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Virgin Confessions

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I had no experience about sex but i'm really curious about it. I'm 20 and I feel horny. I never even want to touch myself


I had a very ugly girlfriend with a great body. She knew she was ugly and guy stayed away from her. She was used by her boyfriend before me and he let me fuck her several times. He would fist fuck her pussy and her asshole and let guys and other girls watch. When then first got together she was a 14 year old virgin and he was 20 and took advantage of her. He would make her do all kinds of kinky thing, even dogs while taking videos and still pictures. She allowed herself to become a total slave, slut, cum bucket just so she could have a boyfriend. After a couple of years and so much abuse he just got tired of her and dumped her while I was fucking her. He left the apartment (she was 16 and kicked out of her parents house) and told her to get her "shit" and go after I had enough of her used up holes. I took her into my place, she immediately got naked and when asked why she said that her ex always made her strip and be naked in the apartment. So I told her to bend over the kitchen table and buttfucked her.
Her body was incredible, but her pussy and asshole were extremely loose. She'd been fisted in both holes for about 2 years every day. Her ex always told me he made sure she had a fist in each hole for 30 minutes everyday. I was eating her canyon cunt out one day and started playing with her piss hole, she went wild. She had a big clit and loved it being sucked on (most guys wouldn't do it since she'd had so many cocks in her), but this made her totally nuts. After she came three times I fist fucked her cunt and she came twice more, then I used the lube and started inserting cue tips into her piss slit. First one, then rocked it back and forth and again she started going crazy with sensation. Then I inserted 2, 3,4 eventually that first time I had 8 inside her urethra and she was hurting a bit. I left them in for 20 minutes, then slowing stroked them in and out of her. The next day I did it again, and so on for a week. Then I put in 12 and fucked her with them. She started to buck and heave and have an orgasm. Within another 10 days or so I was inserting my middle finger into her piss slit and finger fucking her, even sometimes while my cock was pistoning in and out of that sloppy cunt of hers.
She knew what was coming and was very scared but I shamed her into acceptance by telling her that since I was the one who saved her, I was the one who gave her a place to live, food to eat and money for school everyday she should at least give me the one remaining virginity she had left. I made her confess to how many cocks she'd had inside her, and how many pussies she'd eaten or fucked with her big clit. I wrote them in india ink across her pussy, then the amount insider her ass went across both cheeks. I also wrote them on her tits, so she'd see them everytime she was looking in the mirror. She relented and that night I lubed up like never before, and actually stuck my cock into her piss hole. I was so excited, she was in a bit of pain I could tell, but my cock certainly didn't care. I gave her a minute or two to get used to it and started very slow motion fucking of her tight hole. She was screwing her face in slight pain, but put up with it. "I'm about to cum baby" I said, she encouraged me. "I'm going to be the first guy to cum in your pee hole honey" "do it" she grunted back. I started pumping that pee hole faster and faster and after a minute of fast motion and her started to cry a bit, I shot a huge load up her urethra and only what I could imagine ended up in her kidney somewhere.
It was great. After that I started fucking pisshole anytime I wanted and it was incredible feeling. Knowing I had my own personal sex slave to treat anyway I wanted, and a 4 hole slave at that. She got to where she can take it very well, enjoys it and actually cums faster that when I try to fuck her used up cunt or asshole (yes she cums getting fucked up the ass too).
So I took a 3 hole slut/cunt and turned her into a 4 hole cum bucket.
A friend suggested I try to sell her piss hole for money, and get enough where I could get her pussy sewn tighter and maybe just a bit of dentistry with some plastic surgery and then book her through a high end escort agency. Being a man or woman fucker with 4 holes open would make a lot of money.
She said she would do whatever I wanted when I talked to her about it. Then she came and I shot my load up her pee hole again, rolled over and went to sleep.

