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Cheating Confessions

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I've been secretly having sex with my aunts best friend. they're both 36 and I'm 26. they actually used to babysit me. one night my aunts friend got into a drunk argument with her fiancé and he left her at my aunts for the night. at that point it was just me and her left because he left and everyone else passed out so we went out side and talked. she talked about me as a baby and little kid and all that. there were times of not seeing her for a lot of years so when she said I look really hot all grown up wasn't weird. I told her she looked like she was still 20 and she blushed. this woman has had 3 kids and managed to keep an amazing figure. flat stomach and no marks from pregnancy. eventually we say close to eachother and ended up kissing very passionately. we were on the side of the house so we wouldn't get caught. we then went up stairs quietly and locked ourselves inside my cousins room and had sex as quietly as possible. we had sex for at least an hour. I had never experienced anything like it. when we were done we went down stairs for water and walked to the back yard and started kissing again. we had to sleep separately so no one knew what we did. no one knows to this day and even after all these years we still meet up and have sex. she's now married to the guy that left her alone with me that night. my favorite times are when he takes the kids on a camping trip for a few days. she never goes but I go there. I know it's wrong but she always reels me in and we even said I love you to eachotger a few times during climax. sometimes I really feel like I love her and she loves me but our relationship would destroy lives. so we stick to the affairs and secret meet ups.

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I love my boyfriend and he means the world to me but there's this other guy I think about all the time
I promised myself I'm done with him yet I find myself coming back and it's tearing me apart

#cheating   #love   #relationship   #despair  

I recently got tricked into going to my cousin’s wedding after party. I’m not into weddings, don’t get all the fuss over it and see it as a waste of money and sanity. Of course, strange things happen at them. Occasionally, something good.

My cousin and I are not close and rarely see each other. We’re polar opposites but have nothing in common. We do now. His new wife. At the reception after party his wife came up to me to introduce herself as I rarely attend family functions. I figured it would be yet another meet and greet then onto the next person. Nope.

We started talking and she actually was interesting. She looked like a naive, young bimbo and I’ll freely admit I didn’t think much of her because she was with my Jughead looking cousin. I had more common interests with her than I ever did him. Or was it just her flirting her butt off?

Regardless, we slipped out back to have a more in depth discussion on a topic I actually take seriously. She starts in with the dirty talk. Woah is this girl drunk already, or does my cousin just suck like I assumed? Who cares. Grabs my crotch and starts nibbling on my ear. For once in my life I amazingly say nothing and just go with it.

She wasn’t drunk but I had feelings she was just curious as I’m often the mystery guy as i do my own thing and try to avoid anything nerve wracking. I seem to attract it, even when minding my own business out back.

She started kissing me and I kissed her strongly right back. Became a full blown make out session. She stops, licks her lips, smiles and says “I had to get that off my chest.” I just stare at her smirking. She says I’ll be back. I roll my eyes and am shaking my head trying not to laugh as she went back to the wedding table with my cousin.

Another cousin of mine I actually like came up and says what was that all about? I acted like I didn’t know what she meant. She said ****’’a new wife was all flirty. “Is she drunk -already?” I guess so. Just met the girl. She’s friendly.

i went back to my table out back and attempted to enjoy all the crappy, cheesy Coldplay and all the lovely CCR and Eminem without wanting to shoot myself, so I went outside to get some quiet. I went further around back as the smokers were dominating the front area.

Around back I saw one of the cute bridesmaids. Brief chitchat. She is definitely drunk and starts relaying how my cousins’ wife is a whore. I smiled. She then asked what made me smile. Oh just a hunch.

She then said she’ll pick one hot guy and screw his brains out. I asked is this is a common occurrence at weddings. She said oh yes and that they all screwed anyone they deemed fascinating or attractive. Seemed like a regular answer knowing how some people can be at weddings.

She then said that she saw her dressing me down at the reception. I rolled my eyes. She said I guarantee you’ll be inside her in some capacity before the night is over. She headed back inside beyond trashed. I just started laughing to myself. Man my cousin can sure pick them. Another cheating hoe supposedly in love with my yucky cus but cheating already.

