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Bieber Confessions

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So I'm 15 and I've masturbated since I was 13. It all started when I found out was smut was. I would read specific smut about justin bieber or a band I liked at the time. I was always afriad to stick something up my vagina, so I instead would rub my clit until orgasm. I have a weird kink where I keep my panties on and just rub my clit over my panties until I cum. And cumming for me usually involves me putting on a playlist of all the sexiest songs i know, while my mind is so deep into fantasies about justin bieber fucking my tight wet pussy into tomorrow. Fuck, I need Jesus.

#kink   #panties  

Chris, 23 years old. I secretly listen to Justin Bieber.

#justin   #bieber   #love   #confess   #male  

I made experiences with a lesbian, I mistreated my mother, I am Catholic but love a Muslim.
I am in love with Justin Bieber, Lol. I stole something, I lied, I smoke like a chimney.
That's everything for today.

#lesbian   #mistreat   #catholic   #muslim   #justin   #bieber   #smoke  

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