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Cum Confessions

Read the best #cum confession stories

So I have a thing for messing around with and cumming on girls while they are sleeping my first and only experience doing this so far was with my best friend amanda. She lives in Washington and I was visiting from Alaska. Well we went out and got totally wasted went back to her place and past out I did finger her mutually in the cab ride home. Anyways I woke up sometime during the night hor NY as heck. So I started jerking off next to her then touching her tits. She was on her side facing away from me and I pulled her pants down and start rubbing my cock in her ass crack and she has the nicest thick bubble butt I've ever seen so I did this for awhile and went and got some lotion which made things alot smoother thenot I got her on her kneeson and started to put it in her ass got about half way in and she started to move so I stop then backed out till the head of my cock was about to pop out and went in only halfway again a few strokes then she pulled me out with her hand. So that was it. So I stopped trying to fuck her ass. I pulled up her shirt Sucker on her tits for awhile, while jerking off. Then i got on knees and jerked off over her until I blow probably the biggest load of my life all over her left side cheek. Fuck I was amazing. Then i cleaned her up and fell back asleep. Next morning just fine she didn't say anything and I left back to alaska.

#masterbating   #cum   #wasted   #sleeping  

Self fellatio is possible for many men and if you can get there you can eliminate the drama of a woman. There are two paths to success. A big dick is the best way to success. Many porn stars can just bend over from the waist and start sucking.

Unfortunately, not me. If you get naked on a firm bed or a soft floor you can roll backwards placing most of your weight on your upper back and letting your legs dangle over your head. There are self fellatio websites showing the technique if you are having trouble visualing. I could do this reasonably well in my twenties but the older I got the less this was an option. Sucking until you cum is the plan and I had no trouble cumming in my own mouth. I had already tried similar positioning and jerking off onto my face or if I was accurate into my mouth. Yes I am a perv and not embarrassed to be one. Cum isn't disgusting--remember you tried to talk your girlfriend into swallowing didn't you.

I admit to the occasional swapping of brojobs with friends. Never without reciprocation mind you. I'm not a fag or some man's bitch. I've got standards. And I did get married eventually. Someone has to cook and clean. And women are good for sex when you can talk them into it.

#brojobs   #cumming   #swallowing  

I like to go to confession boards and tell people what I did. It turns me on. I cum every time.

#cum   #masturbation   #online  

I wanna do this, but only once and never again. I want a clean person, good hygiene to come over and not say a word. I want to be wearing nothing but a pair of satin panties and suck a man’s cock and balls…and suck that dick and rub those balls until I get a mouthful of cum and then send him on his way. I’d swallow every drop. Oh…I’m a man and got a hardon thinking about it. One and done

#once   #cock   #cum   #sissyforaday  

When my stepdaughter get up in the morning and goes into the shower I go into her room to smell and lick her warm moist panties she just took off. I usually stroke A few times and leave. The other day I couldn't stop stroking and had to cum. I shot a thick load into the crotch of a pair she had laid out. I heard the shower turn off so I quickly left. She went back into her room to get ready for work and left shortly thereafter.
I went back In her room and the panties she laid out were gone. The thought of my cum pressed against her soft pussy lips all day makes me so hard. I want to tast her pussy with my tongue.

#stepdaughter   #cum   #panties   #shower   #panty  

I like to jack off for strangers on kik

#masterbation   #kik   #dick   #cum   #sex  

I'm a 38yr old married guy, my wife and I have an OK sex life. I spend most of my time thinking about sucking cock. I love to see a man's cock erupt with a nice load of cum. I even had a friend let me suck his cock many times and always have him cum all over me.

#straight   #cum   #cock   #gay  

Three weeks ago all of us were just hanging around drinking and enjoying the night. The night picked up and people started to get more intoxicated. Now I've always want to fuck one of my best friends boyfriend. I had saw his cock before on accident and it was amazing. Well my boyfriend was gone that day and I was getting really drunk I could tell. We went out and I didn't see him after that for a while. I ran into him alone on the way home and he walked with me all the way home. When we got to the door I grabbed his cock and started kissing him. I told him that I wanted that cock and was going to get it one way or another. He said that he would gladly let you have it and we stumbled into the apartment. We were taking off each others clothes and got fully naked and I took him to my room and locked the door. I walked into the closet and came out in my crotchless pantyhose and kneeled down and sucked his cock. Wow it was big he moaned as I went deeper and faster. He picked me up and threw me on the bed and pinned me down and choked me. I was helpless. I told him to use a condom and he said the fuck with that and shoved his throbbing cock deep into my pussy I screamed. He fucked me so violently I bled a little. I could feel him cum deep inside me and it felt so warm. He pulled out and kissed me so passionately and said keep this between us. I let the cum drip out of me and I made us some drinks. We fucked over and over all night till morning and have a few times after that.

