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I lived with my girlfriend for 3 years. Her mother being a stay home women and divorced. She was a thicker women. Not very into her self . Kept hair nice . Nails and toes always painted. However their was something abou her. He laid back attitude and knowing she wasent getting any dick for the last few years. I used to think about making a move on her when we were left alone. While my gf was out or at work. Over the weekend the both went out for brunch. I stayed back to do some work . I was really horny. I snuck into her room . And in her hamper inside her jeans was her thong from the day before. It was a silk teal thong. Pretty sexy , more so that a 50 yr old lady was wearing that. I laid on her bed . Pulled my cock out and started to sniff her thong . It was amazing she had such a good smelling pussy. And her cum stain was what made me explode . I came on her jeans put the thong back neatly and waited till she came home. She has a thick ass and some big tits . She smokes a lot and isnt very organzed but she need a dick inside her

#girlfriend   #mother   #sex   #confession  

I am 28 male and I love going to my sexy family friends house (30Female) wearing loose shorts with no underwear.

I lie down on her floor or couch and spread my legs so she can look straight up my shorts at my 8 inch shaved dick or I let the leg of the shorts fall perfectly so it exposes me. .

I have caught her looking a few times..

Another time she was about to have a shower in her room and I was making a tea, I waited a few seconds before opening her bedroom door and calling her name to see if she wanted one. She walked out of her bathroom not knowing I was there and I saw her body naked and clean shaved.

I wish she would just take my cock out and suck it dry like a dirty little slut.

#exposed   #masturbation   #confession  

I'm going to kill myself. I'm not sure when but I can feel my death stalking me every second of the day. I had a stroke at a pretty young age a few years ago. I didn't have any physical residual problems but emotionally I'm fried. I have a constant feeling of dread that lives deep in my gut, something that seems to be stuck inside my esophagus. Sometimes I feel ok, but thoughts of how I'm going to die are never far from my mind. I really want it to end.

#suicide   #selfharm   #confession   #death  

I have always loved to masturbate. The way I do it is differently though so I feel like a freak and like no one will want to date me once they hear what I do. I like to get a necklace and put each string on either side of my clit and pull up the strings so that is rubs up and down my clit. I also get a brush handle and rub lotion all over it before pushing it into my asshole. I then stand up and hump the side of my chair until I release. At the end of it I am a sweaty tired mess. I am a nasty girl.

#masturbation   #stoner   #confession   #kinky  

I hate my sister.


I am 14, I masturbate every other night. I will Snapchat multiple guys at once and send nudes back and forth.

At school me and another guy will sneak out of class and I will touch his dick while he fingers me. He always makes me have an orgasm and he has to cover my mouth so no one hears me. Sometimes I will stand against the wall and he will kneel down and I will put my leg over his shoulder. He will lick my pussy and sometimes I cum.

When we can't get out of class, then we sit in the back and he will rub my leg and rub my clit. Sometimes I will rub his dick and he will have a massive boner and I will have to walk in front of him so no one sees it.

#school   #masturbation   #confession  

(m/18) It's really embarrassing for me to tell you this. When I was in 8th grade, I pooped in my pants. I was in school that day, just before class started; couldn't make it to the toilet and all of the brown glory landed in my pants and underwear. It stank horrible and I tried to get rid of all the shit on my ass and in my pants, but somehow I just thought 'fuck it' and went with it. I think it didn't take more than 2 minutes for the others to notice the smell. It was just HORRIBLE. Every time they tried to find out where the stench came from I tried distracting them and stuff. But in 3rd period the worst thing happened. I went up to the board and because I was sitting on my ass the whole time, the shit got through my pants and there was one hell of a stain on my ass.Throughout school I was known as shitter from then on. It made my life miserable. I want to confess that I am one lazy bastard and had I just cleaned myself up that day I wouldn't have to go through hell.

#confessions   #shit   #pants   #embarrassing  

For me, the worst part of being a parent is that you always have to be there for your children.
I always wanted to make career, have a good job, earn a lot of money. I haven't thought about getting children.

I am 27 years old, female and I'm pregnant.
And I don't want to be a mom ... yet.
I've always said that I never ever wanna have children and now that!! I'm totally screwed, just started a new job.

I am going to see a gynecologist next week and talk with him about abortion.
It's the only choice I have when I want to live a normal life without that burden.

#children   #kids   #pregnant   #abortion   #burden   #sex   #confession  

I confess that I lie to my girlfriend every day. I tell her that I love her but I do not.
Why I do this? Maybe because I'm scared to be alone again....

