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Panties Confessions

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I am 14, I have a fairly flat chest and a bubble butt, and constantly get teased about it. One day, walking home from school, (my parents were out of town at the time, with a baby sitter watching me) I took a right to a shortcut in a wooded area, hoping it was quicker. I hadn't realized there were a group of girls (all older than me, bigger and more developed, too) had been waiting for me there, with a small gathering of other students of various ages (some younger, some similar ages to the girls and i) waiting to see what the girls would deem "my punishment." Two girls jumped out and grabbed me, one on each arm, and stripped off my backpack. "Welcome!" Another had said. "Today you will be punished!" "You're always such a posh bitch, pushing people around, flaunting your bubble butt, we decided to teach you a lesson!" She announced, with cheering and clapping from the crowd. I'd been wearing a school uniform white blouse, with a long navy blue skirt, pleated and high waisted. I wore black Mary Jane shoes and white tights with high waisted cotton granny panties with "diva" written all over them. Immediately, I was pinned down onto the forest floor on my back, and felt a tug on my skirt. "No!" I yelled, squirming. "Oh, would you rather do it yourself? Strip your little skirt and leggings off, you can keep the shoes if you want." One girl explained, taking out a camcorder and filming me, another girl ready to take pictures. I relented, "Fine." Thinking that was all I'd have to strip off. The two girls holding me down released me, glancing at me with a warning look not to run. I stood up, with the crowd lookin at me with anticipation. I began to unzip the side of my skirt, slipping out of it and handing it over to a waiting hand. Blushing tremendously, I stepped out of my shoes and hesitated with the edge of my leggings. "Do they HAVE to come off?" I asked. "Yep, now hurry, show us your panties." The girl responded. Finally, I pulled them off, stepping out of those as well, humiliated with my diva panties on show, bunched up around my hips. I pulled them all the way up in order to cover myself more, the waistband going halfway up my back and almost to the edge of my small breasts. Everyone was watching, laughing and snapping pictures. I was ordered to put my hand on my head and twirl around, showing off my panties. "Now take off your blouse for us, you'll do it or these pictures will be everywhere." The lead girl warned. Slowly, i unbuttoned my blouse and took that off as well. "And the bra! We know you barely have breasts anyway." I unclasped my bra from behind and let it drop, allowing it to be taken with the rest of my clothes. Again I was made to twirl around for everyone to see the high waisted panties. I was allowed to keep my shoes still. I only had my undies and shoes left. "Think those undies could go any higher, diva?" A girl had asked. "No, I don't think so..." I replied, confused. Suddenly, I was pinned to the floor face-first, with girls holding my arms above me, spread apart, and my legs spread apart too. "These are snug on your butt, huh?" The lead girl teased, playing with the waistband, groping my ass to further humiliate me. Then she pulled the waistband up, giving me a wedgie and exposing my bubble butt to the chilly wind. She gave two small tugs, then pulled up my underwear a bit more all around, so they weren't bunched up. She gave my butt a playful smack and allowed me to get up. "Don't pick your underwear." Then she took more pictures, directing me to hold my waistband up, so it would look like I gave myself the wedgie, taking more pictures. "You're free to go now." "Can I have my stuff back?" "No, you ungrateful brat. And don't pick your wedgie! I wanna see you walk home with your ads hanging out. You have undies and shoes, you can walk home." "No, please! Don't make me walk home like this!!" "Would you rather do it naked?" She offered. I sighed, "No..." "And we'll be right behind you! So don't think you can cover yourself and pick your wedgie!" "Wait, one more thing before you go! Say you love being in a wedgie and wear only undies and shoes! And smile for the camera!" "I love wedgies and wearing embarrassing undies and shoes, it's my favorite outfit." I said, begrudgingly. I ended up having cars honk and people come up to me to take pictures, slap my ass, or hoot as I passed by on my way home. I made it home, where my babysitter laughed at me and forced me to stay in my undies and only allowed me to wear undies and shoes for the rest of the time my parents were gone, following the girl's instructions given to them. They laughed at my humiliation and gave me wedgies too.

