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Oral Confessions

Read the best #oral confession stories

I am a 16 year old highschool boy, and I finally fucked someone. My best friend who is 15 lived on the same street as me for about 8 or 9 years with his divorced mom. We've always hung out, explored together, and as puberty happened to us we would strip around each other, even jack off together. I even tasted some of his sperm and he tasted some of mine. I have a sister who is 15 also, and when possible and no one was home we would go through her dirty clothes and pull out her used panties and smell them, even jack off into them. Then we started doing the same to my moms hamper. In her pants we would see more, even some of what I assume was my dads sperm in them, and they always smelled more of her sex than my sisters panties. We would do the same with his mom's dirty undies and bras.

His mom left us alone for this past weekend, staying at his house, my parents just down the street she didn't think anything of it. On Saturday morning we both got naked and were in his moms room going through her things. We found some pretty wet panties and we sniffed them, rubbed our cocks in them. Both our moms are pretty hot still, in their early 40's but really nice bodies. My mom actually has a better body than my sister does. Going into a drawer in her walk-in closet he brought out a huge vibrating dildo. I mean this things was bigger than any cock. It was like two soda cans stacked on top of each other. We couldn't believe she stuck that thing inside her. I turned it on and rubbed it against his cock and balls and he got instantly hard. He did the same to me. In her nightstand I found some KY jelly.
"You know what this is for?" I asked
I explained that it's for anal sex mostly and it lets things slip in really easy. He took some on his finger and pushed his finger inside his ass while I watched. I put some on my finger and pulled his out, and stuck my finger in his ass and moved it back and forth, penetrating him fully the entire length of my middle finger.
"Goes in nice and smooth huh?" I said
"Really smooth" he muttered through his grunts and moans.
He laid down on the bed face down spreading his cheeks, and told me to put some on his butt. I did, pushing it in and around his hole.
"Now put some more on you, get it all over it" he said
I started putting more on my finger and he said no, that he meant to put it on my cock. I rubbed it all over my cock and took up his invitation, laying on top of him on his mother bed. I slowly but steadily pushed my thick 7 inches into his baby smooth butthole. I was in and stopped. He was moving his bottom around and asked if I was all the way in. I had about an inch left and he grunted as I pushed it all the way. He started rocking his ass in fucking motions and I asked if that was what he wanted me to move like. The reply was almost a pleading for me to do it. I started fucking him. It felt so good to be inside someone I didn't care that it wasn't a girl. I always dreamt of fucking a girls but his ass felt so good, so tight along my shaft. I could feel his warmth all the way with every stroke. Added to the great feeling, I was sniffing his moms panties and could smell her pussy. I couldn't hold out more and after about 4 or 5 minutes I started moaning and thrusting really fast and really hard.
"Do it, do it, fuck me, fuck me real hard" he kept saying over and over as I was shooting my sperm inside his butt.

After I was done I just laid there with my cock still inside him. Eventually it slipped out of him and we both got up and cleaned up. I'd finally fucked someone. Not what I'd imagined but at least I fucked and came inside someone.
We don't talk about it, but we went and bought our own KY so we wouldn't use up his moms. We even found some naked pictures of his mom. That evening we both slept in her bed, I had slept there the night before alone. This time I fucked him on his back. I even sucked his cock after fucking him once, one of the times he jacked off while getting fucked. I don't really want to suck him or to get fucked, I just want to fuck and get sucked. So it's Friday now, we have another weekend without his mom. We've stayed all week together. I fucked him 5 times that Saturday and Sunday and got sucked off once, and sucked him once. This week, we would fuck when we woke up in the morning, or he'd suck my cock and jack off while doing it. We always had some form of sex at least for me, if not him when we got home from school, and at night in bed we fuck like newlyweds.

I really want to fuck a womans pussy but I like this for a nice substitute for now.

#mm   #anal   #oral  

My idiot sister in law got drunk at a party in June at her other sisters up in Pennsylvania. We were staying there for the weekend too for their daughters high school graduation and was flirting with her husband all night telling him that she was "gonna get you tonight!" when they went to bed later.
She got so drunk that she went in the wrong guestroom and gave me a blowjob,I had laid down because my back hurt and I was tired from the long drive, before she passed out drunk.
She's pretty, slim but is a drunk and at 33 she is starting to look older from all the boozing most likely.
She was calling me "Bill", her husbands name, and gave a helluva blowjob I have to admit.
I came in her mouth.
I didn't fuck her because she passed out but I probably would've if she'd stayed awake.
I doubt she even remembers giving the blowjob she was so drunk.
I never told my wife.

