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Woods Confessions

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Please for give me

Going back to when I was 14 years old.
I use to go to town a lot, and have to go in the men's loos, to pee.
If there was an older men in there I use to try get there attention. So I can be watch having my pee..
If not I will hang around till one turns up, then I follow him in.
I make sure that I get a hard on, so they can see.
If not I play with myself on the way home, go in the woods, to jerk off...
Then go home...
If you're not tried it, do it, it's so horny...


I just lured our cat which lived over 10 years with us, into the car and left her somewhere in the woods. I know it sounds cruel but she just bothered us anymore with all the hair she lost and she only wanted to be fed with human food.
I know that's not an excuse for being such a heartless person but we just didn't have another way out.
Please god, forive us.

#cat   #woods   #car   #bother   #food   #excuse   #heartless   #forgiveness   #god  

For a while now, I am texting with this really nice guy on one of those popular networks. We have a lot in common and we often say that we should meet some day because he only lives about 10 miles away.
We spontanously said we would meet, one night as my parents weren't at home - I told him he should come to my place because I didn't feel well visiting him. Because I live in a very rural area in the woods, I explained him the way via text message.
After 2 hours of looking, he gave up and drove home again. But what he didn't know: He could not have found me! I gave him a wrong address because I got scared. Now I feel very guilty, he's such a nice guy.

#network   #meeting   #parents   #rural   #woods   #confession   #lie  

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