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Sissy Confessions

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I am a married man in my 50s and have been crossdressing since my teens in secret. Last year my wife caught me and ended our sex, exiling me to the guest bedroom. Late at night now I surf porn and craigslist. I recently hooked up with another married guy in his 50s, dressed in a slip and bra and sucked his cock. It was my first time but OMG I loved it. When he held my head and shot his load on my mouth I got so excited I leaked a little cum. He just texted me to come by and wants me to wear his wife's clothes. I am so excited.

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I confess that my fetish is dressing as a sissy, I have so many outfits, wigs, breast forms, etc. I love to fish and know many places where I can fish without too many people around, but am always cautious. I love fishing in only panties and bra, so as I can get my tan lines set. Last year caught a few nice fish and poised for selfies dressed and holding fish and even put them online in a few places.
One day as I was waiting for it to get light, staying at motel along the highway, where the speed limit is reduced to 35 mph, was dressed slutty and was un-tarping boat, many truckers drove by and this sissy was in plain view for them to see. It was very exciting. I also dressed wearing a long fishnet pink dress, pink bra and pink panties with wig on, filled the truck up full of gas and drove home and on the way, stopped for an espresso, another thrill.
This sissy has been online searching for new outfits for this years journey. So looking forward to playing dressup in cabin and being displayed outside for all the truckers and fishing, looking like a sissy. Deep down, have always wished I were a female

#sissy   #dressing   #confession  

I am a sissy and I have probably sucked 20 miles of cock so far while dressed up like a slut.

#sissy   #panties   #cock  

I lost the prettiest girl pretending to be a man younger than her and talking dirty to her through emails and allowing her to turn the real me into her sissy bitch while she flirts with the younger guy which she didnt know was me. When she did find out she dumped me and now has another guy and I am so depressed. I am fucking stupid.

#sissy   #bitch   #stupid  

I have cross dressed since the age of ten. I still do in privet, now days. I have always wished I had transitioned to female when I got out of high school or by the age of thirty. Then find a hansom Man with a large Cock to marry me for life. I would be his wife and service his every need. CK

#crossdresser   #sissy   #faggot   #cocsucker   #marrage  

I am obsessed with female clothing. Yes, I am a closet cross dresser. My girlfriend knows nothing about my cross dressing. We had an argument so I left and went into the city which is fours away. Taking one of my slutty cross dressing outfits with me. I had a room and decided to finally go out in public like the sissy slut I have always wanted to be. I went to a bar and was hit on right away. I hooked up with the guy and ended up back at his place. When he took his close off he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I felt a strong sensation to suck it. He walked over to me and stood with his big cock inches from my face. I picked the semi erect mammoth and with out hesitation started sucking on it as if my life depended upon it.

When he had me straddle his cock so he could take my virginity. He also stroked my little sissy cock at the same time as I humped his cock. When he climaxed so did I in the most mind shattering orgasm I ever have had. I spent the night with him and found it hard to leave the next day. I want to be with him more than my girlfriend so I broke up with her. Looking forward to visiting my new lover and his wonderful cock.

#sissy   #slut   #faggot  

I have been dating a girl for 5 years total and there was a break in the middle, in the break I found a taking to bbc porn, the more I watched the more I craved I got a small dildo in that time, about 6 inches and I quickly loved it, after I bought it and used it often I got back together with the same girl a few months later, but I never told her about my exploration, since we’ve been back together I’ve gotten 4 more dildos all black of course. Smallest being 8 inches and Biggest in size being 12 inches and as thick as a beer can, I fuck my self daily dreaming of big black cocks absolutely rearranging my guts while I’m sucking a load down my throat from another. She still doesn’t know and if she finds out I’m curious if she’s going to leave me or fuck me harder than anything on this planet, hopefully it’s option two :)

#bbc   #sissy  

I look back at the pictures and feel like such a sissy. My totally hot young neighbor girl stopped by a few times. She got naked in my pool, she let me eat her pussy but wouldn't let me fuck her unless I wore her panties. I gladly did and she has pics of it but I never got to fuck her. This happened more then once too.

#sissy   #panties   #teen   #pics  

I really want to wear girls panties but im a boy they make me so horny i dream every night about being a girl that can wear gorgeous lingerie everyday

#sissy   #panties  

I want a group of girls to force me to wear women's underwear and then laugh at me and taunt me

#fantasy   #sissy   #humiliation  

I wear women's clothing to work and a chastity cage.

