need to get off sexually. I can shoot cum anywhere on her body. She's even gone out in public with cum dripping off her chin and onto her chest, visible through her opened up blouse. She's let me hire a male and also females to come have sex with her. She's done it in swing clubs in front of people, done exhibitionism. You get the story. EVERYTHING in on the table sexually, and she will do it ALL. But she won't let herself go, she can't orgasm. She says that all the guys before and anything since, is the same. It feels good but she doesn't have orgasms unless she uses her hand as long as no one else is touching her. She can't even orgasm if I watch her.

I miss making women cum, I used to make all my girls cum. I want to fuck another woman but that is the one thing she won't allow. I am thinking of cheating to get a piece of pussy that likes to be fucked and eaten.

#mf   #married  

I married a beautiful much younger woman, and created a will, leaving everything to her, should I have a heart-attack, but not if the cause of death is anything different. I have an agreement with her that she can do ANYTHING she wants, other than drugs, to precipitate the heart attack, without fear of reprisal. I have given her waivers and signed statements exonerating her in the event of a catastrophe based on my obsession with total enclosure bondage, sensory deprivation, and erotic asphyxia.. If she can use these tools to inherit, well, I've always been a bit of a gambler, adrenaline junkie, risk-taker, and I'm betting that my very strong heart can stand about anything she can come up with. Meantime she lives in luxury anyway, and can have boyfriends, and pretty-much total freedom. I'm counting on her greed to motivate her into hurrying things along! And her efforts are so much fun!

#greed   #impatience   #married  

We were on holiday at Barmouth in North Wales, on the second night we decided to go to the local pub for a drink. I asked Jen if she was going to do her flashing which can end up with very saucy outcomes thankfully she said yes and told me she had packed her sexy undies complete with suspender belt and stockings in case I suggested the flashing. Incidentally Jen is a bit plump which makes her curvy with love handles in the right places and we both are in our late 20s when we arrived at the pub it was Quiz Night so we expected to just have a drink but how wrong we were because there was a couple of guys from our hometown who invited us for a drink and to join in with the quiz. One of them (Mike) recognised Jen from when she was flashing back home but that time he was with his wife and Jen wasn't flashing for him that time, needless to say Jen went bright red with embarrassment because we both thought she always flashed discreetly but obviously not because both guys were cheeky enough to ask her if she was going to flash for them as long as it was okay with me? I said that it was up to Jen but what about their wives she asked? Apparently they were at Barmouth to do some sea fishing with their other mate who they had left at the chalet but they know that he would love to see and meet Jen. By now this was completely out of my control but believe me I was really getting worked up just thinking what might happen. Jen by now was actually revelling in the newfound attention she was getting and after asking me should we go along with them

#sex   #married  

I was married for 15 years before I finally had sex with another man. I was 40. I found him on Craigslist. i took a long lunch hour from my work, and drove to his apartment. When I met him, he was dressed only in a bathrobe. We went inside, and I undressed, and he started sucking me. I returned the favor. It was amazing! He laid down on his couch, with his ass in the air, I slipped on a condom, and fucked him. I'd never had anal sex before. After I came, he took off my condom and sucked me. It pretty much became a regular thing after that with other men. I went to one guy's house, and he ate my ass, sucked me, but I got scared and left. I started visiting the booths in adult movie theaters after that. I was sucked by a lot of guys, but I was too scared to reciprocate. I wanted to be fucked in my ass, but I was scared to do that even with a condom. I moved a few hours away after a few months with my wife, and pretty much did the same thing. I hooked up with a few guys at my place while she was at work, and hit the adult theater in town and did some sucking and jacking off with guys there. The last time I fucked a guy was in a theater, and he had a massive cock. I was planning on sucking him, but he was sitting down, and spread the cheeks of his ass, and I knew he wanted me to fuck him. I didn't have a condom, but he said just to do it, and I slid my cock inside him and exploded in his ass. I was scared of getting an STD, so after that I was tested and came up negative, and decided to play it safe. I met a few guys after that, and not surprisingly the marriage ended up in divorce. All told, during the marriage I was playing with guys on and off for about 15 years, but I never got caught. After the divorce, I remarried, and stopped playing around. I think I did it only because there was no sex in the first marriage. But I have a fond memory of fucking that last guy's ass. Still makes me hard. I guess I'm bi, but I don't feel like I need to act on it any longer. My new wife and I are really happy in bed, and she has no limits. I don't think I'll do it again with another guy, even though the thought makes me hot. I couldn't do it to my wife. The first wife was a bitch from hell, so I didn't mind cheating. Now, though, my new wife is great, and I just couldn't do it to her.

