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Cheating Confessions

Read the best #cheating confession stories

I fucked my best friends girlfriend and she ate all my cum like a good.

#sex   #cheating   #friend   #cum  

My boyfriend of 8 months had his birthday last Friday. Im addicted to sex and I've been cheating on my boyfriend from week 3.... before his birthday dinner I was at a friend's house getting fucked. I only left because I was running late to the dinner. When I showed up I said it was work and traffic that made me late. I kissed my boyfriend and had a birthday dinner while another man's cum leaked into and stained my panties pretty badly. We also had sex later that night

#birthday   #cheating  

I have cheated on my fiance at least 50 times

Only a couple were woman, plus a few couples, but most were men and trans. Paid for sex a few times and frequently go to massage parlours for the additional services

#sex   #cheating  

I have been in a 3 year relationship with a guy who has cheated on me 2 times during the first year of our relationship. When caught the first time, he swore he wouldn't again and I believed him. Two months later, I found out he was cheating on me yet again. He convinced me to stay with him and I tried my best to get over it. I truly believe that he has changed and would never cheat on me again, but I still resent him so much. I've never had great self esteem or confidence in myself as a woman, so him cheating really destroyed me. I know I am a physically attractive girl so the thought that goes through my head is "it must be my personality" and that hurts me so much more. This has caused me to become extremely depressed and suicidal at times.

Recently, I have been fighting the urge to cheat just so he knows how it feels. I know that is extremely spiteful, but I want him to know the damage he has done to my confidence. I don't want to cheat out of a desire for sex like he did, I just want him hurt. I'm sure I won't end up cheating because I am a good person, but the thought of him experiencing the same pain he inflicted is tempting.

#cheating   #boyfriend   #girlfriend   #betrayal   #relationship  

My brother’s girlfriend came into my room and started to kiss me and give me a blowjob.

#cheating   #blowjob  

A few years ago, when I was 15, there was a very nice but very big girl working at the same store. She and I always had a good rapport but she was about 5ft. 5in and weight about 260lbs. She had huge breasts, but the big size never did anything for me. She was 19 and had a 4 year old son by her 21 year old husband. He knocked her up at 14, married her and at 15 she had the baby. He beat her when he would drink which was several times a week. We worked several evening shifts together and many times were the only ones in the store. She knew I was a virgin, and would make sure every now and then that I could see her tits or even her hairy pussy. Then one time when we had the store locked and were cleaning up, she came into the storeroom and kissed me full on the lips. Not just a peck but a heated, passionate kiss. She said she'd wanted to do that for a long time, and I thanked her and returned her kiss with another. She backed off, and started taking off her dress, then her slip, bra and huge granny panties. She stood before me totally naked, huge tits with pink aureola and thick nipples that stood out about 1/2 inch. Her meaty pussy lips were half hidden under her belly but she lifted her belly for me to enjoy the full view of her black pussy hair, and there was plenty of that hair.
"I won't fuck you, I won't do that to my husband, but I want you to be the only other person who's seen me naked like this" she said
I moved over to her and kissing her again, placed my hand on her pussy, took my mouth to her left nipple, and whispered, then just let me feel what it's like. She let me finger her, and told me to put three fingers into her pussy while I sucked her massive tits, my teeth rolling around those big, rubbery nipples. She moaned and pulled my pants down, I took off my shirt and I knew I was getting my first piece of pussy. I didn't care that it was a fat married girl my cock was hard and wanted pussy.
"I won't let you fuck me" she said again
"Then what are we doing?" I asked
She said she'd suck me and started. I then laid her on the carpeted floor and lain next to her. She was grabbing at my cock and I at her tits and pussy.
"Let me just put it in to feel what one feels like, and to feel what your husband feels. I won't fuck you, only push in and just hold it" I asked
She said that was OK and laid back and spread her legs and closed her eyes. I got on top of her and pushed my 7 inches into her married, fat cunt. "Just hold it there, don't move it around" she told me.
I did just hold it there, telling her how wonderful she felt and that I was glad that she let me have my first feel of a pussy on my cock. She wanted to fuck but held back and made me pull out. As she was rolling over I saw that pink rosebud of her asshole.
"What about back her" I asked as I touched her asshole. "Does he do it to you back here"
"No, no one has ever done that to me" she commented
"What if we do it then? If he doesn't fuck you there, then it's not like you're taking something away from him, and it'll be a sort of mutual thing, two virgins fucking"
"No it will hurt" she said

