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Pregnant Confessions

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My name is Fiona I'm 40yr brunette nurse in London. I was pregnant while still working and caring for patients in hospital. My job in the morning was to change a patient who had broken his leg, he was a tall attractive guy in his mid 30's. He would sometime try flirt with me and I would play it off but secret love it. One morning I came into his room to change him and he was alseep, but had a huge erection in his underwear. Now at this time I was 4 months pregnant and really horny all the time, and my breasts that are normally a D cup and swollen even bigger. I started to change him but would rub my hand into his cock for a second and then pull it away. I did this about three times and on the fourth he was up, I jumped and didn't know what to do. He just gave a little smile and said "you can carry on if you like". So I started giving him a handjob, he cock must of been at least 8 inches. I then started sucking it and could only get then half way it was that big. He played with my swollen breasts and sucked my nipple's which was so good. After about 5-6mins came into mouth, which no one had ever done not even my husband. He was moved the next day to go to the rehabilitation unit and didn't see him again. But will remember that for a good while.

#nurse   #adult   #confession   #pregnant   #horny   #handjob   #tits   #breasts   #cum   #cheating  

I separated from my boyfriend after three years. I was young, exploring the world. So I didn't see anything wrong with him being mean to me, yelling, drinking.... However, he was very masculine, confident, I loved how he dominated me during sex. I was submissive like a little kitten, I let him do everything, even being violent....
At the end of the relationship, I met my current fiancé. He is a loving, caring ... Also in bed. We decided after a few years that I would not take the pill. Nevertheless, I still couldn't get over it and didn't let him come inside me.
However, a year ago I met my ex when he was shopping. We chatted, I went to his place for coffee and somehow it happened that I succumbed again. Triumphantly he fucked me again as if I were a whore, and I begged him to be harder on me, and later, all battered I begged him to impregnate me.... Which I allowed him to do. Since then, I dated him behind my fiancé's back, got pregnant and now have a two-month-old daughter. My fiancé further doesn't know that I don't think she is his....
And now, even though the pregnancy wiped me out and the delivery was terrifying, twice before I went back on the pill (I regret it a little... But it's safer that way), I let my ex come inside me again.... I'm stepping on thin ice but I can't stop....

#cheating   #pregnant   #impregnation   #betrayal   #engaged   #fiance   #adultery  

I fucked a super ugly girl recently, I was paid by her cousin (also a girl) to fuck her. I kissed her, pretended I really wanted her and she bought the whole act. The ugly cunt got pregnant, and I don't give a shit.


So excited my boyfriend proposed. What 18 yo girl could say no? A few months later I knew I could not live with him. I made a mistake and needed out of this dud of a boy. I tried to talked to so many but I was told how wrong it would be to not follow through. I ended up finding someone with empathy, his dad. His father was also engaged so maybe it made the talks more relaxed. Somehow the two of us ended up in a secret relationship. Now we are in love looking for a way to move on without our deadbeat wanna be mates. Nothing to confess, just wanted let be known I should not feel guilty for improving my relationship. I could use advice on how to break the news.

#love   #relations   #guilt   #baddecision   #pregnant   #sex   #father   #fiance   #advice  

Me and my wife were trying to start a family. We had been married for 6 years and had been trying for 8 years. She was checked out and there was no obvious problem, I was checked out, sperm count was good but there slightly below the expected level of mobility.

My wife was getting desperate.

We had a nice Polish couple living next door and everybody always commented how and the Polish man looked alike. He was highly educated engineer and had more degrees and titles then I would ever have. He was also very nice and we became good friends and every now and then went out and had a beer and really good chat.

On one of these nights he was asking me, "You seem to very down in the mouth. What's bugging you?"

So I told him. and said that despite the results it could still be me who was the problem.

He smiled and me and said, "Oh how I would love to help. Your wife is such a pretty and sexy lass! But I am afraid my wife would divorce me straight aways if she ever found out!"

And I said that my wife would never agree to that. She would divorce me and marry him so that he could give her babies.

Then he said, our flats are door to door on the gorund floor. Streight out into the communal garden. If you want I could help and every night live a liitle plastic jar wih my fresh sperm in it and you just pick it up and have to manage to somehow pour it into your wife's pussy.

You would do that? I asked. Most certainly he said. I would be it a honour and I would love to help. Besides it is horny as hell and I already have a hard-on thinking my sperms flows into and up wife's cunny.

So we did and we kept it going for almost three months during the critical days. We never got found out and nobody ever discovered our big little secret.

My wife got pregnant and two years later we did the same. In no time I became an expert in artificall seeding of my wife's pussy.

My wife is happy, I am happy, nobody has ever questioned that these are my boys and my neighbour is very proud of his achievement and pleased that he could help.