#betrayal   #cum   #cock  

I want to see my wife get fucked doggy style while she sucking my cock.
I wanna hear here moan and scream when she taking that big fat cock.
It just turns me on thinking of that.

And also can't get her sister out of my mind I wanna eat her pussy so bad I wanna taste her wet dripping pussy.

#fuck   #horny   #pussy   #cum  

So I'm 18 right now but when I was about 15 I started working at a candy store. For my whole life public nudity has turned me on likeeping crazy.

At the mall where I worked there were a lot of foreign people who shopped there for some reason. Well one night went I was closing alone I was particularly horns and this little again girl (probably about 12 and didn't speak english) come in wanting to buy some chocolate. So while I helped her I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started to rub it behind the counter while she decided. Still rubbing my cock I got her chocolate and walked her over to the cash register where the counter was quite low and she could see me hard cock. I have her her total and she gave me her cash. Still rubbing my cock I got out her change. At this point I am about to cum so I keep her change while I finish and jizz all over it. When I hand it back and give her her chocolate she just looks at my milked cock, smiles and walks out.

At this same job we had two chocolate dippers. Whenever ic loses alone and after all the costumers had gone and I had locked the door I would take off all my clothes and finish the closing duties naked. After I was finished closing I would jack off. I jacked off using many different things in the store depending on my mood. One night I stuffed gummy worms up my ass and jacked off sitting at a table out on the floor (where the costumers would sit and eat). Another night I took an unopened jar of peanut butter, opened it, and ducked the peanut butter until i came inside of it. I just took a spoon and mixed it in and put it back on the shelf. I also, on multiple occasions, would cum in the chocolate dippers.

However, my most memorable cum was when I was 16 and closing alone (as with all of my other stories). I wad standing behind the counter, jacking off, when this little girl, who was probably about 9 or 10 came in asking for a free sample. Seeing that there were no parents around I told her that we had this new syrup that we were thinking about selling and asked if she wanted to try that. Of course she said yes, so I prompted her to walk fort to the end of the counter. I told her that it was a secret new candy so she would have to close her eyes. See she closed her eyes and I walked up terms her and jacked off right in front of her face. As soon as I felt that I was about to cum (which didn't take long) I told her that I was putting a tube in her mouth that would squirter the syrup. So I put my cock in her moth, pushed it in and out a couple of times and busted my load in her mouth. I told her that she couldn't swallow it yesterday because she needed to take time to taste it. When I pulled my cock out of this little girl'scout mouth I told her to open it so I could see that she didn't swallow it. Looking down at her woth my cum in her mouth I took a picture, put my cock away and told her she could open her eyes and swallow now.

#cum   #little   #confessions  

I love to masturbate. I've been doing it since I was 10, often up to seven times a day - that's an awful lot of wanking. I'm 42 now and despite being married (my second) I still masturbate at least twice a day. My wife, who is 20 years younger than me, wants more sex, and can't understand why I am always wanking. She still gets it at least twice a day as well, so I don't understand her complaints. It's not a problem for me, I just enjoy stroking. I have the cum to do it, what's the problem?

#masturbation   #obsession   #addiction   #cum  

I love wearing very short skirts and dresses and letting men see me without under wear. My husband has no idea I do this during the daytime while he is at work. I have gone as far as picking a guy who had enough guts to say something to me, I had sex with him in the car then walked around the mall with his dripping cum down the inside of my legs.

#exhibitionism   #fetish   #cheating   #cum  

Once at an old bus stop last year, this really cute teen, barely 18, sat next to me. It was like 1 in the morning and she was wearing a very low croptop and a skirt with no panties which I found out later. She constantly glanced over at me and eventually I moved closer to her. She told me her name and I told her mine. Eventually we hit it off and got into a deep conversation when sex came up. She was a virgin but she didn't want to be. I took her out behind the bus stop and fucked her ass hard. I took my jacket off and layed it on the ground and then I layed her down and spread her legs and fucked her tight virgin pussy. She moaned and orgasmed until I came all over her face. We skipped the bus and she had to come back to my place to clean up. She enjoyed the fuck so much that we did u again in the bathroom. The next day before I took her home I fucked her AGAIN in the back of my car and she gave me a hard tit job until I came into her mouth. She gave me her number and since then we've been fucking all the time.

#teen   #sex   #porn   #ass   #cum   #busstop   #shower  

My step daughter is a lazy cunt but a hot one she is so fucking sexy. I have a hard on all the time around her she has huge tits and a nice ass. I want to do things to her that she would never let me do. so I jack off in her food/lotion/shampoo. so I know she is eating my cum and wearing it.