Having had a cock up my ass once when very young and very unprepared, I vowed to never hurt anyone like that, and I told her I'd be gentle. She stood up and walked to the office totally naked, and got out a jar of Vaseline and rubbed some up into her asshole, and put some all over my cock. She then rolled over on her stomach and reached back and spread her butt cheeks exposing my target. I told her to roll on her back and she did pulling her legs up to give me a full view of her big tits, luscious mouth, hairy pussy, and that tight looking sphincter.
I leaned in kissing her and pushed my cock into her and inch at a time. Once it I gave her time to get used to it and she was through squeezing her ass muscles (which almost made me cum), I began slowly and gently pumping my cock into her ass.
"Is it like you thought? Do you like it this way?" she asked
"yeah, it's great. I liked your pussy too" I whispered back
"That's for my husband but my mouth is for both of you, and this. . . my ass, is only for you"

I kissed her and tweaked both her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and she started bucking and heaving, breathing heavily, and was actually cumming. That made me shoot off and I couldn't help it I found I was ramming my cock in and out of her to the hilt everytime, and going very fast but she was cumming. I shot rope after rope up into her. As I was doing that and kissing her with our tongues going crazy, I kept remember the man who fucked me, this was the way he was acting, this was what he was feeling, only I had a woman with a pussy behind me.

After that we had oral sex (she taught me how to eat pussy well) and anal sex. Every once in a while she'd let me stick my cock inside her pussy. She got to where she would sometimes get a bit demanding and would make me eat her pussy after her husband had fucked her. She liked getting rid of his sperm and liked making me eat it I think. Then I could always fuck her ass, hard and fast. Finally one of the times I was inside her pussy, I started pumping and she tried to make me stop. I held her arms down and fucked that fat cunt and came buckets into her. It was my first piece of pussy. Unfortunately I guess I raped her to get it. She stopped letting me fuck her for about a month, then we started in again, right as I was about to slip my cock into her asshole she reached down and put it in her pussy.
"Fuck me baby, fuck me like I'm your woman"
I did and after I shot another big load up her cunt, she told me she was pregnant and that he husband had been out of town during the time she could have been fertile, which means the baby was mine. I had gotten her pregnant while I was raping her pussy.

She stayed with her husband, which was good as I had lots of college plans, moving plans, and had plans of laying girls who weren't so damn fat in my future. During her pregnancy I got to nurse on her (and after as well) fuck her in the pussy or ass or mouth as my choosing, then about 3 months after the baby she quit. I went on to a great job, traveling internationally, have several svelte girlfriends, and never looked back. Though I can say that any woman who has not been a one night stand, has had to take it up the ass as well as the other two holes. I guess I'm an anal addict now, after all that was my first way of getting laid.

#anal   #nc   #pregnancy   #cheating  

When my husband and I were on vacation, we were hanging out with another couple on the beach when I needed to go back to the room to retrieve some things. The other couple needed some things also, and the husband, a tall, handsome black, middle aged gentleman volunteered to go back to the resort with me to get our things. As we walked through the resort people would look our way and immediately assume we were together. There was no problem, but I found myself getting kind of worked up thinking about this handsome black gentleman being my partner. It was a pretty long walk, and as we made our way we would occasionally brush together. At one point I took his arm and we walked arm in arm through the resort and toward the elevator. We stopped by our room first, and upon entering I began getting things together to take back to the beach, and as I moved about and bent over I could feel his eyes watching me. Just as I was about to say I was ready to go, he reached out and took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I was quite take back by his assertiveness, but didn't offer resistance. I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter and meet with mine. As we kissed his hands felt my ass. He had large hands and it felt so good, I felt like I was under his total control. He started playing with my boobs, so to allow easier access I lowered my top, and he began sucking my now hard nipples. I reached down and felt his huge erection through his swim suit, and with that he pushed me down and directed his beautiful black organ to my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could, but he was just too big. To make a long story short, he laid me on the edge of the bed, pulled my bikini crotch to the side and slowly entered my now very wet pussy. He went very slow at first, allowing time for me to get used to the size, the started slowly pumping in and out. I became so wet I could hear sloshing as I allowed this gentleman I had just met to have his way with me. He began to speed up and was fucking me as deep as he could, when he let loose a huge load of cum deep into my womb. Even after he pulled out all I could do was just lay there, completely satisfied and totally out of energy. I remember even thanking him for the best fucking I have ever had. My husband and I made love many times on that very bed throughout our vacation, and thought I was so wet solely because of him. I would never tell him any different, but the thoughts of my first black experience taking place on that very bed kept me moist and wet all week. I am now in search of my second black experience, and there is an executive at the company where I work that would be perfect for the job.

