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Fantasy Confessions

Read the best #fantasy confession stories

I'm grew up on a farm. When I was about 17 I was dumping chop out in a long trough for the cows. It was hot so I took my bra off and set it on a bale. My uncle drove up while I was standing in the trough. I know he could see my bra laying there. I was embarrassed but continued a regular conversation with him. I felt like he was looking at my nipples poking out. And it turned me on. To this day, I imagine how that would have been if he "helped" me down from that trough in a special way. With his fingers and tongue.

#embarrassed   #fantasy  

Usually I jerk off thinking about My mom and my aunt. I don’t want to fuck them or something, also they are not really attractive ( exept for they big and round butts ).

More simply I get horny about the idea of ​​taboo between a mother and her child. Kissing, touching and penetrating someone who is of your own blood is so against nature. Usually when I touch myself, I imagine my mother and I in situations where we can't get out of it.

One fantasy is that we are both trapped in a quarantine location (a farm or a bunker) and after a few months go by, I start letting go and wanting to fuck my mom.

Another is that my mother is imprisoned and a group of mobsters threaten that if I don't have sex with her and cum inside her mouth, they'll cut my cock.

Still another is that I go to the gloryhole and after finishing, I learn that they made a video of the girl who was inside. I am traumatized, because she was my mother.

#mom   #fantasy   #incest   #noreal  

We were off the main flow of the party and just chatting. Then I started flirting and he was flirting. Not sure how or who started it. This was my dads friend who was complimenting me. And a little touching as he tickled me. It was fun, exciting, and arousing all at the same time. Then he kissed me. As I pushed off, he started rubbing my crotch. Now I was wanting and allowing him to kiss and touch me. Next his hand is down my pants. And am feeling emboldened, so I rubbed his pants. On the outside, his dick felt thick and hard. I didn't have the courage to reach down his pants and verify it it was really that big. We remained fully dressed except my shirt he had unbuttoned enough to expose my braless tits. The perfect ones he said he had always adored in so many ways. One hand was on my tits as he licked and sucked. His other was fingering my pussy making it noisy and slushy. This was the best sex I ever had. I was biting my lip trying to keep quiet. As soon as I was about to come, we heard someone approaching. We quickly broke off and parted. He returned to the party and I went to my room. For at least an hour that night I fantasized and masturbated having multiple orgasms.
Now he wants more and I tell him it was a mistake. I said in case you didn't know, I am only 16, a virgin, and I don't act that way. And that he should just consider himself lucky to catch me at that time and place. But now we must move on and pretend it never happened.
If he's around for my 18th birthday party, I want to pickup where we left off. He's very attractive and obviously turns me on.

#flirting   #complimenting   #touching   #rubbing   #crotch   #braless   #licked   #sucked   #fingering   #wet   #orgasm   #masturbate   #young   #16yo   #attractive   #older   #pussy   #tits   #dick   #sex   #adored   #expose   #noisy   #fantasy   #virgin  

Why are those people who listen to the worst kind of music also those, who listen to their horrendous music in public without headphones??
My neighbour is one of those hateful people. He not only listens to his music on speaker, but also to all hours all day long. His shitty techno music drives me insane!!
Therefore, I confess that I not only want to point out to him to turn down his music, but I have a particular fantasy where I break into his apartment and destroy everything he owns, including his stupid subwoofer.
I already have the baseball bat I want to use. But for now, it is still only a fantasy. FOR NOW.

#hate   #music   #neighbour   #anger   #fantasy  

I am addicted to porn... most times all I want is to be fucked... sometimes I fantasize about being raped by a dirty stranger repeatedly.

#addiction   #fantasy   #rape  

I get these fantasies about taboo people in my life and I think I'm sick. I would never act on it but here they go

My stepbrother. I wasn't raised with him in fact I only met him as an adult. I moved in with him temporarily to get away from my abusive ex. He was on meth and highly sexual towards me. He'd grab my ass. Flirt with me like crazy so I flirted back. His dick was so beautiful. He'd pull it out when we were alone and start stroking it on multiple occasions. I wanted him for fuck me so badly. But I always said no. I masturbate to the thought of him inside me sometimes.

