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I am man who likes to wear make up. Not in public but at home, alone. My girlfriend once asked me to put mascara on because of my "beautiful long lashes". I did and it looked amazing. Since then, when my girlfriend is at work and I am alone at home, I try different styles and make up tricks.
It's amazing how you easily it is to change your whole appearance. And I guess I can now put on make-up better than my girlfriend. :-)

#makeup   #boy   #lashes   #mascara   #amazing   #embarrassing   #confession  

Im in love with my best friend and masterbate to her daily. I love massaging her body it gets me really hard and i hear her moan when i touch her i can imagine her pussy gets wet when i touch her. Btw She married and i dont care

#truth   #sex   #bff   #confession  

I don't really know it you call this mistrust or what but I feel I'm being put to the test or something by my wife. Everytime I turn around she is embarrassing me in front of friends,family and even complete strangers. My wife is infatuated with the size of my dick and will put me position of helplessness and expose it at every opportunity she gets. Often she will have me carrying something that takes both hands like say a tray of food or beverages and she pull my sweat pants or shorts down to my ankles and it's embarrassing to me but funny as hell to her. It's getting old and she's constantly taking pictures of me in or out of the shower getting dressed and sending them to everyone we know. I believe she is satan's daughter for real. She has even shared them with some of her clients which have actually called me wanting to hookup and when I tell her about their advances she gets soo pissed off and has these fits of rage swearing if I even cheat on her that she will cut it off,which scares me to death. I would not cheat on her because I don't want to not because I can't. As a young teenager I was amused by the women that knew about my size and I had a lot of fun sleeping with a lot of them but when I got married I left that man behind. I do love her but I'm becoming an unhappy man because I don't cheat on her and have never given her a reason to think I would but that's what men get themselves into when want to know about their past sexual encounters and how many we have had. Big mistake even telling her but she kept pushing me until I told her everything. I wish I would've told her I was a virgin when we married but I had been with four of her friends before her. She started dating me just to sleep with me because of what she had heard and we did it the first night we dated and we have been together ever since. This woman is corrupt and evil minded. She didn't act like this until we were married then about a few months later the accusing started about this woman or that woman was looking at my crotch and yeah I noticed at times she was right and it's always obvious that I am endowed but I can't change it. People tell you that hell it's a blessing but lately it feels like a curse and our sex life that once amazing has drop to hardly any which is due to her constant embarrassing me and she thinks I don't have sex with her because I'm cheating. I don't know what to do anymore.


I really want to die

#fml   #despair   #confession  

I (female/32yo) lie to my daughter since she has been born. I tell her her dad died in a fire in our apartment and that all photos and all things burned down. There actually was a fire back then but it was only a material damage
The truth is that I had been raped at the age of 17 while I was visiting a music concert. I got pregnant.
I am so sorry for lying to her but I just don't want her to know that her "producer" is a miserable rapist.
I hope she won't find out about it. And if so, I hope she can forgive me some day.

#daughter   #lie   #rape   #father   #fire   #concert   #confession  

I work at one of those famous fast food restaurants. I can tell you, don't eat anything from there! That's not meat between the buns. It's disgusting!

#fast   #food   #restaurant   #meat   #eat   #confession  

I want to have sex with my high school teacher who is twice my age. I have been obsessed with the thought of making it happen before graduation.

#love   #teacher   #obsession   #confession  

I haven't been working for 2 weeks now because I am on sick leave.
Actually I just want to watch the world cup, I haven't missed a game since it started. My boss thinks I am seriously ill. That was worth it!

#lie   #sick   #leave   #ill   #world   #cup   #game   #soccer   #confession  

I made multiple plans to have sex with other people and gone through with them even when I'm in a relationship

#cheaters   #never   #prosper   #confession  

My girlfriend sleeps with her mouth open. So, when I go to bed later than her and she's already asleep, I put some food in her mouth. It's hilarious. She's always totally confused the next day. I always tell her that she ate while sleeping.
Sorry babe, I'll tell you the truth when we get married.

#food   #hilarious   #joke   #secret   #girlfriend   #funny   #confession  

Yesterday, I was home alone, I decided to bake muffins. The problem was that I didn't have appropriate spices, so I said to myself 'Why not?' and took pot instead. My family loved it.
Yesterday was the best evening of my life! All of my family members talked to each other. First, they fought and shouted at each other, a few minutes later they were laughing and dancing and singing. It was just great. I don't regret anything.

#muffins   #spcies   #appropriate   #confession   #drugs  

I tell everyone that I am on diet and that I am doing great and stuff, but the truth is I eat fast food all the time. I don't live healthy. I don't do much sports. This's just a bunch of stupid lies.