#wife   #willing   #interracial   #cheating  

I’m 24yrs old and have been with my bf for 3yrs and have a child with him. Unfortunately due to some rough patches we’ve gone through and still kind of are going through , I feel I’ve lost all attraction to him. In fact I know I have because I am now cheating on him something I had always said I’d never do and have NEVER done... until now that is..
I met this guy who just blows my mind. We started hanging out as friends of course and he was well aware I had/have a bf. He respected our relationship as in he never tried to even flirt with me and we quickly became good friends. So much to the point I started expressing our problems to him ( yup it’s going there ) he of course and listened to me and whatever we continued to bond. Well one of my problems in my relationship is that I am not satisfied sexuallyand my bf refuses to try anything new so I become sexually frustrated.. and one night I was so horny and ( let’s call him Nick) Seemingly randomly Nick started to flirt with me. At this point I’ve been talking to him for a few months and have had a crush on him the entire time..without even really thinking about it I responded back showing I was clearly interested. Got to the point of telling him I’m tired of fucking myself to which he got me to confess that I would so let him fuck me in a heartbeat. Well ever since that night we’ve been sexting eachother and I’m dying for the day he gets here ( we don’t live in the same state ) to secretly fuck me. I’m still very much with my bf and he knows that but just wants to give me a good time I so desperately need. He’s coming to my state in a few months and I’ve never wanted someone to fuck me so bad I get wet just talking about it. Yes we literally have a whole week planned of cheating and I don’t think anything is going to change my mind. I just needed to get it off my chest somewhere because I can’t tell a single soul about this and I know he has no problem with this being a secret which just turns me on more.

#cheating   #lust  

I've always been curious but never acted on it. I'm a married male, mid thirties, with a good sex life with my wife. She allows me to cum in all three holes. A couple of weeks ago, and I have no idea why or how; I let a man use my bottom for sex. It was my first time having a guy inside me. He is a huge cummer, and dumped a big load inside of me. That first time I sucked him hard, and he did it to me on the bed with me on my back. Then he went one more time with me kneeling on the living room floor, my chest on the couch. He played with my nipples like there were a womans tits and it felt good. The first time he fucked me it really hurt, but this time was very good. In the last two weeks I'd met with him 6 times, each time I get it twice from him. One time only once, but I gave him a BJ first. He has had me get my wife to shave me from crotch down to my feet, and has started having me wear a teddy. I've very embarrassed but I can't stop getting his cock. I really feel empty without a cock inside me. I think he wants to have a party where I am the centerpiece. I am thinking of letting him as long as they are protected. My wife has always played with my butt and has asked me why I'm so loose back there now. I don't know what to say.

#married   #gay  

I'm married, 31 and I have kids. We live across from the local high school. I work from home and my wife works away. I noticed some of the girls walking past daily, and soon started chatting with them. Before long, we got very friendly. Two friends, both in grade 10 knew my son, so we had lots to talk about. With a little effort, one of them came to visit, sexy, big boobs for her age, tall and friendly. I kept flirting, and landed the occasional hand on the shoulder. Told her I'd be back now, and called her after a while. When she walked in, I was stroking my cock. Soon I was ramming her tiny pussy, hard, forcefully. It turned into a 4-times weekly thing. I'd love for her to get pregnant, and love to dominate her, inflicting pain, forcing her, and also getting her tied up. I'm sure I'll get caught eventually, but a young schoolgirl tied, helpless, calling me daddy and begging me hurt her as I please, is worth more than the shit I'd get. I get off on hurting her, especially slapping her and biting her all over. Last week I punched her, hard, in the face and on her tit, and she cried! I fucked her hard and sent her home. Her folks saw the marks and she got big trouble. Love it

#young   #cheating   #abuse   #forced   #schoolgirl  

I ran into my buddy’s naive fiancé at a bar, got her real drunk, drove her home and fucked her all night long, the last time anally. She was pissed at me when she woke up the next morning. They ended up getting married, so I see her socially all the time. We have not told a soul.

#cheating   #lust  

My bf and I have very boring sex and I don't think I've ever been that into him. I won't even let him play with my tits.

