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Male Confessions

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I used to hook up with trannies I met off craigslist casual encounters. There's one latin tranny I hooked up with several times who was a big shooter, nice & curved 6.5 inch uncut cock, and a round muscle ass with nice thighs. Although she was flat as a board.
One time she was riding my cock. She really got into riding my cock and she started stroking her cock rapidly. Then she shot an absolutely massive load that ended up on my face and chest. A little bit of her cum even ended up flying into my mouth.
Another time I was fucking her on her back while I was spreading her legs. She ended up shooting her load all over herself and some of her cum flew on to the wall. After I took her home I made sure to clean her jizz off the wall and I had to change my bedsheets too.
Last thing, I always used to fuck her bareback and she said she liked the feeling of my huge load coming out of her.

#shemale   #tranny   #cum   #uncut   #hugeload   #craigslist   #casualencounter  

Chris, 23 years old. I secretly listen to Justin Bieber.

#justin   #bieber   #love   #confess   #male  

I've always strongly considered myself a straight male, I've never been into men, and I don't find the appearance of men attractive. But in the last few months I find myself watching "shemale" or "ladyboy" porn videos. Essentially transexual porn videos.

As I said, I'm not into men at all, I love women. For some reason though, I love looking at women with cocks. It's very strange, I know. I basically only get off to videos of "women" jerking off now. I guess all those years of watching porn with real women wasn't satisfying enough any more.

In the past, me and a friend swore that if we took a trip to Thailand and ended up bringing a girl back to the hotel only to find out she had a cock, that we'd outright refuse to have sex with them. But to tell you the truth, I'd just as much have sex with her as I would a real woman. Perhaps more so, even.

#strange   #ladyboy   #transexual   #sex   #masturbation   #cock   #shemale   #porn  

I have been craving touch for a long time. I want someone's mouth on me. I want them to leave love bites all over my body. I want to moan freely without holding it in every time I masturbate. To bite, suck, kiss someone's lips till we can't both think straight. For someone's hands to roam my every nook and cranny; from my waist to my hips, to my double D breasts and my giant ass. I want someone to eat me out till I beg them to stop. For someone to tell me I have been a good girl because I came for them, just so they can clean me up with their swollen lips. I want them to bend me over and fuck me with their dick/strap on. To have a long moment of pleasure between us and to finish it off by cuddling up with each other after fucking each other stupid.

But I am a shy 22 year old woman who can count with one hand the times she has been intimate with someone and not have been fully penetrated. I am a coward because I am insecure about my saggy boobs, big hips, big ass, stretch marks and not perfect vagina folds. I can't even make a friend without having a small or full blown panic attack

My last interaction with someone was in April and the guy was gorgeous and toned, but all we did was make out and touch each other thru our clothes. We made plans to just be fuck buddies and have sex, I sent him nudes but we never did have sex. After spring break he got himself a girlfriend. What surprises me is that I'm not mad about it, I'm very happy that he has a girlfriend just wish I could have fucked him before.

#horny   #lust   #shy   #craving   #touch   #female  

When I'm on my period I can wear the same panties up to three days in a row, only bothering to change the pad.

#period   #hygiene   #female  

When I was younger, there was a boy that I was sort of freinds with. He was kind of shy and quite, and the two of us lived close and we started to casually hang around together. He was quite open to being friendly - friendlier than I was used to being with another guy, although he didn't seem gay. But he was open tom our being chummy, and it was not difficult for me to find this kind of intriguing. One day the two of playfully got to messing around, which he had no problem with, and we jacked each other off. Of course that was quite enjoyable, so after that I was encouraging our having that type of fun together. Finally I was curious as to how far he would go, and I ended up boning his butt. It was really neat actually getting to do that with him as another guy, so the two of started ot have sex regularly. I always felt a little guilty because I suspected that he was half in love with me, and I knew that I really was not in love with him, although I did have special feelings for him as a friend.
Anyway, ten years went by, and we ran nto each other. Well, I was divorced and so was he, and we started talking about the old days, and within an hour we were in bed together, not just having sex, but actually making love. And although I never thought of myself as being gay, and apparently he didn't either, now the two of us have been roommates for almost a year and it has been wonderful!