#bisexual   #cheating  

I sucked my barbers dick like a faggot, im married.

#faggot   #gay   #married   #dick  

I edged up to a married woman and seduced her. Now she wants to get a divorce to be with me. But I just played with her, shit...
I feel ashamed.

#married   #sex   #divorce   #ashamed   #confession  

I'm a straight married (well maybe not so much anymore). Some how looking at porn i got to a site with BBC *big black cock), These guys were massive - making me feel so inferior. Well days went by and then I found myself searching all kinds of BBC sites. Some of these guys were so huge! I couldn't get over them and kept going to these sites. One night when wife was traveling i went to craigslist just to browse and find a black guy nearby posting something to the effect that he was a little drunk and needed someone to suck him. I responded and he hit me back up right away and asked me over. I immediately said yes and headed out. When I got to his place i hesitated for quite a while then finally got up the nerve, Well he was naked from the waist down and when i saw his huge cock i just became this total queer. I got on my needs and started licking and sucking but couldn't take it in - must have been at least 11 inches maybe bigger. When he called me a white fag cocksucker i got so excited i took as much as i could in my mouth and began to gag when he shot the biggest load i had ever seen. I pulled back because of the amount and it shot all over my face, I went back home but can't stop thinking about it, I jack off to BBC porn all of the time now!

#gay   #married   #bbc  

I am married male, 31 yrs old, my very attractive wife is 26 yrs old, with an incredible body, both clothed and naked. My wife worked as a stripper and now works as a prostitute. I'm a professional for a large multi-national and she makes twice what I make and only has to work about 10 calls per week. It doesn't disrupt our sex life, in fact I rather like knowing what she is going out to do, and then she tells me about it after. She only does protected sex with her clients.
I'm married to a very hot prostitute

#prostitute   #married  

I'm trauma bonded to a married man, and I'm married. I have tried dozens of times to end contact and haven't spoken to him in over a month but I'm getting the itch again. I don't want to ruin my marriage anymore than I already have.
I want to be done with it but I'm compelled to be in touch with this asshole who doesn't give a shit if I exist most of the time.

He just pretends to be in love with me because I'm the only idiot who puts up with his abuse.... for more than a decade now.

#traumabond   #idiot   #married   #forbidden  

I hate the mother of my boyfriend. She always talks to you in the nicest way possible but says such hard, brutal and mean things. One time she had a fight with his husband and she told me afterwards that I should be lucky I am not married and I should never get married in my life. And then she added that I am still young and maybe I'll find the right person to be with.... while I am dating her son!
I know she doesn't like me but I think she doesn't know that I know.

#hate   #mother   #nice   #lucky   #married   #boyfriend   #confession  

I have an affair with another woman although I am married.
Neither of them knows about the other one. But today something horrible happened. They met!
They started talking in the supermarket and they want to meet again tonight in a bar and have a few drinks.
I know because my wife showed me a picture of her.
I am screwed... What should I do know? What if they find out tonight?

#married   #affair   #otherwoman   #supermarket   #bar   #confession   #screwed  

I'm married and bi. My wife has no idea. Yesterday I met with a married couple and had a terrific threesome. It was hubby's first time getting oral from a guy and his first time giving oral. He came in my mouth while I was fucking his wife. I kissed her and shared the cum.

Earlier this week I posted an online ad offering to give blow jobs. I got a response from a black man with a very hard, very big cock. I immediately went to his house and blew him.

Today I was in the same area. I emailed my new black master and asked if I can come service him. He permitted me to do so. I went over and started sucking. This time (at my request) he was harsher and pushed my head down to get his cock to pop open the back of my throat. I did my best not to gag. It is an awesome cock that I'll want again and again.

