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Hate Confessions

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Whenever my boyfriend gets mad or gets into a fight with me, I can't help but get really horny. Sometimes I wish he would take his anger out on me sexually and just hatefuck me. Other times I like to watch girl on girl porn or hentai and masturbate to it for hours. I wish he catches me one day and punishes me for looking at that kind of stuff after our fights.

#hentai   #horny   #porn   #hatefuck   #boyfriend  

At the supermarket today: I was waiting in line to pay for my goods when I noticed this really smelly dude behind me. He reeked of urine and sweat you cannot imagine how disgusting!!
Anyway, I took the shower gel from my basket and put it between his own groceries. He noticed it, but he only shook his head, actually bought it and took it back home (I assume). Even the cashier looked glad that he bought it!!
I would like to confess that I am disgusted by those kind of people. Why do those people not show consideration for others around them?? It really puzzles me. Why do they not buy themselves sanitary products? He could afford dog food and beer for christ sake's!

#angry   #disgusted   #smelly   #stink   #reeking   #dude   #supermarket   #hate  

Sometimes I just think about what it would be like if I was skinny or if I lost weight. I'm constantly thinking that I should stop eating so I can be happy with the way I look. What makes it worse is that my parents say things to me about my weight and treat me so differently than my sister because I'm big and she isn't. Saying things like "oh you need to lose weight" or "you need to cover up" when I'm not even showing anything besides my stomach. But like they don't even realize how bad it affects me or how it makes me feel. I literally hate the way I look; I can't leave the house without a jacket and I'm constantly sucking in my stomach to look skinny. I just wish I could love myself and be happy with the way I look.

#bodyimage   #selfhate  

My confession is:
I do not like the family of my husband. I hate them literally.

#confession   #hate   #hatret   #family   #husband  

I am disgusted by myself and my actions. My behavior my thoughts the way i look how i dress. My personality and social face my life the choices I've made the people I keep arounaround and the fact that I have totally destroyed any hopes of my self every being a functioning part of society a long time ago and will never change.

#disasositive   #hate  

I confess that I hate it to drive my girlfriend around. She doesn't have a car, so she relies on me to drive her wherever she wanna go.
It drives me crazy (literally, hahaha).
When I tell her I don't want to she gets really angry, she shouts at me and insults me.

I love her, I really do. But this is insane!

#driving   #car   #taxi   #confession   #girlfriend   #insane   #hate  

(Continuation of another secret)
My ex boyfriend was abusive to me and I got the chance to go to a party and kissed 3 different people. (This was about one week before I left him. ) All I felt was guilt. I was hoping I would fall in love and they would take me away from him and everything he has done to me but we live in the real world,not a fairytale. I felt so guilty as soon as I got him I told him what happened and he called me names and tried to punish me and told me I had to act certain ways and do certain things. In other words, he was trying to control me more than he already did. I moved out when he was at work and I haven’t seen him face to face since. He got on social media and said I was a lying,cheating whore. He cheated on me for one whole year while he was on meth. He is still on meth from what I hear because he has lost more weight. He also put his hands on me more often than not. My friends mom caught him choking me once. Everybody thinks I’m a monster and I hate the fact they think that but at least someone on the internet will listen to me. I keep posting this and different parts because my side of the story was never heard. So by me posting all of this it is forcing someone to hear about it...I hope.

Because my mother called me "a lazy bastard", I peed on her bed and dropped her phone in the toilet. She is phoning all day long and if she isn't on the phone, she's in her bed, watching TV. And then she says to me I am lazy?!

#mother   #lazy   #insult   #phone   #bed   #hate  

Back in kindergarten there was this one kid I couldn't stand. His birthday was on the same day as mine so we always had to share our kindergarten birthday party. That annoyed me so much that I once pushed him off the swing. The swing was obviously still moving and hit him hard in the face. It broke his jaw.

When I now think about it I feel very sorry for all the pain I put him through just because his birthday was on the same day as mine.