#gay   #friendship  

At high school, I take pictures and videos of my female classmates without their knowledge. I get bras, stomachs, feet, tits, asses, upskirts, almost everything there is. I've never been caught, it's been 2 years. I have taken money from people just for getting them pictures and videos. It's actually pretty fulfilling. I bought a camera that's small enough to hide in the girls locker room, that transmits to my laptop. Girls changing, naked tits, ass, pussy, and I've even got some sex. I have probably 85% of the female students undressed to some extent. Next is to learn how to break into combination locks, & find where some live.

#young   #sell   #money   #female   #school  

I am a man in my fifties. I have had an uncontrollable addiction to masturbating in public places for years. I get off on the thrill of taking the risk that I will be caught / seen and humiliated. Games I've played include:

1. masturbating openly in my car with my cock out whilst driving on the motorway,
2. masturbating on a train with my hand secretly fiddling inside my pants whilst there were other people in the same carriage (but not quite near enough to see),
3. masturbating naked in my bedroom window late at night with the curtain open and the light on,
4. masturbating naked in the office late at night when the office was empty except for some workmen in another part of the building on the same floor,
5. masturbating with my cock out sitting in my car in the middle of the day in a public car park with people walking past.
6. stripping naked and masturbating in the cubicle of a public toilet with the door unlocked and "vacant" but closed.

I know its wrong, pathetic and dirty but it makes me come and I know I can't ever stop doing it too.

#masturbation   #male   #public  

I am 19 and male. I just fucked an older woman I met this summer. I've been working on her for a while, finally she actually separated from her husband and invited me over. She is 38, has a nice body, isn't that attractive, but as I saw this summer she has natural blonde hair. In our flirting she let me pull her bikini bottom aside and I could see her blonde pussy hair. I got to feel her boobs, and never really got to pull them out since we were usually in or near public places. I finally got her into bed and almost lost my hardon. She hadn't shaved her legs, but with the blonde hair I didn't mind too much, and she let her pussy hair grow wild, it was all over her lower belly and pussy, spreading down her inner thighs, and up back to her asshole. Then I thought I'd finally get to see these really nice fully D cup titties and there was hair spreading out from the nipples. The hair on her body is blonde like on her head, but on her tits it's a light brown.

I am 19 and I am a guy. I pulled the blinds, and stuck my dick in her pussy and came. Luckily she did too, and I could escape. Not sure I'm going back, even though it was good pussy. I have a big, thick cock and her husband she said was only about 5" long and very thin, so it was really tight. I can't take hair on tits though.

Today was one of the worst days in my whole life.
My dad left, my mom had a collapse. And I hate him so much right now, because he left us in this misery.
I hate him so much that I actually thought about killing him. Or at least, I want to beat the shit out of him.

Some days ago, I learned that my dad is a gambling addict, he played a lot of poker and made bets. He's a loser, he lost almost everything. We are higly in debts right now. Before he left, he took the last 500 dollars I had. That was for my car, took over 2 years to get so much money. Now it's all gone.

Actually, he wasn't that bad as a father. He worked hard (so I thought), cared about my mom, he even brought her flowers. Then we found out that he got fired 5 months ago...
Why would he do that? Why did he lie about it?

I hate him so much!!!

#hate   #confessions   #father   #money  

Despite being a widower with children and grandchildren, I have been gay all of my life, and only fantasise about sex with males.
Prior to a prostatectomy at the age of 60 I could, and usually did, give myself an organism at least once a day. I would often be walking around with an election because most of my thoughts revolved around sex.
After my operation I was unable to achieve an erection of any kind for months. At best I can usually get a semi, unless my fantasies become really extreme.
I think of sex even more now than than I ever did, and masturbate, without orgasm, constantly. If I am lucky I can achieve orgasm once a week, but to do this my thoughts lead to something either harmful to myself, or illegal. I am turned on by males of any age, particularly elderly or young. My fantasies usually involve me being dominated, enslaved, my property and possessions taken from me, forced into sexal situations with under age boys. Being pissed and shat on, eating only what I'm given, including saliva and shat.
I am also an exhibitionist, always have my curtains open, walk around naked and strip off in public areas when I can. I have had sex in public toilets, and love giving and receiving blowjobs, and am becoming increasingly obsessed with male asses.