My stepson. Again not raised by me or my husband but he's in his 20s now and not very attractive but he is very sexual when he talks to us. The thought of the sinfulness of it turns me on.

My husband's friend. Omg such a small dick. But the taboo of him. He's married to a wonderful woman and I would never but the thought of him taking my pussy as if he's a caveman who gets what he wants.

My uncle on my mom's side I sane age as my husband. We often talk like friends because of the short age gap. Wasn't raised near him. More like a friend feeling rather than relative with him. Nor the most attractive but the taboo behind the possibe flirt.

I love flirting with men. Making them want me. That's literally the extent of my taboo fantasies. The flirt


I had a thing with a girl like 2 years ago. And since like 3 months ago I've really like her again. Like she is so unbelievably attractive. So like every time I have a wank now when I cum, I think of her, and like cumming on her face or down her throat. For a while I had up skirts of her too. Man her panties were amazing. I always fantasise about her like holy fuck it makes me so hard

#fantasy   #ex   #sex  

So there is this girl in my grade who is so sexy it's unbelievable. Everything about her is so sexy and i get so hard just seeing her. She has this beautiful long brown hair, a nice round ass and a good pair of tits. She is SO curvy and sexy i cant even imagine having sex with her. Her body is so nice and her face is so sexy i just want her to deepthroat my big cock. I want to fuck her in every position possible. Her pussy must be so tight I would love to eat and fuck it. Her legs are so sexy and I would lick them up and down.

#lover   #sexy   #fantasy  

My Mother in-law is 71 and I fantasize about her all the time, I would love to tell her about all of them. The one that makes me cum so easy goes like this.
I tell her I want to wear her panties for a few days so they are well soiled, then I want to take them off her smell her pungent pussy odor and lick her stains. sucking and tasting her crouch area, then finally sucking her toes to get her old pussy wet and finally eating her out until she is dry.
The thought of her touching my cock while licking her pussy and ass would be my biggest fantasy come true.

when I was married to my ex-husband, I used to fantasize about his best friend just to get off. i did it for years.

#sex   #fantasy   #best   #friend  

I completely hate my job at Giant Eagle. I started working there in 2006 and after 3 years, I wanted to quit. However, my dad said that I should find another job before quitting. The reason I hate the job so much is because even after working there for 14 years, I still don't get paid enough money. One would think that with how much money Giant Eagle makes, they'd give us bigger paychecks but no. I've even gotten sick and tired of the managers sitting in their offices all day instead of actually helping us, customers bitching and complaining if they don't get their way and always criticizing me sometimes when I'm bagging. And now, with the Coronavirus, its gotten much worse. I often want to tell customers what I really think of them and I don't care if I get fired considering how much I detest working at Giant Eagle. The truth is, I hate that job so much that I've often fantasized about a snowstorm so powerful that I would be the only person trapped inside. I would fantasize that while I'm trapped in the store, I would go through all of the aisles and open every food product, every drink, etc. and then throw it all on the floor. When I would finally be rescued and everybody saw the mess and asked me what happened, I would admit that I did it and when asked why, I would respond, "I quit." The fantasy continues with me being asked by a reporter why I did it with me admitting that I never wanted a job in my entire life (which I truthfully don't want at all). My dad would then tell me to go find a job but, I would then lie and say that I've been applying for jobs online but, since I openly admitted on national TV how I never wanted a job that nobody anywhere in PA will hire me. The truth is, even with the Coronavirus spreading around, I now want that fantasy to become a reality. I honestly want to be trapped in the store so I can open everything and leave it on the floor as my way of quitting. I really do want to be interviewed on TV so I can admit to how much I hate working and never wanted a job with it all ending with me lying to my dad about how no one will hire a person who doesn't want to work.