I've been seeing a man I've met down the gym. He's so hot and the sex is so intense and rough. I let him go to town on my tits (and let him cum all over them)

#sex   #cheating   #tits  

My boyfriend cheated on me recently. He admitted that he did it out of selfishness and that I was pushing him away, this was during my grandfather passing and he was like my second father, he said otherwise nothing I did contributed to his action and that at first it was cause he liked the attention he was getting, then he got annoyed with her because of how she started to treat him. We’ve been trying to get through it via separate and together but I’m starting to feel like I want to get payback, I’m angry and hurt very much still for obvious reasons and aside from the cheating our real has and still is amazing. We almost never argue, we communicate, anything he could want out of me I give and vice versa. What should I do?

#cheating   #relationship  

I kissed my cousin but i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend and shes my best friend.

#cheating   #cousin   #kissing  

my partner and i don’t have sex or sext at all anymore because their ocd causes them intense discomfort when talking about sex - i’m a very hypersexual person, but also i’m fine with masturbating as that’s how i got along before this. however i keep getting tempted to make accounts on stuff like adultfriendfinder and grindr just to receive offers to have sex - even if i did, i don’t have any interest in having sex with others or following through with these offers or anything at all, i just get very turned on at the feeling of being wanted sexually, which, obviously, i don’t experience in any way anymore.

i don’t plan to cave to that occasional mid-masturbation temptation, but if i did, is that cheating? (it is, right?) am i a bad partner? what do i even do? it’s not their fault that they can’t have or talk about sex at all, so it’s not like there’s an issue they can fix or something they’re doing wrong. sometimes i masturbate to the thought of going to a gloryhole or otherwise having anonymous sex and just saying nothing about it, but i wouldn’t do that to them. i just don’t know what to do man.

#cheating   #hypersexuality  

I often masturbate to the thought of cheating on my boyfriend with a coworker of mine...

#gay   #cheating   #masturbation   #hot  

Loved the feeling.

I’m now 28. Just your average story about two high school sweet hearts. I was a varsity football player from Inland Empire. She was the captain of our high school varsity squad. We went to college, received competitive job offers from one of the top firms in the nation, married, and had our two boys.

I wanted to say our sex life was great, but it all changed when I met a girl at a club (I know I know..). One day I went to a bar with some of the boys from college. We started talking about how our life is so boring/unsatisfying compared to our “golden age”. Long story short, my friend ordered us drinks (maybe too many) and I was on the dance floor throwing fist-pumps and just having a good ol’ time with the boys. Then I soon realized that there was a girl that was bumping/grinding on me for about two full songs. I’ll never forget when she turned around with her beautiful hazel eyes and succulent lips. White complexion with luscious blonde hair. She didn’t even have to say a word to me.. to fall madly in love with her.

After another song of grinding, I was rock hard. She commented on my bulge and I just laughed. She leaned close to me, lick my earlobe, and told me to wait outside. As I waited with two hands around my crouch, she came out with her purse, escorted me to her brand new Porsche (it was one of those SUV ones) where she showed fervid of kisses. Pulled down my pants. Sucked my 8 inches of erect cock deep down her throat. My wife was was never able to swallow/gag my cock and was never into it. But oh boy did I love the feeling!! It wasn’t long before I came inside her mouth, filling it with my cum, and she swallowed. She told me that I have one of the biggest and nicest cocks that she has ever seen. Right after she boosted my ego (lol) I was hard again. I penetrated her with everything that I had with no intention of stopping. We must have fucked for an hour. Drenched in sweat, she told me to cum inside. My consensus wasn’t right, I knew I couldn’t, but I did it anyway.

This happened to me three days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it since. Have no intention of telling my wife, but I might be addicted to this lifestyle.. I know I’m wrong for this, but I would love to explore some more.. Let’s keep it short and simple.. If you’re around the LA area and have similar desires as I, gsam909atyahoo.c o m.