#male   #old   #gay  

I consider myself a straight male but I guess my behavior seems to make me a bi-male. None of my friends or girlfriends know that I love sucking strange men's cocks and swallowing cum.

It all started for me when I was about 16 yrs old and went I first went to an adult theater to watch video and jack off in the booths. When I entered into the backroom the smell was intoxicating! I had no idea at the time that what I was smelling was a mix of freshly spewed cum and the ammonia used to clean the floors and walls in the place.
At the time I also didn't realize that places like this were havens for horny guys who liked to exhibit themselves and have sex with other horny guys. Notice I didn't say gay horny guys because many of the guys I have encountered in these places are either straight or bi like myself.
I was totally confused when I saw a hole carved into the side of the wall of the booth I was in, but after about my 4th visit I realized what the gloryhole was all about. I love being watched, and at first I was strip down and hope someone would go in the booth next to mine and watch my jack off which helped me cum everytime it happened. But then one day a guy stuck his finger through the hole, which I didn't quite understand, until he whispered "you want your cock sucked?" He didn't have to ask me twice, I stuck my cock through that hole in record time. He sucked me dry in record too. I started going there whenever I could sneak away, usually late at night., getting sucked dry eveytime I was there if someone was willing to suck me, if not I just jerked off and went home.


Im attracted only to a muscular women .
I'm 31 years old never been in a love because my sexual attraction .
In my own life i came across maybe 5 women like that.
One day i went to the southern part of my state for fishing , took day off from work in middle of week , it was at launch time approximately , barely people hang out.
Suddenly , a women with a tiny dog walk walk near me , in the beginning i thought I imagine , i took another glance - AND DAMM!!
She was the most muscular person i ever came across , she was mountain of muscle.
I tried to approach her but i got blackout and got paralayzed
At those moment i had to find a public toilet to jerk off , almost collapsed by seeing a woman with a muscle.
Nobody in the world muscle suit perfect on , beside her so much feminie , tattoed very sexy.
I dream on her and think about her every single day since then , tow years been through , and i manage my life on this experience.
I feel very guilty that i am very attracted to this lady.
I feel like a monster that i jerking off on her a lot.
Just need to vent.

#fbb   #muscle  

I have to get this off my chest... I am female and 35 years old and I am lonely. All my friends are in a relationship, have kids and a family to take care of and I sit here all alone with no one to talk to. I am the only single in my whole group of friends and it makes me sick. I would like to go out on the weekend, meet friends and socialize but no one has time for me and I only get excuse after excuse after excuse. I went out and met friends like 2 times the last 5 months!
It got really bad I decided to sign up on Tinder and other dating sites. I was feeling like shit a couple of weeks ago and tried to talk to my best friends. And what happened? No one answered my texts or calls until after the weekend.
I met someone on Tinder and seriously thought about meeting up with him even though I knew that he would be bad for me. But rather this than sitting home alone and suffering.
I have a good job, do not look that bad and I am actually fun to be around. And still.
And fuck my friends, those are no true friends to me anymore!!!

Thank you for letting me share this.

#female   #lonely   #alone   #relationship   #love   #friends   #bad  

I remember getting beat up by a bunch of girls with a crowd of boys telling them "pop my tits out" "strip her" and "lets see her pussy" Ended up with all my clothes scattered on the ground, paraded with my legs wide open and watching boys getting it all on tape. The worst was having my pussy lips spread open and held so boys could stick their fingers inside me. If girls hadn't been their I would have surely gotten raped. Never admitted it ever happen and horrified about those videos showed around. The most degrading experience of my entire life and so humiliating, I kept my mouth shot so no one would find out.

#female   #humiliation   #fight   #stripped  

I am not the only one that has such an obsession with panties,especially white ones. I have borrowed(stolen)them,I love to wear them,lick them,also j/o in them. I put them over pillows sometimes to make it all more realistic. I love cuming on the gusset of the panty. My fantasy is to have a panty play partner to suck him etc. I am so horney right now. I have been reading stories all night, I just wish I could go for a walk, and have someone I would suck all the cum. I might go for a walk,you just never know. Then again I want to j/o now.

#panty   #cum   #swallow   #please   #smile  

31/F/Newly single

This was weird and unexpected but was so, so hot:

Last August I’d developed some ovarian cysts. They did an intravaginal ultrasound/sonogram, and it wasn’t a big deal.