#wedgies   #wedgie   #embarrassing   #humiliating   #embarrassment   #humiliation   #diva   #panties   #undies  

I look back at the pictures and feel like such a sissy. My totally hot young neighbor girl stopped by a few times. She got naked in my pool, she let me eat her pussy but wouldn't let me fuck her unless I wore her panties. I gladly did and she has pics of it but I never got to fuck her. This happened more then once too.

#sissy   #panties   #teen   #pics  

i have a dirty panties fetism and i bought some dirty panties online to smell and licked the vaginal discharge while masturbating.
sometimes i steal my in laws dirty panties in the laundry to do the same


Yesterday my lady came to visit me at work. She was looking so stunning in a orange dress. It was very short u could see her panties if she bent over. She was so hot I played with her through her panties. As our visit ended I took her panties with me. After a time of smelling her scent I finished my shift wearing her panties

#panties   #public   #work  

Too often I find myself creating slideshows of women and girls wearing short skirts/dresses and masturbate to them. In real life, I'm just so turned on by short skirts that I often can't help myself whenever I see one. On top of that, if I happen to witness or find an image of a female curtsying in a skirt/dress or a panty upskirt shot, I get even more horny. And the weirdest part is that, for some silly reason, I enjoy jerking off to these pictures most when I replace the female's heads with an elephant's head. As someone who believes in Jesus Christ, I am easily able to recognize this as a habitual sin that I need to break because it often damages the way I look at the opposite sex when I see them wearing such attire.

#fetish   #weirdness   #pictures   #masturbation   #girls   #skirt   #dress   #panties   #elephant   #habit   #sin  

I admit that i enjoy wearing women's lingerie and clothing,call me what you want but until you have dressed up in sexy lingerie and clothing then don't judge people,i wear lingerie under my work clothing. Panties bras suspenders stockings and when I get home i get rid of the male clothing and slip into something lacey silky smooth and sexy

#panties   #bras   #crossdresser   #lingerie  

My g/f and I had a total infatuation with teenage girls. We like nothing better than to go out and pick up a slut for our gratification. One night we managed to entice two naughty young girls dressed in thier school uniform. After plying them both with drink and some recreational drug, that made them behave like absolute whores for us.
Setting up a video camera with began to give them orders, kiss one another, suck each others tits now rub your pussies, make each others panties wet. We both watched them behave like total sluts, their hands inside each others undies fingering each other crazy. OK girls stop it now, take your hands off each other. Eventually they both ceased touching one another and puzzlingly look toward us waiting for our next command.
Slip off your knickers girls please and swap with each other and put them on. Now make each other cum in your friends knickers. These two girls played with each other relentlessly for over an hour, screaming, panting, yelping and soaking each other knickers whilst being video'd and watched by us both.
Just before they were about to leave, we asked them both if we could keep both pairs of their knickers.
Looking at each other with a cheeky smirk, they both nodded before slipping each others panties off and throwing them at us.

#panties   #sluts   #fetish  

I tend to hang out with my cousin and whenever i get the chance for him or any other part of the family to step away from my presence i sneak my way into the basement and flip through the hamper to find my aunties most sweatiest, shit stained panties i can find to take with and inhale and cherish. Ive almost been caught which is a bad fear i imagine. Which will ruin my life and would probably wanna commit suicide. But im so addicted to my dads sister pussy stench its really hard for me to stop now. Im so clever and sneaky its unbelievable. I would so do anything for another pair of her dirty panties .. or even rape her without her knowing it's me :/ shes around 44 or something. Ill post pics if i can of her and her panties. She only talks Spanish.