I went back inside and there she was. Her dress now somehow became a skirt. Great legs, killer a** and a pretty nice rack. Well hello there. I smiled and walked back to my table: She followed. She starts asking a lot of questions. Beyond annoying. I said “do you want to get something more off your chest, or is that just commonplace for you?” She started giggling.

I smirked as I can’t smile like regular people amazingly can. She told me even though she loves my cousin and they’d known each other for years (she was his deceased wife’s close friend), that she loves meeting new people and she’s never seen me. I started thinking of the drunken bridesmaid’s comments. The load of bull this chick just gave me, but I’ll humor her. Let’s see where this goes.

She told me she wanted to f**k but there was no real way to do it, even though I could tell she was nervous. I said that there must be a basement or back door closet, why the hell not? She starts giggling and licking her lips. “You’re a naughty one, where’s he been keeping you?”

She went back to my cousin who per usual is trashed out of his mind. At least he had an excuse here. One of the few things he does well is get loaded and insult people.I look over in disgust. It wasn’t the slutty wife he just married who was much like his dead wife in that department, only she was actually attractive, but the drunken, skinny bigot she just married. What a joke.

I immediately started laughing and badly I must say. I sounded like the joker. I grabbed a beer and went back outside: I must’ve been out there a solid 20-25 minutes before I realized she was about 5 feet away from me grinning. I know that look. Fine by me I hate my loser cousin anyway and hey she started this, I’ll gladly finish.I did. Twice..

We found an old closet full of chairs and folding tables they used for functions at the hall. She went down on me and me her. We got it on, on an old tent type of surface. After I finished the first time we both started laughing. She got dressed and said “meet me back here in a couple hours, I want some more.”

I highly doubted that would happen again as in a couple hours she’s likely be in a hotel while my cousin slept it off. Wrong again. We met again back at the closet and hour and a half later and redux. Again, once more only this time against a wall.

I never saw her again in that capacity. It was as if she needed one last hurrah before she went off with my cus. Of course they were already married when I met her so perhaps I got a quality…

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I started the job I am at right before I got married. When I got there this woman and I started talking. At first I thought she was just talking to me to see if she could get me. I told her to leave me alone. She never left me alone and we kept talking. Before I knew it I was thinking about her instead of my wife. I haven't done anything with her but now we live in the same town. Now I find myself wanting this woman even when I am having sex with my wife.

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My bf and I have very boring sex and I don't think I've ever been that into him. I won't even let him play with my tits.

I've been seeing a man I've met down the gym. He's so hot and the sex is so intense and rough. I let him go to town on my tits (and let him cum all over them)

#sex   #cheating   #tits  

My husband has this cheating fantasy. He’s made me role play it for years. One night after some drinks with the girls, I fucked a guy, Ryan, that I’ve known since college. The knowledge that I was cheating really turned me on. I told myself the whole time that I was doing this to tell my husband and it would turn him on.

The following days I kept entertaining the idea of telling my husband, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. Then we went out one night and saw Ryan. He kept grabbing me and pawing at me. I told him to cool it because my husband would suspect something. My husband did notice, he tried to laughed it off, but was annoyed by Ryan. My husband said that if Ryan even had a chance, it would have happened years ago. Truthfully, I always found Ryan attractive and we had kissed several times, but I never told my husband. That was before we were married, so it didn’t count.

Well, I met with Ryan to tell him that I fucked up and it wouldn’t happen again. But he has this dominant personality, unlike my husband and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I let him fuck me again. I don’t really feel guilty, but I love my husband and don’t want to hurt him.

My friends all laugh because I always had a “good girl” reputation. I don’t think I’ll sleep with Ryan again, but I think I might be addicted to the thrill of cheating.

