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Crossdress Confessions

Read the best #crossdress confession stories

She loved to embarrass me and dominate me. On one particular night, I went to the bar with her and her gorgeous room mate. At the bar I was playing pool when she decided to distract me by grabbing my balls when I bent down. Suddenly I realized she was letting other girls do it too and I had no say in it. I was groped by every girl there nearly. When we got back to her place, her room mate went to bed but left her clothes in the bathroom. I had to wear them and risk being seen by her room mate. I managed to avoid being seen but had to pose for pictures dressed like that and completely nude, which she left where her room mate would find them and take them. What a night.

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I'm a straight guy but I have to confess that since I was 14 I took a interest in sexy lingerie and began secretly dressing in it. My wife thinks she got me into it 9yrs ago so I let her think that. So I have really been wearing women's clothing for nearly 20yrs..I feel comfatable and relax in female clothing.I wear lingerie every day under my work clothes. At home I get around wearing either a nice dress or a nice skirt and blouse


I used to ride motorcycles alot and I always wore these tight black leather pants with boots. Usually I was out late nights barhopping. Some nights I scored pussy. Some nights I scored none. One night in particular I was out late. The time was about 4a.m. I had not gotten lucky that night. I noticed sitting at the bar was a thick redhead woman. The stool next to her was empty. I sat on that stool and continued my beer. Said hi to her and as natural began the small talk. We sat and talked a few minutes. Now I am a tall slender guy of pretty good looks. She was not bad looking at all.I guessed her to be mid to late 40s. I was late 20s. She had on a short black skirt with nice thick legs. Her makeup was impecable. She offered to buy me a beer and I accepted. As small talk continued I noticed her hand on my thigh. By this time my dick was aroused. Her hand rubbed towards the inside of my thigh and not too far from my bulge. She then proceeded to tell me she was a boy. Well now, what do ya do? Excellent tactic; look just like a woman, buy a guy a drink and then get his cock all worked up. She knew what she wanted. Now in this town it was not unusual for sissies and drag queens to frequent the bar scene. There were quite a few clubs that featured drag queen lip-syncing shows and contests. So I was not shocked. In fact I felt complimented. Well one thing led to another I wasnt getting any pussy that night but I was curious as hell. On my other side sitting was an aquaintence of mine. He leaned to me and asked what her story was. I told him she says she is a boy. He was like," Really? " Well she looks over at me and tells me is heading out. I told my buddy that I wanted to go see what this was all about.
So I left with her and followed her to where she lived. She shared a house with a few other people; one of whom I knew but he did not know I was there. W went up to her room. All feminine. Nothing boyish at all. Well I was nervous in a sense. My cock was raging hard. I had no idea what I was gonna do. She wasted no time removing her blouse and bra. She had really nice big tits. She laid on her bed leaning on her right elbow. I just paced. She told me in her raspy voice,"I wish I could get you out of those leather pants." I acted as if I did not really hear that. We exchanged more chit chat and she rubbed the bed next to her and said it again. Finally I had enough. I caved. I walked up to her bed.
"I know what you want" I said to her.
"Oh?" she says.
I proceed to unfasten my belt and unsnap my pants. I pull down on my zipper. She begins to start gazing at my crotch. Now I am no small boy. Not John Holmes but larger than average. I pushed my pants to my knees and my cock appeared.
"Ooooh! Nice." she says as I sit down next to her and lean back. My cock was stiff against my abdomen. She reached forward and wrapped her hand around it. She then began to lean her face forward as she slid the head in between her lips. She began the up and down movement that comes with a gurl sucking a big hard dick. All I know is this was THE BEST blow job I had ever received. She continuef about 10 minutes licking the head, kissing the head and running that tongue up and down the shaft while massaging my balls. I was amazed at how good she looked and how good it felt. I soon felt it coming. She sensed it as she raised up and let the cum shoot onto her face. Another shot went on my shirt. As it shoots out she again goes, "Oooooooh!" The deed was done. My first drag queen blow job. I saw her again a few weeks later. We barhopped together one night. She was my date. People in the bar scene knew I was not gay and if you were out with her you were considered lucky because you were getting sucked off. The night ended. It was morning. She drove me home. We sat in her car and talked. I couldnt stand it. I looked at her, "You wanna get me off?"
"Oh yes."
I raised my hips and lowered my pants. She sucked me to orgasm. It was exciting because of the daytime risk of being seen by neighbors. As she sucked she paused once and she looked at me and said, "You are rather large." Then continued. I soon felt it and this time she did not let it shoot out.................she swallowed.
Over the years we got together on a few occasions and it was always a great cock sucking.