#adultery   #stupidity   #oral   #blowjob  

I wanted to feel what it was like to receive anal sex. I don't know why, or for how long this has been a fantasy of mine, but I didn't find any attraction to other men. A few days ago I found a mtf tranny who didn't have a pussy yet, hadn't had surgery. She was also not going to because she liked using her cock. It was a bit bigger than I wanted, but attached to a really pretty girl. So I let her fuck me, and have 2 more times since. I can't get enough of that beautiful woman on top of me with her cock inside my ass, and me playing with her tits while she pinches and pulls my nipples.
I really like it this way. I've fucked her ass also, and we have sucked each other as well.

#tranny   #anal   #oral  

I'm 45, pretty fat, not great looking, and married for 29 years. My husband never was too much for adventurous sex, even when I was skinny and pretty with nice firm, big tits. For the last 10 years I've been fucking any cock that will fuck an old fatty like me. Believe it or not there are lots of guys. I know I'm just being used as a place to stick it in and cum but I like that. About 3 years ago I started having anal sex. When I was young it kind of turned me off. I didn't like it because I knew I'd have to suck the cock that came out of the same hole I poop from. But now I think it's the very dirtiness, the nastiness of it that makes me like it. Before my husband fucked me I hadn't done anything but suck 3 cocks. He was the first to fuck me and was the fourth I sucked. Over the last 10 years, I've had exactly 58 cocks inside me, and now I've had 22 up my ass. I've sucked all of them off, plus many more. I was sucking strange cock before I started letting them fuck me. I'd have never believed a fat old cumhole like me can still get plenty of men.

#married   #cheating   #whore   #slut   #anal   #oral   #vaginal  

I am 18 and have been fucking an older married woman for 2 years. She lives in my neighborhood. She is really very pretty, has a little belly and wider hips because she had three kids. She is 38 years old, blonde on top and brunette on her pussy. It all started because a neighbor of hers, a really hard body brunette of 35 was giving me BJ's and she thought it was crazy that the woman wouldn't fuck me, but the woman didn't want to cheat on her husband. So the blonde said she would let me fuck her and being 16 and a guy, I took her up on it. I would play with the neighbors tits, ass and pussy, as she'd usually get totally naked when she blew me, but this time I got to actually fuck someone. She got very excited that she got to take my cherry and told her neighbor that she did it. So the neighbor stopped blowing me because my cock has been inside another woman.

So knowing I wouldn't have any source for sex my new blondy became my lover. She has taught be how to fuck, how to make women cum, and do everything to please a woman. About 8 months into our fucking she got pregnant, she really didn't know if it was mine or her husbands, but since they still fuck a decent amount she says it's his. He and I sort of look alike anyway. I got to fuck a pregnant woman, and more importantly got to suck her big, bulging tits. Mary is only a B cup normally but she grew to a really big C. I liked squeezing her tits and making the colostrum come out while pumping her pregnant pussy, but afterward I really loved the milk. After the baby stopped nursing I got her to keep her milk flowing for me for almost 4 more months. Then her husband was asking about it too much so she had to let it dry up. It's been great having a steady lover. Her husband leaves at 6am everyday and doesn't return until about 7pm so we get plenty of time together in between my work and classes. She's taught me everything, even letting me fuck her butthole. That has become my absolute favorite. I didn't realize it but she has been talking to Carrie her neighbor, the one who used to give me BJ's. So now Carrie let's me fuck her in her butt (her husband has never done that to her) and she feels she isn't cheating because he doesn't do that to her, and I don't stick my cock in her pussy, though I really want to do that. I'd love to know what that smooth shaved pussy feels like. I do eat her out though, and she totally screams when she cums, and loves what Mary has taught me. Carrie actually cums from getting fucked in her butthole. Mary likes that her stuck up neighbor is a bit of a slut too.

Plus with all I've learned and the confidence I have around girls, I fuck plenty of them my age now. I guess it's the confidence of my knowing what I'm doing in bed, and the fact that I don't care because I know I can cum in any of two very good looking, older women.