#cheating   #unfaithful   #wife  

Some years back I got to live out one of my fantasies. When I was in HS I met a girl and instantly fell in love. We dated at the end of my senior year but ended up breaking up a bit later. Some time goes by and we date again but we broke up yet again, I couldn't get over her no matter what but we'd also never had sex. A few months later she during a summer break (she was still in HS) we got closer when I lived where she was staying for a few months to be there with her, we ended up fooling around a lot and it really felt like we were a couple but soon after she started school back up she got a boyfriend and I was devastated. I also now had way more fantasies about her because of the fooling around, I remember one particular time when she just rubbed my dick all over her face through my thin shorts it was so fucking hot hearing her panting and breathing hard while doing that, then me trying to go down on her from behind with her in the fetal position. After she got that boyfriend we kind of fell off for a while and she went on to be in different friend circles than she use to be, I'd see her here and there when she was single mostly but we never seemed to get as close as we had been to my despair. Then one day she told me she was getting married, she got married, moved to and adjacent state and became pregnant. I became a door to door salesman for a while and left the state too traveling with the company, during my travels I ended up getting a lot more sexual experience that I thought I'd get in a lifetime. Some years later I left that job as I was no longer satisfied with it and felt unappreciated for my efforts. Her husband was in the military and as it turns out he'd been deployed and she was staying at her in-laws to not be alone with their now toddler child. We had stayed in touch here and there as friends but it always ate me up inside.

So one day we were reminiscing about the past and she invited me over, she said nobody was home for the weekend and another friend was also gonna be there so she wouldn't be alone the whole weekend, this friend was also another ex of mine. When we all hang out we all three reminisced about the old days and just have fun in the big empty house, we'll call the first one T and the other one L. It seemed a bit clear that the L who was single was trying to do something with me, she wore a skimpy outfit and kept trying to get my attention but I was more interested in T, who, noticing what L was doing wanted to get my attention too. We ended up hanging out there all day, I at one point cuddled with T while L just watched TV. At night L decided she wanted to go to bed and seemed pretty frustrated so T told her to take one of the rooms as it was at that moment a spare anyway. T and I laid down on the couch together spooning, instantly making my dick very hard. She kept teasing me the entire time which is something I remembered fondly of her from the old days so it made it that much hotter. After a bit I ended up drifting off to sleep holding her with my dick still hard pushing up against her. All of a sudden I'm woken up feeling T's amazing plump ass pushing up against me over and over really hard and fast just rubbing my dick, as I start opening my eyes I notice her breathing really hard panting. I wake up with my mind blank, I can't think of anything I can't do anything other than breath insanely hard and feel her up against me. She notices I woke up and I'm sure we talked a bit while doing this but I can't recall any of it, I was so entranced it felt like I was an animal it was so raw. At some point she gets on top of me and rubs up against me more, then she takes off her shorts and is grinding me like that. She finally pulls up off of me and takes my dick out, or maybe she pulled my pants completely off I don't even remember I wasn't paying attention, I could have been completely naked or fully clothed and I wouldn't have noticed either was, this was a dream come true and nothing else was on my mind I couldn't think. She's still teasing me and as she starts to lower herself I just thrust up hard trying to get my cock inside of her, she moves up and tells me to relax I thrust up a bit more and realize she won't let it in until I relax so I reluctantly relax. T slowly lowers herself and I feel her pussy sliding down my cock. It is the most amazing feeling, she had the best pussy I'd ever felt in my life. I'm just sitting there waiting for her because I don't want her to stop. She's sitting on me now with my cock fully inside of her and she starts moving. She makes one grinding motion and I instantly felt myself on the verge of cumming, and it was going to be a big one. She notices my face, and stops, I couldn't help but blurt out "woah". I'd never felt anything like that, before this, no woman had ever been able to even make me enjoy when they rode me, I always had to stop them and take control, but this, this was something else. I told her, "hang on I'm about to cum" so she stopped until I was more relaxed. I ended up turning her on her back and going to town on her for a while that way on her in-law's couch, but it was getting too loud and T was afraid L would hear and catch us so we went to her in-laws room and had sex on their bed. It was honestly the best sex I'd ever had, part of it was the fantasy, part of it was how open we'd always been talking about sex even if we never had it before. The next day L left early and T and I fooled around some more in some of the other rooms. We noticed the next day that she'd cut her knee open a bit while she was on top riding me on the couch, I told her it would be a reminder of this and she agreed. For years she had the scar and I would always ask her about it when talking to her. She ended up moving abroad for a while, but we still talk. One day, I'm definitely going to get some of that amazing pussy again and have my dick completely melt in her, I'll definitely be going raw and cumming in her, it's already in the works, I'll make sure to write about it after it happens.