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I'm a sissy crossdresser obsessed with wearing women's lingerie and clothing. One time, I was over at my friends house who was having a small party. The girl who was throwing the party was this sexy asian girl with tan skin and beautiful body. While everyone was in the living room, I slipped away down the hallway to her room pretending to go the bathroom. I looked on the floor and found two pairs of used panties and a pair of stockings. I took them into the bathroom and I stripped down. I wore one of them, a blue hipster cotton panties and then I put the stockings over them. Then I started masturbating while I brought the other pair of used panties up to my face and started inhaling the sweet perfume of her pussy. I could hear everyone having still drinking and having fun and nobody knew what I was doing. As I was about to cum, I took the sweet smelling panties I had up to my face and brought it down and came into them. Because I made a mess, I decided to clean it up by licking my cum off her panties. Once I was done, I put my clothes back on again and put everything back where they belonged and went back to the party.

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A while back, after a breakup, I had been using phone sex services regularly. I usually used Femdom providers.
One woman I called kept telling me I needed to get peach colored lipstick to give blowjobs. She figured had a slutty alter ego.
After using her regularly, I got a notification for registered mail waiting at the post office. I got the parcel and opened it up in the car. It was a pair of silky panties and a note from the provider. I called her later that day and she made me put on the panties and lipstick and promise I’d suck cock.
That started my secret fetish. I dress up in stockings, 4”heels, and lingerie and act as a cock hungry sissy slut.

#crossdressing   #sissy  

I am 29, male, married. I'm 5ft. 9in tall, weigh 145lbs, with a 30" waist. Though married I and my wife have both had homosexual experiences in our pasts. I just finished the first week of a three week trip out of town without my wife. I only have about 5 hours a day of work the rest of the time I'm free in a temporary corporate apartment.
I don't know why, but I went to a gay bar and let two guys pick me up and fuck me. First in the parking lot bent over the trunk of the car, then they came back here and fucked me several times. I guess I got a renewed feel for having sex with men, and liked it. The next day I went out and bought some girl underwear, very sexy stuff, along with some lingerie and nighties. I started wearing the stockings/garter, panties and even a bra to the bar and felt so feminine amongst all the hunks there. I let a man take me back to my place and he was very gentle and his huge cock got so hard when he saw me in my undies. I slid my panties down and then lubed up, and laid on the bed. After sucking him for a while he entered me and we both enjoyed about 20 minutes of fucking. After that I went to the toilet to clean up, put on some makeup and sexy lingerie and went back out to the living room where he was watching TV. I sat next to him and he began kissing me, moving my bra to suck my erect nipples. He actually reached down and got my small cock hard and sat astride my lap and guided it into him. I came like never before then he got up, picked me up in his arms and took me to the bedroom where we went for round two. I have been dressing for the whole week, and even bought a couple of mini skirts, and blouses, and hit the bar. I'm really enjoying crossdressing and actual like getting fucked way more than I used to. I know it's dangerous, but I'm allowing myself to become a cum dump for men. I feel like a real woman, letting men use my body for their pleasure. Right now, I am going out to a clothing store, dressed in thigh high stockings, panties, bra, a black mini skirt and white blouse, fully made up, and hair fluffed, blown out and ready. My date from last night is taking me shopping, then to lunch. I guess I'll have to repay him somehow after we get back before he goes back to his wife.

#bi   #crossdress   #gay  

I have been crossdressing and it shames me.


When I was younger (I won't say how old) I used to talk with older gay guys online. I eventually started taking pics and even taking requests for what they wanted to see. A few wanted to see me in panties so I would swipe from my sister's dresser and put them on. I guess they looked good because more and more guys wanted to see it. Eventually it led me to buying a wig and putting on my sisters clothes & makeup for them. It then went from pics to vids of me stripping and masturbating for them. Thinking back now about it turns me on so much. I often times wish I was a girl.