#slave   #slut   #virginity  

I was 19 and met a 16 year old girl who was a virgin. She was gorgeous and let me do anything I wanted. When I turned 20 I got my own apartment and she moved in with me, by that time she had let me fuck her and cum in her mouth, pussy, ass, between her C cup titties. I fucked her public, even in front of her best girlfriend. Eventually; I shaved her black pussy hair and had a tattoo put on her just above the start of her pussy lips. "I am - my name-'s cum slut". It was permanent and I knew it, she let me have it done. I made her give the tattoo guy two blowjobs for the tattoo. A little while later we were out of jobs, and had no money so I got her a placement with an escort agency. Soon I would whip her ass and beat her ass and tits out of guilt that she was a prostitute and supporting us I guess. I used a pin and india ink and tattooed a dollar sign on her asscheek, and one on her left tit. It's been two years now she is 19 and still keeps a hot body, I still fuck her in front of her girlfriends, so they can see her tattoos and know she sells herself for sex. We go to nude beaches a lot, sometimes I shave her cunt so everyone can see all her prostitute and slave markings.
I'm really bored with her, and now she's had over 300 cocks in her cunt and about 100 plus in her ass, it's not the same anymore. I want to dump her but need to stay.

#virgin   #public   #slave   #tattoo   #prostitution   #whipping   #beating  

I am now 18, white female and haven't had sex since I was 12.
I was very developed at age 10 I had full pubic hair, and by 12 had D cup boobs with very pronounced and very big nipples.. I was in a play area behind a local school by myself at 12. I was in an area that had a building on one side, a large brick wall on two sides and the fourth had a smaller brick wall with an opening in it to enter that particular play area. 3 boys that I knew because they had been friends with my brother, came into the area and started talking to me. They were very complimentary, and talked to me like I was their age (one was 18, the other 2 were 17). They said I was beautiful and had a very grown up, beautiful body. I was quite proud of it and wanted to show myself to be more of a teenager like them. One started talking about how beautiful my boobs must be, the other talking about my butt, they asked if they could see them and I said no. The oldest one chastised the others for asking such a "little" girl to show them. He said that only a grown up woman shows herself to guys. I said I was grown up but didn't want to show them anyway. The oldest boy took me aside and in a corner against the wall and said that if I was grown up he'd give me $10 to show him, just him, my boobs. He held up the $10 and I never had money of my own, so I took it and pulled open my blouse and opened my front opening bra. He held my boobs and squeezed them and gave me another $10 to lick them. It felt really good and he pulled my blouse down, my bra falling on the ground and let the others come see and lick them.
Then he stuffed another $10 in my hand and they took down my pants and then pulled my white panties down totally exposing my very hairy bush. I asked them to stop but the oldest boy laid me down on the ground on top of my pants and panties and blouse and started to play with my vagina, complimenting me on my body and how hot my boobs and vagina were, how grown up I looked. It actually felt very good and I was getting very very wet down there. He put his mouth down there and started licking me and it was like heaven, I was shaking it felt so good and as I learned through masturbation after, I had a couple of orgasms with his mouth. He then pulled his pants down to his knees and shoved my knees apart and got on top of me. I tried to resist but he stuck it in me saying how when he was finished I'd definitely be a real grown up girl. He pushed and pulled and shuddered while thrusting it way up inside me. After he was done I saw his sperm leaking out and I thought I'd had a period because of the blood. He took my white panties, wiped up the blood from my formerly virgin vagina and some of his sperm and told me he was keeping this as a reminder of "popping my cherry". With that the other boys took a turn each, and the oldest boy did it to me again. They bruised my boobs with their hands and made hickies with their mouths. The other two left, I could her them laughing and talking about the "pussy" they'd just fucked. The older boy took me home but stopped about two blocks away and made me suck him. I had to walk home with 4 loads of sperm inside me as it was dripping down my legs with no panties.
Two days later he took me to the movies as a "date" and took off my panties in the car, there was hardly anyone in the theater, so we sat way in the back and he was kissing me, and grabbing me all over, then rubbed something on his penis and sat me on his lap. He had me sit so his penis went into my butt. We went back to his car after, and he did it to me again in my vagina this time, and had a friend come in the car and I had to take him with my mouth while he played with my boobs and my sperm leaking vagina.
I haven't had sex since, and don't want to.