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is that I have a sex addiction and I happened to speak to a porn star via twitter. She then came to my town and I asked to see her. She said ok, and I met her and her husband and the next thing you know, she's blowing me and then we both bang the shit out of her. Best day of my life!!

I've been in a relationship once and we broke up last year!!!

He already had a gf and was cheating on me !! My friends warned me, but I didn't listen to them 'cause I really trusted him more than anyone But then my friends started pressurising me to ask my bf regarding this matter, and yes...i did ask him atlast !! He said that it was his ex who came back to his life and he realised that he really loved her and still do... He didn't want to hurt me and that's why he didn't tell me the truth !!! We obviously broke up after that....
Now I think he has totally forgotten me, but i still love him as much as i did when we were in a relationship!!!! I can't forget him

#relationship   #cheating   #friends   #truth  

Im am in a committed relationship and it has been two years. I love my bf but I started to have feelings for a nother guy. He is my friend. We are not so close friends. He was acting close to me, he was touching me constantly so I thought that he might have feelings for me too. He has a gf too. We have this different kind of chemistry. But I love love love my bf and I dont want to risk my relationship with him. As I said he was actimg close but then it stopped. Now he just acts normal arund me. He is distant. I cant understand what happened. I just want to know that if he likes me too or not. I will not leave my bf for him but ı am just curious. I will forget about him. Its just hesmiles differently when he sees me his eyes shine. I think we have a different connection but we will never find out

#relationship   #cheating   #dating   #love   #commitment  

I love my boyfriend to death, truly. Before I get any hate for this at all, hear me out. My bf is a lowlife. No job, overweight, loud, and a couple years ago had sex with me when I didnt consent. We've grown since that day, but, I'm excited for college. I feel like I might meet someone there, or just have really good sex. I talked to him about 'taking a break' while im away at college, but when I come home for breaks, we can continue like I was never gone.

I get it's wrong, but I have so many fantasies and I'm always really turned on. I want to have more than one guy on me, I wanna be at a party or frat and have a bunch of other females there for a 'sex' party I guess to say. I want guys to visit my dorm and use me, I just want to feel pleasure.

#young   #college   #sex   #cheating  

When I was around 18 I met this girl and we had instant sexual chemistry. We tried to get into a relationship but it quickly became apparent that we would only work sexually. This girl was hornier than I have ever seen. What started as hours of phone sex every night turned into weekly and then even more regular hook ups which involved making out, and lots and lots of kinky hot sex, it all sorts of places. Her house, in a park, public toilets, even behind a delivery van while the driver made a delivery. This went on for 2/3 years and while this was going on she had a few relationships but we never stopped and the boyfriends never knew. We we're just 'close friends'. We actually had become really close friends who also were fuck buddys. Both of our sexual libido was sky high, we would fuck for hours and hours and do all sorts of positions and we would never tire. I would fuck her and then drop her off to her boyfriend and then pick her up once she had been on her date to fuck her again.
When I was around 21, so after 3 years I had a job out of town and we stopped talking so much and our lives drifted apart. She met this guy who was a virgin and started up a relationship with him, lucky guy. We would talk/meet up maybe once a month and hook up and when we did talk it was like nothing had changed and we would talk everyday. She would tell me everything about her boyfriend and their sex life, and we would reminisce about our marathons and all the roleplaying we did.
A couple of years passed and we drifted further apart and stopped seeing each other, and talking maybe upto 10 times a year. We still had chemistry and when we did talk it would go on for hours and we would always end up talking dirty.
4 years after she got with this guy they got engaged to get married. A few weeks before the wedding we were talking and she said she would no longer be talking to me anymore. We decided to meet up for one last time for old times sake and boy was it worth the while. We met at a hotel and I think we must have fucked for 6-7 hours.
At this point I had also got into a relationship and after a year and a half it had gotten quite serious.
Here's where it gets interesting, the girl I was going out went to university with my fuck buddy and they had been friends for the last 3 years! I had told my girlfriend I knew this girl and we had a bit of history but she doesn't know the extent of it or how much we both still craved each other.
I was invited to my lover's wedding and it was quite awkward. I could just picture her naked and imagining me doing all sorts of things with her on the stage and all over the hall.
Since then we have spoken a few times and again the conversations go on for hours, however we have not hooked up since she got married. We both have admitted we really want to and both admitted than neither of our sex lives are anything like they were with each other but we both love our partners very much.
We know we will never have relationship its just sex. I know we will probably have an opportunity soon and I can wait to fuck her brains out.
I feel guilty but my feelings to be intimate and very overpowering compared to the guilty feelings.


