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Maid Confessions

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One sunday morning I was alone at home, had just finished showering and realized that I had forgotten my towel on my bed.

As I was tip toeing out of the bathroom towards my bed, my room door swung open and the maid walked in. We both froze initially for a few seconds, and then I swung around to run back in. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell flat, hurting my left elbow quite badly and twisting my ankle.

The maid came running to help me. She put my right arm over her shoulder to help me on to the bed. I am 82 kilos and was soaking wet. After a little struggle, and falling a couple of times, I was finally on the bed. However, by then not only were her clothes and skin really wet, I had a huge erection. I had even fallen right on top of her once and got a good feel of her warm, but shivering body. In fact, as I was pushing myself up, while she was kneeling down next to me, my erect penis touched her face and neck a few times.

I think she took a good look too. She then covered me with the towel and went out. I dozed off and when I awoke about 45 min later, my towel had slipped and fallen to the floor. I could see that my room had been cleaned.

I don't know why, to this day, even 6-7 years later, whenever I think about it, I get a solid erection.

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I have never cooked for myself in my entire life because I never needed to. I grew up in a rich family with servants and maids, they did everything for me.
I am now 40 years old and I will probably never take care of myself because I don't need to.

I confess I am lazy and love my lazy lifestyle.

#cook   #rich   #maids   #servants   #lazy  

My trip got canceled so I happily bought wine, steak, flowers and headed home to surprise my wife. Instead I got the surprise by finding her in 69 position in my bed with the maid. For a week now my brain is still fizzling and confused. The thoughts are in every direction. She cheated but least it was not another man or it's worse because it is with a to die for chick. I was betrayed but I'd love to have a threesome with the smokin hot babe that I'd get killed for if caught fucking her. I want a piece but could never tell the wife or soon to be X. I get blue in the mind when I feel betrayed and then blue in the balls when I think of a threesome which I have never had. Sooooo CONfusED. Good masturbating fantasies but mostly heart break thoughts. Do I go or do I stay? Is my wife heartless or just too sex driven horney slut?

#confused   #lesbian   #threesome   #dropdeadgorgeouschick   #fuck   #suck   #69   #maid   #horny   #masturbation   #x   #slut   #sex  

Hi everyone. I am Sid. 23yrs old male. I live with my mom and maid in our apartment for the last 18 years. . Our maid has been working in our house for the last 9 years. She is almost 35yrs old, She is married.
Last year my mom was diagnosed with alzhiemers. Since then I have been doing all her work. I help her in every way possible. It's even become impossible for her to walk from one room to the other. Our maid and myself have to carry her from one place to the other. It's been a very difficult journey for me for the last few months.
Last week I had one of the most embarassing moments in my entire life. I had to carry my mom from the dining room to the bedroom. I was not wearing any clothes. I only had a towel wrapped around my waist. I lifted mom up in my arms and started walking towards the bedroom. Our maid was walking beside me just in case I needed any help. At one moment I felt my towel slipping off from my waist. And before I could do anything it fell off from my waist onto the floor. I was standing totally naked with my mom in my hands and my maid was staring at me.
I was so embarassed as I couldn't cover my body up myself. I asked the maid "Could you please cover me up quickly?". The maid bent down and picked up the towel trying not to look at me. She tried to wrap the towel around me but in vain. It was almost impossible as I was holding my mom in my arms. While the maid tried to cover me up ,her hand touched my penis a couple of times and it made my penis hard almost immediately.
When she was unable to cover me up with the towel after several attempts I told her "Let it be, Just follow me to the living room". I carried my mom to the living room and she followed. I was feeling so embarrassed and excited at the same time as I could feel my maid watching my bare body from behind. After I reached the room the maid helped me lay down my mom on the couch.
My mom however was totally unaware of what was going on. I then stood up and still naked walked out of the room and the maid followed me out.
As i walked out of the room my penis was so erect that i had to cover it with both my hands. As the maid came outside the room I stood there covering my penis , My face was so red ,I was looking down.
I said "sorry, I didn't drop my towel intentionally, please forgive me". I looked down at the floor as I was feeling so embarassed i couldn't look into her eyes. She came closer and said "Hey, it's not a big deal. I am married and I have a 9year old son. I see him naked everyday. Cheer up. "
I was so embarrassed that i could feel my body shivering. I was still standing totally naked in front of her with my hands covering only my penis. She saw that i was very embarassed as came closer and hugged me. I felt relieved and so i had to move my hands from my penis as I hugged her lightly. But her hug was such that my penis was pressed slightly on her body. I was so erect at that moment and was feeling very awkward.
After a few seconds of the hug I was feeling very uneasy and I couldn't control my body. I could feel the pressure inside my penis rising as her hand was lightly wrapped around my body. I never expected this to happen. Before I could say anything or even move away from her suddenly my body jolted and I spurted out 4 to 5 shots of cum on her clothes as I tried to move away from her. I let out a moan and fell to the ground, my penis was throbbing and ejaculating shots of cum, one after the other. I couldn't believe what was just happening. I was breathless. My body was shivering . My legs were shaking. It was as if some magic had happened.
"Oh my god, how did that happen?" she said." I didn't even touch your penis. When was the last time you masturbated?". I couldn't reply as I lay there on the floor.
Cum still dripping from my penis onto the floor. Her clothes were messed up. She went off to clean herself up while I lay there on the floor.
It is the most embarassing moment moment in my life and I hope it never happens with anyone else. Thank you.