#mmmf   #nc   #virgin   #anal   #oral   #vaginal  

All I want to do it be in love and have a wife that loves me . I’ve been stuck in a loveless marriage for 13 years , I just Turned 30 and I look and feel the best I ever have I work out and show my wife love looking for it in return . She just ignores me and doesn’t try to make her self better then me .

It also scares the shit outta me that I’ve been with my wife since I was 16 and never had the chance to experience having sex with anyone else and that I probably will die only knowing her loveless sexual encounters .

#sex   #virgin   #basicallyavirgin   #nolove   #sad   #wife  

I lost my virginity at 14 and pregnant at 16. Shortly after we married. My husband worked two jobs as I took care of our baby and home. The three of us got into quick-sand trying to survive with too many bills to pay. Luckily my husband's father opened his home to us resgiving us a dream of buying our own home. And he treated me like a Princess. Within a few months I was evil and committing adultry. My only other sex partner ever was my husbands father, but it's not my fault. Our sex is the best I've ever had. My husband was never home or was too tired. His single father and I were alone and together with sexual hunger so it was all natural and good for us until I got pregnant. Not positive who the father is because mostly sex with dad, but also my husband, and a few times with my uncle. My aunt would give me a baby break while insisting my uncle took me out. He's hot and had me wanting him. He took my pussy good. Very good and the biggest penis of all three.
So now my life is must be secret to a tight family. I am saddened that I let my hormones get me in this love circle.
How do I get out?

#baby   #virgin   #father   #horny   #nympho   #14yo   #pregnant   #sex   #uncle   #hubby  

I am addicted to porn and i know 8ts really wrong to get addicted to.such things i lost my virginity my masturbating and then i kind of got a husband and still i masturbate and hide it from him i can't get over this urge but now i am getting over it and i need to stop it

#addiction   #lie   #virginity  

I just lost my virginity at 14 to a girl I hated till last month.


I willingly and eagerly gave away my virginity at 17.  I wanted it.  I was ready.     

It was after a dance.  We went to a nice hotel.  My dress was off as soon as the door closed.  We kissed and cuddled in underwear and then I got naked and lay on top of him wet kissing him.  Finally I lay on my back.  He got naked and we did it.  We went at it for quite a while.  It was really good.  He knew what he was doing. It was a great first time.

#sex   #virginity   #17   #premarital  

I am a 19 year old female, who is currently stuck in the closet. I am ready to come out. but I am scared what people will think, especially my parents considering I live with them and I won't be moving out for at least another 3 years. I am also a virgin. Which scares me because I am only attracted to older women (30+ feminine). I would love to be in a relationship with an older woman, but firstly I am not pretty nor thin and secondly I don't want them to see me as just a little girl. I am super shy so I could never chat up a woman. None of my friends are gay, or know I am gay, I don't know what to do. I just want to have someone next to me.

#lesbian   #young   #older   #women   #love   #lust   #attraction   #closet   #help   #virgin   #relationsip  

I am 21 years old and still a virgin. I hate that I am one because I feel like I am missing out on an incredible experience. I am getting desperate enough to just find a guy when I'm out and beg him for it. Basically I'm not that good looking compared to other women and I really do feel that I'll have to pay someone to actually have sex with me because no one else will.

#virgin   #experience  

I recently started smelling my MIL and SIL’s used panties. Fuckin hell! my mother in law tastes soo fucking good. She’s super clean so all you smell is her mature pussy scent with some dried pussy juice.