I have been doing a lot of stupid things for the past 2 months and here's a breakdown of the major ones:
~ I have been cheating on my boyfriend of 4 years
~ The guy I have been cheating on him with doesn't know I have a boyfriend
~ Again the guy I have been cheating on him with is almost 10 years older than me (I'm 21) and my parents would be furious (I think)
~ I can't bring myself to tell either of them nor get myself to choose (BF provides the love and comfort that I need while the other guy provides the adventure and thrill of a relationship. He also satisfies my sexual needs in ways that I did not know I have.
~ I feel guilty for keeping all of these in the dark, but at the same time I do enjoy it

#cheating   #betrayal   #guilt  

I separated from my boyfriend after three years. I was young, exploring the world. So I didn't see anything wrong with him being mean to me, yelling, drinking.... However, he was very masculine, confident, I loved how he dominated me during sex. I was submissive like a little kitten, I let him do everything, even being violent....
At the end of the relationship, I met my current fiancé. He is a loving, caring ... Also in bed. We decided after a few years that I would not take the pill. Nevertheless, I still couldn't get over it and didn't let him come inside me.
However, a year ago I met my ex when he was shopping. We chatted, I went to his place for coffee and somehow it happened that I succumbed again. Triumphantly he fucked me again as if I were a whore, and I begged him to be harder on me, and later, all battered I begged him to impregnate me.... Which I allowed him to do. Since then, I dated him behind my fiancé's back, got pregnant and now have a two-month-old daughter. My fiancé further doesn't know that I don't think she is his....
And now, even though the pregnancy wiped me out and the delivery was terrifying, twice before I went back on the pill (I regret it a little... But it's safer that way), I let my ex come inside me again.... I'm stepping on thin ice but I can't stop....

#cheating   #pregnant   #impregnation   #betrayal   #engaged   #fiance   #adultery  

I have been with my girlfriend for about 4 and a half years now. We started dating when we were in high school (i was 16 and she was just about to turn 16 in a few months). I love her more than anything in the whole world. But ever since we started dating, i lost contact with all my closest friends, both male and female. She always finds problems with them. I have been loyal to her, i never once thought about cheating.

I used to be known by everyone in my batch and the younger people. And had not one enemy because i was always friendly and kind and outgoing with people. And because of that, i was popular with people, even the teachers lived me even though im mischievous in class and school. Fuck it, even the principal knew me. Both me and my big brother who was graduated by then. I had a really good reputation and it’s not because i tried to, its because I genuinely was kind and caring while also being fun and mischievous and athletic! (I understand that i wasnt the smartest kid around). Where as my gf was mostly surrounded by 3 toxic friends who equally lacked the social skills but was feeding negative and toxic things into her mind. My girl is smart and beautiful and extremely talented in sports as well! But those friends of hers were lazy at studies, tries to act like they’re it and like they are princesses who know exactly how people are when they are just protected children who hasn’t interacted with people! (They genuinely thought that life always goes as it is in movies). They brought down her grades massively and were hiding behind my girl while she does the dirty work guided by the things they put into her mind. They are also to blame for her starting to think I’m cheating on her with other girls or doing things behind her back. My girlfriend also lacks the ability to empathize and understand people at all. I partly blame the fact that she has almost never been exposed to interacting with public and was always protected by her family. But she deeply cares and tries to protect the people closest to her. Hence, the reason she did the dirty work of those toxic friends of hers.