#job   #fantasy  

I want to fuck my professor. I have dirty thoughts about him all the way through his lectures, and I would love to act these thoughts out. I imagine myself sucking his cock in his office or riding him in my bed. I would love to see the look of pleasure on his face as I did these naughty things to him. I don't know if I will ever get the chance, though.

#teacher   #fantasy   #college  

I want to fuck my professor. I have dirty thoughts about him all the way through his lectures, and I would love to act these thoughts out. I imagine myself sucking his cock in his office or riding him in my bed. I would love to see the look of pleasure on his face as I did these naughty things to him. I don't know if I will ever get the chance, though.

#teacher   #fantasy   #college  

My 50 year old wife has a fantasy about being fucked by five guys one after the other or three at a time. Hearing her tell me this really turned me on and I want to see her with a cock up her ass, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. She's particularly interested in one or two of the guys being black with big cocks. She wears very sexy bra and panties and she masturbates a lot both with me and during the day when she's alone. I'd like to arrange a gang bang for her and she's happy for me to take a video of her servicing five guys. She's a primary school teacher and one of the hottest women I've ever met or fucked. The trouble is I need to find some willing guys who are from another town and I don't know how to go about track them down. The thought of a black guy cumming in her mouth while another cums in her pussy is something I'm looking forward to seeing.

#black   #interracial   #ganbang   #teacher   #bra   #panties   #fantasy  

I want to have sex with the pool boy when my husband is at work. He is built and if the weather is warm he wears silky tight shorts and t-shirt outlining his build. The shorts are wrong the way they show his dong. I fantasize of pulling his shorts down and sucking his cock and before it explodes I climb on and ride. I'm 36 and I'd guess him to be 18, so I know he would like me to give him some lessons.

#fantasy   #lust   #sexy   #built   #milf  

I’m straight, never been with another girl, don’t even have a driver’s license yet, but I have a fantasy. In my fantasy, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is lying down on me. When I open my eyes, I see another woman lying in top of me, naked, kissing me and grinding on me. Sometimes I try to call for help, but she covers my mouth and keeps fucking me. She fucks me until we’ve both come at least twice, and then she kisses and cuddles me until I fall back asleep. She’s gone when I wake up.

I’ve been having this fantasy for a while, and while some parts change most of it doesn’t. It doesn’t really matter WHO the other woman is, either. Sometimes she’s a random celebrity, sometimes she’s someone I know. Sometimes she’s someone I like, sometimes she’s someone I hate. Sometimes she’s older than me, sometimes she’s the same age as me, sometimes she’s younger.