#wife   #pregnant   #neighbours   #help  

One of my biggest fantasies is to have unprotected anal sex with a married pregnant woman in the bed she shares with her husband. She would be paranoid about her husband coming home and catching us but unable to resist moaning loudly. After I blow my load in her rectum she would suck my cock clean.

#anal   #pregnant   #married  

I am pregnant but I know it is not my husbands. He was out of town on a construction job when my old girlfriends reached out to me to go for a drink. I ended up getting drunk and having a one night stand.

I feel horrible and I know I have to tell him because there is likely no keeping it a secret as the babies color might be a little bit more chocolate.

#cheating   #pregnant   #interracial  

I’m in love with another man. And I just found out I’m pregnant, and it’s not my husbands. What the f*ck am I gonna do? I haven’t told my bf yet either

I have been cheating with a married woman for years. We dated in college and started talking online after we were both married. One thing led to another and we started having sex again. The sex is incredible and neither one of us wants to stop. Recently she told me, while I was inside her, that she wanted me to get her pregnant. Needless to say the sex since then head been incredibly hot! We track when she's ovulating and get a hotel room. Then have sex seven or eight times until we are both spent. This afternoon she sent me a pic of a positive pregnancy test. With the text. "Our first." It got me so horny.

#married   #woman   #pregnant  

I (female and 20 years old) told my affair that I'm pregnant though I'm not. I just wanted more attention and that he would care for me. And it was great to see that he was scared that I could talk to his wife. And he gave me 300 euros for the abortion which I could use very well for my new TV.

#pregnant   #abortion   #scared   #tv   #money   #attention  

I lost a bet with a neighbor and had to let him use my wife's pussy, he was supposed to pull out but now she's pregnant and he's gone. All she talks about is how big his cock was.


I am 19 and male. I hadn't been laid but twice in my life and the last girl was about a year ago. So I was after any port in a storm and started making out with this really fat girl who isn't really good looking either. She would do anything sexually I wanted and for a supersize bbw she had a tiny pussy that was super tight (not that I'm any expert). After doing everything imaginable, anal, oral - for both of us, using her finger in my butt while blowing me, exhibitionism, even arranging for me to see her younger sister naked, she told me she got pregnant.

I never wanted to marry her, I don't really want a fat girlfriend or wife and I'm too young to marry anyone. I don't even want to be around her anymore. I know that's shitty of me, but she was just someone to fuck. I would like to suck milk from her big tits but not if I have to be with her all my life.

#ssbbw   #pregnant  

I think I might be pregnant again. This would be my second child if I am. I'm not ready. Why am I so weak sexually. I'm in love with my partner but I'm not married. I just don't know what to do if I am I don't have options anymore I feel so alone.

#sadness   #pregnant   #child  

My ex wife had a friend she fucked on a regular basis. I encouraged her if he was what she needed for fulfillment in her life. She told me everything sharing stories of their experiences. I loved hearing it all. She eventually left me for him. For a few months it was all I could think about. So I would replay all her stories in my head. I was so aroused thinking of her with him. A year later I ran into her at a very nice restaurant. She was pregnant. We talked, it was nice. She was flirtish and it felt really great. I think she noticed I was getting hard. On the way out, she stopped to give me a hug and pressed her swollen belly into me. I could see it in her eyes she felt it. She said she knew I missed her and was concerned. She asked if it was ok if she called occasionally to talk. Since then she calls just to talk, but lately she almost always ends up telling me her stories again, and new stories too. I am so hooked. I think she loves it too.

#cuckold   #pregnant   #flirt   #hooked  

Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 8 years now. We started dating around the age of 14. She was my first girlfriend, and I was her first "serious" boyfriend. Not that she was sleeping around, she just had a few other "playground boyfriends." Ie, non serious. But thats besides the point. We were dating for about 2 years, when her family moved to another town. We were both still pretty young, and our parents didn't think we'd last, so obviously, with us not driving yet, it was pretty difficult to see each other. We tried though. Even that far apart I couldn't help but feel how much I loved her. We took any chance we could to see each other. Always had things to talk about. Constantly joked about marriage and kids and all that.

She started seeing me less and less though. She started having plans with other people, and not wanting to talk to me as much. She told me about this new guy she had been hanging out with. Told me not to worry about it. They were just friends. And I believed her. She never let me meet the guy, but I figured it was conflicting schedules or something. About a year after she first started hanging out with him, she called me crying She had been cheating on me for the past 6 months, and had gotten pregnant from this other guy. (I mean, you all saw that coming, right?)

So we break up. I'm heart broken, and my parents are making me feel worse, telling me they were glad she cheated, so that I could finally get a good girlfriend (ie, one they approved of). I didnt care if people thought it was just a stupid adolescent love affair. I loved her. I was committed to her. And she completely betrayed me.

