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Flirting Confessions

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When I was a young cadet I allowed my cabin mate to seduce me. It started fairly innocently, we would sit about in the cabin when off duty, tropics and it was hot. usually just in underpants. My cabin mate was older than I was and also stronger. He noticed that when we spoke of sex I often got hard, easy to see in a loose pair of underpants. It got to be a game him trying to make me stiff and me trying to hide it, if I got up to get something he would pull my pants down. I know from old photostat I was a pretty boy as a 16 year old, fair hair , blue eyes hairless skin. I knew it and I admit I did flirt.well that went on for a while. One night he had turned in and I got up to put the cabin light out/ I had the top bunk , to get to my bunk I had to face the bunks, put a foot on the lower bunk and haul myself up up. This night as I prepared to get up to my bunk, an arm shot out, grabbed me round the waist and hauled me into the lower bunk where I was held in a half crouched position, he shoved his had into the top of my pants holding me tight in position and started to fiddle with my dick. I was 16 it soon stood up, I did struggle but hge was much stronger and in my half crouched position I was handicapped. After a while I felt that feeling between my legs which told me I was going to cum, I tried to hold back, no good, I shot a load into my pants. I thought that was it he would let me go, no he kept holding me and continued playing with it, it had started to sunside after my cum but soon got hard again and I started to get really sexed upand then relaxed and let him do what he wanted I just lay back and in a short while I had another cum. My pants were soaking. Asked him if he was going to do the hat trick, meaning a third go. He said "do you want me to",? I was so sexed up I said yes, he told me to say please wank me again, I did and he said, No, we have work tomorrow and you will not be fit for anything, go and get cleaned up and turn in. I got out oif his bunk dropped my pants on the floor, was hed the stuff off myself aand turned in. Next morning when I got out of my bunk I was naked, no morning erection though, what had happened during the night had drained me. We never spoke of it all that day. The next night though he told me to come to hos bunk, and I did.

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I (f/23) started a new job recently, after being let go from my previous job.
I won't say what I do, but it is in an office environment with several desks and cubicles in one large room. When I started working there, one of my colleagues (m/53) was assigned to show me around and show me the ropes. He is very friendly and we get on really well.
He is also married with 3 kids and VERY attractive for his age.
But I myself are in a relationship with another woman and could not be happier with her.

Well, my colleague and I get on really well and have a lot of fun and often go out to lunch together and that is why the gossip started recently. They say that we are having an affair with each other and stuff like that. I get the stink eye a lot.

Last week, I was in our little kitchen where we are allowed to spend our lunch. I had a 5 minute break and just made some coffee and another colleague (m/around 30) came in and we made some small talk. But then he said that he had to go now before someone saw us, because he did not want that kind of gossip about him as well.

I feel so sad. What am I doing wrong? I do not want to cheat on my girlfriend! I just want some work friends that is all. Now, I am afraid to talk to my colleagues for fear that they think I flirt with them...

#work   #job   #flirting   #relationship   #affair   #sex  

Today is Valentine's day and I'm embarrassed because there is a married woman in the office who has been off and on flirting with me for a few years now and today, she is ignoring me. But, there is more to this story than that.
We were fine as friendly coworkers until she recently suggested we go out to lunch. We had a great time and it seemed to me that she was flirting with me even more, so I flirted back. Then for Christmas she gave me a key ring that had a heart on it and I gave her a CD that had some songs that were special to me. I thought she was interested in more than flirting so I told her how beautiful I thought she was and how much I wanted to go out on another lunch together. I thought I was sharing feelings that she was hoping to hear from me, but now it feel like I over-shared and pushed her away.
In December I had also worked on finding her a personalized Valentine's gift. But, since my "over-sharing", she has been ignoring me. I have this gift that I can't give her and the whole thing is embarrassing to me. The gift sits under my desk and it makes me sad.
Seeing her makes me sad. I know folks will say, I'm an idiot for thinking she would want to have an affair with me, but I'm also married and I really thought she wanted to have that with me. I still have the heart shaped key-ring. I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow - but for today it's Valentine's day and I feel horrible.

#flirting   #affair   #coworker   #embarressment  

We were off the main flow of the party and just chatting. Then I started flirting and he was flirting. Not sure how or who started it. This was my dads friend who was complimenting me. And a little touching as he tickled me. It was fun, exciting, and arousing all at the same time. Then he kissed me. As I pushed off, he started rubbing my crotch. Now I was wanting and allowing him to kiss and touch me. Next his hand is down my pants. And am feeling emboldened, so I rubbed his pants. On the outside, his dick felt thick and hard. I didn't have the courage to reach down his pants and verify it it was really that big. We remained fully dressed except my shirt he had unbuttoned enough to expose my braless tits. The perfect ones he said he had always adored in so many ways. One hand was on my tits as he licked and sucked. His other was fingering my pussy making it noisy and slushy. This was the best sex I ever had. I was biting my lip trying to keep quiet. As soon as I was about to come, we heard someone approaching. We quickly broke off and parted. He returned to the party and I went to my room. For at least an hour that night I fantasized and masturbated having multiple orgasms.
Now he wants more and I tell him it was a mistake. I said in case you didn't know, I am only 16, a virgin, and I don't act that way. And that he should just consider himself lucky to catch me at that time and place. But now we must move on and pretend it never happened.
If he's around for my 18th birthday party, I want to pickup where we left off. He's very attractive and obviously turns me on.

#flirting   #complimenting   #touching   #rubbing   #crotch   #braless   #licked   #sucked   #fingering   #wet   #orgasm   #masturbate   #young   #16yo   #attractive   #older   #pussy   #tits   #dick   #sex   #adored   #expose   #noisy   #fantasy   #virgin  

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