She told me to stop hanging out with the guys who always had my back, who have helped me even in the little things, the guys i used to have friendly rivalries in sports and gaming. They were my brothers and people who i have even considered to be my bestmen when i marry. And she knew that. But she made me to stop hanging out with them. For the littlest things, for inability to understand how boys are. Obviously boys act differently towards each other. That’s what friends are. Thats what makes us G’s. Some of my friends did warn me about her, that she and those 3 friends of hers have a bit of a bad reputation. But they all were really open to my feelings and genuinely gave her a chance and we’re friendly to her. I just wish she was the same. They were happy for me and didn’t want to do anything that would hurt my relationship badly. But when they saw that she just won’t stop with the misunderstanding and trying to push me away, they tried to do their best to pull me closer too. But none of them tried to force me out of the relationship, they all adviced me though. That i have 3 choices, fix the relationship and make her have a change of heart so i can hangout with my friends, break up with her, or let go of them. I obviously decided option 1. But sadly it didn’t work.

And from girls, there was one girl in my friend group that she hated for some little reasons. But i know if she actually tried to, they could have been really close. She was in a different class and some girls in my class were pretty popular as well. And as I mentioned, i was really close with my friends girls too. But i always kept my girlfriend above them. Even so, my girlfriend wanted me to completely stop talking to that girl she hates and she wanted me to be rude to her and hate her too. I obviously can’t do that, a bond i have cannot be just broken and turned into hate. I tried to fix the problem there and remove that hate as well. I wanted my girlfriend to see that the problem that’s there between them is a simple thing that can be fixed. But her pride and ego is too massive for her to let go. She pretended to try but didn’t put even 1% of effort in it. I gave as much effort as i can with her friends... but she didn’t. I never told her to stop talking to her friends. NEVER. I only advised her of the things I felt, and i asked her to think about it herself, she let them go only when they told her that she spends time with me more than them which is not true at all, they know it and she knows it... every person who knows about our relationship knew it’s a stupid reason to start treating her differently. So she let them go... so coming back to my story... this hate towards her the spread like a flame to the other girl in my class, which those toxic friends of hers had a massive role in. How am I supposed to stop completely talking to people in my own classroom? How am I supposed to let go of friends girl or boys who i have created a memories and strong bonds? They all tried to befriend my gf but she doesn’t try at all! In the end my teacher found out about relationship and advised me about it too but i was so blinded by love that i never listened to anyone! So i lost contact with my friends both girls and boys! We went to college where some of my closest friends went to, by then my girl did let me talk to them, but it’s as if we were acquaintances and not friends. And she still continued to judge people.

She even started these things with my family! I don’t think there is a single member in my family she hasn’t had an issue with! Even my baby cousin who just turned 4! My mother and father and brother too! Every single person! She tried to make me stay home when we planned family trips which we rarely ever get to go! But she goes on more than 20 trips a year! She doesn’t let me have time with my family bc i have to text her or call her! She blames me for her having a bad life in high school! She blames me for having a bad time in college! And now she’s having a bad time in uni. She acts as her and her family are the perfect people! And i have changed a lot! I was the most patient man you would ever meet... and i am patient towards people who aren’t my family. But I get upset quickly towards her and my family now. I dont have much fun memories in high school and at home, we’re at uni in a different country, most of my friends who were close to me dont know where i am no. I dont have social media other than one chatting app bc she made me delete them, i only have a few contacts saved on my phone. And recently when she gets angry she gets a bit physical. And she says i have changed a lot. But she never tried to understand why i have changed. She says that you only need 2 or 3 close friends. But the friends “we” have are choices of her own. She gets in the way of my decisions, where she thinks her advise is better than my own mothers. To avoid fights in my relationship and to stop a fight where she says i always choose others over her or where she says that i never take her side and say my family is always right, i follow her advise. And some of those have come back to haunt me. I sometimes think back to when i used to have fun with my friends. Or when i have fun with my family. It’s so sad, if she stopped her attitude, made the relationship we have more important to her than her pride and ego, thought of my family as her own and treated it equally, and just listen to me and trust my decisions as a man, we could make this work. She sometimes understands that she has an issue with anger. But that’s it. She says that her rude attitude is actually her being a genuine and real person. Which is bullshit. There is a line between being true and being rude which she doesn’t see. She says that she has an attitude and if i dont like it i can leave which she know that if i wanted to leave i would have gone a long time ago, she blames me for people thinking badly of her when I really tried and people really tried (and there are instances where I actually had some fake friends who were rude to her, i stood up for her and took her side. Which she doesn’t appreciate).