#crossdressing   #bicurious   #sissy  

Yesterday, I was shopping at JC Penny's and went into a fitting room to try on some jeans. Someone before me had left a bra hanging there.
I couldn't help myself and I put it on and wore it home. I'm a guy.

#crossdressing   #bra  

I am a secret crossdresser and when girlfriend is out I go to my garage and bring out my bag of lingerie.
I have a satin fetish and love the way it makes me feel. I get dressed up in black satin bra and thong, suspender belt, stockings and a black satin chemise. I then have webcam chats with men admitting I am gay and they tell me what a sissy I am.
Once I am finished I always feel a bit of shame and consider telling my girlfriend the truth but always end up putting the bag back and wait until the next time I am alone.

#crossdressing   #gay  

Well a lot of my ‘sins’ began back when I was 14, I am 16 now. Then I would post a lot of pictures of me online on reddit claiming to be 18. I loved the attention from the guys and girls I got because I didn’t feel comfortable with myself and they actually liked me for me. They loved my body and made me confident in myself. I loved wearing girls clothing and began stealing cloths from my sister and aunt, trying on anything that I liked. I would show pictures of me masturbating, or ones of me twerking, trying new things, everything, I loved being a little slut like that. But eventually I calmed down on the whole posting thing as life took its toll on me and I couldn’t keep up with it. But that didn’t me from getting kinkier. I went deeper and deeper into the web, finding all the craziest of shit.

But one thing I did that I really loved was when my aunt and uncle were out of town, they had my house and dog sitting so I had free rain of their house. I went into their room and began looking around for toys, but wasn’t able to find anything. I did find some dirty underwear I played with and eventually came in. But also I went through their closet and tried on a bunch of her cloths as I loved them. At one point I was dressed in a pair of sexy thong panties, a lacy matching bra, silk teddy and silk robe. I’m not crazy chubby, but my chest area kind of looks like I have boobs even though I’m a boy so they fit her cloths perfectly. I took one of their dog collars and put it around my throat and painted my lips and put lipstick on. I jerked off everywhere and came in a bottle of her lotion. I then also used random things I found around the house as dildos as I’m pretty brave. But also, I wanted to try something out, so I took one of the male dogs to the bathroom and I began jerking him off. I then also began to suck him off, but when it tried to get him to fuck me he was too small and didn’t seem interested. That’s definitely a dream of mine, to be fucked by a big hung dog…

But that was my confession, hope I’m not too much of a weirdo for here…thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far

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I have a long straight hair fetish. Whenever I encounter a younger woman (the younger the better with long straight hair, I get aroused sexually. This usually ends in my going home and masturbating while thinking of the girl.
Over the years of having this fetish, I have attempted to satisfy it by buying several wigs of various styles. At first, I only played with them but this resulted in me trying them on and masturbating in front of a mirror. Eventually it led to cross dressing but only as a younger woman. I would purchase younger clothes and mimic the young girls I often saw in public places.
Now, I am taking this CD thing to the next level and going out to CD friendly public bars. I dress as a young woman in very conservative clothes and try to fit in. But in the end, it is all about the hair. Long straight hair falling around my face and down my back. Bangs are a plus with me and if I can style them with a deep sidepart, all the better. I cant get enough of this fetish and often wonder what will become of it. The only positive thing is that I am not hurting anyone and am keeping it totally to myself. My biggest worry is getting caught.

#fetish   #embarassed   #crossdress  

When I was about 13 I sneaked into my younger sister's room and looked through her wardrobe. I found this blouse that I didn't remember ever seeing her wear, it was a pink satin slip on with a round peter pan collar placket and short frilly sleeves. It was so ultra girly that she'd probably never be seen dead in it. I'm not sure why but I sort of dared myself to put it on even though it was far too small. I had to put my arms really close together inside it and put my hands into the arm holes. Gradually I pulled it down until finally I had it on. Then I did up the buttons one by one, right up to the top. I couldn't believe how sissy I looked in the mirror, or how hard my cock was getting. Looking through her drawer, I found a pair of short pink nylon pyjama panties with flowers on them. Trembling, I put them on over my hard cock. The feel of them hugging my ass was amazing. Finally I put a pink skirt on to complete the outfit. Seeing myself dressed as a little girl in the mirror was too much, I masturbated like crazy and came half way across the room.

#sissy   #blouse   #panties   #crossdress   #masturbate  

I like to crossdress very much and wish to have sex with males and have fun like a woman.