#kindergarten   #birthday   #party   #jaw   #swing   #hate   #sorry  

I hate the Pope and the Catholic Church.

#hate   #pope   #catholic   #church  

I peed in my stepdad's hot tub. He lives with us for 4 months now and he bought a hot tub for him and my mom but me and my younger brother are not allowed to go in there. And because we don't like him we decided to play some pranks on him. This was the first one; next we are going to put some fishes in it.

#stepdad   #hate   #hot   #tub   #prank   #fish   #revenge   #confession  

I peed in the shampoo bottle of my boyfriend's mother because this stupid woman claimed me for stealing her money.

#hate   #shampoo   #pee   #urine   #boyfriend   #mother   #stupid   #stealing   #claim   #money  

I'm an asshole and I hate myself. I drink too much, I smoke too much, I spend too much money on unnecessary things. It's horrible. I hate myself.

#hate   #horrible   #smoke   #drink   #money   #confession  

I hate my parents. I'd like to start sniffing again.
Everything sucks.

#hate   #parents   #sucks  

I hated my ex because he messed me up mentally I felt so worthless. Over time I got over it but I have this fear of men. It’s almost been 3 years.

#hate   #fear  

I hate most people, esp. the useless (enter race, origin, low social status, habits here).
Women I see only as sexual objects, to be used ad discharged. Often I fantasize on raping my old mother and one of my aunts.
I wish I could unsubscribe from 'society' so I don't have to deal with it anymore.
The apocalypse sounds pretty good to me, a opportunity to express my displeasure with society and people by raping and killing them without consequence!

#murder   #rape   #hate  

The teacher of my IT class is a real dork. I hate him.
While I'm sitting here, typing this confession, he's walking around class like he's the boss.
Luckily, he doesn't now what I'm doing ..

#teacher   #school   #hate   #boss  

After a long and exhausting day at college, I drove home by bus. After 10 minutes or so, an elderly woman with a cane entered the bus and immediately stormed towards me. She started screaming and shouting at me why I didn't leave my seat for her. This harsh tone and this arrogant implicitness without a trace of politness got me furious. I told her that I had a knee joint and that I wasn't able to stand during the bus drive.
She kept shouting at me and said something like we youngsters are too soft and whiny.
I despise such people. It's a shame that we have such people in our society.

#hate   #bus   #college   #whiny   #knee   #lie   #woman   #cane   #confession  

I met a guy online and at this time i was new to the app discord. I was a dumb fuck and joined a server with no one i knew. The guy knew my age and still talked to me. He was 21 and i was still a minor. I had no one to reassure me or reach out to. My friend eventually asked about why i was always talking to him and I ended up telling her. She told me to block him but I have no way of saying no. I was roped into another situation with another adult male. He was about 23 or so and he made me super uncomfy but yet again I had no way to say no. I know I should have said no but I have a fear of upsetting people and displeasing people. It's a horrible trait to have but its a struggle. I was diagnosed with anxiety and had to use certain medicines for a while till they fucked me up. Even though I was being treated physically, I was still mentally ill. I had suicidal thoughts and had to go to therapy but that's not my main focus. Either way I still have no Idea how to say no to people. I will always and forever hate older men that I don't know. It's my fault though. Is it? People say it was their faults for taking advantage of me but are they when I can't even say no. It's too complicated. I've gotten somewhat better but I'm getting through now. I've had some time to recover. I cope with writing and music but idc. Fuck U endo and yukki.

#discord   #triggerwarning   #grooming   #ihatemyself  

I had a PayPal set up with my parents card on it I spent their money here and there but over the course of a couple months it added up to $1500 I feel Aweful and hate myself for it I want to tell but I dont want them to hate me for what I have done this weighs on me and makes me feel like the dumbest and most greedy scum ever I hate myself for this and always will

#dumb   #greed   #regret   #money   #hate  

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