#fetish   #auntie   #fantasy  

I just bought some used panties off craigslist. I just emailed the girl, told what I wanted her to do in them and that was it. I asked for photos to verify her gender, which she refused. But she gave me a quick call instead, which I took with cock firmly in hand.
When they arrive I'm going to set an evening aside for a nice pleasant wank session. And after the scent is gone from them I'm gonna wear them. I can't wait!

My 50 year old wife has a fantasy about being fucked by five guys one after the other or three at a time. Hearing her tell me this really turned me on and I want to see her with a cock up her ass, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. She's particularly interested in one or two of the guys being black with big cocks. She wears very sexy bra and panties and she masturbates a lot both with me and during the day when she's alone. I'd like to arrange a gang bang for her and she's happy for me to take a video of her servicing five guys. She's a primary school teacher and one of the hottest women I've ever met or fucked. The trouble is I need to find some willing guys who are from another town and I don't know how to go about track them down. The thought of a black guy cumming in her mouth while another cums in her pussy is something I'm looking forward to seeing.

#black   #interracial   #ganbang   #teacher   #bra   #panties   #fantasy  

I can barely rember when i started fooling around with my cousin. She was three years older than i was, and i was always ok whih what she wanted to do. At first she had me sniff her panties and lick her crotch. I didnt know tasting her pussy was "dirty".
she eventualy needed my tongue directly on and in the pussy. So one afternoon she sat on my face and as i felt her crotch on my mouth, she slid afternoon i the cotten panties aside and i had full access to both holes.. My tonge in her pussy, and my nose in her ass. we spent every day that summer doing this.
my cousin told her friend about what we were doing, and i began servicing her friends ass and pussy as well. Jenifer did something my cousin hadn't though,.. she want to suck my dick. I was shocked to feel her pull my dick out and lick the head. I couldnt see her licking my cock because i had my cousins ass wrapped around my face. of course my cousin was next to suck. without releasing my face from her sweet ass, she bent over and tasted my precum. i was now doing a full 69 with my cousin. i was about to fill my cousins mouth with cum and i told her. Jenifer took my cock from my cousin and told me she wanted it. she got it! She barely got my dick to her mouth as i shot my first load of cum in a girls mouth. She took it all in her small mouth, but didnt swallow. She held it in her mouth like it was her prize. She finally swallowed it and admited it tasted good.
I spent the next three years eating her ass and pussy as she sucked my cock. she always encouraged my to cum in her mouth, "go ahead, you can cum in me, i dont mind the taste"
we had to stop eventually, and i missed her when she left for college. Recently her husband jokingly asked me if i had any "dirt" on my cousin. I looked at her and she was blushing, but looked me in the eye and grinned.
your secret is safe with me.

#swallow   #panties  

I want my roommate to catch me jerking off while wearing panties. Then use it to blackmail me into letting him rail my ass. Omg too thirty and shy ugh.

#gay   #sex   #horny   #panties   #cutefemboy  

When I was younger I use to hang out at my best friends house a lot. He had a younger sister who was 2 years younger then me. Every morning I would wait for her to finish her shower then go into the bathroom she was using. She would always leave her used panties on the floor of the bathroom. I couldn't help but pick them up and take a deep breath of her crotch. It was the most amazing scent ever and even till this day it is the best smelling pussy I have ever had, I even use to lick the crotch of her panties cause they were always soaked. One time I was so turned on (okay you got me a few times) I even masturbated in their house and would cum into her facial cream. I still think about it till this day.

#cum   #masturbation   #panties  

At my boyfriend's, I changed into my swimsuit in the pool bathroom and left my clothes there. When I returned to get dressed, my underwear were gone so I dressed without them and moved on. My boyfriend was with me, so the horny widower stole them. I gave him a smirk and imagined him sniffing and jacking off on them. I got excited and wanted him to look up my shorts to see I had no panties. Maybe he could see how smoothly I had just shaven. I felt so nasty, horny, and wet. I was inventing what I could do on my next visit. I was so involved, I forgot my boyfriend. I will surely masturbate tonight. With tonights event on mind, masturbation would be more enjoyble than sex with my boyfriend. His father might be 18 years older but is more attractive, more manley and handsome with lots of confidence and surely longing for young sex.