I am a thirty five year old man who by day seems like a pretty typical guy. But, I am closet gay and cross dresser. No one knows. I dress in panties, bras, stockings, high heels at home. When I dress, I become effeminate -- prancing, swishing, the whole bit like a silly little girl. I find it completely liberating and relaxing at the same time. Once a month, for fun but to keep anonymous, I get a hotel room and seek guys online. I dress up and host men -- it turns me on to host as many as I can in one night. Current record is 6. While there is no money exchange, I do feel like the scene is very much a prostitute (me, dressed like a dirty whore) and Johns. When I service them to completion (mainly blow jobs but I do enjoy penetration), they simply leave. I am usually on the floor in my panties/bra, covered in cum, but still horny for another man's penis.

#crossdresser   #gay  

I had been out of town for a month and getting desperate. I was in New Orleans, and walked past a tiny little bar and decided to go have a beer. As I sipped my beer I noticed a small, rather shy looking girl at a table all alone next to the dance floor. I kept watching her, she had a yellow sun dress on, and small boobs which I like, and very nice, shapely legs which I LOVE. I didn't see her butt, though all in all, she was looking pretty good. I saw some guys come out of a door at the back of the place, then a couple of what could only be crossdressers. Oh well, New Orleans, and live and let live. Then I noticed a butch patron and the bartender were a guy in drag, and a super butch lesbian. I figured it was a safe bet that the object of my immediate lust was a CD. I bought her a drink, sent it over, and then asked if I could join her and she said yes. She was definitely a He. Not being gay, but very desperate to have someone to have sex with other than my hand or a paid masseuse, and her being actually very pretty with a very feminine petite body, I started talking. She didn't want to talk much as her voice gave her away, but she was still pretty femmie sounding. After several hours, and a burger each for us, I made her stand up and start slow dancing. She was shorter than me, about 5ft. 8in, with a very thin body. I put both arms around her waist and as we danced, I went towards the corner and with her back to the corner and no one seeing, I pulled up her dress in the back and stuck my hands in her panties. She protested, and I wouldn't stop. Finally she said "Back Room" , I didn't know what that meant, but she advanced to that door at the back showing everyone my hands were on her bare ass. It was a totally dark room. "We can do whatever we want here" he/she said. So I pulled up the dress and pulled off the panties and started groping her ass. Kissing and licking, and rubbing, she asked if I wanted to do it there. I said no, I wanted her in my hotel room. Instead she said to go to her apartment which was only a block away. So I put the panties in my pocket and saw her moving what must be her cock between her legs, and we walked out, paid the tab and left, with the patrons wishing us a very sexy and good night.
At her place in subdued light I could imagine myself with a girl not a guy. I like buttfucking girls, so this should be no different. I got the dress off, kept her bra on, and with no panties saw her little cock a little bigger than my thumb, that was all. . . and it was fully hard. I pushed her down on her knees and she began sucking my cock, I told her to suck my cum so I could last longer when I fucked her. She was excellent and I was cumming in about 10 minutes. She the laid me down, got some oil and gave me a great massage for about 20 minutes ending up with her using the oil and getting my cock hard again. I pushed her on her back and got between her legs and kissing her, stuck my cock in her cumhole. It was very loose with all that oil, and I'm sure because she'd been fucked by a LOT of cocks in her time. I fucked her for about 30 minutes very rough and hard it felt like I was fucking a pussy, not at all like the girls butts I'd fucked. I rammed my cock up into this little cum bucket and flooded her with my cum. Adding to my 8inches I'm guessing I shot hard enough that it went over a foot up her poop chute. Exhausted I rolled off her and lain next to her. She moved my hand to her little cock which we called a clit and asked me to suck her. I told her I didn't suck, actually had never done it with a guy. She gave me the oil and told me to use my hand and help her out, and in her most feminine manner said "A good lover makes sure the girl cums too!". So I did. I actually gave a cock a hand job. When she was shooting I had moved my face close to watch, I did lick just a couple of drops off my hand. With that done I stuck around and fucked her ass one more time this time her on her belly and I left.
We met a few times in the next couple of weeks, and she finally got me sucking her little thumb sized clit, till she'd cum in my mouth. I don't mind so much. Last night we went out as two guys, and I fucked her all night at her place, stayed over and woke up to a smooth, girl in lingerie for my morning fuck. Then she rolled me over on my belly and got on top of me.
It's amazing what being desperate can do for what I used to think was the straightest guy on the planet.