Sister in law on the other hand, smells like what you would expect a hot celebrity to smell like. Sweet pussy smell with floral scent. She’s 24yo virgin and recently has been going on dates with this guy, by the end of the date, her panties are drenched.

I put both of their used panties in my face and sniff that mother-daughter combo, I’ve never cummed this hard in my life.

Going to their house tonight for the next 10 days. Gonna be heaven.

#panties   #fetish   #cum   #virgin  

When I was 12 my mother and father divorced, and my mum got full custody. I missed my dad, but I was fine with living alone with my mum. It wasn't until I was 13 that my mother remarried, marrying my stepdad, who had a son 2 years younger than me (let's call him D). So, by the time I turned 16 I was sexually active and I had a semi-BF whom I had a semi-open relationship with. My mother, however, refused to believe that I was no longer her sweet little girl (and continues to think so to this day, I'm 18 now), so I wasn't allowed to have any boys my age even set foot in the apartment we all shared. I had developed a nice pair of C-cups and a big bubble butt, so I was quite popular with members of the opposite sex and some members of the same sex. My stepbrother D had, as most 14-year-olds including myself did, a high sex drive, and nobody to share it with. He always acted awkward around me, and at first I thought it was because he was shy but I quickly realised he had some sort of attraction to me. It was knocked into twelfth-gear when I dyed my hair black, around the time I went into my 'rebellious phase' as my mother called it. If you ask me, considering I still feel the same way into young-adulthood, it wasn't a 'rebellious phase’ and was in fact my sudden realisation that I don't deserve to be treated like garbage. Anyway, I liked wearing short petticoats and stockings, all in black and white, and I feel like D really 'liked’ that. One day, I was just about to climb into the shower and D was just on the way out, and when I was naked and under the water I was something flashing behind the shampoo. I looked and it was D’s phone, recording me in the shower. I ran the phone under the water until it turned off, then when I got out I made a bit show to him that I had dropped it into the water. He was left bewildered as I walked away. On another occasion, he tried hiding disposable camcorders in discreet locations where he could catch me naked and every time I would find them and I would destroy them. When I was 17 and he was 15, my lack of any sexual activity was driving me nuts; my semi-BF had gone back to Ireland for the summer and as I said before no boys were allowed in the apartment. I was lying on my bed when I remembered the camcorders; they had stopped turning up a while ago and I thought he just gave up, but I then thought 'what if he just found a good hiding spot for them?’ Curious, I decided to check the bathroom and my bedroom. I found two real camcorders (he probably replaced them with real ones when I didn't find the disposable ones), both in pretty good locations. The one in my room was hidden under a pile of really old books and clothes from my childhood I had never bothered disposing of or even touching, and had a good view of my bed. The one in the bathroom was tricky, but D had managed to hide it between the medicine cabinet and the toilet cistern which were directly next to the shower, giving a good view of it. I was creeped out at first, thinking he must have months worth of footage of me, so I went to confront him in his room. I knocked on the door, sister for him to say 'come in’ then closed the door behind me and said “D, we need to talk about the camcorders.” He froze, glared at me and he mumbled something that sounded like 'sorry’ or 'dirty’. I told him to show me the folder, and the bastard had at least 2.5GB of footage of me on a USB stick hidden next to some expired condoms in his drawer. He said that he supposed I wanted him to delete it and do my laundry forever or else I'd tell his dad or something, but I said to him 'No, I have another idea’. I told him that I had been driving myself crazy with a lack of sex for ages, and reminded him that it didn't count as incest as we weren't actually blood related. He got the message, but he was shocked. This lanky fifteen-year-old nerd with a warbly voice and poor self esteem was getting asked for sex by his seventeen-year-old punk stepsister. I have to give D credit, he was well-endowed. I had seen it by accident before and even through his baggy boxers shorts it was quite visible. I brought him into my bedroom where the walls were thicker and the bed was comfier, and we started kissing. All his condoms were expired, but I had some fresh ones and he started stripping me down until I was wearing only panties and stockings. I took down his boxers and he was rock hard, so I sucked his dick. I had had plenty of practice with my semi-BF and of course my own dildos and I think he really enjoyed it because before I knew it he said he was going to cum. I jerked him to orgasm and let him jizz all over my face. As I wiped and licked all his jizz off my face, I got the condom out and put it on him with my mouth (I learned how from the internet). I’m quite the self-confessed freaky slut, so I have experience with anal sex (I think it's my favourite sexual activity), so I pulled down my panties and wiggled my butt at him, asking which hole he wanted. He said he wanted both, but he wanted my pussy first. I straddled him and before I knew it I was riding him and moaning like a ghost. He was biting his lip and return desperately to keep it up, but after five minutes he was cumming again. I climbed off him, wiggled my butt at him again and said that we don't need a condom for the next part. The speed in which he recovered, ripped the condom off and threw it in the bin was blinding, and he plunged into my butt before I knew what was going on. He did me doggy style for another few minutes, and this time he came inside my butthole. I loved the feeling of him fucking my butt bareback so much, I couldn't help but have an open mouthed smile the whole time. After that we were both spent, so we huddled up together and fell asleep. We managed to make it back to our own beds before our parents realised what happened, and they were none the wiser. We now have sex as a form of lust/stress/pain relief, and we do it about once a week. I'm 18 now and he’s 16, and he can now last a lot longer, as well as the fact that his confidence and his grades have improved. My semi-BF is ok with it, as he feels like it’s 'mutual masturbation’. D mentioned inviting his friends around for them to all fuck me and I'm actually toying with the idea, just so long as my semi-BF is involved too.