#bi   #sissy   #xd  

My wife turned me into a sissy, I'm 23 been on female hormones for about a year now I have nice set of 36 d breast and curvy body just like a girl. She is having few black guys over tonight to train me. I can't wait

#bbc   #sissy   #anal   #sex  

I'm a sissy crossdresser obsessed with wearing women's lingerie and clothing. One time, I was over at my friends house who was having a small party. The girl who was throwing the party was this sexy asian girl with tan skin and beautiful body. While everyone was in the living room, I slipped away down the hallway to her room pretending to go the bathroom. I looked on the floor and found two pairs of used panties and a pair of stockings. I took them into the bathroom and I stripped down. I wore one of them, a blue hipster cotton panties and then I put the stockings over them. Then I started masturbating while I brought the other pair of used panties up to my face and started inhaling the sweet perfume of her pussy. I could hear everyone having still drinking and having fun and nobody knew what I was doing. As I was about to cum, I took the sweet smelling panties I had up to my face and brought it down and came into them. Because I made a mess, I decided to clean it up by licking my cum off her panties. Once I was done, I put my clothes back on again and put everything back where they belonged and went back to the party.

#sissy   #crossdresser   #panties   #lingerie  

I wish my best friend impregnates my wife. I would love to raise the child as my own. I just want my child to have better genes than mine. My friend is triple the size of me, you know i dont deserve to have a child.

#sex   #cuckold   #sissy  

I female friend of mine always asks me to give her money and I usually do. She wanted twenty bucks the other day and I said she had to show me her tits. She laughed and said I wasn't going to see her tits for twenty bucks. She said to give her the twenty bucks and take all of my clothes off in front of her. That's what I did. Not sure how that got turned around but it was fun.

#sissy   #exhibitionist   #voyeur   #nude  

I wore a sissy baby dress and red very shiny and bright panties when I answered the door when my wife's boyfriend came to pick her up for their date. My wife didn't know I was going to do that. When she stood at the top of the stairs she was just wide eyed staring at me. Her boyfriend kept his cool and was talking to me on our couch. My wife came down the stairs and started appoligizing to her boyfriend about me but he stopped her and said he understands why she and I both needed a real man in this household. I said if he would like to move in our home he would be considered the only man in the house. He said he would like to talk with my wife about it and let us know when he made a decision. Needless to say he moved in about two days later. I and my wife have worn nothing but dresses ever since. He moved in to their bedroom . I have moved in one of the other bedroom s on the first floor. My wife tried to embarrass me once after that by inviting several of my friends over for a party one night what she learned was all my friends thought I was a woman they always saw me in nothing but a dress. None of them had any idea that I was married. And certainly not to another woman she was glad she didn't tell them she was my wife.

#sissy   #adult   #baby  

When I was younger (I won't say how old) I used to talk with older gay guys online. I eventually started taking pics and even taking requests for what they wanted to see. A few wanted to see me in panties so I would swipe from my sister's dresser and put them on. I guess they looked good because more and more guys wanted to see it. Eventually it led me to buying a wig and putting on my sisters clothes & makeup for them. It then went from pics to vids of me stripping and masturbating for them. Thinking back now about it turns me on so much. I often times wish I was a girl.

#crossdressing   #bicurious   #sissy  

I wear diapers and secretly hope people find out.

#diaper   #sissy   #humilation  

I'm secretly a sissy slut to all my friends my girlfriend gets me sissified and takes me to her friends house and let's all her big dicked men fuck my sissy hole relentlessly while she makes fun of my sissy clitty(that's what she calls my little dick )

#slut   #whore   #sissy   #worthless  

I was a long time cross dresser. I had girl friends cuckold me and dress me as a slut. I enjoyed being a girl and became sexually excited putting on female clothing. When I got married I never told my wife but she found my stash of female clothing. She thought I was steeling items of clothing from women I was having sex with.

I had to confess I was a cross dresser which she did not believe. I has to dress to prove it to her. She was disturbed by all this at first but after several months later she told me to dress like a girl when at home. This was not a choice it was a demand. I dressed with the items I had which made me look like a whore/prostitute. When she told me she was going to take me down town to get some new outfits dressed like a whore I broke down and cried bagging her to not make me go. I won and did not have to go to town dressed like I was.

. She returned with plastic pants and diapers which I now wear all the time. She told me that since I was a baby she would have to treat me like one. My pacifiers are all little short fat cocks that I suck on. I am only allowed to dress as an adult baby girl now at all times. When she goes to town her sister comes over and watches me. When my wife leaves her sister spanker me and makes me nurse on her tits. I am referred to as "sissy baby" or "babykins".

#diapers   #nursing   #sissy  

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