#cd   #crossdresser  

I'm a straight guy who sometimes likes girly stuff: I'm completely shaved on all my body, my toenails are painted and I like certain articles of women's clothes. I usually mix and match male/female clothing. For example, right now I'm wearing jeans, a hoodie, panty hose and panties.

I also love having sex with prostitutes, especially when I wear a skirt or a dress to the whore house. For some reason or another, that's my sex fetish. I live in a country where there is no stigma concerning prostitution, so I'm at the whorehouse twice a week on average.

I know that no woman in her right mind would ever understand this fetish, so I've given up the idea of ever being in a relationship with any woman who isn't a sex worker.

#hookers   #crossdress   #fetish  

I have been a closet cross dresser since age 11. 30 yrs later I still love to dress up as a girl (preteen to late teen styles) As I have gotten older I have only grown to love dressing up more and more..staying fully dressed as a girl for a week which I find myself acting like a young girl. I am always buying hosiery dresses,skirts as my girl wardrobe has surpassed my male wardrobe by far.

#crossdressing   #transvestism  

I was 15 when an older cousin told me we could go to this older mans house and he'd blow us and give us each $10. I refused several times, but once after 3 beers I was ready. I'd only masturbated before other than at age 8 through 10 played with my cousins pussy. I was very apprehensive going into this place and didn't want anyone to see me. We got there and this long haired guy of about 40 years or so gave us some beer, some pot, and my cousin dropped his pants and sat in a chair across the room from me and the man got on the floor between his legs and gave him a blowjob. After my cousin said that it was my first time, so the man told my cousin to leave and he'd get me home.
"You a virgin" he asked me and I told him the truth. "Stay here I have something special for you, will you wait for a few minutes?" I said yes, and I think he didn't believe me he said he just wanted a taste and made me take off my clothes and sit down and put my cock in his mouth. It felt great but he stopped. He took my clothes in his bedroom and told me to wait.
When he came out SHE was totally dressed sexy as hell. She had on make up, a sexy nightie, stockings and styled long natural hair. "I'm going to take all those nasty little virginities away today." he/she said in the most feminine voice you could imagine. She turned down the lights, drew the drapes, and took me naked to the bedroom.
While there she first blew me, then kept playing with me until I got hard again, and I was rubbing his/her ass, and found out that she had small little titties. They actually filled out her A cup bra. They were nice and natural, very soft, with puffy nipples. "Hormones" she said, "You like?" I told her yes and my cock was hard again as I was sucking on "her" titties. I was playing with her panties sticking my hand down them like there would be a pussy, and she had a tiny little cock which she made me call her clit. It was pulled between her legs and her perfectly trimmed pubic hair really made her look like she had a pussy. I was rock hard now and she pulled me on top of her while she was on her back and spread her legs. "Look at me baby" she said as her hand slipped my hard 8" cock into her soft, willing ass. "When we're like this it's my pussy, when I'm on my belly it's my ass" she explained. "You like my pussy baby?" I replied it was wonderful and she started rocking back and forth and I picked up on the movement. I was sucking her tits, squeezing them and when I was about to cum I couldn't help it I kissed him/her. Her tongue danced inside my mouth and I rammed it into her and shot a mega load of cum (at least 10 to 12 ropes) up into her manpussy. Kissing me in her afterglow like a woman would, I kept my cock inside until it grew soft and slipped out. With that I rolled over next to her. We kissed, I played with her clit and those really nice soft titties.
She pushed my had down to her clit and I didn't want to be a "faggot" and suck cock and told her so. But she told me that she'd done everything for me, and now it was her turn, and I needed to learn to let the girl cum too. I made her promise that she wouldn't tell my cousin that I'd done this, and she promised. I went down on her and started sucking her cock. She blasted a tiny load in my mouth and I swallowed it all.
After that we both relaxed in the living room a bit, with another beer for me and some pot for us both. It was really strong pot, and I was lying down on the couch with her kind of behind me and I felt her finger rubbing something wet on my butthole. She was lubing me up, stuck two fingers in and it actually didn't hurt too much. In my stoned state it was pretty good. I didn't say a word and she whispered that no one would ever know but I had to lose all my virginities and this was the last one. She fucked me with her tiny little clit (about the size of my middle finger) and came in my butt. I got up to go to the bathroom to get it out of me and when I came back she was lying on the bed on her hands and knees, with her panties down her leg with her ass up in the air asking me to fuck her in her ass. I did, I came, and she gave me my clothes along with $100. She said I could come back anytime, and I did. I must have gone to him/her at least 150 times in the next year or two. Maybe more. Some weekends I'd fuck her all day long. I actually let three (1 at a time) guys who were over to see her fuck me, and I sucked at least 10 cocks for her. She paid me each time, but I think she charged them, I was never sure and didn't care. I got to fuck all I wanted and she was a gorgeous woman when dressed and made up. It was 4 years before I managed to get a real woman to allow me to fuck her.