#married   #affair   #virgin   #anal   #oral   #nursing  

I'm a 15 year old girl, and at a party I got a little drunk and let the guys all strip me in front of everyone, guys and girls. I was a bit drunk and they kept feeding me more liquor. I gave blowjobs to 8 guys, and they have pictures of each of them plus 2 girls (no faces so I don't know who they were) that I was licking. I have never even had a desire to lick another girl. Now everyone knows how I am. I shouldn't have done it, there has to be over 100 pictures of me naked and doing oral on guys and girls. I don't know how I can correct this. I know I'll be here in this small town for at least another 4 years through high school. I just wanted to be "one of the crowd" and it got very out of hand.
Three of the guys with pictures have come by and had me meet them places and give them blowjobs again or saying they'll send pics to my parents.

#drunk   #bj   #slut  

I got drunk and cheated on my husband with my husband. We live in the town where I went to college. My husband and I went to my 10th reunion last summer, and had a blast. About an hour before we were going to call it a day and go home, we ran into Bill, the guy I dated in college, who I hadn't seen since we broke up in junior year. He looked great, was lots of fun and hit it off with my husband. We had several drinks and I realized I was still very attracted to him, and he seemed to be hitting on me. When it was time to go home, he gave me a long and passionate good-bye kiss while my husband was getting the car. I got very aroused - and asked him where he was staying. Turns out he was actually flying out in a few hours, and our house was closer to the airport than the hotel he was staying at. When my husband pulled up I told him we needed to go by Bill's hotel so he could get his stuff and crash with us that night, and go to the airport from our place. My husband agreed, so that's what we did. When we got home, we had a few more drinks. Our house has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
Our master bedroom is on the main floor, and we have the other two bedrooms on the second floor, one to the left at the top of the stairs and one to the right. My husband said he'd prepare the room at the top of the stairs for Bill and then meet me back in our room after I got some soap, shampoo and towels to leave in Bill's bedroom. It was late, and we were all very tipsy and tired. When I got the soap and supplies I found all the lights were off in the upstairs bedroom to the left, but I could see someone was in the bed. I quietly dropped the soap and towel in the bathroom, and as I left I stopped to get a glimpse of Bill sleeping. He was under a sheet with his back to me, so I decided to give him something to remember. I stripped naked, and leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. A powerful arm immediately pulled me into the bed and I discovered he was naked and we just went at it like bunnies in the dark. It was just like I remembered in college - great and passionate foreplay, then he went down on me and was attentive until I orgasm, at which I pulled him up on top of me so he could slide in and finish inside me. His penis was rock hard and felt wonderfully familiar, and I had a vaginal orgasm like I had not had since my honeymoon. He rolled over and promptly fell sound asleep, so laid next to him figuring in a few minutes I'd go down to my bedroom. I hoped my husband was already asleep because it'd be hard to explain why it took so long to take a towel upstairs. Unfortunately I felt so happy I fell sound asleep. I bolted awake when the morning light through the window shined on my face. I let out a little scream because I was mortified at what my husband would do now I was caught sleeping in the guest bedroom - I heard steps running toward the room I was calling out to see if everything was o.k. I also felt that powerful arm pull me back so my head hit the pillow and I was looking up into my husband's face. By now Bill was in the doorway, and smiled. He asked, "did you two spend the whole night up here? I heard you two going at it. My husband responded "sorry, after I came up and got your room on the right ready, I was too tired and drunk to go downstairs, so I just crashed here in the room to the left." I realized that when I had brought up the towel and found someone asleep in the room the the left, I assumed it was Bill since I though my husband was going back downstairs to meet me in our room. So my naughty "good-bye" fling in the dark with Bill was actually with my husband. But it was SO good, I'm relieved. I drove Bill to the airport and when I got home, I told my husband I wanted to sleep with him in the upstairs bedrooms more often!

#reunion   #sex   #collegeboyfriend   #cheating   #oral   #orgasms   #foreplay  

I've been using prostitutes for 30 years and have relations with over 5,000 young women. I've spent an untold sum. Street girls and escorts in 4 countries I've resided. I don't do sex tours or brothel houses. I'm NOT proud of this and more importantly I know why I do it and where it stemmed from in my maturation.

