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Work Confessions

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Tomorrow I get on a plane to meet a co-worker to finish what we started 2 months prior. We work in different states, half a country away. We were at a yearly conference recently and he invited me to smoke with him up at his room and I accepted. We had been work buddies for a few years and I honestly did not think there was attraction. However, after smoking a bit he came over and planted a big steamy kiss on me. I was a bit drunk, as well as surprised and I pushed away his advances. After I returned home I sent him a message that I wished I had stayed the night instead. He confessed he'd been after me for years just waiting for the right time. We planned a getaway under the guise of a work trip and after many weeks of intense texting and pics I am so ready! I can't wait to kiss and be free with someone again.


For a while now, I am texting with this really nice guy on one of those popular networks. We have a lot in common and we often say that we should meet some day because he only lives about 10 miles away.
We spontanously said we would meet, one night as my parents weren't at home - I told him he should come to my place because I didn't feel well visiting him. Because I live in a very rural area in the woods, I explained him the way via text message.
After 2 hours of looking, he gave up and drove home again. But what he didn't know: He could not have found me! I gave him a wrong address because I got scared. Now I feel very guilty, he's such a nice guy.

#network   #meeting   #parents   #rural   #woods   #confession   #lie  

I have a co-worker I would love to beat to death, He interjects in everyone's conversations and is a total know-it-all. He's fucking ugly and gross and makes me sick. He always makes stupid facial expressions when you make eye-contact with him. He's a Star Wars fan and on May 4th he walked around the office saying "May the Fourth be with you. UGH! I just want beat him to a bloody pulp with a baseball bat and dance around in his brains.

#dork   #annoying   #beatdown   #kill   #murder  

I hate one of my co-workers. She's in training right now and I will ask her if she wants my help. Then I'm going to tell her everything wrong, just to see her fail.
I won't regret anything!

#training   #help   #fail  

I read every confession on this site. I should be working right now but I don't want to, it's just too damn funny.

#confession   #work   #funny   #lazy  

I have had lustful thoughts about having gay sex with one of my coworkers, more of me giving him really deep oral sex and making him cum like he has never cum before. He has kind of hinted in the past that he would "let a guy suck him off" especially since his wife won't give him sex. I daydream that he comes into my office and starts touching himself while hes talking to me and I finally ask him if I can suck his dick. He pulls it out and he's hard and I take him into my mouth and just work his cock til he explodes.

#oral   #sex   #deepthroat   #coworker   #married   #straight  

I just licked over a toilet seat in the company I work for. Really don't know why I did it but I just did it.
I don't know how I should feel now.
That was weird.

#toilet   #seat   #lick   #tongue   #work   #company   #disgusting   #unclean   #confess  

I didn't do my homework essay, because I watched all season of The O.C. this weekend.

#homework   #essay   #weekend   #school  

One of my friends is a total loser. He only had D's in school and in worklife it's even worse, he got fired the other day because he couldn't remember his bosses name. And I don't want to start about his woman skills, there are non.
First, I tried to help him but it's just not possible. Now I began to expose him in every arising situation. You can't imagine what fun it is to she him struggle and fall. In a metaphorical way of course.

#loser   #friend   #school   #worklife   #woman   #exposure   #confession   #evil  

Today is Valentine's day and I'm embarrassed because there is a married woman in the office who has been off and on flirting with me for a few years now and today, she is ignoring me. But, there is more to this story than that.
We were fine as friendly coworkers until she recently suggested we go out to lunch. We had a great time and it seemed to me that she was flirting with me even more, so I flirted back. Then for Christmas she gave me a key ring that had a heart on it and I gave her a CD that had some songs that were special to me. I thought she was interested in more than flirting so I told her how beautiful I thought she was and how much I wanted to go out on another lunch together. I thought I was sharing feelings that she was hoping to hear from me, but now it feel like I over-shared and pushed her away.
In December I had also worked on finding her a personalized Valentine's gift. But, since my "over-sharing", she has been ignoring me. I have this gift that I can't give her and the whole thing is embarrassing to me. The gift sits under my desk and it makes me sad.
Seeing her makes me sad. I know folks will say, I'm an idiot for thinking she would want to have an affair with me, but I'm also married and I really thought she wanted to have that with me. I still have the heart shaped key-ring. I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow - but for today it's Valentine's day and I feel horrible.

#flirting   #affair   #coworker   #embarressment  

i masturbate every day at work looking at porn and pictures of my little sister in law

#porn   #masturbation   #work  

I confess that the same is happening to me like to everyone else... I don't to work!

