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Sick Confessions

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this person on simply confess has been implying that colby brock had a baby to some woman who is 50 something and I don't know if it is louise or rose they seem to be making out all these things from some aboriginal group and I reported them today anyway. what greedy bitches those two sluts are anyway.

#sickening   #abuse  

I get really fucked up on Crystal Meth and go on true confession sites and start typing stories I have heard, or at least I think maybe I heard them sonewhere, but it really doesn't matter cuz once I start typing I can't a to and I must just kinda keep on making up shit as I go along, although they seem pretty real no matter how fucked up or sick and twisted or just down right plain unbelievable or whatever and.then I come down and see what I've posted or at least try and figure out which ones may have been mine or not - I dunno. But it's pretty fuxked up and they aren't real and some take like hours to type and whatnot and I think maybe I need to get some serious help or something. Anyways, I think I posted a shit load on this site and they aren't real. The end

#meth   #sick   #twisted   #lies   #stories   #unconfessions  

I haven't been working for 2 weeks now because I am on sick leave.
Actually I just want to watch the world cup, I haven't missed a game since it started. My boss thinks I am seriously ill. That was worth it!

#lie   #sick   #leave   #ill   #world   #cup   #game   #soccer   #confession  

So I met this person online, maybe December or November? Well yea I thought they were pretty chill so I asked to be friends with them, they said yes. I talked to them everyday starting from then, they played a game I played too so what id do was wait till they were online in that game instead of contacting on social media since they were sorta inactive there. Waited till 4am once, yeah was not mentally okay. On valentines day, I asked them to be my platonic valentine (excuse to say I had a valentine haha) and they agreed! Was psyched, after that we flirted alot. I said 10 fucking pickup lines in a row without them replying. Tell me you have attachment issues with telling me you do. I imagined fake scenarios with them, dirty ones included and I have no regrets lol. Then I found out their appearance and holy shit did it make me even more crazy about them. Shoulder length hair, 6,0, rings, nice hands, black clothing most the time and dark brown eyes. She was so pretty and I was absolutely starstruck. Then there was me, a 5,6 asian pansexual woman who sits in front of a screen 24/7. One pickup line (a more recent one) let me find out that im allowed to call them mine. We are still only friends keep in mind. A flirtationship was what I assumed it was and the urge to confess was unreal. My biggest peeve about this obsession was..pretending they were my partner when meeting new people, not sure if other people do this. Its so fucking silly lmao and I regret it so much, I also dont, it felt nice haha. The fake scenarios got bigger and bigger, pretending we went on dates and guess what? I plan on confessing on their birthday next year if I buck up the courage to. Probs won't but I hope they know I love them. I make it clearly fucking obvious im into them so im waiting for a good time. They send me websites on how to get better if im ill, they help me, flirt with me, tease me and care for me. Partner material. So uhh if you're 5,11 but 6,0 with good shoes and you think you know who this is, hi. I like you lol. Praying they dont find this though aha. Thanks for listening to my cringe obsession phase story time. -A.T

#onlinerelationship   #onlinecrush   #girlfriends   #crush   #wlw   #love   #cringeyobsessions   #attatchmentissues   #obssession   #lovesick  

Ever since corona virus became the one thing people became paranoid or scared of and refuse to see others face to face. Except for my dad, he liked to party every single day. Even though he told my brother not to go out so much and to think about the family, which we all thought was hypocritical of him to say. A few weeks goes by and my dad tells us how he feels feverish. So he started sleeping on the coach. One by one all of us started getting headaches and we blame my dad because of his dumb choices he put the family at stake for fun.

#coronavirus   #sick  

I am sick of magda bugging me everywhere I go. and her son to nick eed. just stop it. I can't love him. please stop the abuse you even are on the tv at the hospital and its making me feel like I am not welcome there without the evils of ken's torture and its got to stop. you are selfish.

#sick   #of   #the   #stalking  

I tried to commit suicide 2 days ago.
Took a lot of sleeping pills but it didn't work. I had to puke very bad and I since them I'm kind of sick.

When I think about it right now, it was kinda stupid idea. I need to talk to someone.

#suicide   #confession   #death   #sick   #puke  

I'm sick at the moment. Got some nasty bacteria and to defeat them I have to take special medicine.
I confess I'm addicted to those pills already. I get pretty hallucinations from it.

#bacteria   #sick   #medicine   #addicted   #hallucinations   #confess  

i stole seven dollars from my mom in change and i lied about it to her and now im vomiting my insides out, but i can't stop lying

i think god gave me a sickness

#lies   #stealing   #sickness  

My new roommate is making me sick. Endless animals messing up allergies. Waking up to low 60’s temps cause they keep turning off heat.