I'm considered attractive with a really toned physique even at 54, so I pass for a permanent 35. I was blessed with never looking old. Unfortunately, women my age can't keep up with me sexually in regards to endurance or physicality so I need younger girls. I'm constantly always asked why I pay for sex by young working girls themselves and I never tell them the truth...I love NSA sex. It's selfish but relationships are difficult for me to maintain and I always resort back to mongering. But moreover, I'm an undisputed sex addict.
In particular, a cunnilingus addict. I've mastered techniques over the years since it started finding my father's porn cards of guys performing orally on women when I was 12. I had a cousin who was 14 and wanted to see what it felt like so I went down on her regularly for 2 years. No one ever knew.
I carefully seek out specific girls who love receiving oral sex. I'm obsessed with thoughts of tongue-fucking virtually every pretty girl I see all the time and I act out on it by buying company.
Prostitutes are the perfect outlet for me. I've met hundreds of really sweet girls who were positive and loved my performance. That's the turn-on for me., but I've NEVER abused or mistreated anyone. I like the intimate contact of oral sex and 69. Inherently, most prostitutes are more vaginally conscientious than regular girls because their income depends on it 365 days-a-year...but I admit to eating out really pretty street girls for hours in all situations - sleeping, drunk, passed out, high, talking to their mother on the phone etc. I think I love the empowerment I get when a woman repeatedly cums in my mouth over and over.
Medically, I'm 100% so I've been lucky but now as I get older, my desires grow stronger...I don't want to use medication to curb my thoughts but I can't stop performing long, passionate oral sex on women...

#prostitution   #sex   #addiction  

Last weekend I met with a friend i met over Instagram. He's an artist , his father is famous , and that fame has been passed down to him. We talked , FaceTime all the time for months. His father had a concert in my area. He wanted to meet me in person , I was completely with it considering i had talked to him everyday for the past 3/4 months . I went to his hotel , where he was with him and his cousin. They decided they were going out but I had already planned on going out as well , turns out we just so happened to be going to the same club. I had a friend waiting on me , so we agreed to meet there. I went to pick up my friend and on the way to the club he called me and told me he wasn't going out and to meet him at his room After. I left the club and dropped off my friend, made my way to his hotel where he was sleeping 😂😂. I had to call up to his room because he wasn't answering his phone which was lower then the hotel phone. He opened the door I showered and he was sleeping. I woke him up telling him how awake I was. He made me take down my hair , started playing wit it . Pulling it causing us to play fight. Before I knew it the vibe was there and we started kissing . one thing led to another, before I knew he had undressed me and started kissing all over my body. He performed oral sex , and then we had sex. It was short because he kept pulling out and the condom were drying up 🙄😒. He only had 2, so after the 2nd one dried we went back to kissing. I looked back at the bed and he popped my cherry 😩😒💦 .. I was so embarsssed . I took a shower and by the time I got out it was time for him to leave to the airport. 😒 We kissed and did all the cutesy shit and he left. .😂😂 he's so busy because he's famous And it's annoying. I always wanna cut him off but I remember how he left the hotel room with and caught his flight without showering 😂😩 my pussy was all on his mouth and he didn't gaf 😭💦 wonder when he showered .. after his 7 hour flight? I'm honored 😂😂💀

#sex   #rapper   #famous   #hotel   #oral  

I am now 18, white female and haven't had sex since I was 12.
I was very developed at age 10 I had full pubic hair, and by 12 had D cup boobs with very pronounced and very big nipples.. I was in a play area behind a local school by myself at 12. I was in an area that had a building on one side, a large brick wall on two sides and the fourth had a smaller brick wall with an opening in it to enter that particular play area. 3 boys that I knew because they had been friends with my brother, came into the area and started talking to me. They were very complimentary, and talked to me like I was their age (one was 18, the other 2 were 17). They said I was beautiful and had a very grown up, beautiful body. I was quite proud of it and wanted to show myself to be more of a teenager like them. One started talking about how beautiful my boobs must be, the other talking about my butt, they asked if they could see them and I said no. The oldest one chastised the others for asking such a "little" girl to show them. He said that only a grown up woman shows herself to guys. I said I was grown up but didn't want to show them anyway. The oldest boy took me aside and in a corner against the wall and said that if I was grown up he'd give me $10 to show him, just him, my boobs. He held up the $10 and I never had money of my own, so I took it and pulled open my blouse and opened my front opening bra. He held my boobs and squeezed them and gave me another $10 to lick them. It felt really good and he pulled my blouse down, my bra falling on the ground and let the others come see and lick them.
Then he stuffed another $10 in my hand and they took down my pants and then pulled my white panties down totally exposing my very hairy bush. I asked them to stop but the oldest boy laid me down on the ground on top of my pants and panties and blouse and started to play with my vagina, complimenting me on my body and how hot my boobs and vagina were, how grown up I looked. It actually felt very good and I was getting very very wet down there. He put his mouth down there and started licking me and it was like heaven, I was shaking it felt so good and as I learned through masturbation after, I had a couple of orgasms with his mouth. He then pulled his pants down to his knees and shoved my knees apart and got on top of me. I tried to resist but he stuck it in me saying how when he was finished I'd definitely be a real grown up girl. He pushed and pulled and shuddered while thrusting it way up inside me. After he was done I saw his sperm leaking out and I thought I'd had a period because of the blood. He took my white panties, wiped up the blood from my formerly virgin vagina and some of his sperm and told me he was keeping this as a reminder of "popping my cherry". With that the other boys took a turn each, and the oldest boy did it to me again. They bruised my boobs with their hands and made hickies with their mouths. The other two left, I could her them laughing and talking about the "pussy" they'd just fucked. The older boy took me home but stopped about two blocks away and made me suck him. I had to walk home with 4 loads of sperm inside me as it was dripping down my legs with no panties.
Two days later he took me to the movies as a "date" and took off my panties in the car, there was hardly anyone in the theater, so we sat way in the back and he was kissing me, and grabbing me all over, then rubbed something on his penis and sat me on his lap. He had me sit so his penis went into my butt. We went back to his car after, and he did it to me again in my vagina this time, and had a friend come in the car and I had to take him with my mouth while he played with my boobs and my sperm leaking vagina.
I haven't had sex since, and don't want to.