#work   #lazy   #confess   #secret  

My name is claudia and I fart at work all the time I always excuse myself it gets loud

#fart   #work   #loud  

I haven’t actually done it, but I really want to suck my Boss’ dick. I feel like it would be huge, and I just want to suck it and swallow his cum, maybe hide under his desk and suck him dry.

#boss   #work   #cum   #bosscum   #workbosscum  

I work in the accounting department of a small business, and have daily contact with a girl who works in the mailroom. I'm 25 and she's a few years younger. I recognize her type. Poorly educated, pregnant at an early age, insecure, impulsive, etc. You get the point. She's dumb, but nonetheless she has a job and is pretty nice. And she's sexy as fuck. But again, in that insecure way. She doesn't dress slutty. She tends to wear things that don't show off her body, but she must have quite a few tattoos because I've seen them on her upper chest, arms, and behind her ear. She doesn't dress slutty though. I think she's half Mexican and half Persian. Anyways, a couple months ago I found out that a friend of hers who also works in the mailroom, has had a crush on me for a while. So at first this girl started talking to me a little bit, and I was thinking she just wanted to get to know me better so she could tell her friend who likes me. But as the weeks have gone on it seems more like flirting and less like her trying to set me up with her friend. None of them know I have a girlfriend.I would never cheat on her, but I often fantasize about the girl from work. I know she has a boyfriend. But it's like the fact that there are so many messed up things make it hotter. Not only would she be cheating on her boyfriend and me on my girlfriend, but she'd be cheating with me behind her friend's back who she knows has a huge crush on me. And she seems like exactly the type of girl that would be a total sub in bed and let me do anything I wanted. Every day when she brings me the morning work I think about forcing her down under my desk, and how hot it would look to see my cock buried in her throat. Like I said, I love my girlfriend, and she lets me do anything I want to her as well. I would never cheat, but it's such a hot fantasy.

#cheat   #slut   #work   #temptation   #lust   #fantasy  

I just wanted to take a short break and read some of the confessions here.
Now almost an hour has passed and I still haven't got back to work.
Damn it!

#confessions   #work   #lazy  

I worked selling food at a local pool as a teen. I hated society, so I'd spit in the drinks of people who asked for free water/ice since I went out of site to get it.

#work   #angst   #not   #sorry  

I feel like I am surrendering, giving up, quitting, throwing in the towel. Or maybe I'm 'older'.

My father is one of those men. Ex career military, second career in law enforcement. Today's woman rejects men like that. No woman wants to be my mother, stomped on, door mat, home waitress, house maid. I swore I would never be that woman. I went to college to get a degree in something that stood out. Get a self supporting job, and along the way tell men and boys to fuck off.

Yesterday I cleaned house, did the laundry, fixed dinner, did the dishes. Skills my mother taught me. The guy, he went for a run, met up with two buddies to work on his car, got a burger then they came over to watch some rerun football game. That's when I was the household waitress. And I compared him to his buddies and congratulated myself on landing the best guy.

I don't plan on staying home after we get married, I plan to work. At least until we have kids. Oh, and this guy is ex Marine, he gets along with my Dad. The other guy I dated didn't make the grade.

#women   #work  

I regularly lust after my co-worker.
I have known her for 5 years but I am married and she has had a few boyfriends over this time and I have never done anything about it. I don’t think she has any lustful feelings for me at all.
She has beautiful blond hair, the sweetest laugh and the sexiest ass, especially when she wears white jeans. Oh Kirstie how I long to have you and see your face as you cum.

#blond   #laugh  

I used to work for a local smoke shop/convenience store type of place, and would frequently masturbate when I was working alone. I always looked forward to my solo shifts just so I could masturbate. There were cameras covering just about every area of the store, so I had to be careful. The risk of getting caught on video just turned me on even more. I would watch porn on my phone for hours until my pussy was dripping wet. I would sit on this one chair in particular that was out of the cameras view, and pull my short denim shorts to the side, exposing my wet pussy. I would rub and finger myself until a customer came in. I knew they could smell my juices and it got me going even more. I secretly hoped someone would walk in on me fingering myself and teasing my nipples. When I couldn't take it any longer, I would go behind a curtained area that was out of the cameras view, lift my leg onto the shelf, and rub my swollen, throbbing clit while plunging two fingers deep inside my pussy until I came. On one occasion, I just had a massive orgasm, and as soon as I squirted all over the floor, a customer walked in. It was such a thrill I had to go back for round two...

#masturbation   #work  

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