#embarassed   #maid   #mom   #naked   #cum  

I am 35 now. It was during one of my professional course after graduation. I was living alone on the top of a three story house. Ground floor was occupied by the young landlord couple and their children. First floor was with their parents who were very old. They had hired a young girl aged about 18-19 as caretaker for that old couple. While male remain in sleep for most of the time; female was glued to some family sops on TV. Interestingly house had a back entry via stairs direct to first floor and then to my floor too. Most of the times I use those stairs as frankly I don't like meeting with family members much. However many times I would find that girl working, reading or just sitting idle there. I didn't care much about her.
One day while I was in my room she came to my room and asked that old lady has called me. I came down to met her. She asked me if I could help that girl in getting a photo fixed on wall since photo was little heavy and girl was not confident of doing it. It was no problem for me and we did it in no time. Lady asked me to sit and have a cup of tea with her. I was not interested but just for sake of respect and regard I acted to accept her invitation happily. Lady asked the girl to prepare tea. We had tea and chat a little. But conversation was not that boring and latter I felt good at talking with that lady and girl for some time. Girl's name was Maya (name changed). In fact, I find them both interesting. After that we mixed up a little. Now I start sharing smiles with Maya whenever I find her in the balcony or any other place. We even talked with each other some times.
Slowly I started feeling erotic at Maya. She had got a nice body. She was slim and had little bit bigger tits. One day while talking with her she caught me peeking through the neck of her Tee. I got little scared but she smiled back at me.
Things slowly start moving ahead between us. One day we all were at the ground floor to celebrate the birthday of little child of our landlord. Maya was at helping hand as usual. In evening that day while I was roaming in the little lawn of the house birthday boy came running out of house. Maya was after him to pick him as he might get hurt by running so fast. He halts at the dark corner of the lawn which was over shadowed by big trees and bushes near by. As I was near that child; I picked him up. Just seconds later Maya was also there. Suddenly I noticed that there is no one to notice us in that corner. So while giving her child back I touched her boobs with my ankle. She knew that it was deliberate. But she didn't got angry or resist. I looked at her. Even in dark I can see her big eyes looking at me. I pulled her closer and pressed her left boob with both my hands. She moans and I pulled her closer. I was about to grab her second boob when someone called her from inside. Taking the child in her lap she ran inside.
That night I could not sleep almost for whole night. I keep thinking ugly things about Maya and jerking off my load. After that she start giving naughty looks at me whenever we saw each other. Things starting getting hotter between us. One day while talking I slowly whispered that I want her. She said me too. Incidentally lady was in the bathroom at that time. I pulled her to a corner and rubbed her with my hands. I even ran my hands between her legs that day. I wanted to give her idea of my manhood; so I directed her hand toward my pants. We didn't get naked but we felt each others body that day.
It was matter of getting a chance after that. We meet several times after that but never get time to fulfill our desires. But one day it came. Lady was out to join some marriage with her husband. And no one was there at home except we two. Unaware I was in my room when Maya came. She knocked the door and I was surprised to find her careless smile at me. She jumped over me like mad and we were on bed. Soon we were naked and we tried every thing possible with each other. She wasn't virgin. Thereafter we did sex whenever we got time.
I remain there for about 8 months more and then I left the city. I never contacted with them again.
Years after that I feel little guilty for all that happened during that period.

#sex   #maid  

Most days when my husband is at work I pleasure myself. I know how to do me just right. After I am good and wet I like to taste and smell my pussy. Last week I got carried away and forgot the maid was here. She had to have heard me. Now my fantasy is to have her taste me. Why? I have never before thought of another woman. I think of young firm little ass work as she moves up and down the ladder. Should I invite her to bring her suit next week for a swim? I am just curious of... just once I want to try.

#masturbation   #taste   #smell   #maid   #ass   #wiggle   #horny   #wet   #fantasy   #young   #tight  

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