#mmmf   #nc   #virgin   #anal   #oral   #vaginal  

This goes back 30 years. I went to New York City in Manhattan for business. I was stressed and tired and a little buzzed and drunk. I went to an oriental massage parlor that was located in one of the lesser hotels that populated Times Square at that time. There was a cute Japanese girl giving me a massage, I was totally naked. She started rubbing my balls and cock and I got hard. She asked if I wanted a happy ending and I said yes, and gave her the required $20 extra. Then I asked her to get naked and gave her $40 more. She did it. I was fondling this skinny Japanese girl with horizontal pussy hair, and for being so thin, she had at least D cup tits with dark nipples. I tried to stick my finger in her pussy and she backed up very quickly. We started talking more, I offered her $ 150 if I could fuck her. She said no and eventually said she was a virgin. I questioned her because she was jacking guys off for a living. But she insisted. I told her I'd give her $ 100 to look at her hymen. To this day it's the only hymen I've ever seen. Then she wanted to go back to my happy ending. While she was jacking me we talked a lot, I was trying to convince her to go out with me. Finally I had a date for the next evening, and for $1000 right then I fucked her virgin cunt. To this day I have the white panties I used to wipe her blood and some of my cum off her pussy and ass cheeks. We went on the date and I fucked her again for free. Each time I came in her super tight pussy. That date night before we went out I got her to suck me off, then went on the date and could spend plenty of time when it came to her pussy fucking.
I went back 6 months later and went to get a massage. She was working the counter instead of the back. She stood up and was pregnant. I told her I guessed she'd let other clients do it to her for money. She said no, she'd only had sex twice between her legs, and once in her mouth.
I made her book me with a really young girl, fucked that girl and let her know about it before I left.
Never saw her again.