#bitch   #lazy   #cum  

I am 14. I was hanging with my friend (who is also a girl) and we where watching this movie. It had sex in it and it got me really horny I just couldn't wait to cum. So I went upstairs to my room and told my friend to not bother pausing. I got so carried away masturbating, it felt so good, I got naked from the waist down and was rubbing like crazy and it felt so good, I was just about to cum when my friend came in. I was so embarrassed and scared I ddint know what she was going to do. So I just got under the covers and stared at her. She just said, "youre not doing it properly let me show you." She pulled down her skirt, took off her underwear and pulled the covers off me. She asked if I have ever fingered myself before and I said no. She said it feels better for some people but to just do it the way I am doing it because it still feels really good. We just started rubbing our selves and she started moaning which turned me on so much, once we both came she pulled of my top and took of my bra and started sucking my tits really hard I was moaning so loud and and she went down to my vagina and started fingering it whilst spitting on it and making it real wet. Then she started sucking it real hard and I was literally screaming so hard and grabbing my tits and then I came so hard and she got up and went over to her bag, I was so scared and thought she was going to get out her phone and take a pic, but instead she pulled out a strap on penis and said it was her sisters and this was her bag and she said we should use it, I just nodded and she gave me anul. We did it all night from 8:00 till 2:00 (our parents where out till the next day) we where screaming all night during it. We do it everyday now.

#screaming   #moaning   #sex   #cum   #masturbate  

I'm a 17 year old male and unbelievably horny. Today I took an adderall and I've been jerking off for 4 hours and 31 minutes. My 5 inch dick is on fire but it's never felt this good. I didn't have a desire to cum until around 4 hours in. Now that the adderall has worn off my cock is about ready to cum. I have been edging for the last few minutes to extend the session. I wanna take a snapchat video of my load and I want the load to be huge. I am so ready to cum but I just can't get the courage to blow it yet. I have been beating off to nude pictures of girls I screenshotted on snap and their pics on Instagram. I am also watching a lot of porn. I plan to cum within the hour.

#dick   #masturbation   #porn   #cum  

When I was 16 I slept at my best friends house and we watched Babestation on his TV in his room. Being horny teenagers we found ourselves, sat next to each other on his bed, wanking.

Being curious about touching another guys dick, I asked if I could touch him. He agreed and for a while we wanked each other, which I quite enjoyed.

Anyway long story short, he finished before me and kinda lost control of where it landed. Since I was sat next to him some landed on my leg and arm which I was pretty surprised about but it was hot. In fact, it actually helped me cum. But that's a secret. As revenge, I came over his bed. He wasn't impressed.

We cleaned up and went to sleep. We joke about it from time to time, but it nothing has happened since.

#gay   #masturbation   #cum   #friends   #wank   #funny  

I have sex with my other women I meet off of dating apps at my home while my girlfriend is at work.

She comes home and we have sex after my cock has been in another womens pussy and mouth.

One time I fucked a 22 year old female and told her I have to go to work so she would leave in time before my girlfriend came home. She left and my girlfriend came home, she started sucking my fat cock after it was in another womens twat (unprotected sex and I came in her pussy). All I was thinking was that she was sucking off the cum and pussy juice of another women I had just fucked an hour earlier.

It's so hot I know I have to stop but I can't. It turns me on to know that I fuck other women and then my girlfriend right after.

#pussy   #cheating   #sex   #dating   #cum   #infidelity   #whore   #slut  

On night after fucking my wife I made some coffee for us , I noticed a blob of cum hanging from my dick and on the spur of the moment wiped my dick in my wife's cup. With the creamer we use I found no trace of it in the cup and my wife did not notice it at all.

My sister in-law often visits and whenever I get the opportunity I but a load of cum in her coffee cup, Most of her friends have drank my cum and never noticed a thing.

I get to wank often now and i make sure we do not run out of coffee creamer.

#fuck   #wank   #fetish  

I was my girlfriends first but I always jerk off to the thought of her with other guys. I imagine her tongue kissing them and them feeling her big boobs or her huge ass. I picture her sucking there cocks and riding there dicks till she cums. Idk why but it’s just a turn on. Even when she is giving me head I imagine im some random fuck boy using her to get off. Even when we fuck i think in my head how much a different guy would love to feel her insides like this. Obviously I love her so I don’t really want her to be with anyone else. Im very jealous about it. But at the same time I’d love for her to get completely used and dominated by other guys. Have her feel bigger ducks go deep inside her making her toes curl. I’d love that

#sex   #hot   #cuck   #cuckhold   #cum  

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