And I’m not an angel. I never said i was perfect, i was never said I haven’t done wrong. I have lied to her about things. But all of those lies were to hangout with my friends, or because I know she’ll freak out if i tell her, to avoid unnecessary arguments, to stop arguments. But i dont have friends to go hangout with anymore or play some games or anything. I still have to hide some little details about anything regarding females. Even if i said i had a casual conversation with a girl, I would end up in a fight. It has reduced though, she understands a bit more now. But with this rate of growth, i would be old and dead by the time she understands.

But I know she cares and loves me, she made a huge decision of giving up her medicine degree to do it later just because I couldn’t get in at the time as well. She helped me with my studies, she has stood up for me even to lecturers when i have been treated unfairly, sometimes secretly and sometimes without listening to me, because she knows that I’m too forgiving to people and too kind to people and sometimes they abuse that about me. She has made sure and advised me to not let people walk all over me just because I’m too kind and forgiving and i know if I’m hurt or injured she’ll put away everything to come for me... I truly do lover her... i couldn’t stand to leave her, i want her and need her but I just want her to understand me, who I am and what i need. I always try my best to keep her happy. I don’t want to leave her.


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We talked for 4 months but only met once cause im married. Because of the constant talking i was really into him but things fizzled cause i couldn't get out enough..... well i have a lot more free time now and have considered reaching out to him but is a year and a half too long? He's already messaged my online profile but with no pic he has no idea it's me.

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I was fucking my coworker. I'm married and she was much younger than me. Little slightly chubby blonde alt thing with big tits and every kink you could think of. I was dumping loads in her at work on a regular basis and fucking outside of work too. She would blow me in parking lots when we didn't have somewhere to hookup, we had a lot of fun. She had some loser boyfriend who couldn't get her off anymore. I could give her a look and say "suck" and she would drop to her knees and suck me off like it was a gift. We did roleplay where she would beg for me to knock her up, and then go home with a big load in her pussy. We stopped when things got too sketch to hide. I'd never seen a girl get off that easy. I loved that she was a whore, I was definitely not the first or last guy she did this with.

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I'm going to jump right to it. I exchanged photos with my best friends husband.
He was wanting to know what I look like naked so I showed him and I was curious to see what his junk looked like.
Well it didn't stop there he was saying how he wanted to do sexual stuff with me. I wasn't going that far. Even before all that he swore he wouldn't tell anyone. But here I am with my best friend not talking to me and don't even wanna try to hear my side of things. Her husband didn't even mention the fact he was talking about having sex with me! I'm lost about how to fix this.

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I am pregnant but I know it is not my husbands. He was out of town on a construction job when my old girlfriends reached out to me to go for a drink. I ended up getting drunk and having a one night stand.

I feel horrible and I know I have to tell him because there is likely no keeping it a secret as the babies color might be a little bit more chocolate.

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My name is Fiona I'm 40yr brunette nurse in London. I was pregnant while still working and caring for patients in hospital. My job in the morning was to change a patient who had broken his leg, he was a tall attractive guy in his mid 30's. He would sometime try flirt with me and I would play it off but secret love it. One morning I came into his room to change him and he was alseep, but had a huge erection in his underwear. Now at this time I was 4 months pregnant and really horny all the time, and my breasts that are normally a D cup and swollen even bigger. I started to change him but would rub my hand into his cock for a second and then pull it away. I did this about three times and on the fourth he was up, I jumped and didn't know what to do. He just gave a little smile and said "you can carry on if you like". So I started giving him a handjob, he cock must of been at least 8 inches. I then started sucking it and could only get then half way it was that big. He played with my swollen breasts and sucked my nipple's which was so good. After about 5-6mins came into mouth, which no one had ever done not even my husband. He was moved the next day to go to the rehabilitation unit and didn't see him again. But will remember that for a good while.

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