I didnt date the rest of high school. I was deeply depressed, and very stuck in my own head. I didnt talk to anyone. I failed all my classes, and started getting into drugs. The only reason I even graduated was because I got stuck in a work release program, and most of my grade was given to me by my store manager. Took me about 2 years to get over her. Took a little longer than I had hoped, because I found out she had changed her last name to his, which kind of re opened some wounds.

I just started dating this girl. Nothing serious. Its been about 2.5 years since the break up. I wasn't wanting anything too serious. We weren't even having sex. The occasional kiss was all we shared. And that was fine with me. But one day my Ex called. She wanted to see me and catch up. So I went, thinking nothing of it. Or at least telling myself that.

We've been back together ever since. I am raising her ex boyfriends son with her now. Its been almost 3 years. I shouldn't have let it get this far, because I hate the idea of raising another mans child. I mean not that hes a bad kid, he just kind of wouldn't exist if his mother hadn't fucked another dude... He looks up to me. He loves me. Now I'm more of a Father figure to him than his own Father (whos gone on to have 4 other kids, btw)... But I secretly hold this anger towards the son were raising. I know its not fair. And I know he isnt old enough to understand.. But I don't want him. I love them both very much, but I don't want them. Especially his mother... She is great, and nice and pretty and hard working. Always talking about how good weve become at being parents. But I just dont feel the same towards her anymore...

Like I said, its been almost 3 years of feeling this towards both of them... The only reason we havent broken up is because Im too scared of another 2 year heart break. And because I dont want her son to feel like it is his fault. Its not fair to any of us. But I cant bring myself to end it with her.

#cheating   #pregnant   #ex  

My first boyfriend broke up with me after we had been together for a year, I was 16 to the time he broke up.
Out of desperation I told him I was pregnant. He believed me and at first, he tried to help me and stayed with me. He was a really nice guy, caring and loving and he would have never left me with a baby.
Over the weeks, it got more difficult to keep the lie up. Of course I didn't tell my parents about my lie, so I had to ensure that he wouldn't meet my parents.
The time went on and after a while I thought he would love me again and wouldn't leave me neither without a baby. I decided to end my roleplay and let "the baby die".
Because he had to work in a different city, 3 hours away from our hometown, I called him and told him that I had lost the baby, that I had bled and that the fetus inside my body had been swamped out. I told him this could happen from time to time (I had heard about it before, so I didn't make this up).
He was very upset and sad that we lost our baby but I was just happy all the lying was over.
A few weeks later, he met my mom in the city and all went down... They talked about it and he discovered that I had never been pregnant.
I got a text from him "I know you lied. It's over."
I am now 23 years old, I have never heard from him since.

#boyfriend   #pregnant   #lie   #baby   #fetus   #break   #roleplay  

I don't even know how to confess this. First I should put it out there, I am Catholic and at one time wanted to be a Nun. But my orientation convinced me that it was both wrong to lie, I really can't be married to Christ a man, and sleep with a woman.

But now I find myself in this situation where it appears that my only way out is to get married to a man. First because this man has me pregnant. Second I am not capable of supporting myself to any meaningful degree ((I still live with my parents). Third, he got me pregnant, it wasn't an accident. He got me pregnant to grow up. (He never did explain just how if he believes I am not grown up and he wants me to have his kid). But irregardless I am heavy with child and I'm not quite walking down the isle, more like standing before a judge who will ask me it I take this man and I will answer "Do I have a choice?". I want to yell out to the judge "Look at me old man, I'm seven months pregnant, unemployed and a lesbian with a Social Science degree". "Do I really have a choice?"

I have no choice. I have to grow up. I am pregnant and I am having this baby and I am getting married and I am going to have to live with him and run a house and raise his children (because rest assured one is not enough). He has a four bedroom house and he wants me to populate each bedroom and bunkbeds are quite alright, in case I go over. You know, Catholic girls just want to be pregnant.

#married   #pregnant  

My mother-in-law stayed for a month after I gave birth. My husband hadn't touched me in months. I was so horny and mom was so helpful, gentle, and quite sexy. Somehow we ended up having sex. It was my first with another woman. To this day I remember it as the best orgasm ever. Now I am having fantasies of a threesome with a sexy babe and my husband. I get wet, feel nasty, and the need to act out instead of just masturbating and dreaming.

#horny   #lesbian   #mom   #threesome   #orgasm   #pregnant   #first   #embarrassed  

I want to pound the shit out of one of my coworkers. I bought her a pregnancy test today because she thinks she's pregnant. wish it was mine.

#coworker   #sex   #pregnant  

As I kid I thought you impregnant a woman when you marry her. I was totally afraid of getting married or attending to a wedding party. One time, I was around 11, my aunt married and at her party, she sat on a chair and the people carried her around and I was just so terrified that they would hurt her and her new baby. I ran to the dance floor, screaming and shouting that they should stop because they would kill the baby.
It was so embarrassing. Everyone was laughing at me.

#impregnant   #marry   #afraid   #baby   #pregnant   #marriage   #wedding  

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