#cold   #sick  

i have been really abusive to animals sick and mean

#abuse   #mean   #cruel   #sick   #cheating   #bad  

I'm being mentally tortured by my boss!


I got hard watching my son's girlfriend eat, lick, suck, and tongue a popsickle. I was daydreaming that she was using that long tongue, puffy glossed lips, pearly white teeth and braces, bobbing head, and sexy motions on my popsickle. At the time, it was just the two of us at poolside. Her actions were deliberate and she enjoyed. She did it too good. I got quite wet and wish I could have toched to see if this young sexy babe was also getting wet. I confess to lust.

#suck   #tongue   #tease   #lick   #wet   #girlfriend   #popsickle   #motions   #hardon   #sexy   #babe   #lust   #lips  

I’m very sick. I would never tell anyone just how sick I really am. I’d hide it so they wouldn’t worry. I gave up on docs. I tried what they said. They cant fix it. So I just endure. I try to always smile & pretend to be better. I even try to help society however I can. But I’m really useless now. Even so, I hang on. I am sorry for failing those I love.

#love   #sick   #failure   #disease   #sorrow  

Whenever I know my period is getting close I start making my boyfriend eat me out more often just so I can make him get a mouthful of my period blood. He always freaks out whenever it happens and starts puking in the bathroom for hours. It gets me so hot hearing him suffer like that I can't help but masturbate myself to bloody squirting orgasms every time. It's the only way I can squirt. It sucks cause I can't do it every period or he'll get wise to what I'm doing. So far I've been able to get away with it, telling him I must have started early or something. Hahaha I love it.

#sick   #period   #bitch   #oral   #puke  

Because I had a cold the last few days I didn't shower. But I had to drive my kids to school nevertheless and I had still some tasks to do. So I took my youngest boy (5 months old) and drove off to buy food. The only thing I could think of while in the store was a hot shower and I decided to drive home quickly to get one.

I bought all the stuff we needed and drove home. In the car on my way home I was sure I forgot something but I just couldn't find out what it was. At home, I immediately hopped under the shower and then I remembered!
I left my little son at the supermarket!!

I got back to the store and indeed, I left my son in his maxi cosi at the cash desk....

I know it's no excuse but I was very sick and I haven't slept for a few days. I can't tell you how sorry I am and this will not every happen again...

I want to confess that I am a terrible mother.

#mother   #bad   #terrible   #cold   #sick   #shower   #kids   #forget   #son   #supermarket   #store   #confession   #sin   #despair  

I advertised in the days of 'contact magazines' as follows: Healthy single male, financially secure, seeks long-term/permanent relationship with incredibly dominant "controlling bitch" who is horny to the point of clinical nymphomania, insatiable, demanding, selfish, cruel, greedy, foul-tempered, abusive, and above all likes her man tied up most of the time, in a state of constant humiliation, and sensory deprivation. Erotic asphyxia, breath-play, extreme mind-games, a plus. Lot to offer right lady, so check it out, let's talk, negotiate, compromise, whatever! Almost anything goes. Tell me what you REALLY want - I might just be able to give it to you!" One reply in particular led to a meeting, at a late-night Denny's. She was quite unremarkable to look at, just a pleasant ordinary woman you'd never look twice at, which surprised me somewhat. After we'd eaten, I said "I'll cut to the chase. Tell me what you think of this!" and handed her a photograph. She examined it closely, and asked in a normal tone of voice "Is this you?" I admitted it was. "And this is what you're looking for, mainly?" Again I admitted it. "Any more pictures?" she asked. I produced a bunch of them, which she leafed through, slowly, studying them all closely. "Okay, I get the picture. Now let me tell you about me! I am just turned fifty, never married, have never had anything other than an abusive relationship with a man, which soured me on men, as you'd imagine! Unfortunately I have very compelling needs, pretty c;lose, I'm sure, to what they call "nymphomania"! The only way I can bear to be intimate with a man, is if he is so thoroughly helpless that he does not present the slightest threat to me, and yet is available for my use, 100%! You with me so far? Good! I am a pretty unpleasant woman, probably, all the things you specified, and more! I am a sadist, and I really get off on scaring men, making them believe I'm going to really hurt them, or even kill them. I'm so good at it, I can produce a sniveling wreck of a man, begging, pleading, groveling! I REALLY get off on that! Am I scaring you? I should be!" "No, actually, you're getting me horny! I think I want to marry you, already!" I said, truthfully. She laughed, and said "Nobody is that stupid! But tell me how this would work, assuming we give it a go...: I said "I have a big old house, live there alone, and would love some company, especially with your kind of personality!" She sighed "Let's get something straight - I am an unloved, unloving, heartless bitch, lacking in affection, or any of the 'milk of human kindness' like that! I would use and abuse you, ride you hard and put you away wet, speaking not altogether metaphorically. You would end up a prisoner in your own house, made to do all the housework, and all the cooking, as I am fundamentally lazy. I love your pictures and would bring them to life, 24/7/365. Your entire existence would be devoted to serving and pleasing me, and I would be very demanding, and hard to please. You would come to fear me, maybe even hate me, and there would be nothing you could do about it! One way street, mister, no turning back, no escape. Ever! Unless I get tired of you, and even I don't know what would happen then! Oh, and one final thing, maybe a deal-breaker - I have a brother who had a serious head-injury, and he's pretty slow, and pretty strange! All he wants to do is play with another man's goodies, pretty much endlessly, unless I make him stop! Which I wouldn't, very often. He won't even stop if you come! The ultimate in single-mindedness, I guess! So you'd be faced with that! Sooner or later he will remember what it's like having his cock sucked, and then he'll want to do that all the time too! So, you can't say I didn't warn you! You can get up and leave now....if you don't, you will obey me, instantly and completely, from this moment on, or I will make note of it, and punish you, once you're helpless! You will not speak to me, unbidden, but you may say once only "permission to speak, Ma'am" which I may or may not agree to. When I tell you to "be silent" that means complete silence until revoked. Any infringement will lead to a punishment which will ensure your obedience in the future! Now, leave, or stay! Your choice!"