#lie   #love   #girlfriend   #confession   #secret   #alone  

I get mad easily at people I feel really bad it hurts them and me

#feelings   #anger   #people   #confession  

I’ve been talking to this 38 year old guy (I’m 15 and he knows that) and he is so sweet. We met on this app where you can talk to strangers. This app has a group chat called “Prison” where all the people go when you break an app rule. I had gotten sent there for going into a DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl) group chat and saying “my daddies dead” (Im not into DDLG..I was just bored lol) someone reported me for bad behavior. I was sent to the “Prison” for like 20 hours (It was dumb), which led me to finding him and when we got out he started talking to me privately. I feel terrible because I keep talking to him. I don’t try to get his hopes up and tell him I love him because I don’t like him like that. He always tells me he loves me, that he wants to meet me, and do other stuff with me. I always dodge the sexual or personal things he wants to know about me and bring up something else. I always tell him he could get in serious trouble for even saying the stuff he does but he doesn’t care. After awhile he wanted to leave the app so he left me his number. I never texted him when he first left it because I was scared of him having my number. FUN FACT: he lives in canada and i live in the us. So a few weeks go by and last night I was really bored so I texted him and this is how it went.
Me: ligma
Him: Ligma?
Him: Lol wtf is that?
Me: ligma nuts
Him: Fort nite fictional disease
(then it goes on to me giving him hints on who I am and he finds out then i send him this)
Me: my friend called me a fugma
Him: What’s that hun
Me: fugma ass
I just wanted to type the funny parts lol. I need to stop our “relationship” but I can’t. I’m starting to catch feelings. god help me.....

#ligma   #wtf   #bored   #confessions  

I don't really know it you call this mistrust or what but I feel I'm being put to the test or something by my wife. Everytime I turn around she is embarrassing me in front of friends,family and even complete strangers. My wife is infatuated with the size of my dick and will put me position of helplessness and expose it at every opportunity she gets. Often she will have me carrying something that takes both hands like say a tray of food or beverages and she pull my sweat pants or shorts down to my ankles and it's embarrassing to me but funny as hell to her. It's getting old and she's constantly taking pictures of me in or out of the shower getting dressed and sending them to everyone we know. I believe she is satan's daughter for real. She has even shared them with some of her clients which have actually called me wanting to hookup and when I tell her about their advances she gets soo pissed off and has these fits of rage swearing if I even cheat on her that she will cut it off,which scares me to death. I would not cheat on her because I don't want to not because I can't. As a young teenager I was amused by the women that knew about my size and I had a lot of fun sleeping with a lot of them but when I got married I left that man behind. I do love her but I'm becoming an unhappy man because I don't cheat on her and have never given her a reason to think I would but that's what men get themselves into when want to know about their past sexual encounters and how many we have had. Big mistake even telling her but she kept pushing me until I told her everything. I wish I would've told her I was a virgin when we married but I had been with four of her friends before her. She started dating me just to sleep with me because of what she had heard and we did it the first night we dated and we have been together ever since. This woman is corrupt and evil minded. She didn't act like this until we were married then about a few months later the accusing started about this woman or that woman was looking at my crotch and yeah I noticed at times she was right and it's always obvious that I am endowed but I can't change it. People tell you that hell it's a blessing but lately it feels like a curse and our sex life that once amazing has drop to hardly any which is due to her constant embarrassing me and she thinks I don't have sex with her because I'm cheating. I don't know what to do anymore.


I've recently discovered showing a butt plug but my ass really turns me on I am not gay but I'm into anal sex.
I would love another man to take me from behind.

#secretconfession   #anal   #plug  

My girlfriend just got her driver's licence. It took her 3 tries until she final got it, now she wants to go out with me tonight; to her favourite restaurant 20 miles away. She wants to drive.
Please don't get me wrong but I'm terrified. I don't want to drive with her. Women are terrible drivers and my unfortunately my girlfriend is one of the worst.

#driver   #licence   #car   #restaurant   #driving   #worst   #confession   #scared  

I (f/31) am still sleeping with my ex on a regular basis. He broke up with me like 2 years ago because -in his words- I am not attractive enough for a relationship. But we still do everything a normal couple would do. He only doesn't stand by me or tell other's about me.
I am still in love with him and still LOVE HIM and I simply cannot make the final cut.
I should stop seeing him and I should know that I'd be better off without him, but I just can't...

#ex   #love   #sex   #relationship   #attractive   #ugly   #sad   #confession  

I found a wallet yesterday. There are over 300 dollars in it and a lot of credit cards, a driver's license, membership cards and so on. My confession is that I took the money without even thinking about it.
That's your own fault Mr. Peter *********, if you want to carry such a big amount of money with you you should watch out for it!
I sent the empty wallet back to its owner, without a note. And I don't regret it.

#wallet   #money   #lost   #confession  

A friend of mine flew to New York, shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Because I knew when he arrived in New York, I sent him a text message like: "Bush, Bomb, Attack, Terror" or something like that.

He was scared after the plane had landed and he tought be would get arrested.
But nothing happened.

#attacks   #wtc   #newyork   #bomb   #terror   #textmessage   #evil   #confession  

I work at one of those famous fast food restaurants. I can tell you, don't eat anything from there! That's not meat between the buns. It's disgusting!

#fast   #food   #restaurant   #meat   #eat   #confession  

I wish I was a completely different person of who I am...

#sad   #me   #confession  

I fart in my closed hand and inhalte my scent afterwards. I like it and I won't stop doing that.

#farts   #scent   #confession  

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