#anal   #incest   #virginity   #slut  

I used to work at a library after high school. I was 21 and there were a lot of younger, teenage girls that worked there. One of them, on her first day grabbed my crotch and told me she was good at giving blowjobs. We would fool around at work, secretly. One day she texted me that she was home from school and alone, so I went over on my lunch hour. She proceeded to blow me and I took her virginity in her bedroom. We hooked up a few times afterwards. Years later (now both of us married) we got back in touch and picked up where we left off.

#coworker   #younger   #virgin   #cheating  

I think I'm bisexual, I'm 31 and i didnt have a relationship and I'm a virgin. I dated a guy once a couple of months ago and he made me awake from being a woman.... but he wanted sex and I have a huge earthquake in my mind about wheter to accept or not, I read on internet and everything about what to do in this situation, I asked advice to my closest friends, so I decided to continue seeing him. But i turned him down because he took so many time to replyinh my messages also he was going to move far from here so..... it ended in nothing.

I met a really nice girl, she has a very interesting personality, nice smile, small face, I like her, the same as me she didn't have a relationship in her life, but I don't know if she likes girls also. she said she is nor confortable with just being with other people, two alone but she accepted to hang out together and do nerdy stuff. I want to see her again. I downloaded some pictures of her .... and imagine some good things like what are we going to do next and if she wants to be with me..... I really like her..... dammmmmmmmmmm

#bisexual   #love   #virgin  

I am 18 and have been fucking an older married woman for 2 years. She lives in my neighborhood. She is really very pretty, has a little belly and wider hips because she had three kids. She is 38 years old, blonde on top and brunette on her pussy. It all started because a neighbor of hers, a really hard body brunette of 35 was giving me BJ's and she thought it was crazy that the woman wouldn't fuck me, but the woman didn't want to cheat on her husband. So the blonde said she would let me fuck her and being 16 and a guy, I took her up on it. I would play with the neighbors tits, ass and pussy, as she'd usually get totally naked when she blew me, but this time I got to actually fuck someone. She got very excited that she got to take my cherry and told her neighbor that she did it. So the neighbor stopped blowing me because my cock has been inside another woman.