#lesbian   #fantasy   #teen   #sleep   #dream  

So im a young man going through my teenage years, due to this i constantly (i mean on a daily bases) fantasy about fucking the hot attractive girls at my school. Sometimes ill just fantasize about having vanilla sex with one of them, maybe an orgy, but sometimes ill think up scenarios in which the girls have sex with various animals, most commonly dogs and horses (there is a girl i know that rides horses so i imagine her having sex with the horse). These girls are teens, so they are still growing, and its erotic so watch them grow. there is this one girl with black dyed hair that has the best set of breasts and ass ever, she is very friendly and passive, i am very good friends with her. Recently i have been sexually advancing on her, i have spanked her ass on multiple occasions, even felt her tits (they werent as soft and malleable as i thought but still great to feel), she laughs off these advances as jokes on my part, unaware that i sexually desire her. my favourite fantasy is walking with this girl into an area with no one around and just going all out, like full on spanking, neck kisses, tit grabbing and fucking, suckling her beautiful breasts etc. Alot of the attractive babes are blonde or brunette, the ones im particularly fond off are this blonde slender chick who is super hot, who has a soft voice and the most fuckable and adorable personality, the other is this sweetheart brunette girl who is very curvy, and silky smooth hair, i imagine her tied up with her ass sticking out, and me with a paddle spanking her, feeling her up. and the other blond chick her is kinky as fuck, very charming, likes to laugh, nice tits and ass, spankable, and who i constantly fantasize about tearing off her clothes and titting fucking her, and using her succulent lips for a good cock sucking. if you think im just about the attractive mainstream, ill have you know that im into exotic girls too (and boys, but only of they are very feminine).
Im also into the sluts of our school, two in particular, one is an Asian chick who is hot as fuck with a very curvy ass, the other is a small, petite young succubus, who has actually spanked my ass on several occasion but i act as though im not interested to keep up appearances, fuckin love the succubus chick, i fantasize the asian chick and the petite girl having lesbian sex (i fantasize about all the girls being lesbians) and me joining in, shes got a nice ass too, i just wanna grab her lean her over and punish her with a good hard spanking, for the cock teasing she does with that body. the outfits at a my school are a major cock tease, its like they designed the skirts be easily peeked under and to make their smooth silky legs shown. The silky smooth haired brunette chick is curvy as fuck in fact i enjoy the curves, shes not really fat but not skinny either. i have a huge crush on her but i really never talk to her, and i blush when she looks at me. As i said before i wanna tied her up while she is nude and spank her until she is begging for mercy and make her a good submissive girl. i actually do have a girlfriend, but i find my partner more emotionally attractive than physically, i mean she is beautiful, with a gorgeous smile, but she is not on the level of the babes of my school. i take out all my sexual energy out on her, and she likes it, until recently but that is a separate issue.

#fetish   #masturbation  

So last night I (25 F) bought my first dildo online and I’m going to pick it up at the store today. I wish I lived alone to try it out, but my boyfriend (38 M) lives with me. We have been interested in toys, however when I mentioned a dildo, he insisted that I stick to his size so I won’t get stretched out. I’m a slim woman and I know I can take more than my boyfriend. He doesn’t know that. I’ve been wet all night just thinking about using this. I’m so excited, but also conflicted. Should I tell him I bought a fake cock? I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with two men that adore me. I guess it’s wrong but we haven’t had good sex in so long. I just need something more. This dildo is only 6 inches, but I know I want to upgrade to at the most an 8 incher. I can’t wait to suck on this. I’m wet right now just typing while he’s next to me.

#masturbation   #sex   #fantasy  

I am a 26 year old fit male, have been in a relationship for 7 years, minus three months after year three. This is when it started. As i had a ffm, mmff, mmff experiences.
Like most guys I love Ronan. I see them I complement them, I fantasise over them, but I have a beautiful gf so I don't actually do anything.
But what I can't resist is the idea of group sex or threesomes, they just get me so horny I can't think. Well that's not true I actually become very clever as I figure ways to set up the three done etc.

Often I find myself chatting to a gorgeous girl and I think no I have a gf, then I think oh if I can get her friend too then I'll fuck both of them anywhere, street toilet car where ever.

Just last night I met a couple out and we were having s good time drinking chatting and I felt like maybe she is horns for me. So out of no where I said if you want two coxks tonight tell your bf and he will let me five you tonight with him. He heard me and pushed her into my arms. She was so hot, but not as nice as my gf, but the idea of threesome made it ok to do.

I'm debating whether to let my gf in on the act. Would j like here with other guys? I would love to see her get eaten and eat pussy with a sexy slut. Cuckold fantasy isn't my thing. What should I do?

#sex   #gf   #girlfriend   #threesome   #mmf   #ffm   #holiday   #cheat   #fantasy  

I watched my college roommate masturbate without her knowing I was home. I liked it too much because my pussy got so wet that I went into the next room and masturbated as I imagined her walking in on me and going strait to eating my pussy. I felt so nasty and horny. Now I am embarrassed but also curious how it would be to have sex with another girl. We are two straight girls that only date guys.

#fantasy   #caught   #masturbate   #lesbian   #sexy   #horny   #wet   #pussy   #eating   #girlgirl  

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