#crossdresser   #mm   #virgin   #anal   #oral  

I am a boy, late teens. I am not too big, not a jock, and girls never notice me. I finally got a girlfriend who is great for me. She is a bit of a fatty, not too big but about 5ft. 8in and weighs about 185. She was quite experienced in sex already, in fact very very experienced but I don't mind. I get to have sex in all ways, places and do everything I wanted and even more. She has red hair, and is 3 years older than me. She is pretty kinky in sex and I do whatever she wants so I can keep having sex. I rather like some of the kinky stuff. She has made me be the submissive one in our relations, she is definitely dominant. She has even taken me to a public beach wearing a girls bikini bottom and a collar with a leash. When we were walking back to the parking lot she moved me behind some trees and bushes and we had great sex then left. She even did it with another girl and let me be in bed with them, then insisted I do it to the girl too. The other girl was really totally lesbian and didn't want a guy at all, but my girlfriend made her do it, and made me do it to her.
About 4 days ago, she took me over her lap while I was naked and started spanking me, she spanked with her hand and then a hair brush for about 20 minutes I was in a lot of pain, my butt was red as a Crayola crayon. She then rubbed some lotion on my butt to soothe it a bit, and started sticking her fingers in my hole. After three fingers were in, she started fucking me with her fingers, I objected and she pushed me down and told me if I ever want to feel her ass, mouth or pussy again I'll just lay there and take it. She fucked me with three fingers for about 10 minutes all the while talking nasty and calling me names, saying I was gay and liked getting it up the butt. Then she stuck in one of her vibrators, and turned it on. Then she called me all kinds of names because my cock got hard. She fucked me with that vibe for about 30 minutes, then let me up, made me clean up "my" vibe, and put it in a special drawer. About two hours later she let me fuck her and I again had to lay across her lap endure an endless spanking, and a 30 minute fuck with the vibe. She then stuck in a plug. I had to go home, and she told me to leave it in until I came back, to take it out only when I had to sit on the toilet. I did it and the next day didn't see her until about 5 or 6 o'clock, by then the vibe was quite loose in my backside. We sat on the couch and were kissing, I was playing with her very big titties and sucking her nipples. As I reached under her skirt I felt something strange. I pulled up her skirt and there was a cock in her pants, she also was wearing a pair of my underpants. She stood up, pulled off her dress and then the bra and had me pull down the male underpants. She had a strapon cock and was wearing it. "Start sucking bitch" she almost snarled, "or get a real spanking not just one of those love paddles I've been giving you".
I was on my knees and started sucking the very large artificial cock. She made me suck for a while, then we went to the bedroom and she had some stockings and lingerie for me to wear. I didn't want to, but she kept reminding me of how much I liked sticking my "little wussy cock" into her pussy, mouth and asshole. As I got on all fours on the bed after dressing for her, she pulled out my plug and stuck the very lubed, very large strapon up my shithole. She didn't give me anytime to get used to it, just started fucking me, very rough, very hard.
This has become our normal sex now, she fucked me dressed up like a girl, and I jack off while she does it. She even had that lesbian girl who she made me fuck, come to watch, and she was wearing her own cock and fucked me too. The lesbian also took me home to clean her house, all the while, even riding in the car I had on the lingerie and just a robe to cover but it didn't cover my stocking'd legs and high heels. While there she spanked me and tied up my cock and balls very painfully because she said I raped her. My girlfriend says next week we're going to the beach with me wearing both halves of the tiny girls bikini.

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