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Stupid Confessions

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Ever since 9th grade (I'm in 11th now) I lied to my parents saying I got all A's every quarter so I could get $1,000 each time. I lied to them and ended up stealing a total of $9,000 that I now have to pay back. Ive also lost trust with both of my parents and now have to spend the rest of my life feeling guilty and knowing I did something so messed up to them. Woopee for me

#betrayl   #theif   #liar   #stupid  

I drink and drive.

#drink   #drive   #confession   #stupid  

I always have the desire to do something stupid to make myself look brave. I don't know how that started, but I soon noticed that I got the attention I need by doing something reckless and stupid. Last week, I jumped in front of a moving car to save a small frog and I was almost hit. The driver of the car couldn't believe how stupid I acted because I didn't want to apologize for it. Two months ago, I jumped into a lake near my hometown, even though I can't swim. I just need the adrenaline and I need the attention.It's like an addiction and I know, someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I going to die because of it. 

#audacity   #bravery   #stupid   #die   #confession   #offmychest   #swimming  

That feeling after a horrible fantasy trip and then you cum and everything doesn't seem to matter anymore and you wanna take back the shit you planned out

#worthless   #stupid   #who   #cares   #fuck  

I'm a guy and when I was 15, out of sheer curiosity, I shoved my mom's dildo which I found in her drawer cause I was damn stupid. It hurt and it was painful af :( lesson today kids is, don't do stupid shit no matter how horny you are

#dildo   #horny   #young   #stupid  

I have a boyfriend but I went to my friends house for the night and we made out😰😰I feel rly bad now what do I

#stupid   #mistake   #idk  

I know my boyfriend spies on me and is part of research groups that do global social experiments on me. I also let him mistreat me.

#stupid   #boyfriend   #betrayal   #secret   #confession  

My brother and I had a huge fight today. I even can't remember how it started but he kept saying bad things and I replied with even worse things. We fought our way through the whole house into the garden where I threw a hedge trimmer out of rage and anger.
Unfortunately this stupig thing hit my brother. On the head.
He had a really bad head injury requiring stitches.

I feel so bad right now. I didn't throw that thing on purpose at him! He's still in hospital right now. I hope he can forgive me.

#fight   #brother   #stupid   #hedge   #trimmer   #stitches   #hospital   #confession  

Once when I was 11 I thought it would be cool if I made my cat "fly", next thing I know I'm telling my mom she fell off the back of the chair and we are driving to the vet. Turns out she was fine and just had a rock in her foot and that's why she was limping.

#stupid   #dumb   #liar  

I think that little girls having sex are disgusting. They literally make me so sick. Girls having sex as early as 11 are nasty little sluts. Sex is something special, not something to take for granted. Please stop and have some self respect.

Another thing is when they get pregnant. You're not even enough to have sex use protection at least. If your mom has to remind you to brush your teeth or take a shower what makes you think you can take care of a kid?

Long story short little girls who have sex and get pregnant are stupid little sluts ruining their lives. I know this isn't nice but it's the truth. I have my opinion and you have yours. If you think other wise fuck off and make your own confession

#slutshaming   #stupid   #girls   #underagedsex   #disgust  

i like smelling my own panties.

#panties   #stupid   #weird  

I'm angry all the time over how arrogant and stupid my mother is. I just want to punch her in the throat. My mother blames everyone else for all her problems. She’s the one that ignores ever single warning about her fantastic life choices or who to trust. Then when things go south it’s OBVIOUSLY not her fault. Like my cousin, who is a notorious con artist AND has scammed her out of money in the past. She ignored every red flag and decided to buy a car from him. A car that she hadn’t even looked at before buying.That he insisted be paid in cash. It’s been 2 years and she hasn’t seen that car that supposedly exists. Yes, my cousin is an ass hat. However if my mother even listened to other people for once in her life she might see that she’s partially to blame. Maybe she might even make better choices in life if she paid attention to other people’s opinions and beliefs instead of living in her own world of denial and aggressive narcissism. But until that day comes, which it wont, it’s everyone else’s fault.

#family   #familyissues   #narcissism   #stupidpeople   #cantacceptblame   #neverwrong   #anger   #punchingpeople  

So my Ex just changed his Instagram screen name to “African American Girls Only” 1. That’s Racist 2. I’m white 💁 so I guess I never happened?

#ex   #fuckedup   #stupid  

I remember when I was in the 4th grade and my crush use to touch my leg during class. Since I was sooo fucking dumb, I let him to touch me. Till this day, I haven’t told anyone yet. But I guess you guys know now….

#stupidity   #dumb  

Its been about 3 years since I admitted to my self that I was depressed. I have always been the one to do stupid things but after those things happen, feelings start to seep in the voices start to get to my head, you are a stupid girl, a brat not worth anything, why don't you just leave it would save them all this trouble. You wouldn't be I missed, you are worh nothing, all you cause is heart ache...ect. These tpes of things always ran threw my mind, and soon and still I believe it. All it seems I can do well is suck money from my parents and pain for my friends and family and the people around me. It seems like no matter what I do , it wont stop. I cut sometimes when I get it deep and I also beat myself over it. I feel like no mstter what even my mom hstes me and my dad to. Sometimes I think of running away, or just kill myself, or just ask my parents to put me up for
adoption. But I am to selfish to do that. I just want to be set free and live with god and the ones that I cant hurt anymore. That would make them happy....

That was me then but now its starting to change I now understand if I do those things I would hurt them even more, I am now starting to open up even more about my feeings but I still keep some of them hidden but it is getting better I found the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am following it and chasing it it will get etter, but I still got a ways to go. No matter what just look for that light no matter how dim it is and go grab it,. It will be worth it!

#stupidity   #depression  

Somethings wrong with me. I really tried in life. I did my best. But I failed everyone who ever depended on me. I couldn’t help getting sick, but I’m still responsible for failing.


I peed in the shampoo bottle of my boyfriend's mother because this stupid woman claimed me for stealing her money.

#hate   #shampoo   #pee   #urine   #boyfriend   #mother   #stupid   #stealing   #claim   #money  

When I was younger and had no general idea of racism, I once asked my mother: "Why are they called black if they're brown?"

#stupid   #racism  

I cant believe i dropped out of university and ended up this broke with all the miseries that followed, i cant believe it

#unlucky   #stupid  

Turns out that if you put a blanket on a heater, it'll catch fire.

#fire   #stupidity   #burn  

Pray and roll the dice for #stupid

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