#older   #stronger   #manley   #sexy   #panties   #dirty   #horny   #young   #18   #shaved   #wet   #confidence   #attractive   #masturbation   #boyfriend   #father  

When I was around fifteen I found some letters my mother and stepfather had written to each other. He was in the services and away a lot. They'd had two kids after she'd divorced my father and it was obvious to me from a young age that she really liked sex. The first of these letters described an incident that took place on a major train station after she'd seen him off at the end of his leave. Being a friendly person she'd struck up a conversation with a man who was waiting for a train. She described in detail in the letter to my stepfather how they'd talked for about thirty minutes when the man started to slide his hand up her dress and moved it towards her pussy. She said that she was so excited that, 'I couldn't help myself and I opened her legs so that he could touch my cunt that was wet from the fucking we'd done before leaving home. I almost came as his fingers stroked my slit, but when I felt my pants get wet with my pussy juices, I stood up and walked away.' I found a letter in answer to her from my stepfather who was obviously open to her being touched by other men and said he'd love to watch her being touched like that. As I went through their letters, I found out that they'd fucked each other in a public garden just after my father and mother had separated. He described how he'd loved how hot she was when he'd slipped her panties down to her knees and slipped his fingers inside her. Needless to say I was masturbating like crazy reading this exchange of letters. In another letter he said how much he liked fucking her ass and from the tone of her letters it was clear that he had a large cock which she really loved to suck and have inside her. It would be fair to say that she loved sex and was open to many aspects of it. I heard them fucking once in the middle of the night and one thing was very clear, she loved his cock and he knew how to make her cum and cum again. Her public face was very prim and proper but after reading their letters I knew it was just a facade as she liked nothing more than having a man inside her and the more often that happened, the more she liked it and the more I read, the more I liked the hot woman that she truly was. I masturbated often over those letters and guess that she always knew I was reading them but privately she didn't really mind

#mother   #panties   #dress   #upskirt  

I'm a very horny male. When I was 16 or so, I had a female friend who went to the gym with me. After finishing our session, we showered and went back to our homes. When I arrived I realized I had kept her gym bag, and I told her that I'd return the bag the next time I see her. What she doesn't know is that I spent a long time smelling her dirty panties and fantasizing about her, masturbating and keeping the scent with me. I feel like such a pervert.

#masturbation   #panties  

I am a average 35 year old married man, good job, hot wife etc. I have a 15 year old stepdaughter who is smoking hot toned athletic body who I have practuly raised I could not amigine laying a finger on her but everyday when she takes a shower I go in her room and smell her fresh damp panties and jack off.

#stepdaughter   #panties  

About a month ago, I was at my girlfriends house and I turned the corner and saw her mom standing there in these white silky high wasted panties and a bra. I just stopped in my tracks and stared. She looked up and was startled and quickly moved away. I was instantly hard from just that sight. Later that night when she was back from work she took a shower and took those panties off and put them in the hamper. When everyone was asleep I got them from the hamper and went to the bathroom to jerk off to their strong smell. They were stained as well which made them even better. I came twice then put them back. Ever since that point I have wanted to fuck the living shit out of her.


I'm a boy I love wearing girls panties there so cute and soft to wear I love wearing them

When my stepdaughter get up in the morning and goes into the shower I go into her room to smell and lick her warm moist panties she just took off. I usually stroke A few times and leave. The other day I couldn't stop stroking and had to cum. I shot a thick load into the crotch of a pair she had laid out. I heard the shower turn off so I quickly left. She went back into her room to get ready for work and left shortly thereafter.
I went back In her room and the panties she laid out were gone. The thought of my cum pressed against her soft pussy lips all day makes me so hard. I want to tast her pussy with my tongue.

#stepdaughter   #cum   #panties   #shower   #panty  

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