#virgin   #oral   #sex   #prostitution   #massage  

I'm a fit guy in my mid forties and I take photos for a living. I've confessed here before about my sins, but this happened to me when I was in my early twenties and still living at home and trying to make a go of being a wedding and portrait photographer.
The family next door were from Sri Lanka, well the dad was, the Mum was English, but had met him there. They had four daughters, three stunners and one fat ugly one. She must've felt shit. Anyway, they had grown up while I'd lived there. The fat one had left home to go to university and next eldest was on a years trip back to the traditional family home in Sri Lanka. That left the 15year old and the 12year old to pretty much fend for themselves that summer. They took to sunbathing in the garden and as our houses are big Victorian places if I looked out of the rear attic windows (where my half-arsed photo studio was) I could spy on them,
One day, it was really hot, they were sunning themselves topless. Spying on them got me really horny and I couldn't help but play with my big cock as I watched. I had to get a closer look and ventured into the garden, pretending to water the plants. I worked out a lot then, so I looked good, and I was only wearing shorts. I was freshly shaved (I shaved all my chest hair then, but don't now). Pretending to be absently minding only my business I stepped onto the rear patio and peered over, as if by accident, and saw the girls, both on their backs, tits exposed.
The elder girl, Hatty, was in a bikini slip, the younger Bina, wore denim cut off shorts. Hatty had nice rounded tits with fat pink nipples, a stark contrast to her deep rich coffee skin. Bina had beautiful perky breasts with small teats.
I said "Hi" and frightened the daylights out of them.
They both grabbed for their tops, which was a hilarious scene. I said "Don't bother on my account. I'veseen you both like this before."
"How come?" says Hatty.
"From my window," i said and indicated.
She gasped. "You fucking pervert. Wait till I tell mum and dad."
"And let them know when they go to work you strip off and sun bathe? Your mum won't like that."
They were quite strict. I hadn't even seen boys visit the house - or any friends at all to be frank.
"if you like, " I continued, "You can see something of mine."
"Like what" asked Bina,
"Come over here and look over."
As they approached, I hastily unhoooked the tie on my shorts and dropped them to the floor. My erection bobbed out, long and thick
"Oh my fucking god," squealed Hatty. "oooooo" whsipered Bina.
They stared at me for a long time and I started to wank with one hand "Wanna try this?" I asked
"We shouldn't." Hatty was clearly in charge. Bina was whispering at her sisters ear. Hatty may have been nominally in control, but her little sister was pulling the strings.
They consdiered a bit. I stopped wanking and pulled up my shorts. "Maybe some other time then."
"No, now," said Bina.
i love young girls, they so innocent and naive. They do the dumbest things.
"Come on then. Come over and I'll show you how it works."
With Hatty reluctantly in her wake, Bina ran around the front drives and, eyes all agog, stood on the patio expectantly. Hatty was trying to grab her wrist and stop her, but it was too late for either girl to not look. I was sitting now on the bench and totally nude I was stroking my massive cock, its whole ten inches looking hugely impressive. They just stood and watched as I jerked for about five minutes. They moved closer, but not so near they could touch me. When I felt the urge, I told them I was going to cum and pointed my cock directly at them. My jizz spurted across the gap in big white strings and splattered on the paving stones. They jumped back to avoid it. I have a heavy load and I was cumming for a good thirty seconds.
"Shit," said Bina, "That was amazing."
"if you show me your tits, I'll do it again."
"I don't know," hatty was still being prissy.
"Come on, Hat, It'll be fine. He's always been nice. Yous aid yourself how much you faniced him."
That was sort of it. Now they argued again. I took the initiative, got off my seat and flicked at Bina's bra catch. She squealed and jumped as her bra fell away in my hand. She chased me, hatty in pursuit and I ran about naked for a few seconds until I let them catch me. Now we were all sort of play fighting and they got to accidentally rub against my cock. I squeezed Bina's tits. She screamed. A silly girly scream. Hatty tried to stop me, but I had her from behind and was grappling with the front catch on her bra. She reached back and pulled my cock. I grunted. She kept pulling. I released my hold on her, and she still pulled. I was getting hard. Bina saw it and she started to pull as well. I lay back and the two girls, one topless, one not, started to wank me. It wasdelicious. I tried to make one of them suck it but they wouldn't. Eventually I came again, thsi time all over my chest.
I need to wash this off" I said afterwards. They sat there whispering to each other, on their knees while I sprayed the hose all over my body.
I directed the water at them and they scrfeamed again and I chased them around with the hose soaking them.
After they'd managed to subdue me again, I said they needed to get out of their costumes.
"No way!" said Hatty. "You just want to see us naked."
"Yes. fairs Fair."
She sulked. Then, without urging, Bina started to peel off her shorts.
"No Bina, dont be silly."
"Oh shut up hat, You spoil everything."
Bina watched me as she undressed, first the shorts, thena pair of practical white undies, probably from M&S Kids. My cock grew again and she grinnned. "See what happens!" she said pointing.
She loooked gorgeous, with her cute hairless pussy exposed.
It was all i could do to start wanking again. "That's what you do to me, Bina." You're so sexy"
"Come on HAt, please, show me your tits," I pleaded, "I'll come again for you."
I was sounding like a schoolboy. Hat shrugged and pulled a face. Slowly, reluctantly, she took off ehr bra and flashed her boobs at me. Bina had taken hold of my cock again and her head was edging closer to it. I felt for her hair, which was shoulder length, and took hold. I moved her head inexorably towards my cok and automatically she opened her mouth and started to suck the end.
"Oh Bina, stop." was all hatty could say, She went to grab her sister, but Bina shoved her aside, the effect making her bite my cock.
She was so apologetic.
"You need to pay a forfeit. Or rather your sister does, it was her fault."
"No, we're leaving," said Hatty.
"No, you won't. I said. You could have left ages ago, but you're still here, you like it."
She didn't leave,
"Take off your bottoms."
"Go on, Hat," said Bin, "Its fine" She was stroking my cock again like a pro.
Reluctantly - even more reluctant than last time - those bikini bottoms came off. Hatty had a beautiful hairless shaven pussy with a plump mound and a pair of fat engorged lips hanging from her cunt. She was horny. This was turninmg her on.
Bina sucked my cock again and I lay back and simply gestured for Hatty to hold my hand. She took it and then, without encouragement, she knelt opposite her sis and sarted to lick my shaft and balls. (I always shave) I knew a third cumw as due soon, I was so excited but I ahd to do more than just wank now. I too was so horny. I reached out and squeezed Hatty's full boobs. She didn't resist. She sighed. Bina now had four inched of cock in her mouth. "Come here, " I said and got her to twist around so her legs were ove rmy face. My tongue speare dup at her little slit. iw as surprised to find it positively dripping with cunt juice. Hatty said nothing. We did thsi for a while and I felt Bina's lips exit my prod to be replaced by hatty's fully, plumper mouth. Above me I could just make out Bina playing with her tiny tits. The girls were talking in Sri lankan. Finaly, in English, Bina said, "You must, you ahve to go first, haty, your the older one."
Bina got off my face and I was welcomed by the sight of a beautiful naked Hatty crawling up my body, her cunt open for business and slick as the sea. Slowly delicately she lowered herself onto my fuck stick and breathed out long andhard. I lasted all of a minute, which must have been very disappointing for her, but I was too far gone. I pumped another enormous gush into her gash and she smiled and collapsed on top of me and hugged me.
"Oh I wanted this so much, " she said "So much."
We stayed like that as I went soft. "Sorry i was a prude. I'm so nervous. Mum won't let us do anything."
"Well anytime you wanna do anything, come round and we can do whatever you want." I reached for Bina's body and my arm circled her. "And you too, Bina."
"I want to do it now."
"You'll have to wait a bit I've cum too much."
In the event i couldn't take BIna's virgin pussy that afternoon as we didn't have time before their mum came home. Hatty became a regular visitor to my studio. Bina became the first underage girl I photographed naked - in fact my first nude shoot. She was the most outrageous and she introduced me to many of her friends which allowed me to begin regular photo and fuck sessions with young naive girls. Even though my life adventures have been wild, I remember that first experience as clear as the summer's day.