#sick   #relationship   #heartless   #confession  

My mom got ill the month of Thanksgiving and was sick, unable to go outside until Dec 14th because she is immune compromised. I had to do all the shopping, cleaning, taking/picking up my nephew from school, cooking meals, etc. She began to feel better before Christmas and we both tested negative for CoVid. For Christmas she had never been to D.C. so I bought her a trip for us and my grandfather had won a once in a lifetime award, so his ceremony would be in the area and I got tickets to attend as well as a surprise. Well her boyfriend of 20 years came over with a cold around New Years and she relapsed, bad. We are on week 2 of her being sick. On Monday, a week before our trip she tested positive for CoVid19 and has been really ill, she just broke her fever yesterday. Today she is too weak to get out of bed and I had to change my flight to leave tomorrow on Fri. I don't feel good about leaving her in this condition and Mr. Careless who does not always wear a mask is not taking care of her, and my sister works alot and is not able. I resent how cheap her boyfriend is, it's not like I can say, "Hey Cheap ass, please give me $1500 for my moms mortgage you mooch." He is so cheap he gave me a damn jump rope for Christmas and did not bring any groceries knowing my mom is sick and we are a family of 5. It's me, myseld...and I caring for her and I feel torn. Part of me wants to go and just take a break, the other part of me is like, she is my mom, we only have one mom and what if I go and she has a medical complication or dies when she is alone. I would feel incredibly guilty about it, although she says she will be fine. The other thing is the exposure to airport germs, I don't think she would make it if I accidently brought germs home from the airport instead of just my luggage. If I cancel I will eat $450 for tickets and hotel rooms but the flights I have insurance on so decisions, decisions.


Am I dying? For weeks I’ve fought this illness. Chills & heat flashes. Endless diareah.
I can only breath tiny little bits at a time. If I open my mouth or try to speak I cough out of control so badly it hurts.
I’ve lost over 40 lbs in 4 wks. I can barely walk. Setting up is a fight. I cough up thick while flim. I can barely eat a few bites.
I need a hospital; but I live in a redneck state so I can’t get enough insurance. So I set in the floor leaning on a wall seeing if I’ll live one more day.
I wear my n95 & face shield. But that does me no good when my idiot niece runs off to the beach & to parties in hot spot cities without a mask. She argues she read she could get mold from wearing a mask on the net. So she gets the virus & laughs it off. She hacks for two weeks before getting tested.
Sad thing; I don’t even have Covid. I’m a transplant patient. I have pneumonia from getting wet outside. I then couldn’t eat correctly for wks trying to dodge her as she hacked on everything. Then she’d turn the AC to freezing then turn on the heat. Over & over till I got pneumonia.

#dying   #pneumonia   #sick  

I got bored at work yesterday - i wasted time and feel terrible. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Feeling so guilty...

Pray and roll the dice for #sick

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