Also at my request, he started calling me "faggot" and his bitch. I was happily surprised when he made me bend over so he could fuck me. (So glad I thought to bring a condom and lube.) My God that cock is big! It hurt, but it hurt so so good! I'm getting addicted to big black cock - I just want it again and again!

After he fucked me for a while, he pulled out and ordered me to suck him. "Suck my cock, faggot" said over and over really turns me on. Finally he shot his load down my throat. Mmmmm. The only down side to deep throat is that you don't get to taste the cum as well.

I want to be a faggot for BBC.

#bbc   #threesome   #married   #black   #faggot  

I burnt the last photograph I had from you today. You fell in love and got married. I saw you on the street today, happy and cheerful, but you didn't saw me. I hope I would have been brave enough to step up to yo and tell you how I feel. And tell you how much I love you.
Take care of yourself. I love you A. E.

#love   #lovelorn   #married   #happy   #cheerful   #sad   #brave  

I am married for 8 yrs and recently started fucking strangers without my husband knowing. I meet them on a site and have had sex with 7 men at hotels some more than once this past month. One week i slept with guys just this week i fucked two guys and am meeting another. I crave dick constantly i want men to have their way with me fuck me and spank me and pull my hair I cant get enough... One guy i had just met i let fuck me bareback even thou its dangerous he fucked me seven times and i had cum dripping out of me when i left he came in me so much. I want dick all the time..

#sex   #strangers   #hotels   #cum   #married  

I am in a relationship with a man who has low testosterone , therefore our sex life is pretty dead. I had an affair with one of the married professors at the university I work at, until he claimed his wife found his phone and he ended it with me. During the affair he confessed that he has done this several times with several other women and chats regularly on Omegle to underage girls and downloads porn in his office at work. Now that he says we are over, I am wondering if it would be worth it to tell his wife what a freak he is. This guy does NOT deserve tenure, and I feel horrible about what I did with him, but he would be the last guy I would want teaching my kid!

#university   #affair   #married  

My confessions.
I am a married 23 female who enjoys reading sex stories when I am alone. I end up having multiple fantasies along with countless orgasms. I am always horny but it gets worse with age.
My second confession is a new but more frequent occuring fantasy that I don't know where it came from. Your stories got my imgination and sex drive off the charts? I have been wanting to have sex with my husband's younger sister. She has the total package; looks, personality, touch, I get so wet and moved when around her. I am so curious of her and why I want her so bad.
My final confession: I am masturbating.

#sister   #sex   #horny   #masturbating   #curious   #married   #hot   #petite   #sexy   #attractive   #cute   #girl   #why   #confess  

I'm 45, pretty fat, not great looking, and married for 29 years. My husband never was too much for adventurous sex, even when I was skinny and pretty with nice firm, big tits. For the last 10 years I've been fucking any cock that will fuck an old fatty like me. Believe it or not there are lots of guys. I know I'm just being used as a place to stick it in and cum but I like that. About 3 years ago I started having anal sex. When I was young it kind of turned me off. I didn't like it because I knew I'd have to suck the cock that came out of the same hole I poop from. But now I think it's the very dirtiness, the nastiness of it that makes me like it. Before my husband fucked me I hadn't done anything but suck 3 cocks. He was the first to fuck me and was the fourth I sucked. Over the last 10 years, I've had exactly 58 cocks inside me, and now I've had 22 up my ass. I've sucked all of them off, plus many more. I was sucking strange cock before I started letting them fuck me. I'd have never believed a fat old cumhole like me can still get plenty of men.

#married   #cheating   #whore   #slut   #anal   #oral   #vaginal  

So I finally tried something that has been on my mind for a few years now. I'm married man for over 25 years. For some reason I got the urge to try giving a blow job. When I did it was so sureal. The feeling of the cock in my mouth. The taste, the smell of another man. I truly enjoyed it. My senses were keen as I slid his dick in and out of my mouth. I'll always remember the scent of him just before he came. As if it was pheromones coming from him, and I liked it, it made me suck harder. And then as he squirted into my mouth, the scent changed, I liked it also. The warm salty juice was tasty. I swallowed without even thinking about it. I want to do it again.

#cum   #swallow   #man   #suck   #head   #married  

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