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Urine Confessions

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I peed in the coffee of my boss 5 minutes ago.

#confession   #secret   #coffee   #urine   #evilness  

I started drinking my own urine about a year ago; read somewhere that it is healthy to drink one glass of urine once a day; I now drink about 3 to 5 glasses a day.

I noticed it tastes different if I eat something different. When I drink champagne or something fizzx, I can taste it in my pee some hours afterwards.
It is very interesting for me and I feel much healthier than before I did it.

#pee   #urine   #drinking   #eat   #confession  

Just peed in the flower box of my neighbour. I don't regret it! It was a lot of fun! And the flowers also need some liquid...

#urine   #pee   #flower   #box   #neighbour   #liquid   #confess  

I have a secret that I find embarrassing to talk about and feel ashamed when I think about it but I get so aroused just thinking about it! From a young age I wet the bed and even now it occasionally happens but I believe this has caused me to develop a fetish for urination. I have tried to block it out but it's always in the back of my mind and I get really turned on when I'm home alone and desperate for the toilet. I've never been comfortable to talk about this but for some reason I don't mind sharing it with the world.
Is it normal to have these thoughts and urges to want to be humiliated and peed on? I'd just love to know how common it is and if people have been able to tell their partners and enjoy this fetish together? I don't want to feel like I should shy away from it any more. I feel so nervous writing this but in a weird way find it quite erotic that people will read it.
I'm also worried about my desire to put on women's underwear at the same time I need to pee. I want to share and hopefully find some answers and other people to talk to that share this sexual desire. Just for reference I'm a 27 year old male. I hope I'm not a complete freak of nature lol

#peeing   #pissing   #watersports   #goldenshower   #humiliation   #dominating   #pee   #piss   #urine   #strange  

I am a married man, but I have been in love with and fantasized about a woman named Suzanne, who was my co-worker and is now my longtime friend. I am thinking about proposing a secret, sexual relationship to Suzanne, but it would require her to agree to 10 conditions, and I don't know if she would agree to even just one:
(1) she must show up at my home every night at 10pm and leave at 2am;
(2) she must be wearing no more than 5 items of clothing -- a shoe counts as one item;
(3) she must obediently submit to whatever I ask her to do;
(4) she must be prepared to be nude in an outdoor or public setting of my choice;
(5) she must be prepared to receive pain that I inflict that may cause non-permanent injuries such as bruises, welts, and cuts;
(6) she must be prepared to receive unprotected vaginal sex;
(7) she must be prepared to receive unprotected anal sex;
(8) she must be prepared to receive throat fucking that may cause her to puke repeatedly;
(9) she must be prepared to receive golden showers and to swallow urine; and
(10) she must be prepared to receive urine inside of her vagina, her rectum, and her throat.

#adultery   #coworker   #sex   #submission   #nudity   #pain   #bdsm   #anal   #oral   #vomit   #urine   #deepthroat  

I get turned on by golden showers and over stimulation a lot. At first, I thought that it was not normal. But as time passed, I embraced it. I am a 16 year old female. Now when I masturbate (which I do a lot), I wear panties of thin material and stand straight with my legs wide or I sit on the toilet. I then use my fingers or a pencil to rotate about my clitoris. Believe me, its amazing. I then cum in the panties and then pee while wearing them. I pull them tight so the pee falls in the toilet. While peeing, I play around with my nipples and finger myself.

#selfpleasure   #love   #overstimulation   #watersports   #urine  

I peed in the shampoo bottle of my boyfriend's mother because this stupid woman claimed me for stealing her money.

#hate   #shampoo   #pee   #urine   #boyfriend   #mother   #stupid   #stealing   #claim   #money  

Yesterday I peed into the beer of Richard S. from W.
I hope you don't mind buddy.

#evil   #pee   #urine   #beer   #buddy   #confession  

I have to confess something. When I was in high school there was a new girl named Katrina who was very pretty. And one day during school outside in the lunch area I let that girl Katrina pee in my mouth and I was drinking her urine in front of people. I really loved drinking that girl Katrina urine in front of people.

#highschool   #lesbian   #highschool  

I have to confess something. Few weeks ago after partying the whole night, I got home dead drunk and simply went to bed without taking my shoes or clothes off.
When I woke up the next morning (or actually late afternoon) I had to notice that I wet my bed in my drunken stupor.
What a stressful morning (well... afternoon)! The party was fucking awesome, I had lots of fun. Well, I checked my mattress and there it was - a huge stain... My sister wasn't home, so I simply switched mattresses.
Couple a days ago my sister bought herself a new bed + mattress. You should have seen my parents' disgusted faces when they carried out the old mattress.
I do not regret anything. Cheers!

PS: I just came up with the best pun ever. That night I was pissed as hell. Ahahaha

#drunk   #pissed   #mattress   #sister   #noregret   #alcohol   #urine   #confession  

I used to try different things while self-satisfying when I just came across this kinky feeling of touching..then bathing..then tasting..and then finally drinking urine. Then I searched on net if there is anything like urine sex and found it surprising that these were not only my fantasies, rather it's a separate fetish category that exists on adult sites.

I had almost left this fantasy far behind, but recently I again got into this thing again and started mixing it with certain foods/drinks. Here's what all I did:

1. I urinated in a bowl full of 2 scoops of vanilla & nuts based ice-cream and then I 'ate' the mixture.
2. I pour-in some orange squash in a glass and rather than mixing water, I urinated in it and drank it.
3. I urinate over chocolate chunks or dip them in urine containing glasses and then suck the chocolate along with urine and then again dip and suck. Then I chew them and spit on my private parts and lick back again.
4. I dipped 'Gulab-jamuns' (An Indian sweet consisting of a ball of deep-fried paneer boiled in a sugar syrup) in my urine and sucked the soaked urine in it.

So, basically I like taking urine with sweet things ;)

And my next target is to take vodka in my urine ;)

#urine   #pee   #drink  

Back when I was 9 years old, me and my younger brother peed in some bottle and sold it to the neighbour boy. We told him it was apple juice.

#urine   #pee   #neighbour  

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