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I am 18, female, and quite fat. I have floppy boobs I am 5ft. 5in tall and weight 265lbs. My legs and very thick my belly is big. All through high school the boys wouldn't touch me or even talk to me. I have in 3 weeks gone from virgin to feeling like a slut and whore. I met a man recently who wanted to see me naked he treated me really great. I let him have sex with me and we have it often. I like doing whatever he wants, I want to satisfy him very much. I've even let him finish himself in my mouth, and now he stuffs his cock into my butt. That hurts me a lot, and I know he only keeps seeing me because I let him do things that the skinny girls won't let him do. Our dates are pretty much just going by a fast food place and then going to his apartment and him telling me what to do.

I know I shouldn't do it but he's the only guy who has ever paid attention to me and I think he likes having sex with me, even if I am so fat. Last week we had just finished having sex and I was naked on the bed still and he let two of his friends in. I was in the bedroom but he told them to come into the bedroom and have sex with me. They came in one at a time, one after the other. I was very embarrassed because my boyfriend had written nasty things on my belly and my boobs. I let his two friends to it to me anyway, they just laughed at the writing, one took the marker and put his name across my pubic hair and the date with it. I think they enjoyed it, each one of them did it twice to me, one guy did his second time in my butthole. Then after they left my boyfriend put his in my mouth. He called me a slut and a whore, and said that I'd have to do anything he wanted if I wanted to keep seeing him.

I feel like I'm that slutty girl from high school, but I want to keep seeing him, and I will. In the past week the same two friends were over two more times, once together, the other separately, and my boyfriend has had 5 other friends have sex in me. I know in three weeks having 8 guys inside me makes me a slut but I'm still fat and my boyfriend still has sex with me and he enjoys it. So I'd rather be a fat slut, than a fat virgin staying at home every night.