#sex   #cheating  

I was married for 15 years before I finally had sex with another man. I was 40. I found him on Craigslist. i took a long lunch hour from my work, and drove to his apartment. When I met him, he was dressed only in a bathrobe. We went inside, and I undressed, and he started sucking me. I returned the favor. It was amazing! He laid down on his couch, with his ass in the air, I slipped on a condom, and fucked him. I'd never had anal sex before. After I came, he took off my condom and sucked me. It pretty much became a regular thing after that with other men. I went to one guy's house, and he ate my ass, sucked me, but I got scared and left. I started visiting the booths in adult movie theaters after that. I was sucked by a lot of guys, but I was too scared to reciprocate. I wanted to be fucked in my ass, but I was scared to do that even with a condom. I moved a few hours away after a few months with my wife, and pretty much did the same thing. I hooked up with a few guys at my place while she was at work, and hit the adult theater in town and did some sucking and jacking off with guys there. The last time I fucked a guy was in a theater, and he had a massive cock. I was planning on sucking him, but he was sitting down, and spread the cheeks of his ass, and I knew he wanted me to fuck him. I didn't have a condom, but he said just to do it, and I slid my cock inside him and exploded in his ass. I was scared of getting an STD, so after that I was tested and came up negative, and decided to play it safe. I met a few guys after that, and not surprisingly the marriage ended up in divorce. All told, during the marriage I was playing with guys on and off for about 15 years, but I never got caught. After the divorce, I remarried, and stopped playing around. I think I did it only because there was no sex in the first marriage. But I have a fond memory of fucking that last guy's ass. Still makes me hard. I guess I'm bi, but I don't feel like I need to act on it any longer. My new wife and I are really happy in bed, and she has no limits. I don't think I'll do it again with another guy, even though the thought makes me hot. I couldn't do it to my wife. The first wife was a bitch from hell, so I didn't mind cheating. Now, though, my new wife is great, and I just couldn't do it to her.

#bisexual   #cheating  

I love long distance relationships so I can cheat


I have a confession to make.

I've been sleeping with my friends husband. We've been friends for 4 years. When me and her started to become friends she told me that her and her husband had been going through a rough patch because her husband had an affair.

One time they had a house party and everyone was really drunk and I ended up talking to her husband about his affair. He told me that there were problems in the marriage since they had kids, he kept trying to make time for just them but she won't even take a few hours away from the kids so they never have sex or when they do it's quiet and boring. He also said the girl was his type - blonde, curvy with fake tits, which describes me too (his wife also told me this another time so he wasn't lying about how she looked) He tried to start the affair again but the girl wasn't interested and he hasn't done it since. I was drunk too and admitted that his stories about him and the girl having all this wild and secret sex was a turn on.

From then we'd always had a flirty relationship but nothing happened and never in front of his wife. It was obvious though that we wanted each other but nothing could happen.Still though me and his wife started to hang out more.
His wife works as a florist from home and one weekend she was taking her kids away to her mothers so her husband would be home alone, I arranged in advance for her to make me some flowers and I would pick them up when she was away. I didn't think anything would happen but I liked the thrill of the flirting.

The night I went round I wore a tight and low cut dress and pretended I was so dressed up because I'd been out for dinner. He couldn't keep his eyes off me and we hung out for a bit talking and then he asked me about my love life. I said I was single and jokingly asked him to set me up with a friend and he said no, he'd get jealous. I said you're a married man and shouldn't be talking like that, he said "my wife isn't here to tell me not to" and that was all I needed. I grabbed him by his tie and we kissed. The kiss was amazing and he couldn't stop touching me all over. He said that he'd waited too long to do this and that he hoped I was going to be a good girl. He pressed me up against the kitchen work top and pulled my dress so my tits were out and he sucked them. He said he missed having a big pair of tits to play with and his wife's were too small. I laughed and told him to keep sucking them. We stayed in the kitchen for a bit kissing and groping and then he grabbed my wrists and pulled me to the stairs, we kissed again and I told him that he better fuck me good.
We ran up the stairs and made our way to their bedroom, as soon as we got in we ripped each other's clothes off and he threw me on the bed.
He went down on me twice and it was amazing (twice before we even got to fucking!) once when I was lying on my back and the second I sat on his face. I literally screamed the whole time, he was so eager to eat me it was amazing. The sex was insane, we did it twice. The first time he was on top and then I was and the second we did it doggy style, plus we did anal. When I said to him "bet she doesn't let you fuck her ass?" He practically jumped off the bed to get lube. He's very big and felt so good. I moaned and screamed and he was groaning so loud and kept shouting that I was amazing at fucking,that I was a hot bitch and also things like my tits are amazing and "she doesn't fuck this good"- anytime he talked shit about his wife I laughed and he loved it. The sex was so rough and fast that the sheets came off the bed, we soaked them with sweat, the bed moved away from the wall and we also knocked over the bedside table which had their wedding photo on.

After all the sex we stayed in bed kissing and touching but eventually I left.

That was about a week ago and in a few days we're going to meet up at mine and have round 2.

I don't give a shit about his wife, she doesn't deserve him. He is hot and rich and she won't ever make time for them... Well don't worry. I will.

#cheating   #sex   #oral   #hot  

Pray and roll the dice for #cheating

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