So knowing I wouldn't have any source for sex my new blondy became my lover. She has taught be how to fuck, how to make women cum, and do everything to please a woman. About 8 months into our fucking she got pregnant, she really didn't know if it was mine or her husbands, but since they still fuck a decent amount she says it's his. He and I sort of look alike anyway. I got to fuck a pregnant woman, and more importantly got to suck her big, bulging tits. Mary is only a B cup normally but she grew to a really big C. I liked squeezing her tits and making the colostrum come out while pumping her pregnant pussy, but afterward I really loved the milk. After the baby stopped nursing I got her to keep her milk flowing for me for almost 4 more months. Then her husband was asking about it too much so she had to let it dry up. It's been great having a steady lover. Her husband leaves at 6am everyday and doesn't return until about 7pm so we get plenty of time together in between my work and classes. She's taught me everything, even letting me fuck her butthole. That has become my absolute favorite. I didn't realize it but she has been talking to Carrie her neighbor, the one who used to give me BJ's. So now Carrie let's me fuck her in her butt (her husband has never done that to her) and she feels she isn't cheating because he doesn't do that to her, and I don't stick my cock in her pussy, though I really want to do that. I'd love to know what that smooth shaved pussy feels like. I do eat her out though, and she totally screams when she cums, and loves what Mary has taught me. Carrie actually cums from getting fucked in her butthole. Mary likes that her stuck up neighbor is a bit of a slut too.

Plus with all I've learned and the confidence I have around girls, I fuck plenty of them my age now. I guess it's the confidence of my knowing what I'm doing in bed, and the fact that I don't care because I know I can cum in any of two very good looking, older women.

#married   #affair   #virgin   #anal   #oral   #nursing  

We were off the main flow of the party and just chatting. Then I started flirting and he was flirting. Not sure how or who started it. This was my dads friend who was complimenting me. And a little touching as he tickled me. It was fun, exciting, and arousing all at the same time. Then he kissed me. As I pushed off, he started rubbing my crotch. Now I was wanting and allowing him to kiss and touch me. Next his hand is down my pants. And am feeling emboldened, so I rubbed his pants. On the outside, his dick felt thick and hard. I didn't have the courage to reach down his pants and verify it it was really that big. We remained fully dressed except my shirt he had unbuttoned enough to expose my braless tits. The perfect ones he said he had always adored in so many ways. One hand was on my tits as he licked and sucked. His other was fingering my pussy making it noisy and slushy. This was the best sex I ever had. I was biting my lip trying to keep quiet. As soon as I was about to come, we heard someone approaching. We quickly broke off and parted. He returned to the party and I went to my room. For at least an hour that night I fantasized and masturbated having multiple orgasms.
Now he wants more and I tell him it was a mistake. I said in case you didn't know, I am only 16, a virgin, and I don't act that way. And that he should just consider himself lucky to catch me at that time and place. But now we must move on and pretend it never happened.
If he's around for my 18th birthday party, I want to pickup where we left off. He's very attractive and obviously turns me on.

#flirting   #complimenting   #touching   #rubbing   #crotch   #braless   #licked   #sucked   #fingering   #wet   #orgasm   #masturbate   #young   #16yo   #attractive   #older   #pussy   #tits   #dick   #sex   #adored   #expose   #noisy   #fantasy   #virgin  

So I'm 16/F and I had sex with my dad's girlfriend's son who is 17 or 18. He was a virgin and I wasn't.

#sex   #virgin  

22f. I'm kinda dirty. I've been masturbating since I was 15, but only by touching my clit. And I enjoy reading smut or porn everyday.

Now I'm in a relationship. I really wanna give my first time away to my guy but I can't seem to get it to fit? He isn't big or anything, my pussy just closes up. It also hurts when he uses only 1 finger to finger me, even when I'm pretty wet. He also hasn't make me cum before.

Help? Idk what to do. I'm still a virgin but I kinda wanna just get fucked senseless.


