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Period Confessions

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Whenever I know my period is getting close I start making my boyfriend eat me out more often just so I can make him get a mouthful of my period blood. He always freaks out whenever it happens and starts puking in the bathroom for hours. It gets me so hot hearing him suffer like that I can't help but masturbate myself to bloody squirting orgasms every time. It's the only way I can squirt. It sucks cause I can't do it every period or he'll get wise to what I'm doing. So far I've been able to get away with it, telling him I must have started early or something. Hahaha I love it.

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I hate being on my period because I get ten times hornier than usual and I'll literally fuck every object in sight

#period   #horny  

When I'm on my period I can wear the same panties up to three days in a row, only bothering to change the pad.

#period   #hygiene   #female  

17F and I masturbate on the daily. But there's always that ONE week every month when I can't masturbate the way that gets me every time... I hate periods...

#masturbation   #periods  

I am 36 years old, have a 19 year old son. I walked into my bathroom after coming back to my house, I'm assuming unexpectedly. My sons best friend whom I've known for over 11 years, was at the house alone, my son had called and said that he was there, while my son went out for about 45 minutes. I guess Carl didn't know I was coming home and he was in my bathroom with 2 pairs of my used panties, and worse one of my used pads. I'm in my third day and had just changed from overnight, it was a pretty used and disgusting pad. He was sniffing them.
He got very embarrassed and was I, and eventually he just blurted out that he really liked me, always had and thought I was the sexiest woman on the planet.
I told him it was OK, but to ask me first, he could indeed look and in his case, sniff all he wanted. I reached under my dress and pulled off my panties complete with pad, and handed them to him. I think he could pretty well see my pussy hair when I did it, though it really wasn't intentional. I went under the sink and got a new pad, and asked him to go into my undie drawer and pick out a pair he wanted me to wear. He came back with a nice black lace pair, I put them on, halting at the knees, then placed the pad and pulled them up. At that point I know he saw my privates.
I told him to stay there and finish whatever he wanted just to clean up after himself, to place the pads in the can, and then to put the panties in the hamper. Then I left.

I don't know what else to do, he's my sons best friend, I know I can't have sex with him, but it's nice to have a guy that is still that intrigued with my smell, and look.

#period   #pad  

I am terrified of myself sometimes. when i have my period sometimes i cover myself in my own blood to fight the urge to self harm.

#selfharm   #period   #blood   #hurt   #terrified  

I made my gf let me have sex with her when she was on the rag. I was going away for 3 months on an expedition and it was our last night. She really didn't want to but I persuaded her that I didn't mind. Didn't mind........ I loved it!!!! Sorry Hun but when I am back in Summer I may need regular doses of your sweet taste.

#sex   #menstruation   #period  

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