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Stupid Confessions

Read the best #stupid confession stories

I know my boyfriend spies on me and is part of research groups that do global social experiments on me. I also let him mistreat me.

#stupid   #boyfriend   #betrayal   #secret   #confession  

I am married and stay with my husband 6 years, he was always abuse and took advantage of my foreign situation, I was loyal to him for 6 long years full of betray, humiliation, mental and verbal abuse, one day he cut me off from out of nothing, and we moved out to other place and let me like wtf? I got depressed I struggle for money and all that, what ever the point is that I meet someone, we started dating, and we fuck, and then my husband appear after months telling me to fix our marriage, what should I do?

#late   #stupidguy  

I have a boyfriend but I went to my friends house for the night and we made out😰😰I feel rly bad now what do I

#stupid   #mistake   #idk  

I confess I don’t know how to talk to girls.

#lonely   #frustrated   #mad   #bored   #sex   #judgemental   #been   #a   #while   #stupid   #ex  

I always have the desire to do something stupid to make myself look brave. I don't know how that started, but I soon noticed that I got the attention I need by doing something reckless and stupid. Last week, I jumped in front of a moving car to save a small frog and I was almost hit. The driver of the car couldn't believe how stupid I acted because I didn't want to apologize for it. Two months ago, I jumped into a lake near my hometown, even though I can't swim. I just need the adrenaline and I need the attention.It's like an addiction and I know, someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I going to die because of it. 

#audacity   #bravery   #stupid   #die   #confession   #offmychest   #swimming  

When I was younger and had no general idea of racism, I once asked my mother: "Why are they called black if they're brown?"

I confess I wish my ex girlfriends mother was dead. She’s a schizo. She practiced black magic, she has no teeth because she pulled them all out. Something witches do. And she’s a terrible person, who’s not even a real mother. I wish I never met her. But goddamned formalities and politeness ends up with me dealing with some stupid..I hate her.

#stupid   #witchcraft   #bs   #bad  

I cant believe i dropped out of university and ended up this broke with all the miseries that followed, i cant believe it

#unlucky   #stupid  

It's been over a year and three months since the last time we talk, but every day I think of him if he is alive or okay because I know he has been kicked out of house and lives on the streets. Like our story is so complicated and hard but I can't stop thinking about him and I don't know why like every guy I ever talk to my stupid brain and heart keep comparing them to the guy who I love so much and broke my heart. Part of me wants to contact him so badly like I did contact him to have closure but he thought I had closure of him and I thought the same way but I guess now because deep down inside of me my heart wants him. So my question is should I contact him again even though the last time we talk I tried to get closure....

#love   #movingon   #heartbreak   #wondering   #gay   #stupid  

I have developed a fetish for seeing girls and women in embarrassing outfits whether they get embarrassed or not is beside the point but as long as they are wearing a ridiculous costume or outfit like the villainesses from the Power Ranger series as an example. Anything that makes them look foolish, stupid, helpless, and/or whorish really gets my motor running and if they are forced to wear and outfit and get embarrassed because of it ooooh baby! And if they are oblivious to how stupid they look even better that really gets me there but sadly I haven't found too much for this fetish usually the things I find are missing one or two elements from the equation but oh my imagination is a very powerful thing ;)

#embarrassed   #whore   #forced   #stupid  

My idiot sister in law got drunk at a party in June at her other sisters up in Pennsylvania. We were staying there for the weekend too for their daughters high school graduation and was flirting with her husband all night telling him that she was "gonna get you tonight!" when they went to bed later.
She got so drunk that she went in the wrong guestroom and gave me a blowjob,I had laid down because my back hurt and I was tired from the long drive, before she passed out drunk.
She's pretty, slim but is a drunk and at 33 she is starting to look older from all the boozing most likely.
She was calling me "Bill", her husbands name, and gave a helluva blowjob I have to admit.
I came in her mouth.
I didn't fuck her because she passed out but I probably would've if she'd stayed awake.
I doubt she even remembers giving the blowjob she was so drunk.
I never told my wife.

#adultery   #stupidity   #oral   #blowjob  

When I was younger and had no general idea of racism, I once asked my mother: "Why are they called black if they're brown?"

#stupid   #racism  

So my Ex just changed his Instagram screen name to “African American Girls Only” 1. That’s Racist 2. I’m white 💁 so I guess I never happened?

#ex   #fuckedup   #stupid  

I lost the prettiest girl pretending to be a man younger than her and talking dirty to her through emails and allowing her to turn the real me into her sissy bitch while she flirts with the younger guy which she didnt know was me. When she did find out she dumped me and now has another guy and I am so depressed. I am fucking stupid.

#sissy   #bitch   #stupid  

i like smelling my own panties.

#panties   #stupid   #weird  

I started smoking weed this year. I am not addicted. I don't get a lot and when I do get it. the times are very far away from each other. I think a lot. so when I get high i think more. it has gotten so bad. I think about life and death. everyday when I wake up. I wish I could go back because I think of everything too seriously. it's almost like I am on a never ending bad acid trip. I am only 17 so I have a lot of life left.

#stupid   #idiot  

That feeling after a horrible fantasy trip and then you cum and everything doesn't seem to matter anymore and you wanna take back the shit you planned out

#worthless   #stupid   #who   #cares   #fuck  

I'd like to beat the crap out of my fellow students, they're just so f****** dumb!!
I feel like I am in a nursery school when I am around them. I hate them so much, these stupid, barbaric and ugly people!
You are stupid and lazy! You'll land on the street some day!

#hate   #stupid  

Its been about 3 years since I admitted to my self that I was depressed. I have always been the one to do stupid things but after those things happen, feelings start to seep in the voices start to get to my head, you are a stupid girl, a brat not worth anything, why don't you just leave it would save them all this trouble. You wouldn't be I missed, you are worh nothing, all you cause is heart ache...ect. These tpes of things always ran threw my mind, and soon and still I believe it. All it seems I can do well is suck money from my parents and pain for my friends and family and the people around me. It seems like no matter what I do , it wont stop. I cut sometimes when I get it deep and I also beat myself over it. I feel like no mstter what even my mom hstes me and my dad to. Sometimes I think of running away, or just kill myself, or just ask my parents to put me up for
adoption. But I am to selfish to do that. I just want to be set free and live with god and the ones that I cant hurt anymore. That would make them happy....

That was me then but now its starting to change I now understand if I do those things I would hurt them even more, I am now starting to open up even more about my feeings but I still keep some of them hidden but it is getting better I found the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am following it and chasing it it will get etter, but I still got a ways to go. No matter what just look for that light no matter how dim it is and go grab it,. It will be worth it!

#stupidity   #depression  

I'm depressed and I use porn or sexual innuendos as a coping mechanism. Does it make me happy for those few minutes, yes. Does it help me, well no. It makes the situation even worse.

#sex   #depression   #porn   #stupid  

Pray and roll the dice for #stupid

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