#sin   #eat   #unhealthy  

Do you know the feeling like you are forgetting something? Like there is something in the back of your mind, just on the tip of your tongue, but you cannot remember why you feel the way you do?
I am very very anxious when it comes to touch and I react strange to some noises and such. I think there is something in my past that changed me. And I think my mind made me forget on purpose to shield me from the negative images and memories.
Can anyone relate?

#feeling   #forgotten   #memory   #mind   #confession  

Today, I pissed in my own mouth, swallowed some, spit the rest out onto my feet, lucked it off my feet and sucked my toes til I came, and licked the cum off.

Gross, but so so fun.

#kink   #nasty   #masturbation   #confession   #sex  

I have to confess something. Few weeks ago after partying the whole night, I got home dead drunk and simply went to bed without taking my shoes or clothes off.
When I woke up the next morning (or actually late afternoon) I had to notice that I wet my bed in my drunken stupor.
What a stressful morning (well... afternoon)! The party was fucking awesome, I had lots of fun. Well, I checked my mattress and there it was - a huge stain... My sister wasn't home, so I simply switched mattresses.
Couple a days ago my sister bought herself a new bed + mattress. You should have seen my parents' disgusted faces when they carried out the old mattress.
I do not regret anything. Cheers!

PS: I just came up with the best pun ever. That night I was pissed as hell. Ahahaha

#drunk   #pissed   #mattress   #sister   #noregret   #alcohol   #urine   #confession  

I asked my crush for a date, she said no.
So I pooped in her locker.

#poo   #crush   #love   #anonymous  

When I was young my parents divorced , was was mad at my mom for treating him badly , I stayed with him as much as I could but he met and arrived another women who was really jello us of me .
They moved away , my mom had turned I to this huge slug and had guy after guy visit.
I stayed with my auntie a few times but she ended up coming on to me, she went down on me a few times but I just didn't like it as I'm not a lesion.
I went back to my mom's and tried to get used to shit, more than a few times I witnessed her giving blow jobs, she would come out of her bedroom cum dripping out the side of her mouth, .
There was one guy that came by a lot, he had a very pretty pens , it was lovely , I would master ate thinking of him.
I was in the bathroom peeing and he came in , he looked down saw my bald pussy I could see him start to grow as he was wearing boxers, I finished up but didn't get off toilet, he came over or me pulled his shorts down and I did what I saw my mom do.
I was so turned on I grabbed his ass as he pumped my mouth, he started to breath heavy and felt his dick get harder, I pulled back so just my lips were at his hole as I felt him pulse into my mouth, I loved the feeling , enjoyed the taste of sperm .
He finished I got up off the toilet, and went outside right into my mom, she yelled at me and slipped me on the face , unfortunately I still had cum in my mouth and when she slapped me it left my mouth and was all over my face.
She yelled at the guy told him to get out and take this slutime with him.
We left together him holding his pants me in a long tee shirt and drove away in silence . After about a hour he asked me what I wanted to do , I said I was cold and hungry so we went to his place he made me some breakfast and gave me some of his daughters clothes .
I tried to go back to my mom's house , but she was Pisces, I we think back to his place and asked him if I could stay there , he was a bit nervous about it as I was younger than his daughter (she visited on weekends) and how he could explain me being there , I went up to him took his dick out and gave him a blow job looked up at him with my mouth full of cum and said I can be your girlfriend .
He smiled and asked me if I had ever had sex before I said yes 2 times I gave a blow job , we laughed.
I've been with him since

#curiosity   #parents   #confession  

My dad's birthday is in 2 days and I haven't told him that I won't be there. I go on vacation on that day.
The problem is that my family love to celebrate birthdays. So it's kind of a big deal if I'm not there.
But I don't care. I wanna party and meet some new boys.

#father   #vacation  

Every tuesday is pizza day in my office. This means our boss buys pizza for the whole office. Because my office is in the fifth floor and the cafeteria is in the first floor, I often have difficulties getting a slice of pizza. Some of my stupid and egoistic colleagues always take half or the whole pizza and disappear in their offices. The entire staff gets 5 to 8 pizzas. We are 32 people.

So today, I waited for the pizza man and put laxatives on each pizza before leaving them in the cafeteria.
Hahaha, what a fun. The entire third floor was blocking the restrooms for the rest of the day.

#pizza   #laxative   #office   #staff   #egoistic   #revenge   #confession  

I confess I gave my boyfriend food supplements because he was very skinny. He gained over 25 kilograms and looked very good and hot. His appetite increased very much and he gained more weight and now he's slightly overweight.
But he doesn't care, I do. I don't want to be with a fat guy. :(

#boyfriend   #food   #supplements   #skinny   #weight   #oveweight   #confess  

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