I was 15 when an older cousin told me we could go to this older mans house and he'd blow us and give us each $10. I refused several times, but once after 3 beers I was ready. I'd only masturbated before other than at age 8 through 10 played with my cousins pussy. I was very apprehensive going into this place and didn't want anyone to see me. We got there and this long haired guy of about 40 years or so gave us some beer, some pot, and my cousin dropped his pants and sat in a chair across the room from me and the man got on the floor between his legs and gave him a blowjob. After my cousin said that it was my first time, so the man told my cousin to leave and he'd get me home.
"You a virgin" he asked me and I told him the truth. "Stay here I have something special for you, will you wait for a few minutes?" I said yes, and I think he didn't believe me he said he just wanted a taste and made me take off my clothes and sit down and put my cock in his mouth. It felt great but he stopped. He took my clothes in his bedroom and told me to wait.
When he came out SHE was totally dressed sexy as hell. She had on make up, a sexy nightie, stockings and styled long natural hair. "I'm going to take all those nasty little virginities away today." he/she said in the most feminine voice you could imagine. She turned down the lights, drew the drapes, and took me naked to the bedroom.
While there she first blew me, then kept playing with me until I got hard again, and I was rubbing his/her ass, and found out that she had small little titties. They actually filled out her A cup bra. They were nice and natural, very soft, with puffy nipples. "Hormones" she said, "You like?" I told her yes and my cock was hard again as I was sucking on "her" titties. I was playing with her panties sticking my hand down them like there would be a pussy, and she had a tiny little cock which she made me call her clit. It was pulled between her legs and her perfectly trimmed pubic hair really made her look like she had a pussy. I was rock hard now and she pulled me on top of her while she was on her back and spread her legs. "Look at me baby" she said as her hand slipped my hard 8" cock into her soft, willing ass. "When we're like this it's my pussy, when I'm on my belly it's my ass" she explained. "You like my pussy baby?" I replied it was wonderful and she started rocking back and forth and I picked up on the movement. I was sucking her tits, squeezing them and when I was about to cum I couldn't help it I kissed him/her. Her tongue danced inside my mouth and I rammed it into her and shot a mega load of cum (at least 10 to 12 ropes) up into her manpussy. Kissing me in her afterglow like a woman would, I kept my cock inside until it grew soft and slipped out. With that I rolled over next to her. We kissed, I played with her clit and those really nice soft titties.
She pushed my had down to her clit and I didn't want to be a "faggot" and suck cock and told her so. But she told me that she'd done everything for me, and now it was her turn, and I needed to learn to let the girl cum too. I made her promise that she wouldn't tell my cousin that I'd done this, and she promised. I went down on her and started sucking her cock. She blasted a tiny load in my mouth and I swallowed it all.
After that we both relaxed in the living room a bit, with another beer for me and some pot for us both. It was really strong pot, and I was lying down on the couch with her kind of behind me and I felt her finger rubbing something wet on my butthole. She was lubing me up, stuck two fingers in and it actually didn't hurt too much. In my stoned state it was pretty good. I didn't say a word and she whispered that no one would ever know but I had to lose all my virginities and this was the last one. She fucked me with her tiny little clit (about the size of my middle finger) and came in my butt. I got up to go to the bathroom to get it out of me and when I came back she was lying on the bed on her hands and knees, with her panties down her leg with her ass up in the air asking me to fuck her in her ass. I did, I came, and she gave me my clothes along with $100. She said I could come back anytime, and I did. I must have gone to him/her at least 150 times in the next year or two. Maybe more. Some weekends I'd fuck her all day long. I actually let three (1 at a time) guys who were over to see her fuck me, and I sucked at least 10 cocks for her. She paid me each time, but I think she charged them, I was never sure and didn't care. I got to fuck all I wanted and she was a gorgeous woman when dressed and made up. It was 4 years before I managed to get a real woman to allow me to fuck her.

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