At a recheck in January, another intravaginal ultrasound, again - not a big deal.

I went back in May prior to an IUD placement and it was at their other office building. The ultrasound tech was curvy/overweight, late 20’s with long, curly, brown hair and big full breasts. She had the lights down really low in the exam room, and talked in a low, warm, comforting voice.

She left the room for me to undress and get into the gown, then came back in to do the exam. I was on my back with my knees bent, legs slightly spread, and she sat to my right - facing me/the computer, with her right hand using the ultrasound wand inside me (hard and phallic-shaped). It felt so intimate, her warm breast was pushed into my leg as she reached around it, moving the wand inside me. Several times she asked quietly if I was doing okay - I was more than okay! I was so incredibly turned on, I needed it to end but at the same time didn’t want it to.

The exam took maybe 12-15 minutes, where the other ones had only taken about 5. She kept repositioning the wand to get the pictures she needed, perfectly hitting my g-spot. I had my eyes closed for much of it, as the visual of her boobs pressed into me, with her hand between my legs was just too much. I was truly concerned I might orgasm.

I went home and masturbated, and enjoy thinking back on that exam. If I ever have to go back for rechecks I’m going to request that office location.

#masturbation   #sex   #doctor   #exam   #sex   #sexual   #orgasm   #hot   #inappropriate   #horny   #bisexual   #females   #boobs   #vagina   #lust  

Hey I'm 12 (female)and I tried to kill myself by Drinking Bleach... Why u ask well I had to poop so I did. I didn't realize that there wasn't any toilet paper. I was solo mad and I asked my Brothers and sister to go see if there was anymore in the other bathroom. NOPE THERE WASN'T. so the told me to use a fricking SOCK (a white sock) I said no. So sat there for a while then BOOM my siblings busted the Door open and watched me yell and scream at them. So I looked on the counter and seen some bleach I opened the top . Then I thought to myself I could go to hell if I killed myself . so I closed the top. And wiped my ass. And eventually use the sock. AND THAT WAS I THINK WHEN I WAS LIKE 5 OR 6 and my family won't EVER LIVE IT DOWN YEARSSS LATER

#fremale   #kill   #myself   #drinking  

So I dont know why but I really like crossdressing especially as a pregnant woman. It feels so fun and I cant help but feel a sense of envy and desire to be one. I dont think i want to transition either since i cant actually be pregnant so whats the point.

#male   #pregnant   #fetish  

I recently met a mature Latina shemale escort. She is a top and pretty well hung. The first time I saw her she had me on the bed with her fingers massaging my hole pretty quickly. I rolled onto my stomach and I felt her behind me teasing my ass with her cock. Next thing I know she penetrated me and starts thrusting. I knew she went in bareback and should stop her but all I could do was moan and that was her queue to keep going. Eventually we took a break and she switched to a condom as things got a little messy.

I returned the following week and this time the same thing happened she entered my BB and I let it happen. This time there was no mess and she fucked me harder and longer then the last time. We did a lot of positions but the hottest was when she sat on the edge of the bed, turned me so I was in reverse then pulled me down into her lap where her rock hard cock easily slipped into my now stretched hole. Here I was sitting on this huge hard cock moaning and squeezing like a slut as I bounced away on her love pole. Next thing I knew I feel my hole getting wetter and she pushes me off saying cum for your ass. I took a shower to clean up and we talked for a bit. She asked if I wanted a massage so I laid on my stomach and she proceeded to give me a decent message. She squeezed my ass through my underware and I moaned. She then pushed her finger forcing her finger and my underware into my hole. I moaned and squirmed and in one motion she had my underware back down and her fingers buried in my hole. Her fingers were soon replaced by her cock which was hard as a rock again. She fucked me in doggy and with me laying on my stomach for at least 10 minutes when it happened again only this time I felt it as she tenses up, buried her cock as deep as it could go, and came in md for a second time. This time i felt it as she shot. I felt a warm liquid filling and flooding me as she told me to look at her cock. When I turned I saw her slick cock with cum dripping off her cock. Later that evening, hours after our love making, her cum leaked out of me. It was the hottest day of sex I've ever had and has completely turned me off pussy. I now only want the 9 inch cock of my dominant Latina shemale lover

#tranny   #shemale   #bareback  

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