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My husband will not perform oral on me and will not let me give him oral. He says it's not natural. I've lived with this for years. In the last year on business trips I've let numerous guys give me oral and I've blow most of them. I feel so bad but it's so exciting and I can't stop. I look forward to the trips and having a guy between my legs or on my knees in front of him.


Whenever I know my period is getting close I start making my boyfriend eat me out more often just so I can make him get a mouthful of my period blood. He always freaks out whenever it happens and starts puking in the bathroom for hours. It gets me so hot hearing him suffer like that I can't help but masturbate myself to bloody squirting orgasms every time. It's the only way I can squirt. It sucks cause I can't do it every period or he'll get wise to what I'm doing. So far I've been able to get away with it, telling him I must have started early or something. Hahaha I love it.

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I'm having an affair with. my boss' wife. He's younger than me by eight years and his wife younger than him. It was accidental meeting as I caught her making out with a guy at a bar. Used that against her when the guy went to pee I confronted her and soon we were outside in my car. I told her the price of my silence...a blow job. She gave me a sloppy bj while people were walking right by. I fingered her ass as she sucked and soon blew my load in her sweet mouth.

Luckily I tape recorded it including her saying she loved my cock.

A few weeks later she stopped into office for lunch date with hubby. He was caught across town. I took her to conference room and play the tape and she begged me not too tell hubby. I said fine for a price...

She said where do you want to get bj
We went to hubby office and I sat in his chair as she fellated me. I came in her mouth and we left office only minute before he returned.

She gave him a big sloppy kiss and they left for lunch.

It has become a regular occurrence.

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I'm M16 and bi I cant stop fantasizing about my friends!
I keep having these dreams where me and 5 friends are playing some extreme spin the bottle and it lands on me and friend A (M16). Friend A has blonde curly hair and the sexiest face you've ever seen. His lips look so soft. We move towards each other, trying to act like we don't want to touch each other. He moves his hand to the back of my neck and pulls me in before planting those lips on mine. we go at it, massaging our tongues and rolling our hands over each others bodies. I reach a hand into his jeans and touch his throbbing cock through his underwear. He bites my bottom lip (by now the others in the dream have disappeared for the time being and we are alone). We undress, stealing kisses as we go. Friend A leans down towards my 7 inch and gives me a bj. as he moves down my shaft, his lips are curled inwards so i feel the gentle bristles of his light stubble. his body is amzing. in perfect balance. he isn't extremely chizzled but defined by soft grooves of his abs, chest and arms and accented by his happy trail and underarm hair. i cum in his mouth and he swallows it all before I kiss him.

When i see Friend A im so physically drawn to him I just want to grab him and make out with him in the street. Ive never had a physical relationship with another guy
oh and friend A has a gf and isnt bi so thats a bummer

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So I was 14 and my gf and me were always arguing. So one day I went to her house and she brought me to her room. She pulled down my pants and started blowing me. Then she forced me on her bed and made me lie down. I didn't realize at the time but there were ropes on the poles. She tied me to the bed and got her brother. Her brother was gay so he took full advantage of me. He made me blow him and he fucked me. He came in my mouth and made me swallow. Then my gf blew me and I came a lot. She spat the cum in my mouth and made me eat it all. Then she told me to do other things and I did them.

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I was 32 when I got a dental problem and they had to pull most of my teeth and I started with dentures. My husband at the time loved it because I could take them out at night and I could gum his cock while he fucked my mouth. He shot off quicker than ever, even quicker that that first I gave him a BJ when he was 15. We got divorced and I've had several lovers since and though I want implants and can afford them now, and I'm in my early 50's, men I date all want me to gum their cocks till they shoot off in my mouth. I want to look and feel better but I do like that men can still be excited by a chubby 50 year old with graying hair . . . everywhere!
I don't think of myself as a slut but after my divorce I've had another 24 guys sexually, and another 11 just orally. I like being sought after like this but do want to get implants. Currently; I see 5 men, 2 single, 3 married. I think some of the guys will not come around if I couldn't give them my gumjobs.


I am a young teen girl, just finished by freshman year in HS. I have let lots of boys get with me naked. Though I am still a virgin. I let them do it in my mouth and inside my butt. The first two boys told everyone else, now I'm the school slut, even though I'm still a virgin. My brother even threatened to tell mom and day so I let him do it to me too.

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